1Check out Lulu, fairly bursting with excitement at the prospect of going all Risky Business this long weekend.  I mean, sure, she looks like a sweet little angel lying there, but don’t be deceived.  Her dreams are filled with plots and schemes and twisty stings.  Dog-sitter, Kerry, better be on her toes or she’ll be in for four days of mayhem.

Some dog-related links:

If you’re running errands in this heat, leave your dog at home. Veterinarian Sits in a Hot Parked Car for 30 Minutes dogingtonpost.comVeterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward, set out to see what it feels like for a dog helplessly trapped in a hot car. Armed with a clock,a thermometer and a video camer

A pack of dogs, clearly inspired by Batman: Stray dogs save girl from being raped in Argentina www.dogheirs.comA 12-year-old girl was saved by five stray dogs after a man attempted to rape her in Argentina, according to local media in the country. Martin Grande’s 89.9 FM reported that the incident occurred on June 23 around 9:30 am in the morning. The young girl was walking alone and on her way to her Aunt’s…

Police officers have hard jobs.  In addition to stress, danger, and long hours, they must also deal with almost constant public criticism, most of it, in my opinion, unjustified.  Police put up with a hell of a lot and work hard, serving and protecting, building trust and respect in their respective communities.  And then something like this happens to undermine all that: Hawthorne Police Launch 2 Investigations Into Fatal Dog Shooting

Think pet insurance is a good idea?  Think again: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2354214/Vicky-Hughes-sold-clothes-eBay-save-dog-pet-insurers-refused-pay-up.html


Our Supermovie of the Week Club continues on Monday when we’ll be joined by resident film critic, Cookie Monster, who will offer his thoughts on the 1977 classic movie Abar, the First Black Superman. Moving forward, I thought it would be nice to mix things up a bit and alternate our ongoing superhero-themed selections with other non-superhero fare.  And so, after considering your many recommendations, I offer up the following nominations:

Get voting!  Polls close on midnight, Monday July 8th.

17 thoughts on “July 3, 2013: Dog matters! What movie will we force guest reviewer Cookie Monster to sit through next? Let’s put it to a vote!

  1. If Cookie Monster needs punishing, I suggest Battle of Los Angeles, quite possibly one of the worse movies ever made, ever.
    (I bet the SGC could break Todd the Wraith with this movie, just lock him in a room with this movie playing on loop and he’ll be spilling everything he knows 😉 )

    But from the list you suggested Joe, I would say The Fifth Element, it’s a fun film. And kinda funny.

  2. Neck and neck on the poll.

    Granted… there are only 4 votes so far… but still! 😀

  3. Wanna be mean to Cookie? But, why torture your GUEST reviewer? Offer a plate of macarons a nice cool drinkie poo or two, the recliner, and our thanks!

  4. I timidly voted for The Fifth Element. I live in a happy land where The Fifth Element has no plot holes and the science and physics all works out because it’s the future and I’m favored in the spiritual realm that such a masterpiece was made available within my lifetime to assuage the drudgery of this mortal coil. And I want to take my vote back because Cookie’s going to harsh my buzz with logic and stuff.

  5. my brother like the fifth element. if that wins maybe i can get him to read the review & write up a comment with points he agrees/disagrees on.
    and maybe it will snow in flordia this month.

  6. Ha! I voted as anonymous and now I can vote again since I logged in…but I won’t.

    If I did though, it’d be for The Fifth Element. There ain’t nothin’ in that movie that Cookie Monster can criticize. Ain’t nothin’!

    Anyway, hi everybody! Sorry for being away for so long. I did receive PBMom’s Facebook poke a while ago and I finally came through with my promise that I would drop by.

    How is everyone? I’m doing ok. Busy as always with real life and research and stuff.

    I see that Joe is going to LA this weekend! What a bad time for me to be back in Vancouver for a few days then. Speaking of which, the doggies may have enjoyed the heat, but I sure as hell didn’t! I came up here to escape the heat! What the hell, climate. Stop changing so much.

    Hope you have lots of fun at Marty G.’s party! Make sure to drink lots, and I’ll go ahead wait for the news that several former Stargate producers ended up waking up naked atop the O’s of the Hollywood sign. It could be like The Hangover I, II, and possibly III (didn’t actually watch any of them but this seems appropriate).

    My suggestion for Marty G.’s gift: a painting that you yourself painted. Use your imagination, Joe. Use it. Use it use it use it use it use it use it use it use it.

  7. Big wave to pg15!!!

    I voted for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but Fifth Element would be a good second choice.

    Have a fun and safe trip Akemi & Mr. M !

  8. Multipass!

    I love this movie. I really do. While it’s not my favourite movie, it is right up there. It’s a great movie to make you smile, give you some energy while you put your brain in park for a while. But it doesn’t make a lick of sense. Which I think why this will be a it great movie for Cookie to review.

    Cookie always seems to get the to heart of the matter, which he then rips out, and fills with delicious cookies. Then he eats both the heart and the cookies.

    I thought that Ultraviolet was a pretty terrible movie. Very forgettable. I don’t even recall what it’s about, I just recall watching it and thinking it’s a pretty bad movie.

  9. Hello, breaktime from the Work Her To Death job. Catching up then back to the old grindstone.

    Joe, I hope your lung is better this morning. Like Airelle said, just use the other one until it heals. While you’re in LA, maybe you could visit with a personal trainer. You are obviously doing something wrong with all your exercise injuries you are always getting. You could show them what you are doing and they could tell you the proper way to do it. Save you pulling a lung today and your brain tomorrow…

    @ pg15 – Hey ya kid!! Good to hear from you. Miss you. Visit more often!

    @ gforce – Loved the beautiful pictures of your trip. Real National Geographic like. Beautiful! And your video was awesome! Loved it and the music.

    @ das – I packed a little baby tornado in my checked baggage for New Jersey from Texas, with love, of course. Did you get it (on Monday, I think)?

    Joe have fun at Marty G’s birthday party. Sounds like it is going to be a wild one. Can’t wait for the report and pictures of that. Why don’t you make Kerry-With-A-“Y” reveiw one of your movies while she is a captive audience at your house. Give Cookie the week off and see what she has to say. I bet she would just loooove it. (Remember that play she dragged you to. You owe her one…)

  10. I voted Fifth Element. How can there be any issues in a cinema masterpiece starring Gary Oldman?

    Seriously though, that is one of those movies that has a ridiculous number of issues, but we love to watch it anyway.

  11. Sweet! Looks like it’s going to be the Fifth Element! Definitely one of my favorite movies. Should be a fun read. I hope Cookie’s ok with a little bit of nudity and a whole LOT of gibberish talk!

    The jury’s still out for me on Man of Steel, though things aren’t looking good. The more I think about it the more I realize how much better they could have done things: writing, action sequences, editing….

    The costuming was unreal, though. Zod’s military “garb”, for lack of a better word, was very intricate and detailed and most of the time he was on screen, I was checking out his armor-suit-thing trying to figure out if it was real or CGI. I imagine it was real and can’t begin to fathom how long it took not only to design, but to make that thing. Awesome stuff!

    -Mike A.

  12. @PG15: Nice to see you back!

    Nobody’s commenting on the dog shooting, so I’ll do the same. I’m sure NOBODY here knows how I feel about this. 🙂 That said, although I mostly agree with you, Joe, (about the police and their jobs, etc. ) I also have noticed a lot (A LOT) more power-crazed and short-fused officers, at least where we live.

    Happy 4th of July, everybody!

  13. Thanks, Ponytail!

    I voted for The Fifth Element – just because, believe it or not, I have never seen it.

    I agree, Mike A. about Man of Steel. My biggest gripe was the ending/last battle scene it went on FOREVER. And then, the final resolution was so, I don’t know, mundane.

    Have a great time at Martin’s birthday, Joe! And of course make sure to say hi for all of us here. I’m off tomorrow (again!) this time to Bromont, PQ, where I’m doing a Tough Mudder competition with a team of guys from work.


    Yeah. I don’t know why, either.

  14. Hey pg15! Good to hear from you! I hope life is treating you well.

    I voted Fifth Element, too. Though, like DP I’m a little concerned the Cookie will tear it to shreds,

  15. Reviewing bad old movies nobody has heard of is one thing, but I can’t read these reviews bashing some fairly decent and some perfectly fine movies. Although I will still be coming to this site and enjoy reading your other entries, I will be skipping over any movie reviews you do and hope you go back to making fun of email solicitors.

  16. No matter what Cookie says about the FIfth Element it will remain as one of those movies, despite all it’s potential plot issues, I will watch again and again.

    HI PG15. It is so nice to see you drop by. We miss you, you know.

    I’ll have to check those links out later. My iPad does not like the Internet connection from where I decided to park my butt. However it did play that awesome Beneful commercial. Dreadful dog food but clever commercial.

    Lulu looks like she is already missing you. I can’t wait to find out what you got the golden boy for his birthday.

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