This morning, it fell on me to dispatch the lobster.  Mom was all for simply dropping them in the pot and boiling them alive but I suggested the more humane method: a quick knife thrust through the head.  She said okay – and then left me to do deal with it.  And when my sister arrived, she was no help either, retreating to the living room while I “handled it”.  So I did.  And, twenty minutes later, we had lobster and garlic butter for lunch.

And while we’re on the subject of eating, here are some of the culinary highlights of my whirlwind Montreal tour…

Pork ribs and popcorn shrimp - Kitchenette
Pork ribs and popcorn shrimp – Kitchenette
Cracker Jack sundae - Kitchenette
Cracker Jack sundae – Kitchenette
Various maki - Sushi Shop
Various maki – Sushi Shop
Prime rib - The Keg
Prime rib – The Keg
Lobster - mom's
Lobster – mom’s

And then, at trip’s end, there’s always the emotional goodbye.  Not so much with family – after all, they know I’ll be back – but with the dogs who, no doubt, are already missing me terrible…

Ralphie - always stylin'
Ralphie – always stylin’
Fernando - blind, but you wouldn't know it
Fernando – blind, but you wouldn’t know it
Felix - mom's favorite
Felix – mom’s favorite

Not pictured: Roxy and Caramel who were out in the back yard when I left.  Clearly, saying good-bye was just too painful.

Okay!  I’m off!  See you in Vancouver!  Don’t forget to watch Underground tonight as our Stargate: Atlantis rewatch continues!

Oh, and please vote for our April Book of the Month Club!

31 thoughts on “February 10, 2014: Au revoir Montreal!

  1. wow, that was certainly a quick trip. Bon Voyage and catch ya in the Western time zone.

    yep voted…Annihilation and skylight look interesting.

  2. I love lobster – although about two is my effective limit at a time. Not sure if the brain thing is effective – I read this on Wikipedia: “However, a lobster’s brain operates from not one but several ganglia and disabling only the frontal ganglion does not usually result in death or unconsciousness.” So, not only is he being boiled alive, but also just had a knife rammed through his head. Ouch! Might be effective for one of those zombie lobsters, though.

    Anyway, those meals looks pretty good – so many in so few days! I don’t know how you do it. That Cracker Jack Sundae in particular looks… sweet.

    Great dog pics and I’m sure they’ll miss you terribly. 🙂

    “Underground” is all watched and ready for commenting! Have a great trip back!

  3. Hope you had a safe uneventful journey back home and are getting puppy kisses by now.

  4. Everyone will miss you! But how wonderful you were able to be there and spend time with your family on this very wonderful milestone in your mom’s life. And may she have many, many more. I think the Montreal dogs will sob for you after you leave. They look like the type that don’t like to visibly show their tears. Or perhaps they’ll be comforting your family who will be shedding some tears after your departure.

  5. Well done on the humane treatment of the lobsters. Do you pre-treat crabs the same way?

    Fernando does look like he can see shapes or something. Kudos on your Sis for adopting this beautiful boy. Once again, Ralphie is dressed better than I am. I’m sure your Sis and Mum will give the dogs extra love until they recover. 😀

    Deni: Big Wave!

  6. I voted for Skylight. I enjoy a good post-apocalyptic story. For that reason, Annihilation is a close second on my list. Looks like a close poll!

  7. @JeffW – “Didn’t just about every woman in the 70′s have big hair? Heck, the men did too! The Bee Gees, Tom Selleck, Leif Garrett, all the members of Kiss, and Fabio, just to name a few. Now I’m just waiting for the cue-ball, follically challenged look to come in to fashion.

    And I’m still waiting…”

    That style was mid ’90’s to mid ’00’s – so you missed it.

  8. I voted Skyline. Happily the two books I was interested in made the top two, Annihilation and Skylight. Very excited for the book club. Not sure how much I will be inputting as I always feel awkward with these kind of things. Mostly my comments consist of it was good. I like it. But I like reading and hear what others thought, it usually helps to spark something in my brain.

  9. @ Deni – That food truck is a lot different from Joey’s food trucks. (The ‘driver’ is adorable, btw! 🙂 )


  10. @Deni: Very cute food trucks 😀

    Ralphie looks like he’s begging somebody to take that coat off. Felix and Fernando are looking adorable as usual.

    Poor lobsters.

    Thanks to mom for letting you share her birthday with us. Here’s to many more. Have a safe flight home. 🙂

  11. wow. glancing at the pictures, I literally began salivating when I saw that prime rib. Grilled chicken sandwich didn’t cut it for dinner I guess. The lobster was mighty good looking too. Safe flight back, and homework assignment duly noted.

  12. Eh-h? Pork ribs with shrimp?! Odd combination. It doesn’t appeal. That photo of the prime rib is exactly why I won’t eat it until they finish cooking it. I do enjoy lobster however, broiled.
    Sorry, just not an adventurous eater. I have, in fact, had nightmares about being seated in a swanky restaurant, having some plate of unknown contents placed before me and panic at not being able to eat it.
    I’m sure this has deeper meaning… somehow…


  13. @Deni:

    I might have to pass on that food truck…I don’t like broccoli 😉

    But if Anakin starts stocking bacon, I’m in!


    I still had some hair then, so I didn’t notice the style!


    I hope you had safe travels today. I made it back to Chicagoland without incident (unless you consider -2F to be an incident), so all fine on my front.

    That prime rib got Barb thinking steak for Valentine’s day, so I’ll probably try to fit in a steak joint this Friday. I’d better be making my reservations soon though.

    You did get me thinking about how to dispatch seafood humanely, and with some sea-life, I’m running into issues. Take Blue Crabs for instance. I’ve long understood that you can’t cook them once they’re dead; the toxins in the gills (aka “Dead Man’s Fingers”) spoil the meat. So I’ve always cooked Blue Crab by steaming them live (the clanking against the pot stops after a couple of minutes or so).

    I’ve never really had a problem doing this, though, since crabs themselves are pretty mean and hostile, even to other crabs. When pulling up crab pots, it’s not uncommon to find crabs that have lost claws while fighting each other in the pot. Still, if there was a more humane way of cooking them, I’d do it.

  14. Yeesh. Can’t think of the last time I dispatched anything. Forget Teyla and Ronon, I want to be on Joe’s school bus in case of a zombie apocalypse. I’m pretty good with a plastic light saber so I think I could handle a katana.

    I think I’ve finally perfected my Morrocan Carrot Salad experiment; steamed carrots simmered in a little olive oil, paprika, basil, garlic, chimichurri, dijon mustard, salt and crushed pinapple. Fast and tasty.

  15. Ooo I like The Kegs – they do a great steak…might not be haute cuisine but it fills a spot when hunger strikes! 🙂

  16. I looked up how to humanely kill a crab: This article on lobsters is pretty interesting: Who knew but it states that New Zealand has already included crustaceans in its animal protection laws, and that in 2005, the Italian town of Reggio Emilia banned the boiling of lobsters. Amazing that people are protecting lobsters but still are butchering dolphins.

    Deni: He is so cute!!!!!!

    Which book is winning?

    I finally read “The Forever War” and loved it!!!! My iPad is still turning pages for me and now it’s in my kindle app. I reinstalled the app and checked for iTune patches. Anyone else having this problem with their iPad?

  17. If the circumstances were different(As in the Wraith not being around) do you think the SGC(Earth) + Team Atlantis would have established better relations with the Genii? While the Genii went about things in a poor manner, an almost questionable manner even, they clearly were desperate and saw a chance when the Atlantis team visited their world.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not excusing their behavior and from a technological standpoint they were more advanced than most settlements in the Pegasus Galaxy, but they were still just as viable to an attack as any other world in the galaxy.

  18. It sure is! The largest lobster caught (as far as wiki knows) was over 44 lbs, and this one is just a few pounds less at 37+ lbs. Pretty sure you’d lose a toe or two to that one if you stumbled upon him while wading in the shallows.


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