23 thoughts on “March 10, 2014: A brief history of the Stargate writers’ room whiteboard, February 2007 – September 2009!

  1. My white board in my kitchen has a list of art projects, a list of reminders for daily and weekly tasks… and not much else. I do have “more Godzilla” on one of my lists,.

  2. Awwww you had some great times. 🙂

    My white board is filled with stuff like doc appointment, piano lessons, college class schedules, and other wholly domestic soccer-mom type things. And the occasional “barney concert” or “dad smells ” that mysteriously appear. Apparently the ghost that haunts our computer room (yes, we have one) writes that stuff.


  3. Just catching up…. had 9 1/2 hours sleep last night lol

    @Ponytail @whovian – Thanks so much for your kind words about the photo mosaic. It took 2 months to prepare the images – crop, make black-white, alter so I had plenty of light, dark and in-between. There were 1200 images from about 160 photos.

    I finally started to generate the photo mosaic at 1am using photo mosaic generating software. It took 22 1/2 hours and I ended up doing the last 200 images manually.

    Anyhoo it was worth it because Ivon tweeted me to tell me that he thought it was pretty cool. Although Ivon was blown away that there were 160 photos of him online. Joe does like to photograph my favourite guy. Thanks Joe!!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  4. wow. At work, so don’t have the time to give each photo a detailed look, but I will certainly be coming back to this post and giving them the attention they deserve. thanks for sharing.

  5. @chev you’re welcome! I think it’s a brilliant, unique and amazing gift. I bet you’re sick of thinking about it. Lol It reminds me of when my sister, mom and I made royal icing lillies for my baby sister’s wedding cake. I think I made 200 myself. That was several years ago. I STILL cringe a little when I see icing flowers on a wedding cake. 😀 It was worth it, though.

    Joe loves taking pictures of everyone and everything. He’s great at capturing memories.

  6. what? – NO Fantasy-Football plays..?

    Personally, I use my the Large-Mirror in my teeny-under-the-staircase-bathroom as a “clear-board”… Strangely enough, seeing “notes” covering my “Reflection” actually helps me to “Remember” them better! — sorta…
    Or, at the very least, something “to read” while I’m “sitting-down”…

  7. So who’s feet was Carl looking at? And what the heck did they step in?!?

    After reading a few of the lines on the whiteboards, my son David asked if beer was served in the writer’s room.

  8. First impressions/reactions (mostly first glance reaction):

    1. Carl
    2. Mighty Joe Young
    3. …Carl?
    4. Hirsute Man
    5. Carl…
    6. Lunch Order
    7. “I got nuttin'” (the writers, not me)
    8. das eiskalte Händchen
    9. “Pink Floyd…Frampton…Bad Company…Eagles…Hotel California! SAAA-WEEEEET! Hope mom still has my record player…”
    10. The Matrix
    11. The Elephant Man
    12. “Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me…and after all, you’re my hamsterball…”
    13. Deli menu
    14. I hate algebra
    15. Carl…again.
    16. Ya know…that Star Trek episode with the Indian hippies.
    17. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Pinhead Man! And his trusty sidekick, Women’s Restroom Icon!
    18. Yes, yes it was.
    19. Blah, blah, blah…kill Telford…blah, blah, blah.
    20. Next episode: Destiny vs Sea Shepherd.
    21. Tolkien fans are EVERYwhere!
    22. The Morning After.
    23. Illustration of the body piercing Carl discovered the morning after… (an actual photo would have broken the interwebs)

    They don’t have to make sense to you, just to me… 🙂


  9. I’m about ready to restart our Atlantis Watch-a-Thon. Anyone else feeling ready?

  10. Hope it’s an image that will repeat soon.

    These Carl´s spirals are the plumbing diagram of destiny? 😆

  11. My sisters and I picked up my baby nephew’s ashes today. His box is so tiny. My dog, Sebastian, is in a box more than double the size. Analytical me has to get caught up in the details like that, I suppose. I’m forever grateful to the funeral director for getting a lock of his hair and a cast of his hand and foot prints. None of us had thought of doing that. I think today I’m going to work on some art projects. Things that have intimidated me are going to be tackled. And I’m consuming and absurd amount of chocolate.

    1. Love you Whovian. You guys have been through so much in just a few short months. I pray for comfort and love to surround all of you as you grieve.

  12. @Chev That really was cool. Left a comment on your blog about it.

    I love Destiny vs the Space Dolphins. I would have to say the space dolphins would be quite the adversary.

    I had an experience that has changed my opinion about something. Macarons! My local grocery store is carrying a frozen brand called Looka? It was totally different than the experience I had with Hubble and Hudson’s in-house handmade ones. I really, really, really (did I say really) like them.

  13. Hamsterball? Your just going to leave that up and not say anything?

    I never realized you could be so cruel.

    Jenny Horn: I’m currently on Season 4 episode 13. Quarantine.

  14. Hi all,

    Since I like this kind of stuff I thought I’d share some boards that I’ve collected from writers’ rooms of other shows and one movie.


    About the Breaking Bad boards: The stories were spun and broken to cards in the room. Then the cards were taken off of the board and photocopied and the photocopies were used as outlines to write the scripts from. (I found it odd that there wasn’t any deviation from the board to the outline.)

    Joe, it would be much appreciated if you could post pictures of boards from any episode but in particular a board from “Wormhole X-treme!” would be great. It is one of my favorites and includes a cameo from one of my favorite writers(guess who?). It would also go nicely with my script of that episode.


  15. *Looks at time…looks worried*


    You okay, Joeycito-san?


  16. ooooh, Love the hot sauce selection! I can only assume the flower was there to depict a nefarious purpose like spraining out venomous spores. Any plans for getting the review of episodes of the series’ past resuming again?

  17. Was trying to think why all this whiteboard talk was getting my back up, and realized that boards remind me of math. And of standing with a piece of chalk in hand, doing my best to pretend I was seconds away from finding the right solution until the teacher would mercifully tap me out and send another kid up to replace me.

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