This morning, I headed downtown for the first of several pitches for this SF series Paul and I are developing for a local production company. In these situations, I like to wear a suit.  It’s smart, professional, and helps people differentiate between me and my writing partner.  You may think it a little ridiculous – after all, we’re two completely different people – but something about being a writing team leads many to inevitably meld us into a single hybrid person, or two interchangeable individuals.  I’m not kidding.  Well into our tenth year on Stargate, co-workers were calling me Paul and him Joe.

Yes, the suit is one way of offering a visual nice contrast – me, looking all business; him, looking like a post-apocalyptic hobo.  There are other far more interesting ways to go but my writing partner is all (whiney): “But I don’t want to wax my eyebrows!” or “Why do I have wear the macrame hat?”.  But I digress.

So I arrived ten minutes early and was about to head inside when I noticed a guy walking by with his french bulldog.  Naturally, I just had top stop and strike up a conversation about the little bruiser who looked like my Lulu if she made the move to the heavyweight division.

Lulu resting up for the big welterweight bout.
Lulu resting up for the big welterweight bout.

I had just leaned in to give the little butterball a pat on the head when he suddenly loosened a hellacious sneeze, blasting the pant leg of my new suit with a frothy dose of dog snot.  The owner was mortified but I shrugged it off.  I know.  It comes with the territory, like sleepless snororous nights and vomit mines.

Rough start aside, the pitch went very well.  Paul took the lead on this one and did most of the talking while I provided a supporting role, standing by in case our guest had any questions or needed someone to spot her on the squat rack.  Next week, I’ll repay the favor when we switch gears – and projects – and I’ll monopolize the conversation with hilarious slice-of-life anecdotes and tales from my days at Camp Kakeka.

I leave you with this, via my sis: The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent –

1Adorable little rapscallions.


12 thoughts on “October 22, 2013: The Pitch!

  1. So, how did the pitch actually GO? Must not have been too bad, or I guess we might have heard about it. 😉 Also, pictures of Paul in the macrame hat, please.

    I hear ya about the dog snot being just a part of life. Having two tame/clingy birds, I suppose I’m one of the few that consider it normal to ask a co-worker, “Hey, is there bird crap on the shoulder of my shirt?”

    Now Joe, not ALL children are evil! Just most of them.

  2. Hi Joe: Obviously, the reason that Paul wears the macrame hat is because he looks so much better in it.

    As for the Frenchie sharing all his dog snot with you, I bet you would not be nearly as forgiving if it was the owner who did that! Then again, the dog could have used you as a fire hydrant…no comment regarding the owner’s similar activities.

    I guess Star Gate still has not left your mind after all these years. Kakeka – wasn’t that one of the words Daniel Jackson used when talking to his buddy the Unas?

    Good luck, or break a leg, with your pitches. I can’t wait to hear about what you are involved with next.


  3. G’day

    @ PBMom – so very sorry to hear about Maddie. Sending all my love to you and your family.

    My kids have never said anything even remotely like those kids.

  4. I want to see a picture of you in your suit… ooo, la, la. 😉 …a picture of you giving money to the hobo.

  5. @Joe:

    “But I don’t want to wax my eyebrows!” or “Why do I have wear the macrame hat?”.

    Two good rules to live by in my book.

  6. Hope your pitch went well Joe, they’d be idiots to reject something from 2 guys who did a hell of a lot of good work on Stargate to help make it a success.

  7. I’d like to see Paul with waxed eyebrows and a macrame hat. He could pull it off. 😀

  8. Morning guys. It is 3:10 am and Maddie is outside because I just had this feeling she needed to go pee or something and she is sniffing around. Thank you ALL so much for all your thoughtful comments. The diagnosis was confirmed Tues afternoon and she had a very bad day. The vet said they could do this at 12:15 Wed oct 23. There was an earlier time but I have other clients’ pets to care for this morning and then the appointment they had this afternoon wouldn’t work because Patrick was home and we don’t have anyone willing to watch him. We are giving her lots of regular human food. The diagnosis is confirmed and I see no point at her being in this state. I had planned to sleep in the air mattress next to her on the floor but apparently has a whole in it. It would be full circle because of all th nights when she was puppy that I took the air mattresss and laid next to her crate to help stop her crying and gradually weaned myself from her. Once we do this we have a few hours to come home and cry before Patrick comes home. Hr does not have the intellectual capacity. Will explain more if people are curious. Maddie has come in so I am getting her set over in some blankets. A cold front came through and it is going to be beautiful outside. A good day to goodbye to my sweet baby girl.

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