Alrighty.  All set!  I picked up the turducken this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll be up at six a.m. to ensure it’s roasted and ready for lunch.  I’ll be serving the triple bird with a side of Joel Robuchon-style mashed potatoes (basically, 50% butter) and Ivon’s homemade Brussel sprouts.  And, for dessert: PIECAKEN, a pecan pie baked inside a chocolate cake (Thanks to T for the suggestion)!

Hmmm.  This lower back issue has dragged into week three.  Despite two visits to a massage therapist, it hasn’t gotten any better.  In fact, I’d say it’s actually gotten worse, stiffening up whenever I stand up.  Time for a third opinion.  And an x-ray.   I think I’ll set aside my entire Monday.  And bring a book for the waiting room.  I just started Flannery O’Connor: The Complete Stories.  At 550+ pages, it should last me through the wait.  Shouldn’t it?  In the meantime, I’m doing a comparison of two different treatments to see which one does a better job of alleviating the pain.  Today, it’s Advil; tomorrow, Booker’s small batch bourbon.  I’ll keep you updated on my scientific findings.

To those of you who signed on for Lawren’s Fantasy Pilot Television League, the early results are in.  Great news for those of you picked Sleepy Hollow to get a second season pick-up.  Bad news for those of you who picked Lucky 7 and We Are Men.  Things look very promising for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  On the other hand, it’s looking dire for Welcome to the Family, Brooklyn 9-9, Trophy Wife, Ironside, Sean Saves the World, Dads, Hostages, Mom, and Betrayal.  How are your picks faring?

Checked out any of the new fall shows?  Any you’re particularly enjoying?  Enjoying at all?

That recent article about dogs possessing the sentience of human children (Dogs are people too? We don’t need scientists to tell us that) has sparked plenty of debate.  Here, this student of philosophy asks the age-old question: “Do dogs have brains?”

40 thoughts on “October 12, 2013: The Thanksgiving Menu! My Aching Back! Early results for our Fantasy Pilot Television League! Do Dogs Have Brains?

  1. Wow! That you tube video. She talked an awful lot for not having much of a brain.

  2. Today, it’s Advil; tomorrow, Booker’s small batch bourbon.

    Do they have Aleve in Canada? It has helped some with the knee pain after physical therapy. The orthopedic surgeon advised me to double the dose (2 pills instead of 1), but of course, you should check the dosage with your doctor.

  3. 1. The best part of that video was the Samsung commercial at the beginning.

    2. Shows I’m enjoying this fall:

    Sleepy Hollow – wasn’t sure about it initially, but I like it so far.
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Avatar: Legend of Korra (yeah, it’s animated, but it’s good)

    3. Joe, you need an MRI. An x-ray will only show bone issues like fractures, spurs, etc which are less likely in someone your age. The MRI will show what’s going on in the soft tissues (disc and ligaments), which is likely where your problem lies.

    4. I read Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find” back in college. I’ll be interested in hearing your opinion of her stories. They were a bit too grim for my taste.

  4. Piecaken sounds delicious, but who is baking it? This I’ve got to see. 🙂

    Haven’t been watching much of anything lately, but started Blacklist (I’m a huge James Spader fan). It looks good(ish), we’ll see. That got me started on watching James Spader movies so that’s been it for the last week. I miss his hair…
    Your student of philosophy left me speechless. Laughing my butt off, but speechless. I could send Cody and Riley over to tutor her in math.

    Just got back from a nice day in Tampa with my daughter and grandson. He got his first haircut and looks adorable, then had a couple of meltdowns that had us home early for a change. Meanwhile, I finally got my hair cut and feel a whole lot better after those nasty colds that lingered forever. Ate too much, too. 🙂

    Looking forward to the food photos, have a good night!

  5. It is interesting how there seems to be a general sense of failure all round with some of the première numbers on the big networks, there are very few ‘hit’ shows, and a lot of shows collapsing. Then of course you have shows like Two and a Half Men, once a hit now getting lower and lower every week. And Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premièring poorly. I have a feeling it’l be cancellations all round on shows that barely make it to their seasons end.

    I would call The Blacklist the biggest new show on any major network this year. Followed by Sleepy Hollow. The Blacklist is doing superbly with both live viewer numbers and time shifted viewing.

    The general sense of failure is good for budding producers pushing to get their show on a major network anyway. Lot’s of cancellations ultimately means lots of room for new stuff.

    Anyway Joe, on this Dogs have Brains video, I’m not sure if I should watch, clearly by the preview picture the person is an attention whore who has clearly dressed in a way that they feel will attract attention from those with an IQ in the single digits. And no doubt her opinion will erode braincells just by hearing.

    Because of course dogs have brains, dogs are like little people lol, they think, they feel, the cry, they love, they bond with people. Heck, I would say the average dog is probably smarter than the woman in that video lol

    Dogs and Humans have had this bond for a very long time.

  6. One thing to note about your pain is whether it’s worse in the morning, worse in the evening, or the same all day for certain positions. It’s a characteristic that might or might not help pinpoint the cause and it also might help you be productive if you take advantage of any patterns.

    I missed the “worse in the morning” clue in my case because I’d either baby the problem on a bad day and think whatever relief I had by evening was from my own diligence or abuse the problem so badly it was destined to get aggravated by nighttime anyway.

  7. I have never had a turducken,but hear they are great. Speaking of TV shows, I was in the local video store in Bangkok picking up some DVD and saw the complete set for Transporter the tv series. Would you suggest I buy it? As for the video clip I think I will imply the ” Thumber theory.”

  8. Joe, I wonder if you’re experiencing some arthritis in your back. Have you tried taking glucosamine chondroitin? I don’t think it’ll hurt to try it, though you might want to check with the doctor first (though he will poo-poo it, I’m sure).

    As far as the tv shows go, the only one I’m watching is AoS. I’m really just watching that, and NCIS (which are, unfortunately, on at the same time). Oh, and Elementary. I’m just bored with everything else.

    And as for that video, well…I couldn’t get past the first few seconds. Also, you’re a pervert.

    AND a boob man.

    Or, mebbe just a boob. 😀


  9. Oh god Joe that video. It’s like killing my brain cells. The part where she says they don’t have a brain because they ‘can’t talk’ the level of stupidity is just overwhelming. I genuinely feel sorry for her.

    The ‘how do you explain about having a brain and not being able to talk’ comment lmao. I guess she doesn’t understand how animals communicate/operate?

  10. This is going to make me seem like a troll, but I’m quite certain that bimbo doesn’t have a brain.

  11. Your gift for crafting little gems of satire is part of what keeps me reading this blog every day. “…this student of philosophy…” was the laugh I needed for tonight. Thanks. You should consider submitting something to the onion.

  12. I agree with Dr. Sparrow_hawk. An x-ray will be a waste of time unless you just really want to read that book. Get an MRI. Like Dr. Das suggested, it will show if there is any arthritis. An MRI will show everything.

  13. I’m watching The Blacklist and enjoying it so far. Neither a fan or hater of James Spader, but the premise sounded interesting so I’m giving it a try.

    Also watching The Crazy Ones. Jury’s still out.

    New for me this year is The Big Bang Theory, only what, 7 years in. :p

  14. Out of the 3 we know for sure, I’m 3 for 3. But on the others listed looks like I guessed about half right. Do we have an end date for this TV fantasy game? Does it last all 2013-2014 season or is there a cut off where we assume anything left gets canceled?

    As for what I’m enjoying…I’ve caught up on Sleepy Hollow and generally enjoy it even if I’m feeling rather perplexed why anyone is letting Ichabod around the police. At some point he’s going to have to get a real job, right? What’s he going to do? How will he be legitimized for these 7 years of trials working with the SHPD?

    The only other new show I’ve watched is The Tomorrow People, which was vaguely interesting enough for a second ep, but it’s not actually *good*. I’d rather have X-Men: The TV Show than this. And while the voiceover works for older cousin Stephen Amell on Arrow, having two Amell voiceover shows goes a little far.

    Sorry your back is still bothering you!! I hope the next appointment is both shorter than expected and yields some useful information.

  15. @cat4444

    You’re not a troll, don’t worry about it. I don’t think anyone could watch that video and not agree with you. I found it painful to listen to personally. People like that are famous for absolutely nothing of note.

  16. Joe, Joey, Joseph (your full middle name) Mallozzi, DUDE – GET AN MRI.
    Listen to Dr/s Ponytail, and Sparrow Hawk and DAS.
    Xray is waste of time. Massage is nice, but waste of time unless you just needed to unwind. You need real physical therapy for your core (like someone already suggested – sorry forgot whom), and the MRI to show the issues, the spinal cord, discs, cartilage placement, and osteo arthritis and stenosis and/or spondylitis (spelling) if present.

    No, I am not a medical professional, however, I have stayed at many Holiday Inn Express over time and I suffer from the same stuff.

    AND…as Dr. JeffW suggested, sometimes that type of INFLAMMATION in your spinal region may respond better to Alleve. I’ve had days where Motrin was my drug of choice…then, had to change to Alleve, but it did not last so back to Motrin. Actually, you may have stumbled onto a great option with the booze. Stay sloshed full time and don’t feel a thing or get anything done for that matter.

    Now, do we have to get your mother and Andria to shout at you too?

    climbing off soapbox….

    ok…now on the tv shows.
    Not hooked on sleepy hollow.
    VERY much like Blacklist, Once upon a time in wonderland, Agents of Shield, and because it is Robin Williams – kinda tolerating the mindless humor of Crazy People.

  17. Off to see my doctor re my back…actually got a knotted muscle now… probably tell me it is just a muscle spasm again which they can do nothing about as they come and go at will… damn thing!

    Have you thought about acupuncture? some people say that it is brilliant… me needlephobic so it is a no no… 😀

  18. My money’s on the bourbon.

    Anyway, my thoughts on the new shows…

    I think the best new drama is The Blacklist with Agents of SHIELD a close second. I still need to see Sleepy Hollow.

    As for comedies, I liked Brooklyn 9-9 followed by The Crazy Ones and Back in the Game. The Michael J. Fox show was… meh. Nothing else worth watching here.

    I’m still following Castle, Psych, The Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, and Nikita.

  19. I have to agree on the MRI. I got one, then got to see a specialist. That doc was crappy, he used the professional diagnosis of “hey, it IS a rat’s nest in there”, had his assistant hand me samples of Celebrex with ZERO instructions, but at least I know what’s what in my spine. You need a more comprehensive look than what an x-ray can provide. And a better doctor than I got sent to.

    I take ginger for inflammation pain. The celebrex was simply too hard on my blood pressure. Powdered ginger in capsules, although fresh ginger and ginger tea are remarkable too. No side effects, and can be taken with medications.

  20. The Blacklist….two words James ‘effin’ Spader…ok that’s three….him and Isabella Rossellini in one episode together? come on…that’s classic…he should get right to the front of the queue for the Emmy’s when they’re handed out if there’s any justice in the world….

    As for the rest, meh…still prefer to watch re-runs of SG1 personally…

  21. I hope Lawren has a nice fantasy prize picked out for the winner, I got those 3 right, and the rest is a crap shoot, but heck it was multiple choice and those are my favorite tests, thanks Lawren. just fun to play LFPTL.
    ~Hope the tur—- thing cooks up ok, and this pie inside a cake, could be a wonderful thing, best of both worlds. and yes pictures please.
    ~hope for best news for the back thing, pulling for you to solve the mystery, hate pain.
    –did not watch the video, she did not inspire my interest to want to,,hah.and besides I already know all of my dogs have had brains, it was just whether or not they chose to use them.
    ~~~Have a great day!!

  22. Alcohol is my drug of choice for back pain.Tried Advil, Aleve, Celebrex. Last night I enjoyed an ‘evening off’ from my back pain, sharing a bottle of Orvieto with my husband, and watching Hammer movies.

  23. Oh dear, I haven’t been around for awhile, and I am just learning the news of Cherluvya’s passing. So sorry to hear it, but glad she is with her heavenly father and free from disease at last. My prayers to her family.

    And some good news, we have a puppy! i am a first-time dog owner, and biased, because she is the cutest, sweestest little gal in the world. Her name is Snapple, and she is part basset hound and part many other things. And duh, she is at least as smart as the two-year-olds I babysit!

  24. So sorry about your back! I hope the next dr trip will help.

    Pie/cake (piecaken)? Sounds good. I made something like it before except it was a pecan pie baked within a brownie. Yum! Hope your dinner turns out great!

    My techno son/hubby found a way around the ten dollar per device, per day hotel wifi…Yay! Now I can get my phone/iPad online.

    Did you hear about that school in CA that gave all the kids iPads? The kids hacked them, turned off the security features and played to their hearts content. The school confiscated the iPads soon after. I’m wondering why they didn’t go with a different tech that can have separate accounts? Probably some kind of “incentive” or such no doubt.

    Packing for the trip back home… 🙁

  25. @Joe:

    I concur on the MRI, but see what your doctor says. Mine (due to insurance) made me go through an X-ray first (which only showed my meniscus was fine), and then the MRI when the X-ray was inconclusive (which according to others, seems to be most of the time).

    If you do get an MRI, ask them if they can hook your phone/ipod into the in-room speakers (and setup a playlist). I didn’t know they could do this until afterwards and I had to put up with easy listening elevator music for most of an hour while immobilized. It put me to sleep in the MRI chamber, which maybe was not a bad thing, all things considered.

  26. Ok, I’m outside in my underwear. I decided to wash the refrigerator drawers and shelves on the patio. No big deal, soap ’em up, hose ’em down, dry them, put them back in and voila, clean fridgie. Well, Cody and Riley decided that playing with the hose was a ton of fun and kept running into the back yard and back up onto the deck. Mud everywhere, lotsa barking, lotsa bubbles, lotsa fun, right? They had me soaked and covered in mud, so I decided to take all the stuff back inside and took off my clothes in the laundry room when I noticed I’d forgotten one of the drawers. I went outside to retrieve it and Cody closed and LOCKED the patio door behind me. Now he’s whining because he wants out. Waiting for my kid to get back to let me in, and the neighbors are all enjoying their day outside. Shit. Good thing I keep the laptop out here or I’d be bored silly. Do dogs have brains? I’d better check with the philosophy student… 🙂

  27. @luis811

    Someone called Trisha Paytas, another product of reality television who has somehow found fame, she joins other such people as the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo and a few others who have a following for doing nothing of note really.

    I’m not much a reality tv fan personally, though I do like The Amazing Race. The genre in general produces an overwhelming number of attention whores who will do anything to stay in the spotlight.

  28. Jerry O’Connell is hilarious when he visits Howard Stern’s studio, so I was hoping his “We are Men” would be good and thereby succeed. Sadly it was really un-funny and deserved to die quickly. I know it’s hard to write comedy, but wow, so many of these shows just rely on the broadest, most offensive, least clever type of jokes. Do they not see how well Modern Family does? Put a bit of thought into it, boys and girls.

    I do think Brooklyn 99 has potential due to the great lead actors and somewhat original premise. I hope they get time to settle in and gain an audience.

    Finally, go Niners!

  29. On yesterday blog– telemarketers. Here we have a national do not call list. For years, it worked. They called, you reported them, they got fined. I didn’t get 5 calls a year. Suddenly in early feb I began getting gazillions of calls, and if you try to call back, dead number so you can’t really report. Then I began getting them on my cell. One day 2 mos ago I got 8 in one morning. I had read that Verizon had accidentally leaked nonpub numbers. I called them, chewed them out, made them change my number for free. Not another call on it. Since I never list it ever, only friends have ever had my cell phone so it was obviously their error. House phone still several a week.

    New shows.. I taped Hostages then deleted all off dvr when ratings indicated not going to make it. You don’t like Blacklist, I do. Or more accurately I love James Spader so it’s all fine.

  30. Hi Joe,

    I hope your back gets better soon. I got a sunned pain in my back on the weekend which has not gone away, painkillers have helped though 🙂

  31. Wow, that video. My considered opinion is that the woman should shut up and stop making Christians look bad. (Really, any time someone like that makes a big deal about being a member of any group of people, it’s just not doing anything good for said group of people.)

    On the other hand, part of me wants to give her credit for at least trying to think.

    Unless she really is just trolling, in which case the first thing I mention might be intentional.

    But then, I’ve learned never to underestimate the stupidity that humans are capable of.

    Ahem, but as for TV, I haven’t gotten around to watching as much as I want to. I’ve tried a few of the new sticoms (Dads, the cop one, and something Fun Night), and I’m still kind of on the fence about all of them.

  32. Glad the turducken turned out well! It certainly looks great.

    I had to investigate that mouth breather in the video, because I found it hard to believe someone could be that dumb and still remember to wake up in the morning. Turns out I was right. She’s apparently a comedian named Trisha Paytas.

  33. SHEILD = awesome (and not just because Ming Na is the shit, which she is)
    Sleepy Hollow…..I need more time.

    Don’t think I’ve seen any of the others.

    @Cherluvya Wisdom about pain meds, one side effect of Aleve (and some other similar drugs) can be depression when used for long periods.

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