Today, Akemi and I (and Bubba!) took in the annual Japan Festival on Powell Street…



Spam sushi!  About as good as you think.
Spam sushi! About as good as you think.

Bubba enjoys some kasu-sake ice cream:


How Many…

Have you seen?  I’ve seen 40.

Have you read?  I’ve read 43.

Have you watched? 100 Best TV Shows of All Time.  I’ve watched 48.

Have you eaten?  Whoa!  I’ve eaten 99.  Gotta track down that Mexican street corn.

Have you sipped?  I’ve sipped 35.  That I can remember.

Have you played?  I’ve played 38.  And no.  No hockey.

A reminder that our Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes tomorrow when our resident film critic, Cookie Monster, will be leading the discussion on The Dark Knight Rises.  Start watching now and you may be finished in time.

30 thoughts on “August 4, 2013: Japan Fest! How Many…?

  1. What kind of Japanese festival has spam sushi? That sounds just full of wrong. Bubba is hilarious in the sumo-ish cut out thingy, and of course the boy does love his ice cream.

    I’ll have to go those links tomorrow, too tired tonight. And yes, that movie is way too long, but I’ll go into that more tomorrow! 🙂

    Also, for anyone interested, here’s a video of my scenic air tour to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT out of Inuvik. What a great trip!

  2. Update! I’ve seen 32 of the sci-fi movies listed there. Maybe more, and I just can’t remember.

  3. 39 of the sci-fi movies. Not sure I would have classified Brazil as sci-fi, though. I’ll check some of the other lists later.

    99/100 foods? Nice job, Joe!

    I think I’ll take a pass *shudder* on the spam sushi. Not that I have anything against spam – it’s fine fried up for breakfast with some eggs.

    I made berry cobbler tonight for dessert.. Thanks again Joe and DP for sharing the recipe with us. It has become a family favorite, especially now that I got the fruit/crust ratio juuuuuust right!

  4. Sci Fi Movies = 22
    Novels = let’s just skip this catagory. 😳
    TV Shows = 41
    Foodie List = 15 I’m not very adventurous. 😮
    Cocktails = 9
    Sports = 9 Girl’s fast pitch solfball (we were awesome), tennis, and racquetball mostly.

    Bubba is so cute, but he wants more ice cream on that cone!

    @ gforce – Cool video. Thanks for the ride-along!

  5. Okay…here’s my list:

    Films: 39 (funny…I’ve never gotten around to watching a Clockwork Orange)
    Reads: 11 (guess I’m a bit too eclectic?)
    TV Shows: 49 (I think watching 70’s retro shows helped here)
    Foodie: 61 (I’ve got a long way to go to match you, Joe!)
    Cocktails: 20 (I’m more of an ale and stout guy)
    Sports: 36 (not bad for growing up in a small town)

    On Spam Sushi:

    When we were living near Bristol, UK, Barb and I got so desperate for sushi, we started making our own. Unfortunately, no sushi grade raw fish was available and after we got tired of California Rolls, we started experimenting. One such experiment was deviled-ham sushi…needless to say, we’ll never make that one again!

    And Bubba looks like he had a great time!

  6. I wasn’t going to even look but I couldn’t resist. I’ve seen 24 of the movies that I can remember, read 21 of the books, watched 56 of the shows, I skipped the cocktail list because most likely I was too drunk to remember the names of even half the drinks I’ve tried, and I’ve played 34 of the sports

  7. That’s a cool list website. I beat you on TV Shows — I’m good at watching TV. I’m at 74 of 100. You beat me on Sci Fi movies and books — some of those are very old!

    Going back to the Japanese TV entry, please don’t go and write it! It seems all misogyny and male wish fulfillment to me, yuck!

    You are very stubborn about the Blu-Ray thing, perhaps related to how capable you are of holding a grudge. I do Blu-Ray on Netflix and I love it. No need to buy them anyway. C’mon, dude!

  8. Hey Joe

    I’ve seen 41 of the movies, read 17 of the books, seen 55 of the TV shows, I’m afraid just 30 of the foods (that I know of, maybe I have tried some without knowing or understanding the name), 30 of the drinks and done only 25 of the sports.

    An honest count


  9. 100 Best TV Shows of all time but no Stargate? Okay Science fiction isn’t as popular as some other genres, and maybe the Syfy channel isn’t as mainstream as some other networks but seriously, no Stargate? Madness.

    The franchise easily grew a large following, and did very well in the retail market. Having a 100 Best Shows list with no Stargate SG1 just seems so wrong..

  10. Sci-Fi movies seen: 44
    Books read: 4 (although I’ve read other books by authors listed)
    TV shows seen: 41
    Drinks: 9

  11. I’ve seen 23 of the movies with several more in my “to watch” pile but…I call foul because Cloverfield – really?? Over, say, Dune, or Gattaca or even The Fifth Element (which I didn’t like, but Cloverfield is crap, ok)?

    I’ve seen 33 of the TV shows, though, of that list, far less in terms of “watched the whole thing” and those are mainly the British shows and sci-fi shows.

    18 sports, which is surprising until I remember 90% of those were gym class.

  12. i looked up imagawayaki they seem interesting.

    of the movies; i’ve seen 16 & parts of 4 or 5 others.

    of the books; i’ve read only one, the harry potter book.

    of the tv shows; i’ve seen 53 (i counted the ones i’ve seen at least 2 of) and the defenders deserves a spot on the list? maybe they’re confusing the 2010 series with the 1961 series.

    of the food; i’ve had 5 things. and some of that stuff i wouldn’t consider “foodie” things. seriously, mac & cheese? maybe if it was made with gouda or something.

    of the drinks; i’ve had none. i do not drink alcoholic beverages.

    of the sports; 13. (i suppose gym class stuff counts?)

  13. Neither run of Doctor Who is considered to be anywhere in the top 100 TV shows??? And the only Star Trek movie to make the list is one of the worst ones??? Those lists are dead to me.

  14. Movies: 45/50 (I know what I’ll be doing next weekend!)
    Novels: 9/64 (I haven’t even heard of a lot of them!)
    TV Shows: 38/100 (Very US centric. And my score would be much less if the requirement was to have seen every episode.)
    Food: 58/100 (Chicken and waffles? Is that a thing?)
    Cocktails: 0/50 (I didn’t bother going through the list. I might have had one or two but I’m not a drinker.)
    Sports: 42/75 (I’ll try anything once . . . but with sport it’s usually only the once!)

    To get you in the mood for The Dark Knight Rises check out this ABC promo for Batman Begins:

    He fights for family. And lives for love.

    Did they even watch the movie?

  15. Joe, I have mentioned here before about making my own ‘Mexican Street Corn’, though that’s not what I call it. I just call it the most delicious corn, ever!! 😀 It’s easy, and you should do it tonight. I sometimes just simplify the recipe and use butter (instead of mayo), lime juice, and chili (usually this stuff – , cheese optional. I can’t believe that the one thing Mr. Foodie has not eaten is fairly common for me (maybe because I have a lot of Mexican friends…or maybe because I love corn!).

    I did my best to remember what I’ve seen, read, eaten, drank, and played – I know with some of these (the movies and tv shows) I’m so very familiar with them I *think* I watched them, but I may only have seen bits, especially with tv shows that Mr. Das watched, but I didn’t. However, I did include them if I at least saw one episode all the way through. The food and drink lists were very hard because I have had things without knowing their name. Stuff like this really screws with my OCD because my shitastic memory butts heads with my obsessive need to be 100% accurate. 😛

    Films – 18.

    Books…drumroll, please… 0. 😛 *hangs head in shame*

    TV – 49.

    Food – 38.

    Drinks – 23. (I prefer wine)

    Sports – 20 (granted, most were in gym class :P… also, I cheated in that I included miniature golf as real golf! 😀 ).

    So, that’s it. Being an unathletic sort, I’m surprised that I have tried more sports than I’ve watched geek movies. Just amazing. I should be thinner. 😛


  16. Okay, I fail at this except for the TV, although I was surprised at how many scifi movies I had seen. :p

    18 scifi movies
    1 Hugo winning novel
    43 TV shows
    11 foods
    4 drinks
    3 sports

    Bubba is so cute.

  17. Dark Knight Rises, I’m looking forward to Cookie’s review. Did Cookie do Looper yet?

    There is an interesting job posted on Amazon’s HR Page:

    Head of Drama Series Development
    US, CA, Studio City • Job ID 224010

    Job Description
    Amazon Studios is seeking a series development executive to lead development of one hour dramas for online and traditional distribution. The ideal candidate has significant development and production experience, a track record of success in developing series and growing teams, and a passion for innovation.

    They’re looking for people who have a track record of dev and juggling multiple shows, fyi.

  18. @ archersangel – I think mac & cheese was there simply so most people had at least one thing they could tick off the list.


  19. After going through these lists you posted, I’ve discovered that I watch way too much TV and need to read more books!

    I’ve heard spam is big in Hawaii but is it big in Japan too? My dad used to slice spam and fry it. It wasn’t bad when food was scarce. That spam sushi could use a slice/fry….

    The festival looks like fun. Loved the pictures!

  20. Moves: 45

    Novels: 40 for sure. Maybe more, I’m fuzzy about my teen years.

    TV: 80

    Foodie: 69. or so.

    Cocktails: er, 23? Maybe more?

    Sports: 39

  21. Joey…The Spider…mind if I vent a bit. No? GOOD.

    Long story short…

    A little over a month ago I made arrangements for a termite treatment, seeing as how I found termites on our front porch. The treatment includes drilling the floor of the garage around all sides. ALL sides…as in, all the sides that I have tons of crap stored up against. So we rented a U-Haul to put the bulk of the stuff in (a 10-footer, that is now nearly full), and I still have a shitload of stuff in the garage. We’ve been working on this for three days now (though yesterday we did take some time off in the afternoon to go to the beach – we needed it!). We now have most everything is pulled away from the walls, so it’s a good opportunity to clean out all the cobwebs and scrub the floor (it’s a beautiful, dry day today) where our old cat had missed the litter pan and some pee got under the shelving where I couldn’t reach to clean.

    The problem? BIGASS SPIDERS!!!!! 😯 😮 😯

    The thing is a friggin’ spider hatchery. 😛 Hubby had to go into work early today, and so I was left with the spiders. I started having a mini panic attack and tensed up so bad I couldn’t move…so my 78-year old mother came over to help vacuum them up. I am such a pathetic wimp. 😛

    I really thought I had conquered the worst of my phobia, but sadly it’s alive and well. I’m mad at myself – not the spiders. A little mad at myself (and Mr. Das) for storing away crap we will probably never use, just like squirrels bury peanuts they will never eat, but mostly mad that I have let my phobia get the best of me.

    I can’t even be funny about it. It’s just sooo not funny. Mom did a little, but I still have to vacuum out the space under the water heater…which is one massive spiderweb. Probably some freaky thing from Lord of the Rings living under there…



  22. Das: Sorry about the spiders! You must have one tough Mom. 😉
    “Shudders” Oh and leave a note when you go back into the garage….just in case.

  23. Note: the tv show one locked up my screen, I had to close up to get it to go away.

    TV: 78, but really they should have specified saw nearly all or all of them or just one. If I saw at least one entire episode, I put yes.

    Hugo sci/fi: For someone with a billion sf books, I have a dismal 24

    Sci fi movies: 41 🙂

  24. And here I was expecting an exciting story of the purchase of your new oven.

    I’m currently reading (listening to) “Plugged” by Eoin Colfer.

    It’s about an Irish ex armed forces turned bouncer named Daniel McEvoy who finds himself trying to save the life of a police woman. Again. While trying to figure out who killed his friend, a hostess at the low end casino he works at while trying to avoid a local crime boss or two. It’s a good balance between tension and amusement. I’m 5/7 of the way through and looking forward to reading the second book in the series, Screwed.

  25. to dasndanger;
    that’s probably the reason.

    at first i didn’t think i would have any from that food list, then i saw #10 was pulled pork. so i think; “at least one.” but then they had key lime pie (which might be a “foodie” thing, if you stretch the definition) but then there was fried chicken and fish & chips too! *shrug* maybe my idea of “foodie” things are vastly different the then maker(s) of that list.

  26. I was very surprised at the foodie list for me, but I’ve tried 26.

    The drinks list–During the time period of age 16 (yes, I was a drinking teenager) until age 23 when I really didn’t understand that I was allergic to them (which would explain the hives), I had tried 6.

    Hugo novels: You would be extremely disappointed.

    TV shows: 63

    Scifi movies: 33-1/2 (the 1/2 going to the movie Inception).

    Sports: Now, do you count trying them once and never again? If so, then 19. If you want to add XBox sports/Kinect, then my score goes a bit higher.

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