Another year, another 365 days of blogging, bringing the grand totals to:

2 625 posts!

140 000+ comments!

And 10 000 000+ all-time views!

Among other interesting stats compliments of WordPress:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.30.12 AM

On to our annual countdown of this blog’s most prolific commenters.

Who were they?

Well, counting down the Top 5 of 2013:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.34.56 AMDP, congratulations on making the Top 5.  However, with 104 less comments posted than in 2012, you’ve fallen from the fourth to fifth spot!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.40.08 AMRandomness, welcome back!  And welcome to your first Top 5 showing!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.41.56 AMPonytail, only 14 comments off 2013’s torrid pace, but it’s enough to slip you out of the #2 spot!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.43.49 AMTam Dixon, with 44 more comments than you posted in 2012, you’ve climbed up and secured a place at #2!

And, finally, 2013’s top commenter…and reigning champion…


















Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.45.58 AMdasndanger, running away with it for a second year in a row.  And, this year, it wasn’t even close!  Das, you improved on your 2012 showing by a remarkable +204 comments!  Congratulations!

And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post, read, or simply visit this blog anonymously.  Over ten million visits is spectacularly impressive – especially when you consider I’m retroactively charging everyone $10 for each one.

To save me the time of having to process each individual payment, please get together and coordinate amongst yourselves, then forward me a check for $100 million at your earliest convenience.  Thanks!

Big happenings await in 2014!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.08.16 AM********************************

53 thoughts on “December 31, 2013: Blog Year in Review!

  1. first comment of the last post of the year! Thanks for all the cheer you provide with your writing. I love your style. See you next year
    love and hugs for the new year

  2. Damn. And here I thought I was doing well posting at least 1 comment a day. I bow to their superiority!! Das–WOW 204 more comments than last year? I am truly in awe of you.

    I hope Joe you can see how much your blog is enjoyed by so many and anytime you ever feel like throwing in the towel, just look back at this post and know that there would be a big black hole in WordPress without your blog.

  3. Happy New Year Joe & Akemi!

    Wow, Das really DOES post a lot! 🙂 What’s your secret, Das?? 🙂

    Joe, do you know how many new SG episodes you can produce with that $100 mil? I don’t, but it’s a lot! 🙂 Oh, and the cheque’s in the mail so it should be there…sometime.

    Happy New Year to everyone here, too!

  4. I slipped to number three?? 😥 No, no, nooooooooo!!! 😥 OMG noooooooo!! 😥 Tam Dixon, I’m coming to get you! 😈 JeffW that strategy never works. 🙄 You gotta be consistant. Smoooooth. And no lame excuses like, “oooooooh my knee hurts” or “oooooh I just had knee surgery and was unconscience”. Big sissy! You gotta post a comment even in your anesthesia induced drugged up stupor. Those comments are the most entertaining. 😉

    Congrats Das. You are untouchable. 😐


  5. LOL…JeffW may take the crown for next year.

    Love your blog, love your style, love Akemi, love your puppies….just love you, and all that you do Dude!

    Looking forward to another great year with you and Akemi.
    Thanks for allowing us into your lives.

    PS…don’t forget you promised to share many secrets in 2014….and we are counting down.

    Hauoli Makahiki Hou – and for those who indulge, okole maluna (bottoms up).
    Yes…I plan to do a few drinkey poos and over eat.

  6. 😯 No way. No friggin’ way!!! I purposely tried to post LESS this year (mainly because I thought my presence was becoming a bit…ya know…obnoxious 😛 ). Sorry. I failed. 🙁

    My strategy? 1. Obviously, I don’t have a life. 😛 2. I definitely have an itchy submit finger that makes me post prematurely, often before I’ve completely finished my thoughts (thus the PSes…es…es…es). 3. Due to time I sometimes can’t always read the blog and all the posts at one time, so I check in throughout the day to catch up, and sometimes people’s comments (or something I missed in Joe’s blog) sparks a thought. 4. I’m married to a great guy, but he’s very chatty and dominates the conversation, so sometimes it’s hard to get an edge in wordwise. Here? Everyone shuts the hell up and lets me speak my mind!! 😀

    JeffW didn’t make the top five? Impossible! You’re as chatty as the best of us! Joey, tell me he at least made the top ten!

    @ Everyone – Congrats to my fellow chatty posters, but also to everyone else. Some of the best comments have been made by those who are normally people of few words. As with everything else – it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. I’m like those cheap rail drinks folks guzzle down with little to no appreciation, while the rest of you guys and gals are pure top shelf, well worth every discriminating sip. 🙂


  7. LOL @ JeffW.

    Oh, I meant to add that my resolution for the new year is continue being awesome. I would say MORE awesome, but… you know. #notreallypossible

  8. Uh oh Jeff now ,,none of that,,you cheeky bugger.. Sorry I am watching Dr Who and the British is rubbing off.. Thanks Joe for another peachy keen year of blogging and family/pups/friends/sailing/food sharing. I have enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to what ever adventures you or anyone in blogdom might get into and care to share in 2014. Health and happiness to all, Happy New Year to everyone!!

  9. We finished dinner, had dessert, and did the dishes. Now what’re we going to do for two hours?!

  10. the top 5 represents a lot of comments. what’s the top 10 like, i wonder?

    We finished dinner, had dessert, and did the dishes. Now what’re we going to do for two hours?!

    nap? read? play a board game? if you are ever in the market for new board games, i recommend checking out tabletop hosted by wil wheaton. most of the games can be found at target.

  11. Hubby says he can write me a program to up my submission numbers. Next year should be smooth sailing to the number 1 spot! 😆

    Happy New Year to All!

  12. Too much family drama lately to keep up…but wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with success, good health and much happiness!

    And to Joe, Akemi and the pups – thanks for all the fun, adventures and laughs this past year! Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

  13. I’m not really sure how I made the top 5 but I’ll take that lol. Mostly as I’m not always posting some days, I think it might be down to posting more often certain days, unsure. Happy New Year to everyone regardless 🙂

  14. @Joe:

    I’ll lift an egg-nog and brandy toast to the Mallozzi clan (including the furry ones) and all of his blog followers; have a blessed, fulfilled, successful 2014 that you’re able to share with family and friends.


    Whoa! I didn’t say I was trying to beat you or Das (I know better than to poke that hornet’s nest 😉 )…a top 5 placement would be nice though.

    As for posting while on Vicodin, you’re assuming I can find the submit button in that state! 😀 Maybe next time I’m under anesthesia I should have Barb video it and put it on You-Tube?

    The excuses will be coming to an end though; I’m now off the crutches and I should be off of the physical therapy by this time next week. So no more excuses, well unless there’s more pain or if I twinge the knee again, or maybe if my knee pops…does complaining about arthritis in the neck count? How about sciatica?


    Okole maluna to you too and a Happy New Year!


    As Ponytail pointed out, consistency is key and I’m afraid I travel too much and juggle too many projects to be consistent. So, who knows? I’d count my comments as I make them for next year, but I’m not that OCD, not yet anyway.


    Cheeky bugger? Yeah I’ve been called that, and daft, and a few other things as well.


    Here’s hoping for more gforce awesomeness in 2014!

  15. Congrats Das and the others in the top 5. 😀

    LOL @ JeffW 😀

    Happy New Year to Joe, Akemi, Jelly, Bubba, Lulu, Mama Mallozi, Andria, Caramel, Felix, Roxie, Ralphie, Akemi’s mom, dad, sister, brother and the extended Mallozzi clan. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for letting Joe post your pictures in the blog.

  16. Hey Joe

    Have a happy New Year and may all your hard work pay off in 2014!

    And to all the regulars here, I may have been a bit quiet this year, however, I have read pretty much every post you’ve made. And I must say they were very enjoyable. I laughed my butt off on a regular basis.

    My resolution, Joe, is to post more often.


  17. With 40 minutes till midnight I’m not going to make it. Already fell asleep on the couch once reading my Money Magazine. (that always does it). Going to bed now. Hopefully I’ll be asleep by the time they start firing off all the illegal fireworks.

    Hey JeffW did you hear about the people who made a cheesecake (it looked just like yours) and it cracked? The crack formed a perfect cross. Of course they are not going to eat it. I think they are going to put it on the internet and try to make some money. Bad chefs. Also, start your new comment strategy tomorrow. Today doesn’t count… 😉 Good luck!

  18. Happy New Year, Joe, Akemi and everybody! I fell asleep at 9 (oy, this shitty cold) and woke up at 11:30 to find everyone else asleep. 🙂 No bubbly for me tonight, so I had some orange juice and watched the ball drop with the pups.

    Congrats to all the chatty ones on here this year! Das, you really do have a lot to say. 🙂 Here’s to a new year filled with good health, wealth and lots of love for all of us!

  19. Happy New Year, Joe, Akemi and everyone! Wishing all of you good health, happiness and success.

    Congratulations to the top 5 posters. Das, I never doubted you for a minute.

  20. Am one of those who reads the blog and comments everyday but only comment occasionally myself. I love hearing not only about Joe, Akemi and the beloved dogs, but also about what’s going on in the lives of everyone who comments — especially the frequent five. Its comforting to know there are nice people out there – and that there are still folks with a good sense of humor. Hope everyone has a happy and successful 2014.

  21. You should put some ads on the blog. And then reinvest the profits a SciFi TV pilot.

  22. Sorry, as a UK citizen, we don’t do checks.

    I could write you a cheque, but your bank probably wouldn’t accept it, what with having a weird foreign spelling, and all.

    Happy new year, everyone!

  23. Well, I didn’t quite make it to midnight last night, but I was just here on my own anyway. The upside is I’m up pretty early this morning and feeling pretty well and rested! Headed in to the hospital today to visit my step-mom (who is still doing okay), and have new year’s dinner there. The hospital is providing it, so who knows how that will turn out!

    Also, to take the tree down today or wait until the weekend? *undecided*

  24. Not even registered on the board of competitors again this year – Hey, at least I’M CONSISTENT.

    Congratulations to everyone for all the awesome posts throughout the year. Vana White, tell them what they’ve won!

    “A NEW CAR!”

    Joe, what do you mean, “no?”

    Wow, I must admit this wine is good…I’ve had 4 glasses already.

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

  25. wish all of you all the best for the new year!

    @JeffW 😆
    @Das You cant post fewer times because if we dont see you here we think something has happened to you. 😆

  26. This year I have overcome my problems with alcohol and it has not left me any sequel. So it is that Iwish you a happy Easter and a great 1984.
    I do not remember very well of you, but I sure you fall me well, because I have you in my address book. so I wish you HAPPY SUMMER AND VIVA SAN

  27. Hey Joe

    @archersangel It’s something I need to work on, that’s for sure!


  28. @Ponytail:

    I’ve had cheesecakes crack, but not in any discernable supernatural pattern. Mostly in “ice crevasse” patterns.

    So they’re selling the cross-pattern cheesecake on ebay? Do they also make money on regular cheesecakes? Seems a bit like a “traveling curiosity show”/ carny type of thing.

  29. HAP-py NEW year, everyone!

    Merci, Joe, for maintaining your blog home halfway house for wayward Sci-fi, dog, book, travel, culture, humor, and foodie fans. We came to visit several TV seasons ago, and never left! Thanks for keeping the party going for lo, these many years. 😀 It’s been a pleasure to join Akemi and the cast of characters & commenters in Joe’s Life, and find a family of friends of our own.

    Congrats to the faithful and diligent Dasndanger/Deirdre, Tam Dixon, Ponytail, Randomness, and DP. You’ve provided loads of belly laughs and insight! And said many things we didn’t have the nerve to say. 😀 The rest of us can only hope to pick up the slack. Together we all band behind Joe and promise, like Lois Linkletter walking down the aisle with the entertainer Art Linketter,

    Lord, if you make him successful, we will keep him humble! 😀

    *raising a glass*

    To Joe!

    Wishing good health to everyone around the world, and every happiness in 2014.


  30. Wishing a very happy new year to everyone on Joe’s blog! And since I’m feeling magnanimous, happy new year to the entire planet!

    Golly, I am amazed another year has sped by and still, no new Stargate on TV, DVD films or web-i-sodes… sigh… I remain forever hopeful, I truly do.

    May TPTB please, PLEASE MGM — take heed and know the audience is ready-made for Stargate – it has not diminished — it has GROWN!

    Be good all,

  31. Oh, sorry, meant to offer hearty congratulations to the prodigious commenters and to Joe for engaging the attention of over 10M hits! Huzzah!

    My cats Stash (4 yr. old tuxedo boy) and Basil (6 yr. old calico girl) also wanted me to extend their very best kitty wishes for a healthy & happy new 2014 to Akemi, Bubba, Lulu and Jelly and all other blog-reader pups, cats, birds, reptiles and assorted critters. Four paws UP!

    Dynamic duo,
    Stash & Basil

  32. @2cats

    I think everyone shares the same sentiment, that 2014 proves to be a good year for the Stargate, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  33. I’d mail you that check but I spent it all on cupcakes after I read that blog … 😉 *back into lurker mode as my rescue dog gets jealous when I spend too much time with other dogs, humans, people, tv shows etc …*
    Happy New year! あけましておめでとうございます

  34. Well, shoot. My 2013 resolution was to make that top 5! Breaking out of lurkdome is difficult. Alas. I shall hang my head in shame. And go back to lurking. 😉

    Happy New Year hugs to all!


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