Yesterday, Akemi hit me with another one of her only in Japanese terms.  “What do you call a girl who’s always interested in good-looking guys?”she asked me.

“Uh, a girl,“I offered, following the logic that men who are always interested in good-looking women are most assuredly referred to as men.  “Why?  I suppose the Japanese have a word for it?”

Of course they do.  It’s menkui.  File that one away – along with aware, karoshi, and, my favorite, tsujigiri which is the art of testing out your new sword on random strangers – but you knew that already:

Who's holding?
Who’s holding?

Well, just got Lulu’s test results.  They’re… inconclusive.  We’re going to monitor the situation for another week or so and, if there’s no change in the size of the growth on her paw, she’ll be heading in for surgery.

As much as she hated the cone of shape, it did have its uses.
As much as she hated the cone of shape, it did have its uses.  Toy hoarding for one.

I came across this announcement on the Seattle Pug Rescue facebook page yesterday:

“It’s raining rescue pugs in Seattle and we’re near capacity. If you’ve ever considered fostering, now is the time to apply. This is a fulfilling way to help pugs who need a second chance.” (seattlepugrescue).  So, I dropped them an email and offered to help out.  It’s not quite adoption, but pretty darn close.  And, eventually, may well end up being.

Preparations are complete for tomorrow night’s party.  I’ll have the gang from Japadog serving dinner:

1And picking up a couple of cakes from Cadeaux Bakery for dessert:

Including my favorite: the carrot cake!
Including my favorite: the carrot cake!

Hopefully, the weather will hold.

1Speaking of weather, nothing but blue skies and sunshine from my Snow Monkeys who kicked off their Fantasy Football League season in a big way last night, putting up some impressive numbers.  I’m expecting a great things from these lovable furry varmints this year. No less than another championship – in TWO leagues!

Wait a minute.  What Stargate trilogy?  I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s interesting, but hardly news.  I believe Emmerich has expressed a desire to make another Stargate movie for quite some time now.  I obviously have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, I can sympathize.  The original movie was his baby and its a world he has wanted to revisit for a while now.  On the other hand, a reboot would permanently close the book on SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe – and, by extension, the characters many fans have grown to know and love over the years.  It would be great if we could manage one final grand SG-1/SGA/SGU movie before we begin the re-imagining.

Ultimately, the final decision rests with MGM.  I would hope that, when the time comes to decide on the franchise’s future, those decision-makers would give due consideration to Brad Wright and Robert Cooper who created worlds beyond the original feature, worlds that, in turn, made the studio A LOT OF MONEY.  And I do mean A LOT.  For years, it wasn’t just a part of the MGM television division; it WAS the MGM television division.  And, as far as franchises go, at the time, second only to James Bond.  Obviously, they were doing something right.

As for Roland Emmerich, I know he has gone on record as stating he isn’t a fan of the television series(s) his movie spawned, but I can’t help but think it has less to do with the quality of the show(s) than it does the t.v. franchise’s very existence scuppering any hopes of another big screen sequel to his original.  And, for what it’s worth, he strikes me as a guy with a great sense of humor.  A couple of years ago, he was shooting his apocalyptic feature, 2012, at the Bridge Studios.  Despite being in the neighborhood, he never actually stopped by the set (which is a shame since he would have been more than welcome) but the accounting department did receive this mysterious time slip:


27 thoughts on “September 6, 2013: Oh, this and that!

  1. hi, joe,

    first, i don’t really understand the time slip thing. :p

    second… “It would be great if we could manage one final grand SG-1/SGA/SGU movie before we begin the re-imagining.”

    how do we make this happen, joe!!!

  2. Hey, send me over an Okonomi and a Kurobuta Terimayo!

    Hope things work out okay with Lulu. I don’t need anything more to worry about! Speaking of which, my step-mom has been doing okay physically the last couple of days but still ups and downs mentally. Today was a pretty good day, though. Hopefully, a corner has been turned, but I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and let tomorrow take care of itself.

    I agree about the Stargate trilogy – I think MGM would be leaving a huge built in market of SG1/Atlantis/SGU fans for an unknown quantity by going directly to the a full reboot. From what I gather, it may not even tie into the original movie so they don’t even have that following to fall back on. How much better to make a transitional movie to bring the franchise fans along and into a new imagining of the Stargate concept.

  3. Joe what time tomorrow night?!! And you forgot to give us your address!! We don’t know where to go!! We’re hungry!

    If I was a pug dog, and had to go live with you until something better came along, I’d be pretty darn happy. It would be like living in Heaven now. It don’t get any better than that.

    @ maggiemayday – I was thinking about you everytime I read a news article about Burning Man. I knew you would be there. I read they allowed a record 65,000 into it this year. So I’m expecting some funny stories and interesting pictures from you. Do tell…

    Praying Lulu gets better. She needs a visit from her boyfriend so he can hold and comfort her.

  4. The food looks great for tomorrow night’s party. Will you be picking me up at the airport? :p I hope you and the guests have a great time.

    Sorry there was nothing definitive to help Lulu in the tests. 🙁

  5. What must be a blow to Emmerichs’ ego is simply that there seems to be an overwhelming majority that see the 3 Stargate TV shows as being far superior to the movie they came from. I think if given the choice, the vast majority of people who love Stargate would be behind Brad and Rob and not Emmerich.

    Anyway as I said on the earlier day post, I don’t see anything coming of Emmerichs wishes. It’s non news to me.

  6. considering the ground that the three TV series covered, emmerich is going to have a really tough time in avoiding a retread of what’s been done before. I think he’d be better off focusing on one great movie rather than trying to overreach and build three. Heck, I think Stargate could use a whole new unique view and Emmerich shouldn’t even be in charge as he largely makes disposable movies.

  7. Poor adorable Lulu !! man! I wish the growth will go way down!!
    So sorry for her and you guys! But i know she gets the love she needs !
    Oh About that interesting word about Roland Emmerich… I wonder why he only claims on Atlantis.. and not on SG1 and SGU? lol ! I wonder if I could also claim a 5% on the earnings.. as being a huge fan!! lol 🙂 but I would settle for a night out with the SGU – SGA – SG1 team !! 🙂 … or a night with Teal’c !! discussing the Jaffa rebels of course ! what were you thinking about?

    joke aside: would REALLY RALLY REALLY love AT LEAST one more movie with the folks from all the SGs! and if MGM does not like the idea.. perhaps we can call it Starportal or something ! with the same characters.. or.. Gatestar.. or just Atlantis.. or Universe. or One .. leaving the Stargate out of it. and any 5% cuts to Roland Emmerich… which would go to my bank then, for having thought of this great idea! .. but.. who’s in this for the money?.. certainly not Roland Emmerich, right? xo

  8. Obviously, your readership is going to be marginally biased, but I’m with the general consensus that a complete reboot would be a tragic mistake.
    Plus, I’ve never really been one for pre-planned movie trilogies. If you’re going to need more than a couple of hours to tell your story, then do a mini-series, or something. Give us a thicker plotline, and extend the reach of content beyond what you can do when having to cram it into the space of three movies.
    .. And the waiting! Gah! How long was it between New Trek 1 and New Trek 2?!
    No thanks.
    Not a movie fan.

  9. Good luck with Lulu!

    Fostering might be the perfect solution for you. You can find a good fit. Thank you, in advance.

  10. Oh and it’s Toy “Collecting” not hoarding. 😉 The carrot cake looks sooooo good!!!!

  11. It seems like reboots are all the rage. I’m not sure I’d be all that interested in a reboot. I didn’t even like the original movie (seriously, when my then-boyfriend-now-husband told me there was a series I was very skeptical. He promised it was better and he was right!). 😛 I don’t want to dismiss anything out of hand, but unlike Trek which really had run its course (and possibly overstayed its welcome), I felt like Stargate was gone too soon and it still feels like there are a bajillion stories still left to be told.

    I wish there was a way to get MGM to give SG1/SGA/SGU another shot :S

  12. I’m blaming you, Joe, for my dodgy gut today. Bad mojo, indeed. I was supposed to go out of town with Mr. Das and the family, but was up all night feeling just miserable. I felt chilled, too, but no fever. Not sure what I ate – I feel both sick and hungry at the same time. I haven’t had this feeling since going gluten-free, so trying to figure out if it was something I ate over the past 24-48 hours. I did eat this Indian veggie thing that was supposedly gluten-free, but now I’m wondering since I got a very bloated feeling after eating it (again, something that hasn’t happened since going gluten-free). Or, maybe I caught some sort of bug. I haven’t bowed down to the porcelain god yet, so hopefully this terrible feeling will pass without incident.

    It’s a beautiful day and I would love to be outside doing something, even if it’s just sitting outside and reading, but don’t feel well enough to even do that. Going back to bed now. This really sucks.


  13. I think it might be a great opportunity to reboot the franchise. I don’t know if Roland Emmerich would be the best guy for the job. He only made two movies that I really liked, Stargate and Independence Day. Not bad films, but I’m not sure they were outstanding.

    I agree with the reasoning for his dislike of the series. More plainly, it should be called sour grapes. And this gives me pause, and it might give MGM pause as well. They had a great franchise, do they want to take a chance on smearing it into something unrecognizable? Will a large number of fans get annoyed like they did when SGU came on the scene?

    I suppose it will depend on his vision. The concept of Stargates is a very flexible concept, the Stargate series showed what can be done with it. Perhaps a little new blood might be a good thing. On the other hand, I seem to remember reading that Emmerich has talked about this before, that he has long wanted to finish off his long planned sequels to Stargate. I assume this is the only way he could get someones attention at MGM, to give them a chance for a reboot for a very successful series. Maybe MGM can get JJ Abrams to do a Stargate trilogy. I’m sure he’s not busy. No magic islands please.

    Speaking of franchises, I rewatched Startrek Voyager recently. I was thinking the writers must have had a running bet to see how much of the show could be just technobabble. It’s insane how much technobabble was in that series.

  14. @Das: Oh nooo, feel better soon! Here it’s the second cold in a few months, courtesy of my grandson, or rather, my dumb daughter who insists on visiting a friend whose kids are always sick. No idea why. I’ve been up all night, my head’s about to explode, snot everywhere, coughing till I’m dizzy and pissed off. Mr. Deni picks today to try to bring home a stray dog that’s covered in ticks. It would be great if he brought it home, de-ticked it, gave it a bath, took it to the vet and did all those things I’m automatically supposed to do. So, for the weekend, the dog is hanging out comfortably with food/water/shelter, and we’ll see next week. Somehow, I just know I’m going to wind up with street dog again. 🙂 Meanwhile, sending you healing vibes, please send some back. GUUUUUHHHH.

    Hi Joecito!

  15. @Gforce Continued prayers for your stepmom

    @Das Sorry to hear you are feeling ill.

    Reboots are popular lately. I blame Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. I will have to echo everyone’s thoughts here that I would prefer a SG-1/Atlantis/SGU trilogy combination movie that would blow our minds. Of course we’ll never get true closure because we want them to go on FOREVER. Have you seen David Blue’s new body? That would tie in perfectly (not a lot of food, having a lot of time on his hands to work-out, etc.)

    Poor Lulu. I hope she is going to be okay. I love the toy hoarding though. Have you seen the soft E-collars? Here is one example:

    But I do like the ones that are clear so the dogs can still have their peripheral vision.

    I think fostering a pug is a fabulous idea. I’ll keep good thoughts for you on that.

    Good luck with the party tonight! You guys are terrific to do this for them. I bet they don’t have anyone else doing that for them. (I’ve brought gourmet cupcakes to my vet’s office, but that has been the extent of it).

  16. The reboot could reinvigorate interest in the entire brand and there is a chance you just might get that last movie, once they greenlight the reboot. One does not have to supersede the other, two canons can co-exist. Ultimately MGM doesn’t believe Emmerich could deliver something fans haven’t seen before, that may be an opportunity for him to prove them wrong although he seems kind of anxious about it.

  17. I don’t want a new movie if they have to finish the series arc. The film may be the beginning but the franchise without the tv show is worthless.

  18. I truly hope that Emmerich doesn’t do the reboot, the current universe your team created should not be tossed out after all the years of hard work you and your team threw into it. Besides that, I did put a direct reference into my webseries “Preflight Launch” with a bit of an SGU clip included, being seen over the shoulder of a character watching the show 200 years from now. Not Emmerich’s version, but YOURS!!!

  19. Maybe he did not stop buy the studio during the shooting to “2012” because he might have been planning a new casino, hmmmm?

  20. Seem Mr Emmerich might have a funny side, but never stopped by once. Maybe he was little upset with the success of TV over a motion picture. I would not be happy with full re-boots unless it was done as well as JJ Abrams Star Trek. That said a new timeline has been done already, so that could get messy doing that again. If it means no Stargate ever again or re-boot guess ill have to pick a re-boot, till then I am doing my part to keep SG alive and well! With the orders for tac-gear and costumes still coming in every week for convention goers it seems we are still here waiting!

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