Whoa.  Akemi’s turning into quite the cutting critic.  The other day, when I asked her if she wanted to watch an episode of Modern Family, she offered the following genuinely apologetic response: “Sorry, but I feeling like laughing tonight.  Can we watch Curb [Your Enthusiasm] instead?”

Also, yesterday, she crushed my entrepreneurial spirit.  We were out shopping and, at the check-out, I started rooting through my pockets for loose change.

“You should get a change purse,”she suggested.

A change purse?  Really?  What’s next?  Crocs or maybe a shawl for those chilly nights.  I informed her there was no way I would walk around with a change purse.  Hell, I couldn’t imagine any man walking around with a change purse.  I DID, however, concede the practicality.  And then, it hit me.  An alternative to guys who won’t carry a change purse but don’t want a bunch of loose change weighing down their pockets.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you..the change hat.  Yes, a hat with a special pouch where you can keep your loose change – and still maintain your manliness!

“That’s a terrible idea,”she said.

You watch.  One of these days, someone is going to put out a line of hat purses and make millions!

Speaking of Akemi, she’s busily plugging away on her youtube channel.  Check out her recipe for (my favorite!) soboro:


And more: Peasnatch Akemi

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28 thoughts on “March 12, 2014: Akemi, polls, and personality quizzes!

    1. Damnit! And I suppose someone has already invented the edible flashlight?

  1. Ooooo! The two books I liked the most are in the lead! 😀

    A change hat won’t work. A hat is too easy to steal. And you don’t wear hats.


  2. I really need to find some time and check out Akemi’s youtube channel. Meantime, time to pack for the road trip. Endless winter storms willing, it’s almost time to head cross country and do the tourist thing.

  3. That soboro looks great! Thanks to Akemi! I plan on trying it this weekend. I’ll let you and Akemi know how it turns out…

    Damnit! And I suppose someone has already invented the edible flashlight?

    Is glowing Jello close enough? With some sugar-cast lenses, you could probably focus the light like a flashlight too. Maybe I should patent the sugar lense thing? 😀

    And two weeks from today, Barb and I arrive in Vancouver. We’re looking forward to our time there. I’m guessing I should pack for 50F weather and rain, right?

  4. I spent a few hours last night and today looking for the missing jet on Tomnod (which provides a satellite map of the search area). I got all excited when I saw something ‘plane-like’…so I tagged it. Unlike the ships that show up on the satellite, this looked partly submerged. Then about 500 feet away I saw another ‘plane-like’ bit…so I tagged that, too. It was when I found a third one that I realized I was tagging a pod of whales. 😛


  5. In a way I agree with Akemi. I would choose most any thing over Modern Family. However, Curb your Enthusiasm would curb my desire to laugh. Best for me to put in an old ep. of Scrubs. Or an old SG1, nah. In regards to loose change, I have used some of those old plastic film containers. Greet for quarter size coins. But the can be like a cow bell; not that we could not use a little more cow bell. I might pass on the vote for the book of the moth club. I am more than half way through the latest. I think I will have better luck casting my reading fate to others. Akemi’s food channel must be a must see because I am in need for some new recipes to play with. I can only do so much Gang Masamun and Gang Geo Wan. The Green Curry with salmon and shrimp was not bad. I am now using red jasmine and blue rice. Hard to get in the states.

  6. You could keep different kinds of change in each finger of a rubber glove, then suspend the wrist of the glove from the top of the hat. You’d get a scalp massage as you moved around.

  7. @Jovanna:

    You do need to go to that page from a desktop or laptop browser…it doesn’t seem to work from a tablet or phone. The recipe also requires a UV (blacklight) source to flourese, so it’s not completely self-contained (yet!).

    Still, it could come in handy for Halloween.

  8. This is the “coin purse” you need. My grandfather had a couple and, after he passed, my brother & I each got one. Mine’s stored away & my bro uses his.

    BONUS: Looks like a stargate iris…

  9. @ whovian – yeah, it was pretty cool. Besides whales and ships (surprisingly not as many of the latter as I would have expected), I found a couple oil (?) platforms. That’s about it. No plane.

    Joey said –

    I started rooting through my pockets for loose change.

    So THAT’S what they’re calling it these days… 😉


  10. I voted for the weirdness. It was actually the only one that sounded interesting to me. Sadly (for me) it is not the front runner.

  11. @FargateOne Thanks for sharing that article. Ascension is a return to ship based scifi that gives hope for a new direction at SYFY. I find it particularly promising that they said they want more space operas and to make more provocative, allegory-filled science fiction and less procedurals. I know they had a space opera similar to Farscape called Orion in development last year but sadly it appears that Orion is no longer in development.

    Hopefully Joe’s agent got him a meeting with SYFY for his LA trip so he can pitch Dark Matter and we can see that story on screen.

    On a unrelated note I sent Martin Gero a tweet. I’ll update when I hear back.


  12. My son, Christian, and I were talking. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Stargate series all about the ancients. Look at all the worlds and situations that would be delved into: engineering of the ancients-Destiny, Atlantis, battleships, outposts (Earth). Was Earth the first colonization? Conflicts between the Ancients and: the Ori, Wraith. Exploration. Meeting the other races (Asgard, Furlings, Nox). Replicators. How they traveled across galaxies without the Stargate. Research of ascension. .:)


  13. Ahem. My husband carries a change purse, leather, he made it himself. Very handy. He’s a trucker, so that’s manly. You can call it a coin pouch if that feels better.

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