Another pick of yesterday's piecaken
Another pick of yesterday’s piecaken

Yes, I know.  Today was supposed to be the day I finally went to the hospital to get my back checked, but I ended up not going for several reasons:

1. The plan was to wake up early so that I could really make the most of my time in the waiting room.  Unfortunately, my elderly pug, Jelly, was feeling under the weather last night, necessitating some EARLY morning emergency trips to the back yard.  When 8:00 a.m. rolled around, I was exhausted and ended up sleeping in.

2. Eating all that turducken and piecaken last night really took a lot out of me.  I was exhausted by the time my bedtime rolled around – too exhausted to shave.  For this reason, I elected to put off my hospital visit fearing that, in my present physical state, the staff would misinterpret my health complaints as the lunatic ravings of a homeless man and have me placed on a 24 hours psychiatric hold.

3. My back is feeling better.  Ish.

Let’s play it by ear.

When I finally woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t alone.  Yes, despite the fact that it was hours past our usual wake-up time, my special little lady was lying beside me.  No, not Akemi.  My french bulldog, Lulu, who, apparently, woke up with everyone else, had breakfast, and then came back to bed to keep me company.  How’s that for loyalty?  Or, maybe, sheer laziness?

Hmmm.  Maybe the latter.  This was Lulu earlier today taking a nap in her favorite sun spot.  Some guard dog, huh?

Believe it or not, I only ate one meal yesterday.  Granted, I had three helpings in that one sitting, but still.  I skipped dinner and then, as a my guests were leaving, made sure to send them off with plenty of leftovers.  Check out Tio on his way out the door for the long motorcycle ride home.  He had to actually wear every piece of clothing in his backpack in order to fit the food inside.


No, scratch that.  The back isn’t feeling any better.  I’ll go tomorrow.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Riley and Maddie.  Get better soon!

20 thoughts on “October 14, 2013: What I didn’t do today!

  1. Wanting to be bright-eyed and well-groomed for this mission was a good choice. You have a pain you need them to put serious thinking into in order to diagnose you. In their experience, patients who don’t know them coming in for mysterious pains are more likely to be drug seekers.

  2. LOL @ Lulu. That is hilarious. Was she partaking of the festivities yesterday, too? She’s probably sleeping it off. How is Jelly feeling now? Better, I hope.

    Yes, definitely go see about that back. Even if it IS getting better for now, it’s best to check it out to make sure what’s going on.

    @Deni & PBMom: Yikes! Hope everything’s going okay with those guys. Keep us posted!

  3. Dear Mr. Joecito:

    Thank you for the dedication on your blog. I am feeling a little better and am starting to get hungry! I don’t think my people will feed me until tomorrow(they’re funny that way) . Sure wish I was at your house for some of those leftovers. I hope Jelly feels better soon, too.

    Much love,

    Riley 😉

  4. The back isn’t feeling any better. I’ll go tomorrow.

    i hope it’s nothing serious.

    take a book or something for the waiting room.

  5. I see you got your alarm system installed. Would it happen to be a Verex/ISM/Chubb system?

  6. “The back isn’t feeling any better. I’ll go tomorrow.”

    Right after I:

    Mow the lawn
    water the plants
    wash the dishes, by hand
    approve comments on my blog
    vacuum the house
    walk the dogs
    call my mom
    clean out the garage
    call my accountant
    plan christmas dinner
    call my writting partner Paul
    write a script
    give the dogs a bath
    plan my upcoming Tokyo trip dinners
    call my sister
    dust the high places
    wash the windows
    take a nap
    wash the car
    water the lawn
    shampoo the carpet
    do the laundry

    Etc. Etc. 😉

  7. Aww,,Lulu what a baby, and did Jelly get into human food? tur whatever?or pie/cake. Hope Jelly is feeling better. And Maddie and Riley too.
    Joe you really were not supposed to go there today, really..tomorrow is better.

  8. Hi Joe,

    It sounds like Lulu was very content keeping you company. Our dog, Lucy, sleeps in her own doggy bed, mostly because she has slept on our bed, she hogs my side and then claims my pillows by licking them down. Since I don’t want to sleep in clammy dog slobber, I had to train her to sleep in her own bed.

    On going to the doctors, I’m hoping tomorrow’s doctor’s visit goes well and that you get a good prognosis. Stick with it and I’m sure you’ll find something that works.

    The problem with sporadic pain is it is difficult to tell if it is chronic or simply a injury that will take a while to heal (most deep bone/joint injuries can take around six weeks). I fooled myself this way, thinking that my knee pain was simply a “weak joint” that I occasionally re-injured and so I put up with the pain. It wasn’t until my knee gave out completely about six weeks ago that I admitted there was a chronic problem that needed my attention.

    So now, I just finished the first third of my six weeks of physical therapy, and by the way that is going, it seems I’ll have cortisone shots or surgery in my future. Even so, a long term plan is better than no plan, and I’m intending to stick it out and hopefully get to use my knee without pain sometime in the future.

    Getting old is getting old.

  9. I wonder how many others’ “loyalty” throughout history was actually just laziness?

  10. Hey, Joe…how’re the legs doin’? I ask because, although my back is doing much better, every now and then when I get up from a sitting position, something ‘catches’ in my back for a sec, I get a little twinge, and then it feels like my hip is going to give out, which momentarily gives me a weak leg. Obviously a nerve thing. Had the problem the last couple days. Funsies. 😛 I think I better get working on that diet…after I clean out the fridge.

    Speaking of which, this morn I’m eating the last of the mac and cheese, and leftovers from dinner the other night – glut-free pasta in a pumpkin alfredo sauce with butternut squash and broccoli! Woo! It’s delish! 😀

    AND fattening! 😛


  11. I don’t in any way diet, just I’m quite active. In a week alone I’ve lost a few pounds of weight though I’m not actually fat. I just have a good metabolism. It’s amazing what being active does for your body in general.

    Also get better soon Jelly 🙂

  12. PBmom: How is Maddie doing today?

    Last week I found a sweet yellow lab running loose at the YMCA. I took her in to the H.S. hoping that she would be micro chipped. Sadly, she wasn’t and no one has called about her. She is so well behaved! She can sit, lie down on command and is crate trained. Someone spent some time with this dog. So for all those well loved pooches out there….like Lulu, Jelly, Max, Riley and Maddie, give them a hug from me please. Such sweet souls and I wish all of them could have a great home.

  13. Try propping up your legs or pillows; even a small pillow under the knee on the side that hurts will help to take pressure off so your back can heal.

    Poor Lulu; she may have a busy nightlife that you guys know nothing about that’s keeping her tired during the day. Afterhours clubs, raves at the zoo; she’s a busy girl.

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