Big day today for my gal Jelly.  She’s in for surgery – and a possible teeth cleaning while she’s under.  Last month, I noticed a curious lump on her belly and made an appointment to have it checked out.  Of course, by the time I brought her in, the mysterious lump had mysteriously disappeared.  I dismissed it and didn’t think anything of it until a couple of weeks ago when it reappeared.  And so, I brought her in again last week and, this time, tests confirmed it was a tumour.  I instantly thought of my handsome pug Maximus who went through a similar ordeal.  But, unlike Maximus, Jelly is in great spirits.  Her appetite is unaffected and I take this as a good sign.  The doctor won’t know the seriousness of the cancer (apparently, there are three stages) until they’ve removed the entire tumour and had it tested.  But, first things first.

Jelly is an impressive 15.  Despite her bad hips, she’s able to manage a half block walk every day.  And then, when Bubba and Lulu go for a walk, she sits it out – but still comes along for the ride.

1Yep, that’s the routine.

Anyway, as I await word, I leave you with a couple of doggy videos.  You’re going to want to turn up the sound for this one…

And the gang eating peanut butter…

Will report back with an update once I hear word!


1Jelly is finally home, minus the tumour – and three teeth.  She just enjoyed a late dinner and is now ready for bed.

Jelly thanks you for your support.

45 thoughts on “February 26, 2014: Jelly’s surgery day! Update!

  1. Here’s hoping for the best, Joe! Give Jelly a big ol’ head scratch for me and tell here we’re all thinking about her. She’s definitely done well for being 15.

    Great to see the dog videos – I was starting to miss them!

  2. I really hope Jelly is back to healthy soon. Fifteen? Holy Cannoli! Good for her!

    Dog videos.. heh heh.. I caught Ziggy whisper barking once. Silly dog. He’s resorted to head butting me in the morning to wake me up. And people think roosters are annoying. 😛

  3. I am hoping for the best too. Good luck with the surgery and with the results. Our labradoodle just turned nine. Big dogs don’t live as long and it makes me a bit sad to see her limping a little arthritis when she overdoes things and now sleeping so soundly that she doesn’t hear me sometimes. My life has been so much richer with Maggie and her buddy Murphy and with all our other dogs over the years that I count myself lucky no matter what.

  4. I’ll say a prayer for Jelly. I bet you caught the tumor early though. Please give hugs all around. Hopefully, you’ll get the results back soon!

  5. Lots of older dogs have benign fatty tumors. I finally quit having them removed from my 16 yr old. The last one was malignant but I couldn’t put her through it so I let nature take it’s course till it was time to let her go. Harley’s last months were comfortable and peaceful. I never regretted my decisions

  6. Good luck, Ms. Jelly! Hope all goes well and you get to have extra treats.

  7. Prayers being said for Jelly! Been there, got the t-shirt–actually, several of them, bummer. Sending you both hugs and healing best wishes. {{{{ }}}}

  8. Jelly is so fortunate to have a loving family and dear friends. Of course we all wish her well and a speedy recovery. You’re good folks Akemi and Joe.

    Basil and Stash are sending happy thoughts to Jelly.

  9. I love that dog stroller!!, what a great invention, you all are great doggy parents, and sending big hugs {{{{{ 🙂 }}}}} for everyone in the Mallozzi household.

  10. Thanks for sharing to doggy videos! They always make me smile.

    Good luck and hugs to you and Jelly. Diagnosing that stuff (for people) is what I do for a living and I’m always happy when I can tell the surgeon “the margins are clear – you got it all out!” Here’s a prayer for a good report and a speedy recovery.

  11. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts for good news from the doctor.

    Feel better Jelly. You will have to show us your pretty new smile.

  12. a.k.a. for the love of Beckett

    Golly, Joe, you were on my mind for good reason today! Saying prayers for Jelly, and her parents, too. Could be elderly-dog lumps and bumps. If it comes and goes, is it hormonal? Or is Jelly spayed? Coincidentally, or perhaps not, some other dog friends were dealing with decisions on tumors in the same location in their dogs, just a couple weeks ago. One friend had good advice which I’d already gotten permission to pass along. Will wait to hear the report on Jelly first, though. Yeah, maybe not a coincidence.

    Guess we all must be blog family here. Even when we’re away, the “radar” still works. Have enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. Ponytail! I want to hear more, woman. 🙂

    Will catch up on making my own comments in a few days. Hugs and prayers,


  13. definitely hoping for good words/good results from the surgery. thanks for the videos. Somehow I am trying to visualize them and what the sounds would be like if they were Godzilla-sized. it would be mighty impressive, I think

  14. awwww, the bandage is her badge of courage. She looks feisty.
    Glad to see/hear she is safely at home. big hugs.

  15. You go, Jelly girl! How you holding up, Joe? I guess it was a pretty stressful day, so maybe that lovely lady of yours could give you a nice shoulder massage while you enjoy a glass of single malt. Sounds good, no? (I better not let Mr. Das see this or next thing he’ll be wanting a shoulder massage, too. 😛 )


  16. Good luck to Jelly, and also to Ma and Pa Jelly…or is it simply, Jelly Mallozzi?

    I suspect that your dogs do not enjoy trips to the vet any more than my cats do. I have a Siamese that is very high strung. She hates the vet so much that as soon as the pet carrier is brought in, she hides. So, we have to be very careful and sneaky. We weren’t sneaky enough last time and she took off. The chase was on with three adults running around the house after her. The first time she was smarter than we were and none of us could find her. So we rescheduled for the next day. This time, my son caught her, but trying to get her into the pet carrier resulted in several scratches and a bite. Apparently, the medical doctor we took my son to told us that 90% of cat bites get infected. He ended up with a tetanus shot and a round of antibiotics.

    This Siamese cat was on my bucket list, but there will be no more Siamese kitties in my future. They are just too darned expensive – for the whole family… and a tad painful according to my son.

  17. Yeah, glad Jelly is back home, squishy hugs for her!! thanks for letting us know.
    ~now I need to figure out why my wii box slowly flashes that blue light at times when I think its turned off(just since we connected it to netflix)(and apparently in the middle of the night, like one of those neon lights outside a seedy hotel room, in all the good movies)).

  18. I hope the word is good for Jelly!

    My neighbor’s golden had large tumors all around his neck, removing them is not an option. He hangs out, chases balls, pees on my carriage lamp, is loved and happy. He comes over to visit me on the front porch with his buddy-cat Yogi. They beg for treats, it is adorable.

  19. Fingers crossed for Jelly! Hang in there, chick!

    You and Akemi hang in there as well. This can be tougher on you than it is on her.

  20. Just wanted to say how much I love the picture with Jelly in the stroller. She is so loved. How long did the vet say the results would take? “biting fingers”

  21. Glad to see Jelly back home and is doing well. Sending positive vides for a good diagnosis on the tumor.

  22. AAwww!! glad that gal is back now, she looks very dignified, as if she only had a day out at friends. Obviously the vet team is doing a super job for her! and I agree, she seems very unaffected and happy lady.. “NOP.! What!! that little thing.. That will never slow me down.. wait.. where are my teeth gone? !! ”
    I loved those vids so much! I sure hope that the children are not your food tasters…? or are they? 🙂
    Hugs to you 5 guys ! xo

  23. Yay, Jelly! Did they say what the tumour was?

    Also, I notice in that picture of you and the dogs there is some kind of green stuff on either side of the sidewalk. I vaguely remember seeing it at some point in what seems the distant past. I think we even had it around here long ago. Some kind of plant material? 😉

  24. When I eat peanut butter I sound just like that. And where is Lulu’s boyfriend Ivon when she needs him? He could help her get that peanut butter off her chin…. 😉

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