Good times.
Good times.

Hunh.  I spoke to soon.  My Snow Monkeys, who were going down to certain defeat in Stargate Fantasty League play, pulled off an improbable comeback last night, riding the arm of QB Andrew Luck to a rare win.  As a result, my Snow Monkeys are no longer alone at the bottom of the standings.  They now share that distinction with Robert Cooper’s Landsharks.  Now, all they need to do is win 5 of their next 6 games to have a shot at making the playoffs.  In my other, original, league – where my Snow Monkeys earned their first fantasy football championship two years ago – the team stands at a  respectable 4-3.   Maybe all is not lost…

Received some positive feedback from our production partner on the series overview and episode 2 synopsis Paul and I completed over the weekend.  Now, it’s off to the network for approval, notes and, of course, congratulations after which we’ll jump on that first draft.  Or a rewrite of the material we just sent them.  Preferably a first draft.

Meanwhile, received some notes from our other production partner on the series pitch for that SF novel.  Tomorrow morning, Paul and I pitch it to a – hopefully – interested party, then we’ll flying cross-country on Wednesday to do it all over again (twice!) on Thursday.

Some news of note:

Okay, I’m an adventurous eater, but I have to draw the line:  One that didn’t make the list that is a favorite of mine: “For prosperity’s sake!”

New Study Finds Human Beings Were Never Meant To Wake Up From Sleep

Two weeks to Tokyo!

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to PBMom.

18 thoughts on “October 21, 2013: Not so fast!

  1. G’day guys! I’m back from Internet-Free-Zone Australia. What did I miss?

    Re: Horrifying foods. My girlfriend was served drunken shrimp during a visit to China. She declined to eat any. Having grown up in Australia I can safely say that I’ve never even seen a witchetty grub although there are some yummy lollies/sweets/candy versions.

  2. I’m not really sure what to make of that sleep study thing but don’t believe that people were never meant to wake up from sleep, not only does it not make sense, there’s no concrete evidence to back it up. And if all early humans slept upon coming into existence we would not be here now.

    We need sleep sure, it helps keep our body in balance and working.

    Basically I think that story is BS.

  3. Oh PBMom, I’m so sorry to hear about Maddie! My heart goes out to you. Take things one day at a time and enjoy the moment, that’s my motto.

    The Snow Monkeys do seem to be quite the emotional roller coaster. Not sure it’s a ride I’d want to be on!

    Sounds like some good news on the writing front, and good luck on your trip cross-country (although I figure you probably just mean Toronto, not ALL the way across the country. 😉 )

  4. Fingers crossed for the pitches. I know you told us about what you might or might not wear to the wedding, but I wondered what Akemi will be wearing.. How long is a Japanese wedding, and the celebration? Remember to get your rest in between projects. Have a great day!
    ~~pbmom, sorry to hear about Maddie..{{hugs}}

  5. 1. You do know The Onion is fake news, right?

    2. I should never have looked at that food thing. 😛 Now I feel soooo sad for those poor creatures eaten alive. 🙁

    3. My husband is great at making up words and spoonerisms. Sometimes it’s because he just doesn’t hear them right the first time, and assumes it’s something that it’s not. For instance, it took me forever to get him to understand that it’s a ‘dog eat dog’ and not a ‘doggy-dog’ world. But most of the time it’s because he talks so fast he muddles things. He mashes words together all the time (crippletized – a mash up of crippled and paralyzed), or just gets them completely wrong, like the time at a company meeting he declared, ‘Don’t bite the foot that feeds the hand!’ 😕 And Spoonerisms? Well, every Friday he ‘checks his cash’ instead of ‘cashing his check’, and bales of hay are always ‘hales of bay’. There are so many more, and I regret not writing them down.

    4. That said, I am certainly not perfect. Let’s go over the list…

    …..1. Irregardless. Yes, I’ve been guilty of that one, but mostly when I was younger. I corrected that one a while ago.

    …..2. Supposably. Ugh. In speech, yes. In writing, no. I KNOW it’s ‘supposedly’, but the other DOES roll off the tongue so nicely! 😀

    …..3., 4., 5. I do not say flustrated, conversate, or misuse the word random. Whew.

    …..6. Totally guilty of saying sherbert. 😛

    …..7. I used to say ‘I could care less’ until the first time I wrote it…and immediately knew it was wrong. Long since corrected that one.

    …..8., 9., 10. No problem with ‘intensive purposes’, announciate, or foilage (though Mr. Das does say the latter ALL the time, even after that infamous Simpsons episode).

    …..11. I do…did…say expresso. I have recently tried to correct it after googling ‘expresso’ and having the interwebs auto correct my spelling like a first grade teacher grading my test paper. 😛

    …..12. I ALWAYS say nauseous when I’m, ya know…nauseous. 😉 Everyone I know says it, too. I think this one really needs to have a new definition because I think most of the English speaking world thinks it means to feel sick, and not to make sick. I’m going to write to those Oxford folks. 🙂 (Edit: Looked it up in the Oxford dictionary and it says: 1. affected with nausea; inclined to vomit: “a rancid, cloying odor that made him nauseous” – so I was right all along! 😀 )

    …..13. & 14. No problem with the precedent/president thing or misunderestimate. Whew again!

    …..15. Vice-a versa – hmmmm…I say it both ways. It all depends. If I say it in a full sentence I say ‘vice versa’, but if I say it by itself (in a quick response) I’ll say, “or vice-a-versa!’ I do it on purpose to – ya know – make it sound more rhythmic and stuff. 🙂

    …..16. Whole nother – yeah, this is another one I used to say until I tried to write it for the first time and realized it was totally wrong. I have long since corrected it…in type. I admit to once in a while still saying it out loud. It’s a bad habit, one I find hard to break… 😉

    …..17. Meme. I never knew how it was pronounced until just now, so I never tried to say it outloud. I actually thought that maybe it was pronounced ‘mem’, as in memory. Either way, I’ve never liked this word at all – it bothers both my eyes and now my ears. It’s just not a nice word, or even a fun word. It’s just dull and monotone both to my eyes and my ears. Can we change it?

    Okie dokie – I think I covered them all and confessed all. Now it’s YOUR turn, Joe!


  6. Hi Joe:

    Do not know if you have heard as it has just happened but Hilda’s dog Maddie was just diagnosed with lymphoma…as you dedicated this post to her, I thought you should be made aware.


    XO, Billie

  7. @PBMom so sorry that you and Maddie have to go through this. I was absolutely devastated last fall when I got the news about my beloved Bilo and his month to live. You can only make their remaining days as pleasant as possible. Years ago an older vet told me that dogs live in the present. I have always kept that in mind when making the hard decisions. Long term chemo cannot be explained to dog that it is for their benefit and hopefully they would get better. I have done what you are doing and am ok with the knowledge that my dear friend left this world doing what they love and spoiled by the people they love. It’s hard esp. with a dog so young. My heart just goes out to you both.

  8. 9 horrifying foods. I thought to myself, well, none of them can be as bad as deep fried pig anus.

    I was so wrong.

  9. So sorry Hilda 😥

    A Contribution to Statistics
    by Wislawa Szymborska

    Out of a hundred people

    those who always know better
    – fifty-two

    doubting every step
    – nearly all the rest,

    glad to lend a hand
    if it doesn’t take too long
    – as high as forty-nine,

    always good
    because they can’t be otherwise
    – four, well maybe five,

    able to admire without envy
    – eighteen,

    suffering illusions
    induced by fleeting youth
    – sixty, give or take a few,

    not to be taken lightly
    – forty and four,

    living in constant fear
    of someone or something
    – seventy-seven,

    capable of happiness
    – twenty-something tops,

    harmless singly, savage in crowds
    – half at least,

    when forced by circumstances
    – better not to know
    even ballpark figures,

    wise after the fact
    – just a couple more
    than wise before it,

    taking only things from life
    – thirty
    (I wish I were wrong),

    hunched in pain,
    no flashlight in the dark
    – eighty-three
    sooner or later,

    – thirty-five, which is a lot,

    and understanding
    – three,

    worthy of compassion
    – ninety-nine,

    – a hundred out of a hundred.
    Thus far this figure still remains unchanged.

  10. Good to hear there might be at least some hope for your Snow Monkeys. I had a rare double win this week for my FF teams. But, in my money league, I’m in dire straights since Reggie Wayne is now out for the season. In 12 team leagues, it is darn near impossible to find a good WR off waivers.

    Saw this the other day and though you might get a kick out of it. There are an inordinate amount of pugs on this list, yet, it seems appropriate given their proclivity toward silliness.

  11. @PBMom, I’m so very sorry to hear about Maddie. We’ve been down a similar path and my heart breaks for you. I think what Bella&Kasper said is true, dogs live in the present. We humans should be so fortunate. And the very best we can do is help them along their journey surrounded by love and as much happiness as we can give them. If I was a dog, that is what I would wish for. Hugs to you and Maddie.

  12. @ PBMom – So sorry to hear about your baby, Maddie. So many of us have been there, so please take comfort in knowing that you’re not going through this journey alone – many hearts and thoughts and prayers are with you. {{{hugs}}}


  13. @PBMom:

    So sorry to read about Maddie’s condition. You all are in our prayers, especially for peace in this situation. Please keep us updated on how you all are doing. I just gave our dog Lucy a hug


    It looks like you’ve had some good movement on the pitching side of things. I’m hoping for good responses for you. It looks like you and I may be arriving in Vancouver near the same time next week (Thursday night), but Barbara doesn’t arrive until Friday afternoon. I’m visiting customers in Calgary before heading to Vancouver, so for the first part of our trip, we’re traveling separately.

  14. PBmom: I’d agree with Bella&Kasper about dogs living in the present. I’m sure you’ll do all you can to make Maddie comfortable. Whatever your decision, don’t second guess or beat yourself up. Hugs to you Hilda/Warrior Mom!

  15. on the misused & made-up words;

    #2. the only time i’ve heard that was on that friends episode where chander dumped a woman because she said it.

    #6 i’m guilty of that. and it’s not gross, it’s useful when you have an upset stomach & don’t feel like having much else.

    #7 guilty of that too.

    #16 guilty there too.

    #17 until my brother told me that’s how you say it, i thought it was meh-em. kind of like memo, which i’m fairly sure is pronounced meh-m-o.

  16. @ PBMom – I am just sick about the news about Maddie. I am so sorry. Your family is in my prayers.

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