“Are you ashamed of your new toothbrush?”Akemi asked me last night while I was brushing my teeth before bedtime.

Ashamed of my new toothbrush?  Why would I be ashamed of my new toothbrush?  It’s of the cool, battery-operated variety recommended by most dentists.  “Why would I be ashamed of my new toothbrush?”I honestly wanted to know.

“Because,”she said, “it’s a Spiderman toothbrush.”

“It’s NOT a Spiderman toothbrush,”I corrected her, “and I’m not ashamed of it.  In fact, I’m going to post a picture of it as part of tomorrow’s blog entry.”

So, feast your eyes, people:


Sadly, they were out of Deadpool but Iron Man is pretty awesome nevertheless, no?  And its tiny brush head ensures I’m able to reach all the hard-to-reach places as well.

Before going to sleep, I caught the premiere of The Blacklist, one of the new shows in contention as part of our Fantasy T.V. Pilot League!  Did anyone else catch it?  What did you all think?  My feelings were mixed…

The Good: James Spader.  He is so damn brilliant.

The Bad: The scene in which the little girl gives the agent her kid bracelet?  And then she gets kidnapped so we’re treated to a later requisite lingering shot of the agent quietly considering the bracelet. Ouch.  I suppose it could have been worse.  She could have had a partner who gets killed two days from retirement.

The Ugly: Not so much ugly as perplexing – but it’s the pilot so I assume most of these questions will be answered in time and the writers aren’t making it up as they go along.  Eventually, we’ll find out how our highly intelligent heroine could have been suckered in by her shady husband, why Red ordered the attack on the husband, how the terrorists could have possibly been prepared for an assault of the scale they launched to kidnap the kid unless they were tipped off that a veritable convoy of agents would be escorting, how Red knew about the terrorist’s hand stamp, why our heroine would still be on duty after almost killing a high value asset like Red, and how law enforcement could be so inept as to allow a guy scampering away with a bio-toxin vest slip through their fingers.  Hopefully, we will not find out that Red is our heroine’s long lost father.

Get your picks in before the weekend for a chance to win…something. Also, I see quite a few of you have picked Trophy Wife.  Yessiree, nothing says fresh like the old “casually lean up against something and fall down” gag.

28 thoughts on “September 25, 2013: The new toothbrush and broadcast season!

  1. I think The Blacklist will be around for a few seasons Joe, certainly I think it will do better than Revolution. It’ll most definitely get a full season pickup. Quite a few shows actually will get a back 9, certainly I think Sleepy Hollow, Agents of Shield and The Blacklist will be the first 3 to get the nod.


    South Park is back today too Joe. In honor of that, have you seen this? They covered James Cameron last season.

    This was possibly one of the best South Park episodes ever made too, they successfully mocked Honey Boo Boo, they did the James Cameron stuff perfectly.

  2. I only picked Trophy Wife because I didn’t want to put more than three “no”‘s for one network. It was definitely a “no” on the first round.

    And I do expect OUaT in Wonderland to be better, but I think OUaT is hanging on by hooked but bored watchers, so I don’t expect an independent set of storylines to pick up all those viewers.

    My other choices for ABC would have been to make Betrayal or Lucky 7 into “yes”‘s. Slim pickin’s.

  3. @win…something

    No need to do a prize for the league, certainly I didn’t enter for that nor would I want that, it’s just a for fun thing. I think most people who gave predictions would agree.

  4. @Randomness…I want the swag. I barely even watch TV.

    @das – I missed where the prize was said to be a pale, rugby dude.

  5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was fine. A bit subdued really, and probably a good case of reality not living up to the hype. That said, it was a pilot, very broad in the way it introduced everything, and really only scratched the surface of what it could be.

    I’ll give it my standard 7 weeks to make me interested.

  6. @ DP – You want a pale rugby dude, too?? How’s this (but be warned, I’m not sharing!):


    Mmmmm….I love me some Tom Biggs. 🙂

    @ Ponytail – Soul sister!! Heh…when I was a kid I used to watch a lot of car races (goes back to the whole car thing, I suppose). And we all know that had it not been for the Wraith, Ronon – with his long locks – would have been my top choice.

    Now…to get you hooked on rugby… 😉


  7. i went no for trophy wife, but changed because….

    1. i was voting no for damn near everything.
    2. sometimes those goofy series last a year or two, there really is no accounting for taste. or the decisions of the network brass to keep or dump a show.

  8. I saw just a few minutes of Blacklist, and couldn’t believe that was James Spader. Show looks good, and it’ll be interesting to see how his character evolves. I just don’t know why all bad guys these days have to be bald.

    Sadly, I don’t have time to watch a lot of shows, but I’m interested in seeing “The Michael J. Fox Show”. My neighbor has Parkinson’s, and their road trip to Wisconsin and back was tough. He just couldn’t function very well, and became aggressive. He had the brain implant surgery that wasn’t successful for Michael J. Fox. The surgery really helped control the physical movement, in fact, he doesn’t have many physical issues at all, but he can’t speak very well anymore. And I’m not sure what his mental capacity is. Although it could be all the medication he has to take which may be causing some of his problems. I hope the show will be encouraging for him, and enlightening for the rest of us.

    I never made it to Cal Tech, yet. Work has been getting in the way of having a life lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it next week.

    @DP: It’s wonderful that your son is into geology. I’ve been collecting rocks and fossils since I was a kid, and still do! I don’t know if you live near a college, but a lot of them offer fields trips (of all kinds) to the general public. It’s a great way to get away from computers and TV, and have a terrific adventure.

    @Ponytail: Thank you!!

  9. A+ toothbrush.

    Alright, here’s my picks. Most of these, I have no idea. I pretty much loathe sitcoms, so I never know how to gauge them because I’d personally cancel every single one. Same with comedy, generally.

    Super Fun Night (comedy) ANSWER: Cancel
    The Goldbergs (comedy) ANSWER: Cancel
    Back in the Game (comedy) ANSWER: Cancel
    Trophy Wife (comedy) ANSWER: Cancel
    Lucky 7 (drama) ANSWER: Cancel
    Betrayal (drama) ANSWER: Pick Up (only because it seems to be a current trend given Revenge and Scandal)
    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (drama) ANSWER: Cancel
    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (drama) ANSWER: Rough. I’d say cancel because it’s Joss, but given it’s not on FOX and it has Disney backing it…Pick Up

    Intelligence (drama) ANSWER: Tough. A lot of known actors. A lot of white actors. I say it depends on how the rest of the line up goes for CBS, but I think this ones going the way of Golden Boy. Cancel.
    Hostages (drama) ANSWER: I hope to god cancel.
    The Crazy Ones (comedy) ANSWER: Pick Up
    The Millers (comedy) ANSWER: Pick Up
    Mom (comedy) ANSWER: Eh…Pick Up?
    We Are Men (comedy) ANSWER: Please be a cancel

    The Michael J. Fox Show (comedy) ANSWER: Pick Up?
    Sean Saves the World (comedy) ANSWER: Cancel
    Ironside (drama) ANSWER: There’s POCs and a lead who’s black and in a wheelchair? NBC is stepping it up. On that alone, I’ll pray for humanity and say Pick Up. Namely, actually, because NBC has nothing else. No1curr, NBC!
    The Blacklist (drama) ANSWER: Pick Up
    Welcome to the Family (comedy) ANSWER: Cancel
    Dracula (drama) ANSWER: Cancel

    Dads (comedy) ANSWER: Ugh, so tacky I can’t even. Given it’s FOX though…Pick Up
    Almost Human (drama) ANSWER: Sadly, Cancel. (Though it may make it to a S2/S3 before cancellation given FOX and JJ’s track records.)
    Sleepy Hollow (drama) ANSWER: Looking like a Pick Up provided it doesn’t pull a Terra Nova on everyone.
    Enlisted (comedy) ANSWER: Unless every veteran out there stops watching NCIS and picks this up…Cancel
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine (comedy) ANSWER: Pick Up
    Junior MasterChef (unscripted) ANSWER: What the…I know everyone loves Gordon but…Cancel.

    The Originals (drama) ANSWER: Pick Up
    The Tomorrow People (drama) ANSWER: It sounds like Kyle XY meets Dollhouse. Interesting premise, but too complicated for the CW. Cancel.
    Reign (drama) ANSWER: While I think the CW audience will enjoy the drama aspect, I don’t think they’ll tolerate historical settings. Cancel.

    Whew! I’m sure I’ll be wrong on 90% of these. But now I’m invested, even on shows I don’t care about. Going to have to keep track of this myself.

  10. Since I’ve only watched a few of the new offerings, I’ll guess on the rest.

    The Goldbergs (comedy) ANSWER: Yes. I don’t usually watch comedies, but this is good. Or maybe I’m just nostalgic for the 80’s.

    Trophy Wife (comedy) ANSWER: Yes This brought some laughs. I’m kind of on the fence. But I’m hoping for a pick up because Malin Akerman is definitely easy on the eyes.

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (drama) ANSWER: Yes.

    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (drama) ANSWER: Yes. Pretty solid opener. But it left me wanting more. It wasn’t as “blockbuster” as I expected it to be. And to be honest, I was half expecting a high profile surprise guest super hero from one of the movies.

    Sleepy Hollow (drama) ANSWER: Yes. I liked the opener. It looks like they’re really delving into some longstanding mythology to expand the Sleepy Hollow universe, and I’m interested in seeing where they take it.

    Everything else: Meh. No.

  11. I felt like you did about Blacklist. She makes a big point early on about being vetted only to later ask how he knew about her dad… And her bosses didn’t know about her dad. So much for FBI vetting. And the husband! Not only does the FBI not catch it, she doesn’t either.

    I assumed by the conversation on the bench between Red and The Bad Guy that Red had set the whole thing up – the zoo, etc. Also, by telling them about the kidnapping, Red was setting up the kidnapping with his knowledge of protocal and a good guess of the direction they would drive. However, the fact that the FBI completely fell for a toxic spill that no one knew about on the route out… How are they not on high alert?

    I’ll give it another ep or 2 to stop insulting my intelligence. Sleepy Hollow didn’t make it past the first ep for me. I was a little meh on SHIELD, but I’ll give it another ep or 2 as well.

    I have really high hopes for Almost Human but I have to wait until November for it.

  12. I see nothing wrong with your toothbrush – in fact, I have one just like it. Well, minus the Iron Man tie-in, but still. And they DO work great.

    Eh, still going with “No” on all of the above.

  13. Thanks for mentioning when Blacklist is coming on. If I don’t have the DVR set, I miss the new shows. That’s one reason I’ve been enjoying Foyle’s War because it’s been set for months.

    I can’t see myself EVER watching Trophy Wife. All I have to do is look around and I see plenty of trophy wives here.

    Das: I haven’t watched all the Foyle’s but they are on Netflix, so next sick day I have……

    Nice toothbrush!

    What are you going to get for your Birthday?

  14. @Ponytail

    Sure if you want, if Joe insists on there being a prize and I do win, he’s welcome to hand out to anyone on here he wishes.

  15. Come to think of it, I had a big Wolverine toothbrush (spin brush, I think – never took it out of the package) a few years back, but I gave it to a kid. Then I had two Wolverine toothbrushes that were just normal, with a standing Wolverine molded as part of the handle. I cut off the toothbrush head of one, drilled a hole in it, and turned it into a key fob. I think I still have the second one, new and unaltered, in a drawer somewhere. I’m kinda over my Wolverine phase. 😉


  16. I really liked The Black List. I didn’t find your “bad” and “ugly” issues to be issues at all. I imagine all the “ugly” stuff will be explained later… slowly over the run of the show or season.

    I also liked Agents of Shield. I found it funny and the special effects were decent. I agree with some others that the story wasn’t up to movie standards, but IT’S A TV SHOW, for goodness sake!

    I’ll continue watching both shows.

    Speaking of TV… Joe, how are your projects coming along? Smooth sailing?

  17. The best tooth brush I ever bought was the Hello Kitty I procured in Bangkok for traveling. It is small, gets the back teeth, cleans well in between teeth, and has soft brussels. My girl friend didn’t like it because it was a “kids” tooth brush not an Adult’s. IT Works. I still have the toothbrush.

  18. I liked the blacklist, but then, I’d watch James Spader doing Mary Had A Little Lamb variations. I also like not knowing everything… we’ll find out in due time. If not, lol, oh well it’s only a tv show and well acted. As for her looking at the bracelet, I would have been too. Call me a sap.

    However, damn man.. I was actually WATCHING it (DVR), daughter went to do something so logged on and got major spoilers from you. BAD! BAD!

    Anyway, some of your blogging fun may be ruined.. google isn’t going to let you know how people found you.

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