23 thoughts on “March 21, 2014: The #SadTVShows highlights!

  1. *dies laughing*

    I sometimes so love the Internet. Also, at least fifty percent of those show titles sound like better concepts than what’s actually on.

  2. Bah! You’re promoting that @Midnight show, which has to be one the least funny, most annoying shows the popularity of which baffles me. This show, like The Big Bang Theory, is one that my husband has learned to watch only when I’m not in the room. Otherwise, he finds my vocal disdain too distracting. (I can’t keep it bottled up, no matter how hard I try.)

  3. (I’m not saying those tweets are unfunny. I’m just saying I hate the show that inspired them.)

  4. I want to play!

    The Good Riddance Wife
    Supernatural Born Killers
    Are You Afraid of the Dark Matter?

  5. @Marsha_R on #sadTVshows:

    I especially liked the last one! And I want to play too; how about:

    I loved Lucy!
    The Ex-Files.

  6. Bad Times
    Charlie’s Demons
    Charles in Prison
    Temperatures Rising: The Global Warming Years

  7. LOLOLOL!! 😆

    How ’bout…

    Sherlock Homey the Clown
    The Rockford Piles
    All in the Family Feud
    Marvel: Agents of P.A.N.T.Y. S.H.I.E.L.D.S.
    This Old Whore House
    Dancing With the Czars
    Snark Tank

    Yeah…that’s all I got. 😛


  8. not sure if these are sad or just bad;

    star drek
    sea runt
    hill street postpartum blues
    inspector broken gadget
    all my children still live at home
    facelift the nation

  9. This is all I could come up with:

    Mr Edward Scissorhands: The story of a mechanical horse with scissors for hooves.

    Gilligan’s Three Mile Island: Gilligan, the Skipper too, the Millionaire and his wife, the movie star and the rest are shipwrecked on an island where a nuclear reactor is going into meltdown.

  10. Dark Butter ( six Chefs wake up in a spacecraft with no memory of their pas)
    Wild Facepalms
    Under the Noob
    How i meet a walking Dead

  11. Looks like Log Horizon is coming back for a 2nd Season in the fall, and Space Dandy Season 2 in July. All these lovely sequels, a great time to be an anime fan I say lol. Oh and Free! Season 2 too.

  12. National Geographic’s Indigenous Girls Gone Wild
    Say Yes! to the Sweater Vest, with Stacy London and Rick Santorum
    Tween Mom

    …and at least for me, what would be the saddest TV show of all…

    Stargate: TSA

  13. Oh hey, how about…


    That’s all I got. I bow to your creativity!

  14. And….*M*O*N*S*T*E*R**M*A*S*H*
    I seriously would not mind this next one – Stargate – Next Generation
    provided there were parts for our era guys.

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