When I informed her that one of my friends had been feeling a little down lately, Akemi’s response was: “Maybe she misses you.”.  Well, yes, I suppose that’s a possibility – but I kind of doubted it.  She doesn’t seem like the “miss you” type.  Akemi, however, would not be dissuaded from her theory.  “You always cheer me up,”she insisted.  And: “It makes me happy to see you eat oatmeal.”

Eat oatmeal?  Really?  Hunh.  I guess so.  In retrospect, yeah, I can see how the sight of me eating right, enjoying a nice healthy breakfast, could fill someone with joy.

And then I reflected on this blog and its many readers, any of who, on any given day, could be feeling a little down themselves.  What could I do to help lift their spirits?

Well, the answer is obvious.  If you’re bummed – or simply want to file this away for future perusal when you’re feeling a little blue – here is me eating oatmeal.  Enjoy.

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis rewatch with…The Defiant One!

1Another solid episode following the spectacular mid-season two-parter.  Sure, the bugs were a little silly, but this one had plenty of suspense, that trademark Stargate humor, and dose of the classic western, culminating in an explosive finish.  Savor this one, folks, because we have the Hot Zone and Sanctuary to look forward to next.

So, what did Akemi think of The Defiant One?

The moment the team approached the down wraith ship she remarked on the guest stars: “Those two will die.  Not important actors.”  And, when they did: “See?”

When the wraith makes his first appearance: “Wow.  Dirty hair.  Need shampoo.”  An unfair critique.  The poor guy has been without a proper conditioner for some ten thousand years.

After Sheppard does this weird lip-licking move as he prepares to face off against the wraith: “His tongue.  So gross.”

Overall, not as enjoyable for her as The Eye (she found it “too scary” at times) but she did enjoy: “The energy bugs and the black angry birds bomb.”  Whatever that means.

So, what’d you all think of The Defiant One?

37 thoughts on “February 15, 2014: Feeling down? I’ve got just the thing for you! And our Stargate: Atlantis rewatch continues with…The Defiant One!

  1. Akemi….perfect.
    That was what I needed today. Thanks for lift.

    ok…gonna watch the show and comment a bit later.

  2. 1. I liked this episode up to the point where they killed – or maybe just severely injured 😉 – Greg the Wraith. I especially liked the web the Wraith entombed his victims in. Lots of speculation where that came from – from his hand, from his mouth…from his butt like a spider? We Wraith fans must have a final answer on this one!

    2. Orange…oatmeal? 😕

    3. I have been down lately – very down – and the orange oatmeal didn’t help at all. You know what I need? Well…besides a million dollars in small, unmarked, circulated bills? I need to see a picture of you with long hair. I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere…or, you could just have Akemi hang her hair over your head and voila! Hippie Joe!

    4. You are looking more and more like NCIS’ Tim McGee…like, all I saw was McGee eating orange oatmeal. it was kinda surreal.


  3. Thanks to your video, my day is now made! Well, except that it looked a little runny, which brings me back down a bit. 🙁 Oh well. 😉

    I liked The Defiant One, even though the energy bugs were a bit annoying and never really seemed “right” – I never forgot they were VFX. Still, they served the story and for better or worse most of them seemed to get blown up with the wraith at the end. I didn’t notice the Sheppard lip-licking before facing the wraith – was that because he was just eating the energy bar? It looked like one of the gooey “Power Bar” ones, and those things are sticky as heck.

    Also, did they ever really establish why the wraith was so darn hard to kill? He had just fed (a couple of times, really), but he seemed almost invincible.

  4. Das said: “I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere…”

    Oh, I think there is – It may have been right on this blog but I can’t remember for sure. Plus, I don’t remember it as “long” as much as “longER”. And kind of, you know, “more’. 🙂

  5. I liked the episode. Kinda wished Red Shirt guy had not killed himself. He gave Mckay a run for the smartest guy on Atlantis Award.check that Pegasus Galaxy Award.

  6. Are you eating oatmeal and reading the blog comments? Because that would make us feel very happy indeed!

    I loved Defiant Ones. I’ve always wondered where they pee in the puddle jumper (or is that a unconscious secondary reference to the word “puddle?”) They were in the ship for 15 hours. I cannot hold my pee for 15 hours. I don’t know if I could have had the courage to pull the trigger and kill myself even though I knew I was dying painfully and horribly by the Wraith.

  7. Are you sure that’s not creamed corn you’re eating? It looks more like creamed corn. 😉

  8. Gee, I always liked those little bug dudes, all they wanted was a snack. And I am happy to say that yes, I am happier after watching you eat oatmeal. Not sure why, but I am. Can’t agree with Akemi on Shep’s tongue though.
    (In fact, on certain websites that tongue is the subject of endless screenshots and posts). I did like The Defiant One because it showed Sheppard and McKay working together and Rodney again facing his fears in order to go out and help John. John’s plan to use the candy bar was typical – self sacrificing and a bit crazy. I loved it. Some good whump and an interesting ancient Wraith, loved his disgusted faces in the jumper. Always felt bad for the poor red-shirt scientists though and how brave the one who shot himself was.

  9. @ Sparrowhawk – I remember when we discussed the webs as coming out of their mouths, and how on a windy day they risked webbing up their own heads! 😆 The mental images were great! Ah, how I miss the good ol’ days…

    gforce wrote: And kind of, you know, “more’. 🙂

    😆 Thanks for the laugh – I needed it!! 😆


  10. hmm. maybe it’s because I am not down, that the oatmeal video doesn’t seem to have impacted me much. I guess I will make note and try watching it on a day when I am in fact feeling melancholy.
    Ok, didn’t have time to watch The Defiant one today,so going off memory. All in all enjoyed the episode well enough. And it was nice to see that there is a second habitable planet in the system, something which will be touched on again in the near future. But I found the title….weak. Is the Wraith defiant? Sheppard? Both? The shootout was terrific. But the other thing I carried away from this is that the Wraith really are bad news. This Wraith lasted as long, or longer, than a ZPM! And the amount of self control needed to resist using up all your food in a bing is an ominous one for the expedition. If they hadn’t already determined how implacable the Wraith are as an enemy, this episode was an eye opener. Bigger bullets is something that the expedition might want to come up with. At the rate it takes to kill these things, Earth won’t be able to meet the demand for ammo for some time.

  11. Ok my day or evening has been made. yep,watching you eat oatmeal, that did it, I feel happier. 🙂 Keep calm and eat oatmeal! It’s kinda neat to see everyone’s perspectives, observations,what have you, about the eps. Ok missed the tongue thing. I have been known to “doze” off for like just 2-3 seconds, because I am usually watching these in bed.

  12. Just as I can be offended by just the intent to insult, even if the insult missed its mark, I can be uplifted by positive intentions as well. So, thank you, Joe, for your video of eating oatmeal.

  13. Yep, the bugs bothered me. Fortunately, not enough to distract from the story. Having the wraith pause in his attack on Rodney and Shepherd while he grabbed at the glowy bugs seemed a little implausible. It would be like a solder pausing an attack because of mosquitoes.

    I did (like Das and gforce) wonder about the webbing. More so I wondered why the Wraith didn’t spin webs later in the series.

    On lifting my spirits, sorry, oatmeal didn’t do it for me. Can you do a video of eating bacon instead?

  14. Eating oatmeal? Hmm, is it the way it is stirred into a wadded ball of a viscous consistency? Or, a resortation of a train? Guess, she will have to post a video.

    I was surprised at the quickness the wraith was able to manipulate the arms instore. Good question, how do the wraith keep clean, or their laundry? Akemi is able to get to the heart of the plot.

    Well, Rodney has a way of getting rid of the compatition.

  15. @ Jenny Horn – 😆

    JeffW wrote: “I did (like Das and gforce) wonder about the webbing. More so I wondered why the Wraith didn’t spin webs later in the series.”

    Because they introduced Todd, and he began spinning yarns instead. 😉


  16. Tell Akemi that she is absolutely 100 percent correct! Watching you eat oatmeal does create cheer. Okay that you MADE the video is what is most fun, not actually watching you eat it. And I was wondering about a snack– pumpkin oatmeal it is. 🙂

  17. Ugh. I just woke up from a dream (nightmare?) in which I was flirting with that little creepazoid Justin Bieber, so excited because he was going to meet me in an hour to give me something (Autograph? CD? STD?). I mean…what the what??! Me and my subconscious are gonna have a looooong talk today. 😛


    PS: I guess this is what I get for frequenting a Canadian’s blog, talking about a Canadian-based production, and watching a Canadian-produced show (Murdoch) all within an hour of going to bed. I need to find a new hobby, or something.

  18. Ugh. What a storm last night! Just finished shoveling the megaton of snow that landed in my driveway last night.


    @Das: I would say it’s clear you have a subconscious crush on Justin. The denials only make it more obvious. 😉 Also, a random Joe pic I just found on the Internet. Just goes to show that such a dashing fellow as our host can carry off even the occasional questionable coif! 🙂


  19. Well.. what do you know.. you eating oatmeal DOES cheer up a sad soul. 🙂 And of course I loved The Defiant One! And not because I gave birth to TWO defiant children. Stargate Atlantis is always a great pick-me-up. My younger defiant one prefers the episodes featuring Richard Dean Anderson, though. That apple did not fall far from my apple tree.


  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering about the orange oatmeal!

    Bugger! I haven’t watched The Defiant One yet. I had a Game Of Thrones binge last night and watched the last half of season 3 in one sitting. Yes, I know, I’m late to the party but fantasy isn’t really my thing so I only started watching it recently. Still, I’m all caught up now ready for season 4 so I’ll have an Atlantis binge tonight!

  21. I believe the orange tint to the oatmeal is most likely a result of the additive that is currently required of select grains that are imported to BC and Alberta. Dipthotransiosys-3 is added to offset the effects of gluten. The Canadians are always a step or two ahead in the health care realm, indeed.

    Or, this could all be bs that I just made up.

  22. Perhaps Joe has added peaches to his oatmeal and that is what might be making it orange? I’ve had oatmeal like that before and it’s good! I will admit the video has a certain zen-like calming quality. It can probably be appreciated on several levels.


  23. I like this episode a lot as I think it builds on the McKay-Sheppard working partnership. Even as Rodney is flinching from the gun he’s shooting, he’d doing it anyway, drawing away attention from Sheppard. Rodney also gains some emotional growth by seeing Gall die in front of him – and seeing that sacrifice. In one sense, this is kind of a throwaway episode in that you could never watch it and still understand all of SGA’s mythos, but I’m weirdly fond of it.

    Also, I really love Sheppard’s hair peeking above those sand dunes.

    Here’s a question…these energy bugs, any relation to the ones in SG1’s Prodigy? 😉 Having had a recent SG1 rewatch, I actually thought of these bugs when I saw that ep again.

  24. If she gets happy watching your eat, that is LOVE!

    Das: You’re having dreams about the Beiber? 😯

    gforce: Hope you stay warm with some cocoa. The weather here has been so strange! Tuesday we had an ice storm and today it’s 60F (15.5C)!

    JeffW: I wondered about the webs too. What gives Mr. M.? Where did the webs come from?

    Hubby managed to get a flight back from Maine. I’m so relieved because Portland, Maine is supposed to get another 12 inches of snow this weekend. Maine looks like a wonderful place to visit but I’m not I could live there. I like warm weather.

  25. Joe: Good for you on the oatmeal. You definitely made the right choice finding a good woman to look after you.

    Sheppard said twice during the episode that there was something different about this Wraith, yet, you very naughty writers never told us what that was. Or did I miss it?

    @JeffW I agree with @Bailey. I liked the bugs. They just seemed to want something to eat. And, after all, that one bug went back to get it’s friends when food was on offer. Doesn’t that show some smarts? Who knows, they could have been great allies against the Genii. Can you imagine hordes of little bug creatures keeping Cowen busy?

    Joe: Speaking of food, are you going to do any more weird food purchases?

  26. @Shinyhula: “So often I read about awesome UFO sightings in which the no one videotaped incident. But god bless Okinawa, they took the most dazzling UFO witness vids ever. Now I get what people saw in Phoenix and Stephenville; even if it just turns out to be experimental drones it is still very cool.”

    – The experimental drones ploy is what the government wants us to believe. We all know that it’s the puddle jumpers from Atlantis.

  27. @ Das – Das-n-Bieber sitt’in in a tree, K, I, SS, I, N, G! Who knew…. 😉

  28. G’day

    Happy now after watching Joe eat oatm…porridge. Now I want porridge.

    So Joe what do you add to your porridge (oatmeal)? I like brown sugar. Why is it so runny though?

  29. @ All the smartypants – I do not have a crush on Bieber. My subconscious just likes messing with me at night so that I feel icky all day long. 😛 I will say it’s better than the dream I had a couple nights ago: I was living in a cheap motel, and as I was getting out of my car at night (in the dark, all alone), a pickup truck with two guys passed by…stopped…and one got out and tried to abduct me. All I remember was trying to get my key back in the car door so I could jump in and lock the car, my head telling me ‘it’s a crime of opportunity’ over and over again in answer to my ‘why me??!’. Fortunately, I escaped into the car, then woke up. Last time I live in a cheap motel, that’s for sure. 😛

    @ Janet – It’s probably instant oatmeal. 🙂 I cook mine in milk and water (2 parts milk, 1 part water), add a sprinkle of spice (pumpkin or apple pie spice), add a drizzle or two of maple syrup (sometimes honey), and fold in fresh fruit at the end. I usually use blueberries, but strawberries are good, too. I don’t seem to like bananas in it, though. I do apples and raisins sometimes, but those I add in earlier to give the raisins time to plump, and the apples a chance to get tender (not mushy!). I’m checked out Joey’s vid a couple of times, and I swear he’s eating Kraft Mac and Cheese. 😉


  30. Haha! Maybe you should add an oatmeal eating scene into a couple episodes of your next show, just to boost viewer morale!

    Hey, people have put worse things on the air!

    -Mike A.

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