Yes, feast your eyes on the trailer for this Monday’s Supermovie of the Week Club selection: Black Scorpion.

THRILL to the cue card acting!

REVEL in such classic lines as “Mind if I drop in?” after our heroine literally DROPS THROUGH A SKYLIGHT!

REJOICE in the sassy comical sidekick you’ll no doubt want to kill by movie’s end!

WONDER why all the villains in these old superhero movies sound like Darth Vader’s over-eager understudy!

Circle the date on your calendar (provided you still actually use an actual hang-on-your-wall calendar and don’t simply make use of your computer’s calendar function)!   Monday, September 23rd!

Hey!  Look at what I received in the mail today from Akemi’s family in Japan!


Fortunately, the card came with easy to follow instructions.
Fortunately, the card came with easy to follow instructions.

And, in addition, this awesome umbrella:

1My birthday is less than a month away!  Start planning now to avoid (my) disappointment!

27 thoughts on “September 18, 2013: A sneak peek to whet/kill your appetite! And my pre-Birthday celebrations kick off!

  1. I can’t wait for BS! Er, I mean Black Scorpion! Actually, this type of movie can be entertaining if it’s at least self-aware. We’ll see.

    Speaking of birthdays, mine was yesterday! *makes shameless play for birthday wishes*

    I actually wound up taking the afternoon off and using the time to take my step-mom out of the hospital on a day pass and took her to lunch, to pick up some extra clothes from her apartment and for a walk along the lake at a local park. It went well – her health is better, but she still is not allowed to return to her special care apartment and must wait placement in a nursing care facility (which may take many weeks, unfortunately.) She is NOT liking the hospital at all. Still gotta take it one day at a time, I guess.

    1. Happy Birthday!

      Will give you a belated birthday shout-out in tomorrow’s entry!

  2. @gforce: Happy Birthday! Glad your stepmom got out for a bit, sounds like you had a nice day together. 🙂

  3. Black Scorpion: Mind if I drop in?

    Bank Teller: What? Of course I mind! There’s broken glass *all* over my floor! You know who’s going to walk on that? Customers! Then *they’re* going to sue us. For money. Money that these idiots are –

    Bank Robber: We prefer gentlemen.

    Bank Teller: Really? You’re robbing my bank, and you — never mind. (to Black Scorpion) I am really not okay with you just dropping in. Who’s going to clean that up? You? I don’t think so. Not in that outfit, honey.

  4. Too bad it arrived the day AFTER the rain. We ran into a squall on our day cruise to Victoria.

    Now safely home in San Antonio, about to crash, and already talking about next summer’s visit(s).

  5. Happy birthday, @gforce!

    I’m off to Australia for a month on Saturday. I have Black Scorpion queued up on my laptop so I can watch it on the flight. I reckon after 20 hours of sitting on a plane I’ll be so delirious with exhaustion the movie might actually make sense!

  6. Hey want to help me with my English assignment? 😀

    I have to watch a scene from a soap opera and explain why the language used it not correct to the language we speak, even when we use local accents.

    Later we will have to explain why screen writers have to write a certain way.

    As a screen writer what do you have think about when writing a scene?

    Kriss 🙂

  7. I can see from the age of your umbrella you’re still a whippersnapper…I’ll be 70 next week and I’m STILL waiting for my jet pack…

  8. Happy Birthday @Gforce That is a lovely picture of where you got to take your stepmom out. You’re a good egg.

    @LineNoise Have a great trip to Australia.

    Black Scorpion…..Hmmm…It’s got Slider from Top Gun in it. Bradford Tatum and Michael Wiseman seemed to have guest-star on the same shows as of late. Seems they made a Black Scorpion II as well. Garrett Morris from the older version of SNL is on it.

    Welcome back to Texas @Baterista

  9. My husband will love Black Scorpion. I don’t even have to watch the trailer to know this. Sigh.

  10. Oh, goodness. Not only will that movie be a must watch for me, I might have to find out if they ever got the TV series made! Yes, Roger Corman pitched a series version of Black Scorpion. There’s just something about these kind of movies that are SO bad, I have to watch them! I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess.

    Wow, looking further into it, they made a sequel! Apparently, most of the sequel is made from recycled shots from the first movie, too.

    The one thing I never understood about superhero movies is the love interest’s kiss of both the superhero and the secret identity dichotomy. Now, I’ve never played spin the bottle in the dark with my nose plugged, but I’d imagine if you’re that in love with someone and you get that close to them, i.e. close enough to kiss and then eventually do kiss, you’re going to notice some similarities. Scent, taste, kissing style, etc. A couple of my previous girlfriends had some very distinctive things about their kisses that I can remember to this day, yet the love interest in these films are too stupid to figure it out on one of the most familiar and intimate gestures on the planet. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Superman fools everybody with just a simple pair of glasses….

    -Mike A.

  11. Funny you posted your pre-birthday on MY birthday. 🙂 I am officially older than dirt and not near as useful. I treated myself to a recliner. I have no room for it but had reached the point of being willing to put it in the dining room if need be. We squeezed it into the bedroom. I slept in it last night as a way to help with my injured shoulder and had the most restful (though not a great deal of sleep). So my birthday wishes were fulfilled. As for yours… hm.. when are you leaving for Japan? Surely they’ll give you an early or belated party. 🙂

    Not sure if you are watching The Dome. I tried, really. Last episode I reached the “who the hell cares, tell me the ending if you must.” But The Bridge is wonderful.

  12. @gforce:

    Happy Birthday!


    I’ve been quiet on the commenting front due to trade show duties at the Institute of Navigation conference in Nashville. I’ll catch up later this weekend!

    And what do you want for your birthday?

  13. So what is your early birthday card saying? “This is your gift! Enjoy it!”?

    @ gforce – Happy birthday man!!


    @ Debra From The South – Happy birthday girl!!

  14. Happy birthdays to Gforce & Debra, and Bon voyage to LineNoise. 🙂

    JeffW, have you had any more interesting experiences with CBSA? Our entry inspection eight days ago was “normal” compared to June, when the inspector seemed suspicious and a tad antagonistic.

  15. I love that birthday card! I’d much rather have that sung to me than the scary song at the IHop. And you’ve reminded me that my sisters birthday is looming to, I’m off to the mall tomorrow but I know I won’t find anything as nice as that umbrella!

    Yikes, poor Joan, I love the big shoulder pads and wide ties, the 90’s were a fashion nightmare.

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