1Pictured above, research materials for an upcoming project.  Well, provided everything goes as planned.   But – honestly – when does it ever?  Fortunately, it’s a subject that interests me so I will eventually read them…hopefully sooner than later.  

Well, another week has come and gone and still no word on the pilots. My agent inquired and was essentially told “Hey, if we didn’t like them, we would have already passed.”.  So, I suppose, no news is good news. But, after a while – a looooong while – no news is bad news if you’re looking to plan your life.  As a result, we have to start making plans for our L.A. visit next week.  This first trip will be a meet and greet.  We’ll follow with a more relaxed, get-to-know-the-neighborhoods visit soon after – a quasi-vacation to familiarize ourselves with the city and find a suitable place to live, somewhere nice but not too far from the action. I’ll rent at first and then, depending on what production we land on, maybe sell the house in Vancouver and actually buy a place there.  I think I should settle in nicely.  As it turns out, I actually have more friends in L.A. than I do here!

One of the things I’ll look forward to will be the L.A. restaurants.  It’ll be interesting to see how they compare to some of Vancouver’s best.

Speaking of which…

Cas’s trademark post-workout shake 

Cas treated me to his trademark post-workout shake the other day. Packed full of vitamins and, well, everything that could fit into a blender, it was surprisingly tasty (ableit fruity).   


The inclusion of half a lime (rind and all!) was a surprisingly nice little addition.  

I was equally dubious about another of Cas’s suggested snacks: 

Rhubarb and sugar

In this instant, I was right to be skeptical.  It was awful.

Much better luck with some recent meals…

The eggplant parm sandwich at Fable Kitchen.
The spot prawn appetizer at L’Abattoir.
The scallop sashimi with yuzu and jalapeno at Chez Joe.
The sous-vide octopus salad at Chez Joe.
The sous-vide rib-eyes with chimichurri sauce.
The sticky toffee pudding at L’Abattoir.

This entry is dedicated to all of my close Powerball Lottery-playing friends here on this blog.  $600 million could produce a lot of great television!  Just sayin’.

28 thoughts on “May 17, 2013: Pending Projects and Memorable Meals!

  1. Hey, Joe!

    If I win the $600 million and put all of it to financing either Stargate or Dark Matter (or both – your choice) would you sign my copy of the Dark Matter trade for me?

    Heck, I’ll kick in ten extra dollars if you sign it as Paul! 🙂

  2. I plan on buying lottery tickets. 🙂 Bruce Boxleitner has pulled out of Phoenix Comicon next week due to being cast in a Hallmark Channel show being filmed in Vancouver. Would this be Carl’s show?

  3. That smoothie does look very tasty! I also like rhubarb so I kind of agree with Cas there. The steak looks a bit… rare.

    I hope things work out still with the current hoped for projects. Somehow you and Vancouver just seem synonymous to me.

  4. So yer goin’ Hollywood on us, eh?

    Cas’s smoothie looks really good, as does that sticky toffee pudding *drools*


  5. One can dream though right? The chances of someone who loves Stargate winning the 600 million seems remote at best. With that kind of money you could build your own studio even, revive all the shows, and essentially bring Stargate back from the dead 😛

    Back in the real world for a moment though, I do hope that Stargate isn’t off the air for long. If it gets rebooted and done outside of Vancouver, so be it. Just, it doesn’t deserve to be dead..

  6. L.A. huh? Too bad it wasn’t VEGAS – my Niece is getting married there on Thursday. I probably could’ve gotten you an “invite”! My Bro-in-Law is a “Fan”…

  7. Please buy me several lottery tickets and if I win I will absolutely give you money to start up one of your shows, or two. I bet LA will have just as good, if not better, restaurants than Vancouver. LA has to feed all those rich people and keep them happy. That smoothly looks great. Exactly what all is in there?

  8. Oh I love Rhubard and sugar! although brown is better as it is sweeter….yes it does make you screw up your face like a kid given a Lemon but it is still great! 😀

  9. Please tell more about the sous-vide octopus salad at Chez Joe. Was it tender? Was the texture significantly different from other octopi you’ve eaten? Did the marinade seep in very far? Did you find out how long the sous-vide process took? What did Akemi think of the dish?

  10. It’s 3:30 am and I’m just crawling in from Atlantic City, where hubby and I went to a Chevelle concert at the House of Blues! It was FANTASTIC!! 😀 The encore was terrific – it really made the whole show. And we got to meet the band at the after party, too (well, I just got to meet the bassist, Dean, and the drummer’s wife, who was a sweetheart – AND loves rugby (okay, she’s from Australia, so that helps 🙂 ). Hubby took a picture of me with Dean, but it didn’t turn out. 🙁 We had to leave before the others came out because it was sooo late and we had quite a drive yet, but Dean was the one I really wanted to meet, so I’m good. 🙂 AND tired! But it’s a good tired. 😀


  11. Those scallops and prawns look amazing…Now I’m hungry for seafood straight after breakfast!

  12. Rhubarb, I like. Rhubarb and sugar? eh, not so much. lol Now if i win the lotto, i would love to do an Atlantis movie if possible. It would be a two parter. A two night event. Or atleast it would be a 2hr movie and not a 1hr30min. one lol. The two parter sounds alot better so it would be atleast 3hr screen time. If someone was able to bring Firefly back on as a series, would you be interested in writing episodes? Thats just me asking out of the blue, (nobody get your hopes up lol) I’m sure there could be plenty of projects we could get up and running. I’d try atleast…i really, really, would.

  13. LA,will be climate and culture shock for you to be sure and with your profession, you will want to locate in the TMZ (wiki it). The culinary opportunities in LA will pale next to vancouver, but the beaches can be nice. Oh, and watch out for the SoCal drivers – extremely aggressive. how do i know? lived there for 33 years.

  14. Rhubarb is hard to find here but I love it mixed with strawberries in a pie. My dad used to grow it, so I’m not sure why it’s scarce here. Maybe it’s more of a cold weather plant?

    Hey, that smoothie looked good!!!! But the whole lime? I thought the rind was bitter. Maybe all the other fruits compensate?

    L.A. sounds exciting! You both could have a blast exploring and tasting foods over there! Imagine all the restaurants and food trucks just waiting for you to critique them. All the dog parks that need walking. The warm weather would probably be good for Jelly’s hips.

    Is that going to affect Akemi’s immigration? What about health insurance?

    I’ve been watching House Hunters and the houses in L.A. look beautiful. Expensive though. They showed one house in downtown L.A. for a million dollars and it had a hideous bathroom the new owners redid into a spanish style paradise. It was only three bedrooms/two baths, with a walk out patio. The view was gorgeous. You could grow lemons and oranges in that climate!

    My cousin is a real estate agent in Camarillo, California . Too bad you’re not going there. My cousin inherited all the looks, charm and social skills of our family. When the housing market tanked, she flourished. When she got into a fender bender with someone, they became her client. Anyway, she loves living in California. I’m sure you, Akemi and pups will too!

  15. By the way, did you ever watch Angel Beats Joe? It’s a fantastic anime series. You’l enjoy it, and I’m sure Akemi will too.

    It’s also very very very, and did I say very, sad. Not many shows can mix comedy and tragic scenes well in a series.

    It’l make you laugh, it’l make you sad. It’l make you smile 😛

    Love the opening too.

    I would love for someone to do an actual TV series with this kind of concept but much more, you know, serious?

  16. Ok, check, got my winning pb ticket,,good to know I will have more friends after I win, ta,da,. Joe,, thanks so much for the dessert picture, yumm.
    We had company this week and thats to your past reading suggestions I was able to give some books to our company to read, great choices, thanks. I love to share my books, but not so much on my desserts,,oops.. Have a great day!!

  17. Thought the pet parents might appreciate:
    My new volunteer task at Animal Defense League, scheduled for next Tues. afternoon.
    Puppy Love!
    I have a special request for you … puppy socialization!! These puppies are just a few weeks old in our ISO unit. They’re a bit nervous around people, but with some patience and understanding they’ll be ready for a home when they’re old enough! Mom is with them as well and she just needs a break a few times each day.

    We do ask that you spend about 30 minutes with the puppies, then 30 minutes with momma, she needs some love too!

  18. Yummy stuff, Joe. And I want one of those smoothies, Cas. Rhubarb is loaded with iron, too, which might be why it’s a good post-workout food. 🙂 Ditto the strawberry rhubarb pie, Tam Dixon. We had some from the family vegetable garden as kids.

    Coincidentally, I just had eggplant parm pizza, augmented with smoked chicken. Why does everything taste better when made from scratch?

  19. hi, joe,

    i was telling my sister about your love for your dogs, and i wanted to show her some pics of them. (specifically one actually, but i can’t remember who lulu was sleeping on to look it up).

    anyways, do you have a direct link to view *all* the pics of your dogs?

    1. Alas, no direct links. You may try a search for “dogs” or “Lulu” “Jelly” “Bubba” and “Maximus”.

  20. thanks for the reply, joe! 🙂

    (i wanted to show her the one(s) where lulu is still so small, and sleeping by or on one of the writers of atlantis i think)

  21. Out of all the food posted, I would try Cas’ drink. That is. Then in place of all other ones I would have to have another. One winner in Florida and I know a lot of people in Florida. But no one is claiming victory yet on my Facebook page. We bought $20 worth of numbers. I had so many plans, so many plans.

  22. I was going to make some comments about the food pics you posted and how yummy they all looked, except the rhubarb if only because I hate the name rhubarb and it’s an ugly color, but then I saw everyone else going on and on about the food and I thought, rudely enough, that I didn’t care what anyone else had to say about the food. This led me to believe that my opinion of your food pics were most likely just as uninteresting to everyone else so I decided to be contrary and post this little rant about it.
    As for the 600 million, I was planning on winning it all but then forgot to buy a ticket. Oh well. Better luck next time.

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