In preparation for the upcoming fantasy football season, I’ve been taking part in mock drafts.  They are essentially dry runs that allow you to hone your drafting skills with a bunch of anonymous fellow online fantasy football enthusiasts.  It’s very informative and a lot of fun but, every so often, you get saddled with someone looking to chat in the little texting window at the bottom of the screen.  When that happens, I try to discourage conversation – as was the case last night:

Player 7: i saw jay z in concert 2 weeks ago, so sick

Me: Maybe it was something you ate at the concert.

Player 7: No, HE’S sick.

Me: Maybe it was something HE ate at the concert.

Player 7 (weary exasperation almost palpable): Maybe.

Thus concluding the chat.

After what I went through last year, Akemi is dubious about the whole Fantasy Football thing.  “Last year, you said you were going to stop playing,”she reminded me.

“Right.  Last year, I said I’d stop – and I did.”

“Because you were already eliminated!”

I told her I didn’t want to discuss it.  My premature exit from playoff contention is still a very sensitive subject and the emotional wounds have yet to heal.


Well, we discovered the source of air conditioner issue: a blocked pipe! $450 later, the problem has been addressed.  Next up: my ruined ceiling.

So, the results are in for next week’s Supermovie of the Week Club pick and – to no one’s surprise – it was a landslide win for:

1Galaxy Quest!  Watch now and weigh in with your thoughts when resident film critic, Cookie Monster, joins us on Monday with his review.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular, Chev.

18 thoughts on “August 15, 2013: So sick!

  1. It’s my birthday tomorrow. what did you send me? No, I will not tell you how old I am. Suffice it to say, I think my warranty has expired.

    So, anything good happen yet, as Akemi predicted?

  2. $450 for a little Drano? I bet the ceiling costs that much too.

    I’m with Akemi. Why torture yourself again with another season of fantasy football? But then, I did enjoy all pictures of the get-togethers with the boys. So did Lulu. 😉

  3. Glad to hear your problem was minor and not so expensive – well, aside from whatever it costs to fix the ceiling. Your water stain/problem had me worried. Seeing as how I was out of town to attend GenCon in Indianapolis for a night I suddenly began to worry what if something like that happened to my house and I wasn’t there to see the problem before it completely ruined my ceiling, I mean AC issues are fairly common. But on the plus side, when I got home tonight the house was still standing, there were no AC issues and while I was at GenCon I got to meet one of the creators of one of my old favorite RPGs and some really cool game designers and publishers.

  4. “sick” as apparently been slang for cool or awesome for some time now.
    i think it’s like when “bad” meant cool there for a while. which shouldn’t be confused with “my bad,” which means my fault or mistake.

  5. Glad the air conditioner issue is fixed. Looking forward to the trials, tribulations and successes of the fantasy football season. Sorry Akemi. Fingers crossed for an inexpensive or somewhat inexpensive ceiling repair.

  6. Well you can’t fault either of your logic regarding fantasy football.

    If that one piece of drywall is the only damage, you got off relatively lucky. You’re probably looking at about the same price for repairing that. Not that $900.00 in total repairs is lucky…but relatively. Imagine if you were in Tokyo or Toronto when this happened.

  7. I think you were lucky that the ceiling stuff wasn’t worse. I’ve heard some bad stories about water leaks. If the cascade effect is true, the patched ceiling will make the other parts of the room look dingy. Then you’ll have to repaint the whole room.

    Slang these days is hard to keep up with. Sometimes it is so hard to understand the ethnic youth in this area (Ebonics). Once when I was ordering fast food, I couldn’t understand a word the cashier said. My migraine didn’t help but really, I didn’t recognize his language as English! I repeated the order very slowly and hoped it was right. I was desperate for anything to eat to help my migraine. The order was correct, so I suppose he understood English. Makes me wonder where this young man will find future employment if he can’t speak to the general public.

  8. I keep up with current slang pretty well, I have friends who are less than half my age. But I don’t try to use it myself, I’m stuck back in time with “bitchin'” and “cherry”, and the occasional “sweeeet”! I feel edgy using “schwing”… and I know I’m not “fresh” in the slightest.

  9. No doubt you are probably cringing at the potential ceiling repair costs. I can only guess it’l be what $1000-3000? Depending on the damage.

    @Imagine if you were in Tokyo or Toronto when this happened.

    He’d have someone watching the dogs though, so technically he could make the same arrangements to repair any damage quickly enough.

  10. Felt like posting this here as it’s from Angel Beats and kinda funny. Basically in this scene they’re sacrificing themselves to get past ‘Angel’ aka Kanade, but as they’re dead anyway(Since they’re technically in limbo), they awaken a little later. Anyway this scene is basically like something out of a Shounen manga, all the over the top NOOOOO reactions when someone dies lol(It’s not graphic or anything, Angel Beats isn’t like that).

    It’s not spoilerific, just so funny. Especially the final few seconds.

    I love Angel Beats, best watched in Japanese too. One of the characters TK doesn’t speak Japanese and is voiced entirely in English, so none of the characters understand him.

  11. i was just thinking that i don’t keep up with slang, nor do i really care to. i use “cool” which may or may not still be in. for some reason my brother as been saying “neat” instead of cool lately. 😐

    if i recall when michael shanks did a blog for TV guide during his burn notice stint, he was trying to bring back “swell.” i wonder how that’s going? 😉

  12. That reminds me of the time I was on a dating website late at night and some guy opened a chat box and wanted to… let’s just say, chat about stuff that places usually charge for. But I was kinda bored, so instead of just closing the chat box, I kept pretending like I didn’t know what he was talking about. I quoted Star Wars, which he didn’t seem entirely to pick up on. When he tried to impress me by talking about how he surfs, I talked about how dangerous and scary sharks and jellyfish are. He’d get momentarily distracted and perplexed and then suddenly remember he was trying to be all sexy.

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