Last year, we celebrated Canada Day by driving down to Steveston Village for the annual Salmon Festival.  This year, we did something a little different, choosing to avoid the big crowds and traffic in favor of an actual “holiday” at home in which we did absolutely nothing and a whole bunch of everything including (but not limited to): reading, watching, eating, and hanging with the dogs.

Speaking of whom – the temperature has been downright tropical of late, and no one has enjoyed it more than these guys.  Look at them, all smiles:


Lulu, meanwhile, just likes lay out on the porch and take the sun.  But not before getting comfortable –

Four more days until we’re L.A.-bound for Golden Boy Marty G.’s birthday bash.  What does he have planned for the festivities.  Can’t say for certain but rumors abound.  Three words: “lobster” “food” “truck”!  I’ve also decided on a birthday gift.  For the most part.  A big gift now and maybe something smaller that catches my eye while shopping on Rodeo Drive.  A pair of jade fire screens?  A saffron hat? An antique monocle worn by General Erich Ludendorff?  In the unlikely event he actually reads this blog, I’ll have to keep it on the down low, but I’ll let you all know before I leave.  In the end, after much consideration, I decided I’d get him something I’D want to receive. Perfect!

Finally, wrapping up our discussion on this week’s Supermovie of the Week Club feature, The Amazing Spiderman, here’s a little something from blog regular HBMC: How The Amazing Spiderman Should Have Ended…

P.S. I suffered a workout injury this morning.  I suspect I may have pulled my right lung.

23 thoughts on “July 2, 2013: The Post-Canada Day Post!

  1. “In the end, after much consideration, I decided I’d get him something I’D want to receive. Perfect!”

    So, it’s the monocle, then?

    Loved the dog pics, of course (they’re always sure-fired winners.)

    Your Canada Day sounded pretty nice. My step-mom was feeling well enough yesterday that I was able to take her for a nice drive down to the nearby seaside town of St. Martins ( and we had some nice seafood takeout.

  2. Ouch, get better soon Joe. I’ve never heard of pulling your lung before, I suspect you’ve probably pulled a muscle somewhere. Likely your back.

    A downside of nice weather is mostly that you need to make sure that plants that need watering, are watered lol. Made the mistake with one recently that looked a bit wilted because of the weather, it recovered pretty much.

    A random upside of nice weather is that you’ll eventually get a unique thunderstorm, I found one a while back amazing, it literally turned night to day with the lightning. Then of course I noticed the region of sky it was in, was quite close to where I lived lol

  3. A dog’s life looks pretty good, especially if you’re Lulu; you get to eat at the table and relax in the sun. I can recommend a truly terrible movie called “Into The Sun,” a ’92 Top Gun knockoff with Michael Pare and callsigns like “Snake”,”Dragon” and “Slade,” I kid you not. It was very big in Denmark. Martin might want tix to the next LA Times Hero Complex fest in the fall, so far they’ve had Nimoy, Ridley Scott, Chris Nolan. They always get terrific speakers.

  4. Ouch, sorry about the lung, just use the left side?!?..
    The spiderkid in the video kinda reminds me of the How to train your dragon kid, Hiccup.,and what a terrific ending..
    ~~and how cute doggie pics and videos, thanks for sharing, that Lulu sure knows how to get comfy.
    Also what a smart idea, get Marty something you would like in the event he does not like it and you can keep it for you, but then that would mean getting another something equally as cool as the gift you got yourself(er, I mean marty).

  5. Joe, seriously, I was dead set on being funny tonight when I commented because I spent the day exploring ruins under torrential downpours and needed the relief but then I read your post. Having worked in a hospital for several years – injuries to the lungs are quite severe and quickly go from not so severe to life threatening. Get some help. Get this checked out. It sounds serious and not like some typical work out pain.. This type of injury you describe is not something that needs to be ignore it and it will go away. This is something to be checked out. Better safe than sorry after all.

  6. awwwww….thanks for the puppy pix.
    Your holiday schedule sounds like what I plan to do on our July 4th holiday … with the exception of hanging with the puppies. I might have to get a supply of macarons for snacking while reading and/or watching TV.

  7. After all that getting comfortable, Lulu didn’t want to lie in the direct sunlight?

  8. Sorry to hear about your workout injury. Fortunately you can still breathe although it is probably painful. That is when you discover how every part of your body is connected to it and even laughing is painful.

    I guess you did not realize that Lulu wanted you out of her sunlight.

    I think that is a smart move on your part to buy a gift you would like. In our house we try to buy something for Christmas Patrick will like with the note in the back of our heads that if he does not wind up liking it, we would. Like the XBox Kinect, a keyboard, etc. If Martin does not like it, some day he might regift it to you. Watch out!

    And hey, guess what is on right now this very minute on Encore? The FIfth Element! Like Die Hard in space.

  9. @Joe:

    This year, we did something a little different, choosing to avoid the big crowds and traffic in favor of an actual “holiday” at home in which we did absolutely nothing

    And that’s exactly what we have planned for our July 4th. Flip a few burgers, relax, maybe swim in the pool. One more day to go…

    In the end, after much consideration, I decided I’d get him something I’D want to receive. Perfect!

    That’s exactly what my son does. So far he has given me Ravens and Orioles baseball caps, Ravens jerseys, and X-men DVDs, which have all mysteriously ended up in his room. So, will you be borrowing Martin’s new ‘present’ after he opens it? 😉

  10. Hmmm… I have been trying so hard to fit in with your blog regular commentors and to become one of your most avid fans but I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. I love your blog. I am quite the stalker in many ways and I would love to interact on a regular basis with these people but I cannot, simply cannot follow your blog posts this week. I am submersed in my vacation here in colonial Williamsburg, exploring the ruins of Jamestown, checking out Yorktown and other of these American Historic Triangle sites. This is a fascinating place. Unfortunately, as I tried unsuccesfully to attempt to explain to my husband that I needed to cut short our nightly activities that I might have time to come back to the hotel room to check out our daily blog post and post my own daily blogs – he laughed in a “You must be joking” way and looked at me as though I had kicked our Shi Zhu. So I must apologize for not keeping up my diligence with your blog, as it is usually funny and oddly tasty, I can only hope to catch up with the food, the movies and the activities when I return from my visiting what they call “America’s Historic Triangle”.

  11. Joe:
    you say tropical, I say blistering. Right now all my windows are open, my doors, I have a fan in every room and its 10:30 at night. It was even warmer the last few nights, it was like the Kootenays, rather then being in Victoria.
    I went and bought my dog a kiddy pool he looked so hot.

  12. jcckeith wrote:

    I tried unsuccesfully to attempt to explain to my husband that I needed to cut short our nightly activities that I might have time to come back to the hotel room to check out our daily blog post …

    Sounds like you fit in just fine!

    *says the grown woman who’s awake at 2:30 am to read and post here…like some sort of addict jonesing for a fix*


    (And I am jealous! Hubby and I have long wanted to visit Williamstown, et al, but have never found the time. So enjoy it for us, too! 🙂 )


  13. Forgot to add, Joe, that Lulu looks like me trying to get comfortable in the big bed. I grew up sleeping mostly in a twin bed that was usually up against a wall, and when not in that bed there was the ‘fat bed’ that had this wonderful (old!) mattress you sunk down into like sleeping in a giant pile of whipped cream. It was glorious! I also loved to sleep on the sofa, or in anything else that restricted my movements, like a hammock. Now – even after 23 years of marriage – I get in the big bed and I am ALL over the place, tossing and turning like Lulu on that big deck, while Mr. Das sleeps on a two-foot sliver right on the edge. I am a tossy-turny bed hog!

    And Joey, take care of that lung…though it’s probably your ribs or the surrounding muscles/connective tissue. Make sure you didn’t tear anything…but it’s probably just a strain that a bit of rest will take care of, unless it’s…

    no, no…I better not say. 😉



  14. Hi Joe,

    A friend of mine and I were having an interesting chat today about the fact Winnipeg is really getting busy with the film & television work out here, and that a lot of the camera crews, etc, from VanCity are making the move here too. I know you’ve got the trip planned to LA, but maybe once you’re done there, you’d consider making a trip out here as well. I do have a sci-fi series I am developing, and as you have expertise in this area, I wouldn’t mind doing a co-pro with you. Cheeky I know, for me to make the suggestion on here, but I figured “why the frak not?”

    As a part of the development of my series, I am doing a prequel webseries to help define an audience, it’s called Preflight Launch, and I just launched the Indiegogo campaign tonight (after much fighting with the internet in my room, then realizing I had to go someplace a tad more public to catch a signal), so you can check that out. The link for it is so feel free to take a gander, see what I’ve got set up there (as I make a strong case in it about Canada’s unique heritage to sci-fi), and ponder it for a bit. Heck maybe even donate 😉 Hey, can’t blame a producer for trying! I’m sure if you were in my position, you might try that too!

    Give the puppies a scratch on the head for me.

  15. Lulu is too damn cute!

    Rest that lung. A pulled lung is the leading cause of…something hideous I’m sure. Make sure to stretch it in warm up next time.

    Happy 4th, American readers.

  16. Ugh on lung/chest/rib pain. Not like you can just stop breathing. Well, you can, but it isn’t much fun at all.

    Wait, temps in the 70s is tropical? Or is it the humidity which brings a rainforest to mind?

    I’ve been hiding in the basement because we’re seeing record breaking highs here, 102~104 every day for the last five days. I don’t have AC, just a swamp cooler on the roof. And I’m not in the hottest part of the states! Humidity ranging from single digit to 30%.

    You’re in luck, LA isn’t too bad right now. Do not venture inland! Stay near that ocean and you won’t melt.

  17. I guess you did not realize that Lulu wanted you out of her sunlight. Right on PBmom!

    Dog pictures are always nice. Here, the weather has been freakishly cool. The highs have been in the 80’s (F) and humidity is low. Usually, it’s 100-115F with a humidity of 80% here. I’ll take it.

    I’m sure the present will be fine. If he reads your blog, then he knows how much you thought about selecting a gift. It’s the thought that counts and all that. I was thinking something cooking related. He’s got that great pizza oven but does he have all the cool pizza bakery tools?

    jcckeith: Your trip sounds heavenly and I hope you have a blast!

    You pulled a lung? Sounds like you’re trying to pull our leg. 😉 I hope whatever the injury, it gets better soon! It sucks getting older. (I’m reaching for the Aleve now)

  18. I just saw the new Superman movie last night. I’m reserving judgement until I can really digest it over the next few days, but one thing’s for sure…..I can’t WAIT until Cookie’s review!!

    -Mike A.

  19. I’m not a fan of humidity personally. Dry heat is somewhat better, or should I say more tolerable to me lol

    Because really, when the humidity levels are super high and it’s super warm it’s horrible. At least with Dry Heat, as long as you dress appropriately and stay hydrated, it’s tolerable 🙂

  20. Hah! I love those HISHE vids. My favorite is the X-Men First Class. And whenever they attach scenes of Iron Man/Batman/Superman arguing over things.

    Hope the injury heals up quick! 🙂

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