Time for reflection (via cktravelblog.wordpress.com)
Time for reflection (via cktravelblog.wordpress.com)

Sigh.  How infinitely disappointing.  All the research and effort I’ve put into my fantasy football teams has yielded depressingly paltry results.  A double loss this weekend have put me at the bottom of both leagues.  I think I need  another hobby. Maybe I’ll switch focus to more practical pursuits like, say, studying Japanese – especially given Akemi’s recent decision to start learning Italian.  She’s started yesterday, studied for several hours today, and has already made incredible progress.  Magnifico!

And, to top it off, Akemi also made brownies!
And, to top it off, Akemi also made brownies!

Also, there’s that script I’ve been working on.  You’ll be pleased – or indifferent – to hear that, following a protracted creative impasse, I’ve forged ahead and actually started to pick up steam.  43 pages down and, oh, twenty-ish to go.  My aim to be extra-productive this weekend.  I have a couple of phoners to discuss upcoming projects in addition to some careful consideration of an established SF property (No, not Stargate.  It’s a novel.) that a production company is looking to develop into a ongoing television series.  Our mission, if we choose to accept it: Come up with our unique take on the potential show.  To be honest, this one is going to be a little tricky.

Hey, blog reader Samantha Johns reminds us that, while there are many of needy dogs out there in search of a good home, there are plenty of needy cats out there as well: https://www.facebook.com/hazel.rescue?fref=ts

Taking a page out of The Amazing Race’s highly unspectacular Family Edition, this upcoming season of Survivor, Survivor: Blood vs. Water, will see past contestants competing against loved ones.  Ho hum.  The new season of Survivor premieres Wednesday, September 18th.

14 thoughts on “September 15, 2013: Sunday malaise!

  1. Hey, Joe, are your ears burning? Just dropped your name at Campagnolo (on Main)–very naturally, I might add. 😉

    Husband is trying the Spaghetti Pomodoro with the house red. I chose the gnocchi special with the iced tea /limonata drink (which is a fine change from Texas-style tea).

  2. I really hope your project comes to something Joe, it’s been a very long time coming and a talented writer/producer like yourself should be doing more TV lol.

    Anyways, speaking of family edition Amazing Race stuff, the finale of TAR Canada is on Monday and its being hailed as the ‘family race off’ with the Sisters vs The Father and Son duo vs The Brothers lol. It’s rare to say but all 3 teams are equally deserving of winning. Something the American edition has lacked for a while.

    While the Canadian edition of The Amazing Race has had its casting spot on, sometime in the future it really does need to go international, even if its only small scale(Nearby countries). Given the high ratings and the fact the show has won its time slot for 9 weeks running, something that’s deserved. Being the most watched show on Monday should stand for something lol

  3. *peeks in…looks to see if there’s any depressing animal stories…decides it’s safe…*

    Heya, Joey…interestingly, last night I started reading my next Hamish Macbeth book in the series, entitled, I kid you not: Death of a Scriptwriter.

    I’m only about 20 pages in, but from what I gather it’s about an old woman whose old timey cozy mystery novel is being turned into a tv show, spiced up with lots of sex and partial nudity and foul language. Settings are changed, plots are changed, characters are changed. In other words, the tv show will not resemble the written story in any way, shape, size, or form. I’m guessing that somewhere down the line the scriptwriter gets murdered, and the old author-lady is prime suspect (based on the blurby-thingy on the back of the book).

    So, my advice? That SF novel they want to turn into a tv show? Better keep it ‘by the book’. 😉

    It’s been a long weekend. Stayed home Friday to work from home, only to work IN my home, tinkering around in the kitchen and rearranging a few things. In my defense when I work from home the kitchen becomes my office, so I needed to have things put right so they wouldn’t become a distraction. All this coming week I’ll be working at home, so I needed the ‘tranquility’ of an organized work space. I also made a big pot of kale, bean and sausage soup that lasted the weekend and we just finished off tonight. It was very good, but I think I’ma gonna have gas for the next year and a half! 😛

    Saturday I cleaned the house, and made another peach crisp – yummy!! And I watched a hellava lot of rugby, too. You would think there’d come a time when I’d tire of watching muscular young men in short shorts mauling one another, wouldn’t you? In my defense, however, I’ve never looked at porn. Or HBO tv shows.

    Today after services and a big nap, I worked in the yard a bit, cleaning up the patio and Japanese garden (which looks terrible after being disturbed by the termite guy and the new air conditioning condensing unit installation). Hubby and I finished off the evening with bowls of warmed peach crisp topped with vanilla ice cream, and a new (and great!) episode of Foyle’s War. Now I’m off to read a bit of my Hamish Macbeth book with a glass of wine and some cheese – the latter to try to counter the sugar rush I just got from the aforementioned peachy treat. 😛


  4. The Family Edition of The Amazing Race was perfectly fine for those of us who don’t live in America (like those of us in Australia). We got to see lots of places we don’t normally get to see.

    And it was unintentionally hilarious that the only African-American family was called “The Black family”. I mean, the Amazing Race loves its tokenism (and has, at times, used that tokenism to shatter stereotypes), but it’s like they weren’t even trying with that one.

  5. Those brownies look awesome! Ship me some, please!

    Joe, I know you don’t like it, but I have been a fan of Ghost Hunters since they started years ago. Now it seems there are several reality shows about looking for the supernatural. I think you should write a TV series for a ghost hunter drama (or horror). I could be about a group of people who go, each week, to various locations when they are called upon for help. How long was Ghost Whisperer on the air… 6 years, I think. There are no ghost dramas right now, it is all reality. I want a drama. You wouldn’t even have to show a ghost each week. It could be an erie quiet, or just a noise, or something like that. No too expensive to produce. Ghost are popular right now. Go for it and send me some brownies!

  6. And you should see the Australian Amazing Race. The stuff they made those guys do in the first couple of episodes (including eating Balut) was just crazy.

  7. I’m with you man about being at the bottom of the league, i’m now 0-2 with lowest point total 🙁

    But yeah today I was down 78 pts with Seahawks Wilson, Lynch, Miller, and D/ST to go. I casually mention after the Seahawks first TD, that I’ll probably lose by 4, and guess what I lost by 4 pts… That will teach me for thinking Miller would go back to his high points self like he was at Oakland.

    But at least my AFK team won, aka the Seahawks 🙂

  8. @JosephMallozzi:

    Totally unrelated to this entry, but I’d like to know why you hate Blu-rays. I’m a regular reader and remember that you wrote itsomeday between things you hate. I have just finished re-watching SGU Season 1 on Blu, first ttime was on DVD, and I was literally blown away how great it looked. Everything, from the sets to the make-up and also the CGI, was impressive. Watching the first episode of Season 2 after that quite sad.

    Sure, there are still more people who buy DVDs, but still, the additional income should be more than welcome to the franchise. Same for a HD-release of SG1. Ok, the first few seasons wouldn’t be *that* impressive, because of SFX in SD, but still, a nice “Complete Edition” as the “Atlantis”-Box would surely find quite some buyers.

  9. The brownies look magnifico!

    I’ve never watched The Amazing Race but will have to this upcoming season. Chester Pitts, formerly of the Houston Texans, has become a huge supporter of Including Kids, Inc., the not-for-profit autism school my Patrick attends. He will be a contestant. See the picture from the April 2013 Gala. http://instagram.com/p/YEL3c5Ohl6/#

  10. Joseph: If I may ask, what did you think of “A is for Alibi” and Kinsey Millhone? My aunt turned me on to these books.

    I didn’t think it was as good as the Pendergast novels by Preston and Child, but I’ve read the rest of her books.

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