DM2 posterOriginal Despicable Me a fine movie.  Fine like 7-11 wine, Dane Cook, or de Minnesota Vikings in dat none be particularly memorable but all deliver in perfektly adequate fashion.  So, when sekwel, Despicable Me 2, released, monster torn.  On de one hand, me not really tink first movie dat remarkable, find going to movies too expensive, and whenever go monster’s ass fur always get matted on account of popcorn butter and gum left on seat.  On de other hand, monster’s girlfriend, Rowena, inform him he going.  So, me went.

And be pleasantly surprized.  It be like going to a Dane Cook concert and having Louis C.K. show up instead!

Family time

Movie pick up where last one left off.  Gru now a lovable fulltime dad to tree young daughters – and about a hundred little yellow minions.  It a much harder job den being a supervillain.  But it not all sunshine and birthday parties at Casa Gru because evil afoot…

Where?  Well, dat what he have to find out wit help of undercover AVL (Anti-Villain League) agent Lucy Wilde.  SOMEbody poised to use mutagen PX-41 (side effekts include some monsterism)!   SOMEbody also kidnapping minions who be disappearing faster den audience members at a Dane Cook movie!  SOMEbody also hire away his best evil scientist, Dr. Nefario, wit promise of more villainous masterplan and dental coverage!  But who it be?!!

Love is in de air.  And cupcakes!

To find out, Gru go undercover at a shopping mall where he immediately suspekt Mexican restaurant owner, Eduardo, of being diabolically dead supervillain EL MACHO!

El Macho?  Dat you?

But tings go from bad to worse for Gru: 1. Nobody believe him.  2. Somebody else arrested and case closed.  3. One of his daughters be dating Eduardo’s son!  And de frosting on de cupcake: 4. Lucy being transferred to Australia!  Dis really bum Gru out because he aktually starting to develop feelings for her.  What a former supervillain to do?

Why, crash Eduardo’s Cinco de Mayo party and diskover his secret lair and proof dat he really be EL MACHO of course!  Unfortunately, proof consist of monstered-up purple former minions who babble and make about as much sense as…oh…Dane Cook’s career.

Side effekts incude monsterism.  And halitosis.

Lucy get kidnapped and it’s Gru to de reskue!  Wit help of a couple of minions and Dr. Nefario who have reconsidered his career opportunities.  

Action!  Suspense!  Laughs!  Disaster averted!  Gru and Lucy marry! And minions sing us out!

Little scene-stealers
Little scene-stealers

Verdikt: A better skript den first movie focus more on fun, family, and minions.  Also, no Dane Cook!

Rating: 8 chocolate chippee cookies

28 thoughts on “August 12, 2013: The Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes! Cookie Monster reviews Despicable Me 2!

  1. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t read this blog post, but glad da cookie liked it.

  2. I don’t get it. Every time I vote for something on this blog. Everybody votes for something else. Am I really so out of step with the masses? My thought…masses, you better shape up and vote my way, or..or…or…….I got nuthin’.

  3. I have not seen either of these movies…mebbe someday.

    In other news, the Board of Health called me today. Seems the dead crow we found in the front yard two Saturdays ago (and that I had to keep on ice until the following Monday when the BoH opened up again) tested positive for West Nile. Grrrreeeeaaat. I’ve never been bitten by so many mosquitoes as I have this summer, so now I’m all paranoid and stuff. 😛


  4. I haven’t seen it yet do I can’t really comment, however any movie (or anything, for that matter) is automatically better without Dane Cook.

    I’ll have to check this one out when I get a chance!

  5. If reports are to be believed, they never actually planned on a sequel when making the first film, infact the success of the first film took them entirely by surprised and they seemed truly humbled by it.

    Ignoring the fact that the first movie was one of, if not the most profitable movie Universal has released in many many many years.

  6. Ya know, I should some how be offended by the remark about the Viquings but I must slightly hang my head and agree, sigh. However, Chris Carter WAS inducted to the hall of fame.

    monkeys can be so evil

  7. I stick by my original statement about Despicable Me 2. It seemed like more of the same which was mediocre entertainment.

  8. @ Bailey – Well? Who was he? (Don’t make me look him up too.) 😉

    @ das – but they can cover more ground faster than any spider. Next thing you know they’re slithering up your leg and hissing at you.

  9. So much talk of Dane Cook. Why?

    And why would anyone go willingly to a Dane Cook show, even on the off chance Louis C.K might show up?

  10. @Ponytail – There are 4 Dane Cooks on IMDb, but I’m assuming JM is referring to the first one.
    A comedian and actor with an “excitable, high-energy stage presence,” he voiced Dusty Crophopper in Planes. Guess he’s been accused of stealing other comic’s material, but I really didn’t feel the need to investigate further.

  11. The two Despicable Me movies are similar to eating Chinese take-away . . . it’s enjoyable while you’re consuming it but ultimately is unsatisfying and forgettable.

    After watching the sequel I had a hard time remembering what actually happened. In fact, I’d forgotten that Gru and Lucy got married until you mentioned it! Perhaps it’s early onset dementia. Hmmmmmm.

    My main beef with the movie is that there seemed to be several plot setups that never went anywhere. The whole bit where Gru sets up shop in the mall with a long list of suspects and he instantly focusses (correctly) on Eduardo and we see and hear nothing about the rest of the mall residents. Wouldn’t it have been more interesting if every store owner in the mall were acting suspiciously and Gru had to investigate them? And just think of all the fun the minions could have had in a shopping mall! Not to mention the fish-out-of-water scenario of Gru trying to run a cupcake store and all the evil genius gadgets he could have employed to make his business a success. Missed comedic opportunities! Instead we get fart jokes.

    Lucy seems much more capable than Gru so why would the AVL need to recruit him? The only thing Gru brought to the mix was his previous association with El Macho and the AVL disregarded his suspicouns about that so, in reality, AVL didn’t need Gru at all.

    I enjoyed the first movie much more. It was fresh and new and, if you ignore the saccharine laden sloppy bits, lots of fun. The sequel was a big letdown.

  12. @ Ponytail – In all honesty, I am a bit jumpy around snakes in the wild, but mostly because I’m not sure which way they will go (it’s a combination of their unpredictability and me not wanting to hurt it). We don’t have any poisonous snakes around here (that I know of – we do have rattlesnakes, but not many so in all my years I’ve never seen one in the wild), instead we have mostly black snakes (racers and rat), king snakes, and garter snakes. They get in the office, once in a while in my parents’ house, and so when I have to ‘catch’ one I usually shoo it into a large trash can, as long as it doesn’t ‘jump’ out like it did yesterday! It was like one of those cartoon snakes that coil up and bounce like a spring! 😆 If it’s captured I will handle it if the head is controlled (I don’t wanna get bit!), and love large, slow snakes like boas and pythons – they make great, live belts! And I can catch with my hands wee snakes, like garter snakes, but they’re usually too quick.

    My sister and mom, both who are not afraid of spiders, are PETRIFIED of snakes…maybe even more ascared of them then I am of the wee leggy beasties. Once when we were kids we went for a walk through the woods with mom. I was first because I’m the only one not afraid of snakes so I always ‘forged the trail’ despite being the youngest, then mom second, then my sister and her friend. I came upon a snake about 8 feet ahead, and said, ‘oh, look…a snake…’ all casual-like, and mom freaked out, pushed my sister into the sticker bushes (blackberries and briers! Ouch!!), trampled over her friend, and bolted out of the woods. I’m pretty sure that mom can cover ground faster than any spider, OR snake!

    And needless to say, when it comes to snakes mom will sacrifice the children to save herself. 😛

    @ Bailey – That is absolutely fascinating!!! Thanks for sharing. And in reading the article, I almost thought I was reading about the Wraith (I never thought of mosquito ‘saliva’ before, and how it affects their feeding – sort of like Wraith enzyme and now I wonder if that’s where the idea came from.)


  13. Ugh…that was supposed to be ‘than I am of the wee leggy beasties’…I didn’t proofread. 😛


  14. Slightly offtopic but Cedar Cove seems to be doing really well on Hallmark, named the top cable show on Saturday for 4 weeks running now. And Carls episodes were pretty good. Haven’t seen anything about renewal, but it does say a movie will be airing in September.

  15. You released the spiders? 🙄 I can take spiders and snakes. Don’t put me in a room with roaches though! {shudders} Good luck with that yard sale.

    Sorry Cookie: I’m waiting to read your review until I see the movie. Waiting for the DVD release and then I can watch it in leisure. I did see the rating and now I’m looking forward to watching it.

    Have a g’day all!

  16. @ das – 😆 Your mom’s fear of snakes sounds like my brother’s fear of wasps. Once he took his 5 year old daughter fishing and came across a wasp nest in some trees. He freaked out and started running, leaving his little girl trying to catch him. She is 19 now and still tells this story about her dad. I wonder who could run faster, your mom or my brother…? 😆

  17. Oh and no one was hurt but it did cause delays. Imagine what it would be like in a train like that, it’s being reported on a few websites anyway, people obviously giving stories from inside the train at the time and people reporting on it in general.

  18. Interesting, as I preferred the first movie over the second. This one had a little too much forced romance. Like, I love Agnes trying to set her dad up, but a) the idea that Dad has to have Mom to be a “family” was a little too prominent and b) ugh, his neighbor and all the people she kept trying to set him up with. That said, I loved Margo having her first crush, Gru having problems dealing with calling Lucy on the phone (me too, Gru, me too) and the minions were ridiculous and adorable as always. I particularly enjoyed the 98 Degrees reference at the end – hilarious, if pathetic that I’m now the audience kids movies are going to sneakily cater to. Also, not enough of Gru’s mom; she was hilarious in the first movie.

    1. “Interesting, as I preferred the first movie over the second.”

      I guess what I preferred most about the second movie was Gru himself. He made an inept and, frankly, not all that interesting supervillain in the first one and the heart of the movie – his relationship with the kids – took a while to get to. By the second movie, they were clearly a family – kids, minions, even Nefario – and it gave the sequel a lot of heart.

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