What an incredibly productive day.  I had to wake up at 7:00 a.m. this morning to bring Jelly out but, rather than go back to bed, I elected to stay up and get some work done on one of my new pilots.  The plan was to complete a single flashback sequence but one scene led to another (as they’re supposed to do), I got on a bit of roll and, before I knew it, I’d finished a little over 15 pages and reached the top of the third act.  I would honestly feel better about it if I knew the crucial details of Acts IV and V, but I’m not going to be greedy.  I do like what I have so far.  It’s crazy.  In a great way.  Hopefully, a network out there will love it as well.  But, if not, I think I might actually upload this one to the blog.  It’s too much fun not to share.

In addition to writing, I also made time to bring Lulu to the local bulldog meetup. Some of the highlights…


Lulu  seeks attention #1.
Lulu seeking attention #1.
Lulu seeking attention #2
Lulu seeking attention #2
Lulu seeking attention #3
Lulu seeking attention #3


Lulu seeking attention #4
Lulu seeking attention #4


Lulu needs braces
Lulu needs braces

11And the inevitable pawsticuffs…

And this interesting move…

20 thoughts on “March 23, 2014: Lulu and I will sleep well tonight!

  1. Lulu’s got ‘tude! 😀

    @ riss & Alexis – My grandmom, mom, and I all used to make those cinnamon and sugar treats from the leftover pie crust. In our family we’d spread the cinnamon and sugar on the dough then roll them up into a little strudels. They were yummy! 😀


  2. The comforting and pleasant rest after a hard, sweaty work day.

    Wait a minute? Sweaty? Sat eating pie and writing, then carrying Lulu to play with friends.
    we’d like that sweat. 😆

    Although now that I think about it ….. I’m sitting & sweating …. is the heat?
    Where is my pie?

    Lulu have some handsome boyfriend candidates in that troop.


  3. Bulldogs are so adorable! I think I’d have about 50 dogs if I could. Crazy cat ladies would have nothing on me.

    So.. does Lulu ever seek attention? Heh

    Well.. I hope your pilot gets picked up. As much as I’d love to read about it on your blog I’d much rather see it on screen.

  4. @riss, Alexis and das: We did the same thing with pie crust trimmings – cinnamon,and sugar roll-ups. I even had my own little pan for baking them!

    Joe – It looks like Lulu is more interested in socializing with the people than the other dogs!

  5. Lulu is certainly a feisty handful, like das said, she has ‘tude. Sweet kid!

    Last night I finished “Annihilation”. Once I’m hooked on the story, I find that I speed read, after a fashion. I didn’t realize it was part one of a trilogy until nearly done, then I understood the ending a bit better. Psychological sci-fi/suspense types usually don’t appeal too much, but this one kept my attention. I’ll withhold further comment until the April 7th official discussion opens.

    Having a Kindle is both a convenience and a temptation. While searching for Annihilation, I found another book, “The Greatship”, by Robert Reed, (“The Memory of Sky” author), which I’ll jump into fairly soon.

    Joe and anyone else, why is there such a mountain of books issued as series? Is it so publishers can make more money? Or that many readers have short attention spans, so the story is chopped into smaller bites? Just wondering what you all thought.


  6. Did you try all the pies yesterday or are they on your wish list? I suppose I do have favorite pies but they change whenever I come across a good version.

    Key Lime pie is something I always have to get when I visit Florida. Peach is probably my favorite fruit pie with Rhubarb/Strawberry has a close second. I’ve never acquired a taste for pumpkin but “HeartLand Table” (on food network) had a suggestion of using buttercup squash instead of pumpkin. I might try that if I could find buttercup squash here. I’ve never heard of it: http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-buttercup-squash.htm#didyouknowout

  7. I’m surprised you haven’t had much luck with your pilots Joe, I mean, some downright awful shows have made it on to some of the more major networks that premiere DOA. It does make me wonder what some people are thinking over at ABC to green light some of the stuff they have done. ABC have a whole bunch of shows that are about to be cancelled, and the only major hit on the network this season would be Resurrection. Even Agents of Shield is doing poorly when you consider its inflated budget.

  8. Sounds like a good day, Joe. Lulu certainly is a pugnacious little dog. Not actually a pug, of course!

    My weekend was mostly involved with replacing my door leading from the front entryway to the garage. The Home Depot guy said, “oh, it’s easy, just do this, this and this..” Um, yeah. Anyway, it’s installed (with an extra few hands from some friends, thankfully) and actually closes fine and now all I have to do is clean up the mess.

    Scary day today with my step-mom – got a call from her niece and my step-mom had gone into the hospital with a fairly major heart incident (severe fibrillation but not the full-on thing.) They did get her stabilized though, and she’s doing better. In fact, she was improved enough that they arranged the specialized care with the nursing home and she’s back home already. Very close call, though. I had taken her out for our normal Sunday drive yesterday and she was doing very well then, but that’s the nature of her heart condition – she could go at any time. Or years from now. One day at a time, I guess.

  9. Can dogs have braces?? Maybe this is just what Lulu needed after you saying she was feeling down earlier this month. Nice that these dogs get along, fairly well. Hope Bubba is back to his cheerful self also. Good for writing/rolling on the pilots, and feel free to run them by us if you need, we won’t tell…

  10. These smilies are pathetic. Why do they keep making little annoying changes like that? Do they think we will get bored? If we get bored it won’t be because of smilies, it will be because Jo…oooooh… nevermind. 🙂 <— pathetic

  11. I am late to the party, as usual, but I thought I would chime in about my favourite pies. Since I prefer savoury and cream pies (I’m not a fan of fruit pies), my faves include tourtiere and Boston cream pie (although technically, probably not really a pie).

    I also had an incredible banoffee pie at a wonderful restaurant in Ottawa recently. I tried to duplicate it at home, with very little success, unfortunately.

  12. About the Boston cream pie, I had the real thing at the Omni Parker House hotel restaurant in Boston (apparently, where the pie originated) and it was fantastic. I wanted to make it at home myself, but it looks like it’s beyond my limited culinary abilities.

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