My string of bad luck has continued unabated and required my setting up appointments with an electrician, a home repairman, a home alarm specialist, and a vet.  The latter is for Lulu who is on antibiotics right now on account of a swollen paw.  My visit to the doctor (to get that solar plexus pull checked out) proved thankfully uneventful.  After proceeding to press and prod the tender area under my ribcage to no discernible effect, the doctor declared it a muscle issue and sent me on my way.  I suppose that, technically, we could put that in the Good Luck column although I would argue that the bad luck pain which precipitated the visit to the clinic which makes it a push.

Yo!  Pick me!
Yo! Pick me!

On the bright side, I took part in my annual fantasy football draft this evening.   As a result of The Great Fantasy Schism of 2012, I am now playing in two leagues.  The League of Apathy, made up of a bunch of Stargate alums, was up first tonight.  I landed the first overall pick and, one hour and fifteen later, once the dust had settled, my 2013 Snow Monkeys looked something like this:

QB: Andrew Luck

RB1: Adrian Peterson

RB2: Maurice-Jones Drew

WR!: Demaryius Thomas

WR2: Torrey Smith

WR3: Steve Smith

TE: Martellus Bennett

FLEX: Lamar Miller

KICKER: Didn’t draft one

DEFENSE: Arizona Cardinals


RB Danny Woodhead

RB Shane Vereen

RB Daryl Richardson

WR Vincent Brown

WR DeAndre Hopkins

WR Michael Floyd

WR Brandon LaFell

I’m nervous about MJD and, while I’m not all that enthusiastic about Bennett, I could have done worse.  Love my bench though.

So, what do you think?  When are your respective draft dates?

Russel asks: “This Saturday (Aug 24), my wife and I will be in Vancouver, for the first time.  In your humble opinion, what would be the 2 or 3 “must do / must see” things while we are in town?”

Answer: Hmmm.  That’s a tough one because I’m definitely not the “must do/must see” type.  I hear Stanley Park is beautiful (there’s supposed to be some sort of party commemorating the park’s 125th year this weekend) and the Grouse Grind is a to-do if you’re into hiking.  There’s also a garlic festival in Richmond on Sunday (Sharing Farm,   Terra Nova Park, 2631 Westminster Hwy | Free |) and the weekly Food Cart Fest continues this Sunday between 12-5 at the Olympic Village.  If you want to check out some of the local eats, I’d recommend La Tacqueria (2549 Cambie St), Meat & Bread – get the porchetta sandwich (370 Cambie St,), Campagnolo (1020 Main St,), Beta 5 Chocolate (413 Industrial Ave), and Cadeaux Bakery (172 Powell St).

12 thoughts on “August 20, 2013: Snow Monkeys 2013 League of Apathy Edition!

  1. Glad you didn’t have more than a strained muscle. It could have been, “surgery required”, worse.

    Joe, have you been reading about the continued problems with the radiation leakage from the Fukashima plant in Japan? Apparently, the radiation is now in the fish in the Pacific and could endanger people if they consume them. Any concerns there since you are such a foodie?

  2. G’day all

    Sorry missed yesterday’s post on Galaxy Quest. All I can say about this movie…Alan Rickman 😀 :drool:

    AS for your footy, Gridiron, no idea.

  3. Sorry to hear about poor Lulu’s foot, but glad to hear about your muscle pain! Er, that it’s nothing serious, I mean!

    I second the recommendation for Stanley Park, but Joe have you never been there? Dude. It’s beautiful. Also, check out the aquarium there, if it’s not TOO busy. It might be on the last weekend before the end of Summer vacation though. Haven’t done the Grouse Grind yet, but it’s on the list. I hear it’s a very busy trail though. I actually really like Lynn Canyon in N. Vancouver for a nice hike. Highly recommended. There’s also the very interesting Museum of Anthropology at the University of BC, there’s the Van Dusen Botantical Garden, as well as the many wonderful food choices as mentioned. I would now consider Beta5 to be a must stop! Also Joe, don’t forget the Peaceful Restaurant at Cambie & Broadway! That place was great.

    Also, I love taking a drive up along the Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler. It’s an beautiful, scenic drive.

    Anyway, I’m off again through the weekend for another volunteer stint down in NH! I’ll be around internet up until the actual weekend though.

  4. An Electrician? Is that for the beeping R2-D2 stove?

    And good pick on Torrey Smith; my son and I are looking forward to good things from him this year.

  5. When talking with your “home alarm specialist”, be sure to ask about home automation integration if they don’t bring it up. Any kind of home alarms that are worth their salt, now have integration with home automation devices and video. Tthe big integration that last few years has been with “z-wave” products. Basically, you can have light, HVAC, doors, etc all controlled in conjunction with your alarm system. You can look in on things with the video as well. The control possibilities and programming are both endless and pretty easy. And, obviously, all of it can be controlled via your smartphone. The custom home industry has been doing this stuff for many years now ($$$$), but it finally has become available for the average “joe” in the last few. You don’t have to do all this to your home now, but you should ask to have a platform installed that has that scalable capability for when your future needs require it. I only like buying product that can update and expand with my needs.

  6. Hi, Joe & Co.,

    Requesting prayer (or the equivalent). Unidentfiable area showed up on annual mammogram & follow-up imaging. Biopsy this coming Friday. Hopeful, as no known family history of breast cancer.


  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Poor Lulu! Hope her paw heals up. Let us know what the vet says please.

    Good luck with all those repairman.

  8. Hugs for Lulu, I got a sore paw too, luckily I have my $5 stretchy brace from CVS to help my weak ankles.

    Kickers are all crazy, you’re smart not to pick one.

    I tried to watch Man WIth the Iron Fists, I made it through the first 10 minutes, then fast forwarded, then fast forwarded some more before I gave up. I think it would be great to see for kicks with friends, but I’m not sure you can watch it sober.

  9. Well at least it’s nothing too serious Joe, that’s a good thing. Though I suppose at this point it’s probably best to keep an eye on it and if it gets bad, or unbearable go see someone again.

  10. Well, I’ve got one draft Saturday morning at 9am and the other(the money league, i.e. the one that REALLY matters) Sunday at 1pm. It’s going to be a hectic weekend…..

    I’ve got my sleeper picks tentatively selected, but anything can happen. In the past, I’ve won because of my sleepers. The first league is a snake draft, the other league is auction-style. Thankfully that league has keepers, but I STILL have no idea who I’m keeping!!

    Did I say this weekend is going to be hectic?

    -Mike A.

  11. I know not to expect much from the viking except for the already notable. But, in watching the last couple of games the Punter Locke and Kicker Walsch might be surprising and offer some special teams points. Locke was put the ball in the 5 yard zone many times. As a whole I think I found watching the game between the Calgary Stampede and the Saskatchewan Roughriders more enjoyable than preseason games. I was surprised to find a Canadian Packer Backer when I was in YVR, He didn’t like CFL! Speaking of disappointments, I had to work a night shift, get on the plane in the morning, to get to my house that I am renting, to sup. some repairs and let the city building inspector in. The day before work I was in calls with my managing company etc etc. only to have the inspector no show. Fly back down and work the next morning. I feel your anxiety. Oh and during the flury of calls the electrition calls and says asks wheres my money, I said where is your bill. He said he called the phone number and it doesn’t work. Ya because I do not live there and am renting the house. My cell works fine which you already have. Well how about a check or credit card; well how about a bill.

  12. I can’t comment on your fantasy football league because alas I don’t understand it, and I don’t recognize any of those names. My wifely obligations comes to rooting for the Giants when they make the playoffs and watching the Super Bowl to root for whatever team the husband isn’t, unless it is the Giants or Jets and then I’m expected to root for the spouse team. I do like Chester Pitts though. He used to be in the NFL and he is a big supporter of Patrick’s autism school. He was the master of ceremonies at the one in April (but I could not go because I was working).

    As far as Vancouver, we stayed at the Westin Bayshore when there in 2001 which was right next to Stanley Park. We also went to Capilano Suspension Bridge where I made it across the suspension bridge (overcame the fear) to learn that was the only way back out. And then we went up to Grouse Mountain. We also did the drive up to Whistler. I can’t wait to come back. I’m eyeing 5 years from now when Patrick is successfully transitioned into a group home and we can finally travel as a couple again. We would like to stay at the Wickiannish (? spelling) Inn in Tofino as well. Better start saving up now.

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