Last night’s party was a success.  Everything went as planned, the guests seemed pleased and, most important of all, I was NOT violently ill like that time I had a bunch of people over for home made ice cream, ate thirteen different flavors and ended up very sick.  Less ice cream this time around but a lot more bourbon and hot dogs.

Akemi and Bubba get the bar ready.
Party cutlery!
Japadog parked right in front of the house, dispensing Japanese-themed hot dogs and fielding queries from curious/hungry passersby.
Megan and Tio, the first to arrive – presumably because they wanted first crack at the dogs.
My first of three hot dogs: a jalapeño-chesse stuffed beef smokie topped with Japanese mayo, fried onions, and seaweed.
Wanna bite?
My second hot dog was a kurobuta pork dog and the third, pictured above, was a turkey dog topped with kimchi.
Dessert #1: Pistachio cream cake.
Check out the multi layers.  
And the carrot cake.
Akemi closes things down for the night.

A good time was had by all, especially the dogs who were the center of attention for most of the night.

Then, today, it was off to Rob’s for football and…

Corn bread!
And cole slaw!

I am exhausted.  And a little bummed as my Snow Monkeys look to be heading for a week one defeat – in both leagues. It’s a repeat of last year with my team putting up more points than almost every other team in the league – EXCEPT the team I happen to be playing.!

19 thoughts on “September 8, 2013: The party was subarashii!

  1. Everything looks fabulous and yummy. I love your BAR! One day, on the list to try the JapaDogs. In a way, it was almost a birthday type party for the puppies…except the humans got some great food, drink, and dessert. Rob’s food looks amazing too.

  2. i don’t drink, but i’m impressed by that well-stocked bar. 😎

    not a fan of pistachios or carrots, but those cakes look good.

  3. The hot dogs look good, but the desserts look fantastic. Glad the party went well. Sorry about the Snow Monkeys. 🙁

  4. It all looks fabulous! I am drooling over the cakes. 😮 Is your and Akemi’s picture on the Celebrity board on the JapaDog war wagon? Looks like you had beautiful weather. Great time of year to show your appreciation. I would have loved to go and try a JapaDog for the first time ever. Memorable, I’m sure!

  5. Unf. So jealous about the Japadogs. I’ll have to nip downtown on my days off soon (probably Thursday since we’re taking the cat to the vet on Wednesday) and get one, it’s been far far too long. My favorite is the Kurobata, but the Terimayo is really really good too.

  6. Mallozzi, they are looking for youuu! 😀

    Roland Emmerich :
    “We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot… and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts. Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.” “..our hope is that we can get another chance at Stargate and tell the entire story we wanted to tell.”

    Good luck 😉

  7. Ok, thanks for the pictures, the hotdogs look delicious, the carrot cake is probably melt in the mouth yummy, I bet, and I see like a good foody, you have take home containers. Love leftovers. Hope you took some home from Robs and you may not have to cook all week. 😉 and Snow Monkeys, get that losing feeling out of your system and off to the winning!!
    ~~~~ positive thoughts,,,,,,positive thoughts…

  8. Wow! Bubba is quite the party animal. The party isn’t even started and he can’t walk under his own power.

    Time for an intervention.

  9. @Joe:

    My first of three hot dogs: a jalapeño-chesse stuffed beef smokie topped with Japanese mayo, fried onions, and seaweed.

    Somehow I missed that one. Did it have a name? They usually have a Japadog Trailer setup in front of the Sutton Place when I visit Vancouver, so I’ll have to add the jalapeño-chesse dog to my “to try” list for my next visit (which is probably sometime in November or early December; my October is now booked up with trips to Italy and Germany).

  10. I think I could only do about half of those hot dogs they offer. The other half don’t sound too appetizing to me. I’m adventurous and all, but some of those flavors don’t even sound good in the same sentence!

    Well, a great first week for my FF teams, both won. In my money league, my receiving corps was Reggie Wayne, Jordy Nelson, and Anquan Boldin. Yup. Guessed right on Boldin, too, it looks like. It was tough seeing Welker doing so well when he’s no longer on either of my fantasy teams. Let’s hope it was just a fluke week(yeah, right). Still a fan of his, though. I just don’t understand how the best football players IN THE WORLD can’t cover a 5’8″, slow, white guy! (Actually, the answer is work ethic, but that’s a whole other topic)

    As for Emmerich, from the first time I heard about his desire to reboot the SG franchise(essentially), I figured it was because he was so pissed about missing out on all that money the series’ were making. I mean, I’m sure he got some residuals, but nothing like if he had Creator or EP credits. Seeing that memo was enjoyable, though. I do think he sees that now would be the time to do the reboot before another SG series starts up and puts further wrenches in his money machine. Perhaps he wants to start a new SG series himself to break into TV? Who knows.

    There are ways to do the TV series’ justice without commandeering his new movie, it just takes some good writing. That way he can appease the fans and start afresh. But I don’t think that’s going to happen necessarily.

    -Mike A.

  11. So, this cold that Anakin and I got turned out to be a really bad one (perhaps a flu?), and we’ve been a mess all weekend. It’s not showing any signs of letting up just yet, and we’re both having a horrible day. I slept all of 15 minutes last night. 🙁 With that in mind, Joecito, you really should send me one of those pistachio cream cakes. It’ll make me feel better. Really. 🙂

    Rob’s coleslaw looks delicous.

  12. @Miko

    You’re a few days late with that, already discussed in the comments section and Joe has given his opinion on an earlier post.

    There’s nothing really relevant in that story till he has the greenlight, and with a typical Scifi budget being pretty big, I seriously doubt he will ever get the greenlight to ever do 3 movies, there’s plenty of time in the future, years from now even for someone to come in with a good idea for another Stargate series. When the time is right, Stargate will come back on tv screens, and if, and when this occurs and Emmerichs idea still hasn’t gotten the greenlight, I can’t see it ever happening.

    Disgarding what has been done in the 3 tv shows would be a huge mistake.

  13. @Deni My heart is melting. He is growing up so fast and what a beautiful little boy. I am so sorry to hear you are all sick. I hope it clears out soon. I’ll send prayers.

    Joe: Which cake had the most of it eaten? Both look wonderful. I’m a fan of both flavors. and WOW what a STOCKED BAR! Again, I don’t drink, but I am thoroughly impressed with the selection. What was the most popular Japadog that was eaten? That is some really creative marketing because of the free publicity they are getting on the street to people who might not go to festivals or seen them out and about.

    Thank you Megan and Tio for taking such good care of the Joe’s dogs. Hey Joe–have you asked them if they want to care for the dogs while you are gone or know somebody who can?

  14. I want those ribs! And those hot dogs! And that pistachio cake!! I had Coconut Bliss ice cream at a friend’s house, and wow, it was airy and just the right sweetness, but made with agave and coconut milk so there was no sugar rush. Made by a charming couple, makes me feel I should be coming out with my own brand of something:

  15. Looks like Bubba was early into the party favors. Japadog is a truly new taste to the standard ball park Frank and fixings. They are great and will have another, but I don’t think I could fit 3. And about the ribs and corn bread, does Rob have a source the recipes, and is he will to share?

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