The caped crusader is 75!  Let’s celebrate the big day with some of Batman’s most memorable covers…

1Does that skunk contain a kryptonite bomb?

1The superboys, always comparing the size of their…uh…diamonds.

1You can tell they’ve hit rock bottom by the little hobo sack on sticks they’re carrying.

1While no actual crime has been committed, they’re getting a beating anyway.

1Shocking!  I think the bird is done!  Ha ha!  Seriously though.  Let’s get him to the burn unit.

1Let me guess.  Your driver’s license?

1Doing a fine job of blending in.

1Typical male.

1And by “red” you mean “pink”, right?

1On the one hand, he could kill Robin.  On the other, he’s THIS close to a perfect game.

1Batman’s to do list: 1. Get laid.  2. Capture Joker.

1Yeah, whatever happened to “Batboy”, a.k.a. “lamest superhero ever”?

1Good thing that dog is wearing a mask.  Wouldn’t want to reveal his true identity.

1Pesky drafts!  Presumably, this was before the invention of the bat-clasp.

1It wouldn’t be so tragic if he weren’t so talented.

1I would seriously reconsider placing my trust – to say nothing of my life – in the hands of a trained ape.  But maybe that’s why I’M not a superhero.

1Now why the hell would the Queen make that crazy asumpti – Oh.  Right.

1Batman: Fashion Menace!

1Been there.  Fought that.

1Oh, right.  The snowy white beard.  He’s really old.

1Ah, the pain of unrequited love.

1Have at thee, truculent street lamp!

1Turning him into a baby was bad, but dressing him in those culottes was unforgivable.

1Ho ho!  Those pranking sidekicks!

1Every superhero has their weakness.

1It’s Paul!  Paul’s the dead one!

24 thoughts on “March 30, 2014: Happy Birthday, Batman!

  1. I go back to the 12¢ editions, but of these covers, I think I remember Batgirl’s wardrobe malfunction the best…probably because I could empathize (or is it sympathize in this case? Will look it up later.).

  2. I think I remember the “Rainbow Batman” cover; it was, perhaps, in my brother’s stash.

  3. I felt compelled to look it up…the Rainbow Batman was published in 1957. I guess the 60’s arrived a little early at DC Comics.

    1. @JeffW: Thanks for dating “Rainbow Batman”.

      I guessed correctly on date of Batgirl’s dilemma; the grading info in top margin shows 1968. I certainly knew about runs in hosiery by age 12.

  4. Poor Batman! I didn’t realize he had been subject to so many crazed writers over the years. Poor guy.

  5. Sorry, Joe, this is not related to today’s post, but I cannot let this go:


    “I am sorry ArcticGoddess but MGM would be making Stargate if they thought it would make them money.”

    Seriously? I wouldn’t if I were them. Money comes from lots of people watching something. MGM obviously believes that the crazies who caused all the problems are still out there waiting for the next SG effort so they can pick it apart and complain that it’s no Atlantis, or no Universe, or whatever. Then all the money spent on development and salaries is wasted when the possibility that they may have to drop another SG series rears it’s ugly head. In fact, I’d be quite surprised if anyone associated with the last SG series would really want much to do with it again. No matter how much money someone offers you to put a show together, if all you hear from viewers is that it sucks and you personally, are dumped on by people who feel the best way to get what they want is to bully the actors writers and crew, why would you want back in? Not everyone puts money first. There are many people out there who still believe in ethics and self respect.

    That’s all I have to say on the matter. Thanks for the opportunity to use your soap box, Joe.

  6. My parents never let me watch Batman on TV. One glorious summer I had to stay at a friend’s house, and her mother allowed us to watch the Caped Crusader. I was enchanted. My brothers were the correct age to have had the comics, but all I remember swiping to read was Mad Magazine. I feel like I missed out. Zebra Batman! Dang.

  7. Let’s take feelings and personal opinion out (“opinions are like assholes, everyone has one” ~ dad) and add some logic. Money comes from advertising (sponsors). MGM owns the franchise, but they do not pay for it to be made into a TV show or movie so they risk very little.

    I do not believe anyone is worried about actors being bullied by fans (unfortunate but true) or money spent in pre production (it’s cost of doing business and can be written off as a business expense tax wise). If MGM had persons with financial backing who were interested in making another series or movie, it would happen. The challenge is in wether or not the actors (who have all moved on) would be willing to resume the roles. Statements made by both producers and fans at public events demonstrate the passion for the series, both can also be viewed as bullying and pedantic. Actions taken by ‘fans’ to provide content for websites has been manipulative and extreme – causing greater dis chord among us. There is no single nor correct point of view, what has happened can not be unsaid nor undone. Maybe with time a kickstarter will be a new fanbases’ way to reboot the series; maybe those with money are keeping an eye on Veronica Mars to see if it’s a kind of sound investment or a one off.

  8. @sparrow_hawk awwww! Happy Ending! Yay! I really believe in microchipping. Oh wow.. I don’t think Foxy is microchipped. I should see about getting that done. Although all three of my four legged children seem very content on staying with me. 🙂 Unfortunately both my two legged children have plans to abandon me and try something called living an adult life.. whatever that is. 😉


  9. Ahhhh, yes, those were the days. In my day – comics were only 10 cents (yeah, I R that old). Mom said we would not waste money on trash – meaning comics. But was able to read friends comics. Was not a real fan of Archie and Richy Rich, but a comic was a comic.

    TV – was ok to watch stuff like Batman and Superman and I enjoyed every minute. My uncle bought the TV and he liked to watch…so that was a cool arrangement.

    Loved Mad magazine. It’s competition I think was “Sick?” or similar. Mad was better.

  10. It’s 3/31 when I’m posting this and I do believe it’s Das’ wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to Das & Mr. Das!

  11. @Das

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! >-I

    I want to dedicate to you , with affection, this video. Which has cost me considerable effort for the poor results. o_O
    I hope you enjoy it. 🙄

  12. AG,

    Having been on the bottom rungs of the broadcast industry for a few years I can honestly state one does not get into the position of network, or studio executive, and really worry about public image. They are there to make sure the owners of said Network or Studio make money. They will become villains if they have to. Look no further than the complete Conan Tonight Show Fiasco. I haven’t checked, but I can almost guarantee that the execs at MGM are completely different than they were at the time SGU was canceled because of the studio being sold.. The fact of the matter is this, in Television money is king, and the way to make money is to get ratings. The graphs shown on the 29th were not ratings they were imdb votes. Sure great for telling fan reaction to particular episodes but have no bearing on ratings. I think we all need to stop taking cancellation of shows personally.


    How could you miss the outlandish Batman of Zur-En-Arrh?

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