There’s nothing quite as sad and disappointing as a soggy waffle.  This I realized yesterday after purchasing the cinnamon variety from a waffle-themed food truck.  A waffle-themed food truck!  Seriously. You’d think that, if they’d get anything right, it would be waffles.  No pearl sugar.  Not crispy.  Just bland and flaccid.


Hey, it looks like we’ve got a dog-sitter!  My former Stargate co-worker Kerry (with a Y) has kindly volunteered for the job.  She will be moving in with her husband for four glorious days while we’re away.  I will, of course, be paying her in booze.


Okie-dokie.  We’ve landed another project in development.  Joining Dark Matter (pilot and series overview presently awaiting word from a key player – on the heels of some interesting developments this morning), the urban fantasy series (pilot and series overview presently under consideration), Johnny Mnemonic (Paul and I start breaking the pilot next week), and the action feature (we hammered out a loose structure for the script with Jay), is our female-driven non-genre pilot that has received some very positive responses – most recently from a broadcaster who we’ll be partnering with to “bring it to the small screen”.

Sure, interesting.  But perhaps more exciting is the prospect of Akemi audition out for Masterchef Canada.  I know she’d love to try out and I know she’d be great – but she needs some convincing.  The world needs to see her mapo tofu and piri piri chicken.  Tell her here!  Or here:

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Woody Woodward, his family, and especially his son who is receiving a transplant today.  Sending positive thoughts your way, buddy!

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  1. I considered offering to dog-sit, as I’m planning another visit anyway. Too late, I see.

    Tell Akemi the audition process for reality or games shows is worthwhile for its own sake. Done it a time or two.

  2. Akemi: you are a wonderful cook and I think you would be great! But the decision to go onto one of those cooking shows should be yours. If you do, we’ll all be cheering for you!

    I’m glad you found a dog-sitter. Now you can enjoy the trip.

  3. Dog pictures-Yay!

    New dog sitter-Yay!

    New project-Yay!

    Akemi: go for it. If you don’t try, you will always regret the lost opportunity.

    Mr M.: Das will totally jump on the flaccid waffle story. 😆

  4. Yay! Happy to hear you found a dog sitter! That has to be such a relief. And Akemi seems like an amazing cook – she should definitely go for it!

  5. Akemi Your food creations are wonderful and creative and impressive. I’ll cheer for you if you get on that show. It’s a big and complicated decision and I understand the need to weigh the downsides as well as the possible benefits in making a big decision like whether to apply.

  6. I would love to dog sit for you just for the opportunity to enjoy your media room. And I admit it: I am so smitten by Lulu. I would just love to spend some time with her. Glad you found somebody to help you out.

    You couldn’t pay me to be on one of those shows because of the stress involved is not a situation under which i would do well. like “okay, cook a dish in 20 minutes with no knives and one hand behind your back.” fun to watch, not for me to do it. but then others would love the opportunity. just not me.

  7. Congrats on a new dog sitter. 😀

    I say try out for Masterchef Canada Akemi. What an experience to have and nothing to lose. 🙂

  8. sending best of wishes for Woody and his son.

    I think you missed an important show that really should have been YOURS! It is in its 4th season so somehow i missed it… but it is called Bizarre Foods. LOL, you’d have been great.

  9. Fantastic news about the dog sitter. Fantastic news on the work front, too I’ll make sure woody sees your blog dedication.

  10. Glad you found someone(s) to take care of the babies while you’re out of town. Akemi’s talents should be showcased! I always loved her bento boxes.

    Why does Jelly look less than thrilled with the outfit?

  11. Many many many well wishes for Woody ‘s son. Prayers and hugs.{{{ }}}.
    Akemi, do they have the tag team catagory for MasterChef, you and Joe could try for it. Sounds like fun to me.
    ~soggy waffle, ack!!, off with their heads!
    Thanks to Kerry and hubby for helping you out, glorious days, you do know how to make it all sound attractive to a prospective sitter.
    Good luck with all the pitches and traveling and 4 days, that will be fast. Don’t forget to blink.

  12. The very best of wishes to Woody, his son and family…. nice of you to remember him, Joe.

    I know it is a relief to have found a dog sitter and now you can get on with things and plan your trip. I hope it means that you are finalizing papers on a potential show or shows. You now how it is sometimes, when it rains it pours and so I would not be surprised if you were involved in a couple of shows. Wishing the best for you too.

  13. Best wishes going out to Woody and his family – I hope and pray all goes well.

    Lots of good, positive news there, Joe! Looking forward to seeing your name again in the credits!

    Been very busy, and will be for the next month or so, so I may not be able to give my usual witty long-winded, self-absorbed comments. I hope you won’t mind. I will attempt, however, to be here every day, mostly to tell you how wrong you are about everything. 😉

    And Joey, since you have all these new connections and stuff, can you PLEASE, PLEASE work this story into one of your upcoming projects:



  14. Best wishes to Woody and his son, keeping you in my prayers.

    ” Just bland and flaccid.” GUUUUUUHHHH. 🙂 🙂 😉

    Around here it’s been a loooong week. Baby Michael/Anakin got a bad case of eczema which turned terrible, so it’s been doctors and antibiotics and creams and incantations. He’s much better today, but daughter’s taken him for a re-check. Poor kid. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  15. Thank you, Deni!! Thank you for being the Perv of the Week! 😀 I had a sneakin’ hunch Joey was baiting me, so I ignored his limp waffle remark. Sorry Tam. 😉

    While on the subject of double entendre…

    Joe, I recently picked up a bottle of Laphroaig Triple Wood. 😉 I absolutely love it! It’s matured in bourbon barrels, then into quarter casks, and finally in sherry oak butts. It’s a tad sweeter than QC Laphroaig, and the medicinal notes and peat smoke are toned down a bit (though certainly not lost!), perhaps making it a more accessible Islay single malt for those new to the experience.

    Might be worth a try (if only to see Akemi’s reaction! :D) !


  16. Hmm. Not sure what happened to my post from last night.

    Anyway, best of thoughts to Woody and his son – I hope all goes well for a good recovery.

    Floppy waffles are the worst!

    Akemi! We need to see you on the teeeveee!!

  17. @mapo tofu and piri piri chicken.

    Talk about a mouth burning combo there lol

    @Akemi audition out for Masterchef Canada

    If you’re being serious there Joe then she should go for it. Why not? If she feels comfortable infront of a camera and can do her own thing, and get the job done, I’m sure she, or anyone would do well.

    Always thought with these shows you need to do well under pressure and not crack under the camera.

  18. Update on Woody’s son: The transplant surgery was a success and now they wait and hope it takes (i.e., there is no transplant rejection) and he does well on immunosuppression therapy.

  19. Hey, Joe!
    U have a Scottish Anime book library??
    Talk about a collector of rare finds.

  20. Transplantation has been big news recently. For those who are able to get such are most fortunate, considering how few are available. At my company (and in the industry in general) when such an item is presented every one tries to do their best to give it a timely delivery. Best wishes to Woody’s family!

    Joe, I was talking to my mom this week and the subject of appliances came up. She too had a Maytag in her house down south and had the same problem when she would come back for the season. She has forsaken future Maytags. Unfortunately, it seems most of these things come from the same factory in China and have only cosmetic changes. I had a LG dehumidifier. After a couple of years it failed, so I bought a Sears. The buckets are interchangeable.

    Sorry you could not have considered me as a dog sitter. (But she spells her name conventionally, is there something wrong?) I can work for booze. I plan to visit your fare city in July, and visit some of the fine dining place you have mentioned over the years. As far as that morning coffee cafe, is it not far from a Tim Horton’s? I feel a bit torn. After all who in Chicago doesn’t enjoy a Dunken Donuts or in Minneapolis at Caribou or Dunn Brothers. I do plan on at least one food truck.

    Glad to hear things are on a positive turn. I hope to hear more of your commentary for the dvd series from your new projects (I just watch “Ex Deus Machina”.). I have found them to be entertaining and informative.

    Akemi seems very excited to visit LA. It is alway fun to visit. Akemi, you a talented person. We have seen your Bento boxes. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because of fear.

  21. @ Akemi – Just visited your blog and now I’m hungry. 😛 Watched your hot chocolate vids and I must say that your English is getting better all the time! Pretty soon you will speak it better than Joe (especially since he doesn’t speak English, but Canadian 😉 ).

    As far as the Masterchef thing goes – if it’s what you want to do then go for it. But don’t let anyone force you into it because then you won’t enjoy it at all. I’d suggest Joe give it a try, too, but I fear he’d turn it into an episode of I Love Lucy. 😉

    RE: mapo tofu and piri piri chicken – I’m sorry, but they both sound like rugby players to me:

    See what I’m saying? I’ll have a little Ma’a Nonu with that mapo tofu.

    Ugh!! THUNDERBOOMERS!!!!!! Gotta go!


  22. Thanks PBMom for passing on the good news for Woody.
    Crossing fingers and toes for more good news.

  23. @Randomness – I wouldn’t think it was vain if when you first saw this post’s title, you thought, “what did I do?”

    1. DP
      @Randomness – I wouldn’t think it was vain if when you first saw this post’s title, you thought, “what did I do?”

      Yep, I think Joe was having a little fun 🙂

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