Release Date: August 2, 2013

What it’s about: In 1943 occupied France, a beautiful young refugee changes the life of a famous sculptor.

What it’s got working for it: Great reviews.

What’s it’s got going against it: Potentially painfully pretentious.



Release Date: August 2, 2013

What it’s about: A manned mission to Jupiter’s moon makes an astounding discovery on Europa.

What it’s got working for it: It’s scifi and we all love scifi, right?  Also I09 seems to like it.

What’s it’s got going against it: Looks like a big screen version of Defying Gravity.



Release Date: August 2, 2013

What it’s about: A young couple become all too dependent on the generosity of their lodger, an elderly doctor.

What it’s got working for it:  These types of slow burns tend to surprise.

What’s it’s got going against it: But just as often do not.



Release Date: August 2, 2013

What it’s about: A high school Romeo falls for a “good girl”.

What it’s got working for it: Sundance winner for acting.

What’s it’s got going against it: Feels a little precious.



Release Date: August 9, 2013

What it’s about: Two detectives, brothers, must cover their tracks when an interrogation goes too far.

What it’s got working for it: A great cast that includes Paul Bettany, Mark Strong, and Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire’s Al Capone).

What’s it’s got going against it: Looks very grim, bleak.



Release Date: August 9, 2013

What it’s about: An likely couple approach their one year anniversary. But will they make it?

What it’s got working for it: A funny and promising-looking trailer.

What’s it’s got going against it: Rom Coms, British or otherwise, never quite leave a lasting impression.



Release Date: August 9, 2013

What it’s about: A documentary about Big Pharma and our over-medicated society.

What it’s got working for it: Interesting and important subject matter.

What’s it’s got going against it: Looks depressing.  Luckily, there are pills for that.



Release Date: August 16, 2013

What it’s about: A criminal takes the rap for his girlfriend then, four years later, busts out of prison and looks to reunite.

What it’s got working for it: I quite like Casey Affleck’s work.

What’s it’s got going against it: The annoyingly nonsensical title.



Release Date: August 23, 2013

What it’s about: An epic actioner based on the life of legendary kung fu master Ip Man.

What it’s got working for it: Director Wong Kar Wai’s films are gorgeous.

What’s it’s got going against it: But can be frustratingly esoteric as well.



Release Date: August 23, 2013

What it’s about: The story of romantic rebel Ward Allen who turned his back on his plantation heritage in favor of a life on the river with his friend, a freed slave.

What it’s got working for it: Looks like a sumptuous period piece.

What’s it’s got going against it: Huh?  Is that the voice of Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock at around 59 seconds into the trailer?



Release Date: August 30, 2013

What it’s about: A corporate whodunit in which each death is foretold by a sinister power point presentation.

What it’s got working for it: Could be a terrific dark comedy.

What’s it’s got going against it: Or it could just be incredibly dumb. The fact that the trailer refuses to tell us anything about the actual movie speaks volumes.

So, what looks good?  What doesn’t?

22 thoughts on “July 31, 2013: Upcoming Under the Radar Movies to Look Forward To! Or Not!

  1. You know what ‘under the radar’ movie I missed and have heard nothing but good about? Matthew McConaughey’s Mud. It intrigued me because I like those ‘kid befriends adult’ films like The Client, and this one just felt like something I’d enjoy. It comes out on DVD in early August and I plan to either rent it, or watch it on PPV. Really looking forward to it!

    As for the movies above, some sound interesting but nothing I’d go to the theater for, not with the price of a ticket so precious these days.


  2. Europa Report looks gorgeous, I’m just not sure if it’s going to be a horror flick or not. I’m on the fence with the sci-fi/horror genre. Hard to do well. Most come out looking like Jason X(sorry Lexa and Chuck!).

    The Spectacular Now and I Give it a Year look good, too. Just don’t know if they’re worth the full price of admission. Solid “maybes”.

    Haven’t watched the rest of the trailers, yet.

    Here’s one I noticed recently that sadly reminded me of a movie premise/storyline I came up with a couple years ago(as a way of “fixing” Butterfly Effect):


    Sadly, the trailer makes it look like all those other “You gotta live for the now” movies out there.

    I do love Bill Nighy in a comedic role, though….and Rachel McAdams is nice to look at, too. She does do a lot of “love story/time travel” movies, though, doesn’t she?

    -Mike A.

  3. The one movie I was excited about was The GrandMaster. But without Donnie Yen reprising his role as Ip Man, I’m not sure I will feel the same about the film. I have watched the first two movies countless times. Donnie Yen’s moves were so smooth while engaging others in combat. So well choreographed. May need to go and watch them again this weekend!!! Along with finishing ” The Old Man’s War” !

  4. I can say I won’t be seeing many of these. Blood looks somewhat interesting but the one I will probably end up renting is The Grandmaster and only because my husband has a thing for those movies. I had to sit through The Man With The Iron Fist last night and it was, well, to put it nicely, less than great. I might also rent the Europa Report because hey, it’s sci-fi..

  5. Agree with Woody. It was odd not to see Donnie in the trailer.
    Ziyi Zhang is in the movie – she was in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha.

  6. Until you started doing these entries, I never knew so many movies were being made. Wow.

  7. Thanks for the new movie lists, Joe! Not sure I will be going to see any of these in the theater. The Artist and the Model looks very artsy and interesting – that one is a possibility, The Spectacular Now looks like a “feel good” movie – I’ll go see it with my movie-fan friend if she asks. And 10 Habits, etc sounds like it might be a fun dark comedy as you said and I might watch it on video eventually. From the previous list, I was planning to see Elysium even if it has a “borrowed plot”. And I’ll probably see City of Bones when it come to the cheap theater.

  8. Just a comment on the Elysium plot: both Elysium and The Cloud Minders seem to be borrowing from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Even HG Wells The Time Machine has a bit of the same with the Morlocks and Eloi.

  9. Some of these look rather good. They, of course, won’t come to my theatre, but I think I’ll watch Europa Report, Savannah (Bradley Whitford!), and I gIve It a Year (Rose Byrne and Simon Baker? Should be good.). Although I am intrigued that Savannah is supposed to be about this guy and his life with his black friend…but then who isn’t on the movie poster.

  10. Joe, may I suggest you might do the same thing except for Blu Ray releases? I hardly ever go to the theater, I know a lot of others don’t either. I prefer home. The screen isn’t as big, but I don’t get some goober talking all through the movie either. And my feet aren’t sticky when the show is over. And I can buy the Blu Ray for less then the cost of two admissions to the theater and watch it over and over if it’s really good. And I don’t have to pay $30 for a medium popcorn and a watery coke.
    Just a suggestion, of course.

    I wonder if Casey Affleck from Ain’t Those Bodies Saints is going to be brooding and angry. Or violent and angry. Or perhaps just angry.

    Savannah. Is the former plantation owner and his friend the freed slave friends, or are they “friends”, wink wink? I think they kill you now for that in the southern US. Back then, I think they might be a bit nasty about it. But perhaps I’m reading it wrong. Lets look at the IMDB plot summery:
    SAVANNAH is the true story of Ward Allen, a romantic and bombastic character who rejects his plantation heritage for the freedom of life on a river. Ward navigates the change of early 20th century America on the wrong side of the law and society, his loyal friend, a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie, at his side. Master of Shakespeare, and the shotgun that provides Savannah’s markets with fowl, Ward fights for his rights as a hunter. His charisma and eloquent rhetoric win the heart of a society woman who defies her father to marry him. An elderly Moultrie tells the story of life on the river with his friend to a little boy, who passes the legendary Ward Allen down to the next generation.

    Clearly my mind must be in the gutter.

    Joe is right, I do like science fiction, I guess most of us do. Europa Report looks good, except once again we have a human in an alien environment ignoring the sensible persons warning to get the hell away from the alien. Oh no, whats the worse that could happen? Well, it might jump into your face, wrap around your neck and insert it’s prodigy into your body cavity where upon it will grow then eat it’s way out through your chest. And what’s it going to feed on while it’s growing in there, hmm? These people never learn.

    Europa Report is the only interesting one for me.

  11. Mike from Canada: Ditto what you said about Europa. Although, I can usually overlook plot holes, if the movie is interesting. I also agree about watching movies in the theatre. We prefer to get the DVD/Blu-ray. Internet service is not guaranteed here, so we buy a physical copy instead of streaming.

    Ditto what Ponytail said too. I’ve never heard of these films.

    Das: Thanks for the link. I prefer one L but hubby is not much for change. He is still arguing about it. 😉
    I’m loving that Endeavor series. Except for Longmire, it’s hard to find good whodunits on American channels. We tried to watch a Rizzoli & Isles last night. The show has a wonderful cast but they must not have ANY technical consultants for the writers. I can’t take watching it anymore. I read Tess Gerritsen’s series and they’ve twisted her characters into a cuties gal pal show. Bleck! 🙁

  12. How could I have missed some of this, Stargate SG1 marathon on SYFY today…

  13. @Airelle – thank you! I had no idea, just tuned in and Wormhole Extreme is on – hilarious episode!… and just saw a pineapple

  14. I’m currently watching “Wormhole Extreme” on SyFy. I’d forgotten how awesome this episode is. Nice work Joe!

  15. I saw Europa Report on Amazon (its on pre-release before it hits theaters), it reminded me of Event Horizon. I liked the Jason Statham film Redemption more.

    I want to see Elysium, it’s pretty much driving all other thoughts from my head. I loved “Headhunters” 2011 from Norway, and everything by Jacques Audiard; Rust and Bone, A Prophet, Read My Lips.

  16. Can I also add that I’m addicted to Space Janitors? Seriously, Canadian shows are awesome.

  17. Your lists are great, Joe. Thanks for going to the trouble! I’ll be adding many to my Netflix queue just so I don’t forget them. I’ll see Savannah for sure, being a new Jim Caviezel fan (non-Jesus version) — Person of Interest is so good!

  18. Hi Joe, I hope you will allow me to impose on your line up of movie trailers by supplying an additional trailer that I came to know via a friend’s FB posting. It has a bit of Grandmaster and Transporter mixed together. If you ever saw “Tom Yang Gung” it has the same simple Thai cinematic flare by they seemed to have stepped it up in production values. It should be a fun flick.พมคิดว่าดูหนังนี้จะเป็นสนุกมาก ๆ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utMUVsOTwCM It could be worth a DVD rental.

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