People are a constant source of disappointment, and its because they’re either psychotic, opportunistic, or just plain stupid.  Chances are, you’ll have to put up with at least one of the aforementioned on a daily basis and learning to deal with them has become a necessary tool of survival in today’s society.  As time goes on, I grow increasingly weary of playing the game.  Yes, “I’m getting too old for this shit”.  In hindsight, I should have trained for a fall-back career that would have allowed me to work from home and not have to deal with people – something like a novelist, online mystery shopper, or one of those phone psychics.

Today, I took a break from my atypical routine to catch a matinee.  The last time I actually visited a movie theater was two years ago when Akemi and I caught Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  Before that…hard to say.  I think it was the premiere of Martin Gero’s Young People Fucking back in 2007.  The truth is, I don’t see many movies because I’m not interested in the edited versions on television.  I have my own home theater but stopped buying DVD’s when Blu-ray came out.  Also, there’s the indisputable fact that most big screen features are shit. And so, aside from the selections screened for this blog’s Supermovie of the Week Club (after all, I can’t very well have guest reviewer, Cookie Monster, suffering through the likes of The Amazing Spiderman, Chronicle, and Abar: The First Black Superman all by his lonesome), it’s mighty slim pickins.  But today was different because today Akemi wanted to go out and see something.  And so, we did.  We went out and caught Despicable Me 2 (the regular version since Akemi fears 3D will make her nauseous).  Well, I thought the original was “fine” and I don’t know what Cookie Monster will say when it comes time to review this one, but I quite liked it – certainly more than the first one.  I know, I know.  Surprising, huh?

After the movie, we stopped by Vancouver’s premiere chocolate shop (that has expanded their repertoire well beyond their extraordinary chocolates) for a little afternoon snack:

1Cream puffs, from left corner clockwise: blueberry-yuzu, praline, banana cream pie, and dark chocolate (85%) and caramel.

The full lineup:

1Still on the hunt for a dog-sitter.  Our trip to Tokyo for Akemi’s sister’s wedding fast approaches!

Some news of note:

DON’T sell your pet on craigslist.  Regardless of whether the buyer looks respectable or comes accompanied by a child or sweet-looking girlfriend, they could be a reseller, middle man for animal testing labs, or worse:

Well, this is interesting – and more than a little disconcerting: Yep, I’ll just stock up on that bottled water and canned foods.

Apparently, guys in bear suits or body armor are PR disasters: article_20529_5-psychotic-marketing-stunts-that-traumatized-their-audience.html

23 insane things you should know about snack foods:

Via Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 8/2/2013

My buddy, author Jeff Carlson, does a guest blog here:

Bert he wasn’t so quick to do his job the second time around.  “That other stuff was crap but this?  This is art!”:

25 thoughts on “August 2, 2013: An Atypical Day! News of Note!

  1. One thing that surprises me with some movies is the atrocious writing that’s pretty much in some movies with a $150-200 million budget, some studios must think that by having an expensive budget, with a ton of FX, explosions, spaceships, and all kinds of fancy computer effects they’ll have a good time at the boxoffice, when you’ll see quite clearly, people want a good story in their movie, and if the story sucks, no amount of budget will save it.

    I’ve noticed that there’s been quite a few high budget failures in the boxoffice over the years, and the most notable complaint is the story. Granted some movies have a bit of luck with a poor story, but some don’t..

    There’s a few movies every year that fall into this category.

  2. Well, I hope only *some* people are a constant source of disappointment. Although, I’ve been told by some people that I’m a huge disappointment. As you know though, I don’t give their opinion a lot of credence! 😉

    Speaking of movies, I was debating going to see Wolverine as one of the maybe three movies that I actually see at the theatre per year, but still haven’t decided. I agree that most of them just don’t look that good to me – at least not worth spending that much time and money to go see at the theatre.

    Yes, I’ve been following Beta5’s recent menu changes on Facebook and I would so love to try those creampuffs. They almost have me checking airfares to Vancouver! 🙂

    Regarding the pet-selling, I can’t imagine selling a pet, period. As far as I’m concerned it’s ’til death do us part. Even in a situation where I was forced to give up an animal, it would only be a controlled, rehoming situation. I could never imagine selling something to just some random person off the street.

    No surprises in that snack food info. Fat and sugar is tasty, yo! (See Beta5 comment, above.)

  3. Dealing with psychotic, opportunistic and rather stupid individuals was why I ended up leaving my job I had loved so much for so long. That and the fact that I was tired of smelling like chemicals all the time. That also sucked. It just wasn’t worth the hassle anymore.
    But on a better note – those treats looked fantastic! Very tasty. I am so jealous of all the amazing dishes and treats you eat. Happy to hear your movie experience today was great and you enjoyed the movie.

  4. From SPACE WEATHER FACT CHECK: Many readers are asking about a report in the Washington Examiner, which states that a Carrington-class solar storm narrowly missed Earth two weeks ago. There was no Carrington-class solar storm two weeks ago. On the contrary, solar activity was low throughout the month of July. The report is erroneous. The possibility of such a storm is, however, worth thinking about: A modern Carrington event would cause significant damage to our high-tech society.

  5. Good thing I’m still full from dinner. Even better thing is those cream puffs are in Vancouver as they look very scrumptious. Thanks Joe.

  6. the banana cream pie cream puff looks like it has an fried egg on it. :huh: :blink:

    about selling pets on craigslist; years ago i read when giving away kittens or puppies via the classified ads, you should ask to see utility bills in their name to reduce the chance of selling them to a lab or a “puppy mill.”

  7. I am in full agreement on your estimation of people. I think Slipknot said it best: “People = Shit”. 🙂

    I don’t actually go to the movies any longer. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. If I feel that the movie I am watching sucks, I end it and pick another. That being the case, I have a pretty low tolerance for crappy movies these days.

    Looking forward to Despicable Me 2. I loved the first one. On Netflix of course.

  8. ah! MISSED US *AGAIN*, huh? — well, at least that explains why my computer has been acting like a piece of crap lately. And here I thought that MERCURY was in RETROGRADE or something…

    And, just another reason why I maintain my analogue skills and keep old “stuff” around… oh, and the odd SOLAR battery charger… hmm.. I imagine that an entire Generation would probably wither away without their “iToys” and batteries and the LACK of any CELL SIGNALS! HOW would they cross streets against the light without Tweeting about the chatty Bluetoother who just ran them over..? They’d have to use REAL keys to open car doors… Turn actual book PAGES… Be UNable to peruse YOUR pithy Blog…

    We’re DOOMED!!

  9. People are a constant source of disappointment, and its because they’re either psychotic…

    Dammit!! You found me out!!! 😡

    That said, I at least know I’m nuts. That’s half the battle right there. It’s the people who think they’re totally normal that you really have to watch out for…ya know, people like…

    well…like those people who think everyone around them is psychotic, opportunistic, or just plain stupid.








    *slowly backs away from Joey The Spider Mallozzi*


  10. @ gforce – I loved The Wolverine. The first movie of the summer that I really want to see again. I think it really got to the heart and soul of the character, much like that very first ‘Logan and Rogue’ scene from the first X-Men flick. It made me like the character again – just wish the comic books could do the same! Speaking of which, I think it also plays very well to those not overly familiar with the comic book character, or at least to those who aren’t too hung up on things being exactly like they are in the comics.

    And amazingly, the character (besides Wolverine) that I liked the most was female! That’s very odd for me, since female characters usually annoy the crap out of me. But not in this movie – I just loved…well…go see the movie then guess which one I liked the most! 😉


  11. I probably manage to get to the cinema 4 or 5 times a year at most. My problem is not with they movies themselves. I can generally switch my brain off for a couple of hours and watch any old crap. My main problem is with the whole multiplex experience. My nearest multiplex doesn’t even turn the house lights off all the way. They just dim them but leave it light enough for “health and safety” reasons. Drives me nuts! One multiplex I’d regularly go to had a broken front right speaker in one of the screens that would just crackle whenever the sound got too loud. I complained about it but they never did anything about it. So I stopped going there.

    There’s a small, independent cinema about 30 minutes drive away that I try to support whenever I can. They get the latest blockbuster movies a month or two after they’ve finished at the multiplexes but it’s a much nicer experience.

    If I could find an old, early 20th century cinema and had the money to buy it and fix it up, it would be a dream come true. I’d even show cartoons before each movie like they used to!

  12. Oh! Almost forgot!! Congrats to the Chiefs (Waikato Chiefs) for winning the Super Rugby final against the Brumbies (27-22)! It was a great match – a real nailbiter – and why I’m awake this early in the morning. My loyalties were torn on this one – I usually root for NZ teams, but I like the Brumbies (from Oz) and they’ve done such a great job this year I wouldn’t have been disappointed if they won.

    Well, it’s 5:30…not sure if I should go back to bed, or just stay awake. Today is going to be hellish – we have to clean out the garage to make it ready for the termite guys coming on Tuesday. It’s muggy today, so it’s not going to be a pleasant chore. 😛


  13. I’m pretty nutso, but I try to be nice and polite about inflicting my insanity on other people. While I am by no means stupid, I find my brain is doing its own thing most days.

    Ooooh, cream puffs.

  14. I’ll put Despicable Me 2 on our list. Kids movies can be fun. Although, Toy Story 2 and Up made me cry.

    Love the food pictures, as always I’m jealous (and hungry).

    Das: Your wedding picture was beautiful and I loved Mr. Das’s expression.

  15. 😳 Das, I know my grammar made everyone flinch. Sorry, I meant you were beautiful in those wedding pictures.

  16. I hadn’t seen Despicable Me in theaters because of PTSD from terrible kiddie movies of yore, especially the Christmas my nephew had Polar Express on continuous replay. So it was a treat to discover how charming it is, it even had some bite to it and real stakes. I enjoyed Despicable 2 too, I caught the trailer and it hooked me.

    You are right about people getting stupider, but every once in a while a Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones pops up like a unicorn, to make up for all the crazy-eyed bachelorettes.

  17. Well, I’m re-training for such a career. I’ve spent a day trying to figure out how to get a macaroni box graphic to change perspective to match its location in a still photo of a kitchen so I can get it to shoot pasta at broccoli. I haven’t had to hear from a single human being whether that’s a good way to spend my time or not. Maybe running stuff by another set of ears has its merits, as long as it’s not crazy ears.

    Reading about the particulars of snack food manufacturing demystifies the voodoo used to make it. As long as we’re not talking meat foam, I usually learn the process is not as scary as I thought. Learning something like that a whole bag of chips has a day and a half’s worth of fat makes it sound not as bad as my imagination might have interjected for that factoid.

  18. I rarely go to the movies because of the cost. I know the old joke about Scots, but seriously – most of us are not tight. I do however hate being ripped off. Last time I took my mum to a matinee I was shocked. A pensioners ticket was nearly £6!! By the time you end up paying for a scoop of ice-cream at £2.99 I could have taken her for a pasta lunch with wine!

    The only exception I make is for films where you need all the bells and whistles. Into the Darkness, the latest Star Trek movie, was one of them. Now that was worth the money. If you haven’t seen it yet Joe, you really should.

  19. No worries, Tam, I got the drift. 🙂 And thank you. Unfortunately, I look nothing like that now. 😛

    @ Joey The Spider – I forgot to mention that there is quite a bit of Japanese spoken in The Wolverine…plus a love story. It may be a good way brush up on your language skills AND romance your gal. 😉


  20. Joe, your stay at home career, cooking and uh,, eating, you could be a secret mystery restaurant critic , Not sure how much that pays, but if the food is good, might be fun. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  21. “they’re either psychotic, opportunistic, or just plain stupid.”

    Actually the person I am thinking of is all three. Did anybody catch on the EMP near-miss the guy’s name is Woolsey? LOL

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