120. Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy)

119. Dory (Finding Nemo)

118. Yogi Bear (Yogi Bear)

117. Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

116. Bullwinkle J. Moose (Rocky and Bullwinkle)

Dug the dog15. Dug the Dog (Up!)

114. Stewie (Family Guy)

113. Gintoki (Gintama)

112. James P. Sullivan (Monsters Inc.)

111. Aardvark (The Pink Panther Show)

110. The Tick (The Tick)

19. Bender (Futurama)

18. Bobby Hill (King of the Hill)

17. Barney Rubble (The Flintstones)

16. Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

15. Gromit (Wallace and Gromit)

14. Eric Cartman (South Park)

13. Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones)

12. Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)

11. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

Agree?  Disagree?  Anyone missing?

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regulars gforce and Debra.  Happy belated birthday!

34 thoughts on “September 19, 2013: MY Top 20 Favorite Animated Characters!

  1. My Top 20 in no particular order:

    Bug Bunny
    Pepe le Pew the stinky, ladies man, skunk
    Felix The Cat (the wonderful, wonderful cat!)
    Popeye the sailor man
    Porky Pig (ah,bila,bila, that’s all folks!)
    Mickey Mouse
    Mighty Mouse (here he comes to save the day!)
    Donald Duck
    Scooby Doo (where are you?!)
    Wile E Coyote
    Winnie the Pooh
    Pink Panther
    Yogi Bear
    Casper the friendly ghost
    Tweety Bird (so cute)
    All of Peanuts especially Pig Pen
    All of The Flintstones especially Pebbles and BamBam


    This just cements that you are a smart individual, Mr. Mallozzi. Smart indeed. (So does the inclusion of Bullwinkle.)

  3. i don’t think i could come up with 20;

    daria morgendorffer & jane lane (daria)
    all 4 ghostbusters (the real ghostbusters)
    belle (beauty & the beast)
    woody (toy story)

  4. Daffy Duck is my all-time favourite.

    And Taz, of course, because Australia!

    I’m glad Gromit made your list. I met him in real life, sort of. While I was working for Aardman they were filming a TV commercial for an electricity company starring Wallace and Gromit so I got to see him in action. 🙂

    I agree with most of your list except for the order.

    I’d also add Danger Mouse:

  5. I would have Chode McBlob there from Tripping the rift, the Star Wars/Star Trek inspired animated series! Haven’t you seen it, you should!

  6. I think Winnie the Pooh’s got to be on my personal list. Maybe not the top, but a staple of my childhood. Darkwing Duck, and Scrooge McDuck will also have a place on my list.

  7. G’day all

    Bugs Bunny made the list, yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Bugs is my all time hero.
    The rest, well too many to mention and I would definitely forget some.

    Happy Belated Birthday to gforce and Debra.

  8. @Joe : Great choices! Homer in his rightful #1 slot! 🙂

    @ Line Noise! Yes, I used to love Danger Mouse!

    Adding (Johnny Bravo) to the list because I used to watch all those cartoons with kiddo in his youth, including Cow and Chicken (bloody weird cartoon), I. M. Weasel and Courage the Cowardly Dog; alongside the all time classic: Dragonball Z, meaning I now have to add Piccolo – loved his attitude! 🙂

  9. Golly, Bullwinkle! We have ten characters in common. Love that you got Bender in there, too. And Stewie. <3

  10. QuickDraw McGraw was my first crush. I was an odd child.

    I have a thing for underground comix characters, Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Cherry PopTart and the Leather Nun.

    And the little princess who had to dress as a prince, don’t know the name of it, Japanese, watched it in Hawaii in the 60s. I wanted a sword and a horse too!

  11. There are so many cartoons I loved as a child. You listed a few of my current favorites (Gromit, Bender, Sully, Doug). The only ones I might add are Hong Kong Fuey, The Wonder Twins, Jack Skeleton (Nightmare before Christmas) and the Minions from Despicable me. I love those little Minions!

    I’m doing a happy dance today. TWO kittens got adopted from the humane society this week! That may not sound like a lot but adoptions are getting slim lately with cats. I’m praying for more adoptions! We are overloaded with cats and some end up living there forever.

    This week has been crazy busy. The car is in the body shop getting repaired and I’m driving everyone around in our one auto. I’ve seen so many near accidents this week. It’s crazy out there! When I look around, everyone is texting or talking on the cell phone. I want to pack up my teen in bubble wrap and never let him drive again. We pick up the car on Monday and it’s going to be hard letting my teen out again in that craziness.

    JeffW: I hope the weather has been good in Nashville this week for you. Have a biscuit at Loveless for me please!

    Debra from the South: How did you celebrate your B-day? Happy Birthday from the South (Mississippi)!

  12. Good to see a LOT of my favorites represented as well. However, I really got into The Animaniacs in college. Hilarious stuff, way over the heads of kids, but not “adult” humor. Just really well done. Favorite character from that show: Wacko. Named a cat after him, too. He lived up to that name very well.

    -Mike A.

  13. Not even one Pony? Good list.


    Sophia the First (boys secretly like this show)
    Curious George
    Larry the Cucumber
    Scrooge McDuck
    Quack from Peep in the Big Wide World

    And Happy Birthday to gforce and Debra!

  14. What about Draga from Stargate: Infinity? I kid! I kid!

    Seriously, I don’t think I’d change a thing about that list. Homer still rules, no question. In fact, I practically base my life on his teachings!

    Thanks so much for the birthday shout-out. That means a lot to me. And thanks also to everyone else for the birthday wishes!

  15. Happy Belated Birthdays to gforce and Debra!

    A big thanks to JeffW for posting the pix from the Stargate con, and the wave while driving through Indianapolis!

    Am way behind on making comments as things have been really stressful for a while, i.e., med. tests but terrific results — all clear, thank the Lord :D, car repair issues, extra hours at work, planning family & group events, etc.

    Animated characters: This was a fun list to work on. Many individual characters are repeats. Some are gems as a team of personalities, others as ensembles. Some of my favorite are based on human actors, Jackie Gleason as Fred Flintsone, Louis Prima as King Louie, the monkey from the Jungle Book movie. Would love to see a character based on Jack Benny. Old school from a few generations ago, but urbane, sarcastic, and droll. Perfect comic timing.

    Oh, and quelle surprise, many of these are dogs. 🙂 In no particular order:

    Charlie Brown
    Tigger / Winnie the Pooh
    Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner
    Yogi Bear (can do lame impressions of the last two) 🙂
    Rocky & Bullwinkle
    Jonny Quest
    Shaggy & Scooby Doo
    Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.)
    Woody & Buzz Lightyear (he was a stitch at the end of Toy Story 3)
    (tie) Meredith from Pixar’s Brave / Jessie the cowgirl from TS
    The Jetsons
    Fred Flintstone
    King Louie (Jungle Book movie)
    Buggs Bunny
    Foghorn Leghorn (Warner Brothers)
    All Dog heros from Disney animated dog movies
    Beauty (Beauty & the Beast. Book-loving nerd girl stands up to overbearing Beast, finds happy ending)

    *** The BEST characters never made into TV or film: Calvin & Hobbes!
    (Documentary “Dear Mr. Watterson” to be released in theaters and on demand Nov. 15th.)

    And, seemingly as a treat for Joe’s birthday, Toy Story will air its first TV special Oct. 16th on ABC in the U.S., “Toy Story of Terror.”

  16. On a poignant note, it was a year ago today, Sept. 20th, that we said good-bye to blog wit and regular Anne Teldy, otherwise known as Kelly Hurt. She lived to read books, and loved all things Stargate Atlantis. We miss you, Kel!

  17. Joe, you entered the date wrong in your blog post title. When I saw it today, I totally thought you’d missed a day! It had me concerned for your well being.

    Don’t scare me like that. 🙂

  18. Sorry I am late to the party, How about Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw and Snuffles the dog, who would do anything for a dog biscuit,, and sidekick Babba louie, Snagglepuss the lion, Exit Stage left!! Woody Woodpecker. HillBilly Bears.
    A belated Happy Birthday to gforce and Debra.

  19. Marge Simpson is pretty cool, blue hair, big red pearls and all. And sexy.
    Most importantly she always winds up with Homer no matter what he does.
    Easily forgiving is a very good quality for me.

    But oh yeah, that sexy, sexy big blue hair.

  20. Jonny Quest (the original)
    Speed Racer
    Racer X
    Marine Boy
    Space Ghost
    The Osmonds (yes, they had an animated series)
    Hank and Peggy Hill
    The Flintstones (one of the first animated series to take on the topic of adoption)
    Waldorf and Statler (ok, so they are muppets)

  21. I’ll give you guys a heads up about Masterchef Junior at my blog on whether to vote yes or no. I get to see previews, especially of new shows. You’ll see me make fun of the macaron versus macaroon dilemma too (thanks to my Joe Mallozzi School of Cooking http://wp.me/p126ES-DU

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