1Well, look was awaiting me upon my return last night.  Yes, that’s a dark chocolate Nikka whisky ganache tart.  Here, take a closer look:


Notice the detail in the icing, the cloud-like heart, the correct spelling of my name.  Sure, it looked great, but how did it taste?

Fantastic.  Smooth and rich and redolent with bold whisky flavor.  I loved it.  Akemi was not as big a fan.  According to her: “It taste like pachinko shop.”  Apparently, something to do with the smokiness.

While I was away, Akemi was also busy on her line of doggy clothes. You saw Jelly’s denim ensemble a couple of entires ago.  Now check out too-fat-for-most-doggy-clothes Bubba’s cape:

11After seventeen meetings over four days, you’d probably assume I would finally take the time to relax – and, if you did, you’d be mistaken.  Today, I was all over town, picking up documents from my bank and delivering them to my accountant, picking up documents from my accountant and delivering them to my bank, calling Maytag, calling potential new dog-sitters, drafting, scanning sending.  Oh, and getting on a conference call to discuss that potential new development gig.  And I haven’t even gotten around to the follow-ups to all those meetings!

Overall, I have to say the L.A. trip was a success as it accomplished what we’d set out to do: get back on the radar!  Paul and I have been very lucky, working on Stargate for eleven straight years before heading to Toronto for a year before “taking the year off” to launch a comic book, develop two shows, write a mini-series, three pilots, and a horror feature.  On the one hand, it’s kept us very busy.  On the other hand, it’s kept us from going out and making new connections because, quite frankly, we haven’t needed to.  Realistically, we could simply go on like this, developing and writing here in Vancouver to our heart’s content, but if we want to move progress in our career, we need to get out there.  And by “get out there”, I mean start building relationships with a some of the big industry players – several of which we met over the last few days.  The doors have been opened and now it’s up to seize those opportunities.  Some very busy weeks ahead…

Vacations are fun, but there’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed.

21 thoughts on “June 21, 2013: Back on the home front!

  1. Great first blush tease update. Now we wait with great anticipation for the rest of the news.

    Akemi’s puppy fashions are cute…
    Good luck with the oven repair.

  2. Welcome back home! That tart looks great. Why does Bubba need a cape? Super dog? Sounds like your year off is officially over. Now, where’s mine?

  3. Totally agree about sleeping in you’d own bed. As much fun as I’m having here, I’m really looking forward to it.

    The ninja tart sounds good if it’s anything like the Beta5 chocolate!

  4. Love the presentation of the ganache tart, wow! You are loved, Joey. 😉 I’m so glad it all turned out well for you guys in LA. Off to bed in my own bed as well, two Boxers and a husband already asleep in there, hope I can find a spot to sleep in! Have a good night, Joe, Akemi and pups!

  5. Vacations are great! I’ve been looking forward to my upcoming vacation for weeks now only to find out today that my chameleon, Jackson, has a life threatening infection in a temporal gland that has already abscessed down through the bone. He will need constant care and an array of meds, pain meds, antibiotics, special feedings of silk worms, phoenix worms, and ultra small crickets if he is going to beat this. So for the next 14 days minimum he must be babied and treated with special care to ensure his survival. Unfortunately, my vaca was supposed to start next weekend. So it looks like I’ll be canceling the trip to stay home and take care of Jackson the chameleon.

  6. I wouldn’t exactly call that a vacation, but there is nothing like feeling as if you’ve accomplished something.

    Here in Alberta, we’ve had just a tad more rain then we are used to – at least two straight weeks of it. Sadly, Calgary is getting the worst of it. The rain storms have just been swirling around in a big circle then running up against the mountains west of Calgary and dumping their rain so that it flows right back into the city. It looks like Venice on a bad day. So far, no deaths that we know of, but over 70,000 people have been evacuated. This is going to be expensive to clean up. 🙁

  7. That is NOT the correct spelling of your name, JoeY. 😉

    Welcome back home! Your day sounds about as frantic as mine, except mine also included housework. So, it was the basic morning routine (getting washed/dressed, making beds, feeding kitties, watering plants, etc), making chicken salad for hubby’s lunch (not part of my normal routine 😉 ), cleaning the fridge, putting on a load of laundry, running 10 miles up the road to the lab for bloodwork, then back home to put the wash in the dryer, followed by folding and putting away clothes that I was ‘storing’ in the drier (out of sight, out of mind!), socializing with neighbors, FINALLY making breakfast at about 11:00 am (goat cheese omelette with fresh herbs and garlic!), then off to work with stops first at the store for bottled water, then to the post office, and finally to a honey shop. Worked for a few hours, came home and changed into something nicer, ate dinner at the local, then went to a pre-wedding cocktail party (for my neighbor’s daughter) on the waterfront. And now I’m typing this to YOU! Talk about commitment.

    Or insanity. 😛



  8. Hmmm I have quite the list of things to do I should give it to you, you seem to get a lot accomplished…

    Whereas I couldn’t seem to get out of bed today, I was supposed to go and buy a new computer, my laptop had a virus 3 weeks ago, which I had gotten fixed, but then on Wednesday I came home from a Timmies run (they didn’t have any doughnuts can you believe?) to the black screen of death. Damn HP laptop isn’t even two years old. Not worth it to fix, so after 12 hours of running updates etc. on my old laptop, at least I have an internet connection, so I could research ANOTHER new computer.

    Electronics hate me… which is only fair, I guess, since I hate them back *grins*

    Bubba looks like a little old wizened Russian women in his babushka or add a pair of sunglasses and a ciggie and he’s a 50’s movies star going for a ride in a convertible…


  9. Although you know Bubba looks ten years younger in that photo because the scarf/cape is pulling back his forehead wrinkles. LOL!

    Instant facelift!!

  10. Dryer – the thing that dries your clothes.

    Drier – the thing that absorbs moisture and other contaminants from your air conditioning or refrigeration system’s refrigerant lines.

    It was late, and I got my housework mixed up with my work-work. 😛


  11. Your super power should be ENGERGY! Glad you had a safe trip. Loved the chocolate goodie picture. It’s good to be missed.

    Loved all the doggie clothes pictures. My favorite is the little striped number that Lulu had on a month or so ago

    Sounds like you’ve made up your mind, career wise?

  12. That tart looks great Joe, Akemi clearly has a lot of baking talent there lol.

    Pity you didn’t get that 12th Stargate year to give SGU closure, I know everyone was disappointed all round. It’s just one of those things I guess.

    I do agree with you though, you and Paul easily have a decade or two left of writing/producing to go if things go well for you both.

  13. Glad you made it back save. Yes, there is no place like home; at the same time isn’t house ownership fun? Actually I would rather deal with a broken oven then try to make the building management try to come and fix the leak in the roof in the bath room.

    Oh and while working the past couple of days, the following message like this came across the company messaging alert system:
    BETWEEN 1530-1540Z

    So feeling lucky today? So, how closely did your staff work with USAF personnel?

  14. Avengers is on Netflix just in time for the Super-movie of the Week. How did Cookie swing that?

  15. Isn’t it great to come home to see you are so loved and were so missed? Akemi rocks.

    I will send good vibes that you make the connections you need to get something on screen again and also for us because I know we will enjoy it. I’d even watch something zombie-ish, and I am not THAT into zombies.

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it’s Super Bubba. Able to charm his way into someone’s heart to the point they pledge to reform their lives.

  16. So glad to hear that things went well and looking forward to reading all about your new adventures.

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