Thanks for the vegetarian recipe tips but, as it turns out, the presumed vegetarian coming over for dinner tonight is actually a pescetarian, meaning she also eats fish (as opposed to a Pescadorian who lives on one of the 64 islands in the Formosa Strait).  This also means I have only one vegetarian friend – and even that’s not for certain as, last I heard, Ashleigh may have been fallen off the wagon.  Bacon is a powerful drug.

So, anyway, as a result, tonight’s dinner menu looks this: sous-vide rib-eyes, oven roasted wild spring salmon, spaghetti with tomato and fresh basil, purple cabbage with maple balsamic, stir-fried broccoli, cream puffs, and four kinds of scotch.

Some news of note:

Non-skinny customers, Abercrombie & Fitch doesn’t need your business.  Abercrombie & Fitch CEO slammed for targeting thin customers in comments made seven years ago | Shine On – Shine from Yahoo! Canada  Fallout from a 2006 interview.  It took the public seven years to notice?

Just in time for Mother’s Day: 11 Facts That Show How Hard Moms Work

21 Devastatingly Accurate Movie Reviews (Featured Partner)  The Wizard of Oz: “Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.”

I’m sure it seemed like not a good idea at the time: ‘Gunmen’ Hired to Storm Movie Theater for Traumatizing Publicity Stunt

SFSignal offers its own Crowd Funding Roundup: SF/F Crowd Funding Roundup For 05/11/2013

Scientists May Have Found Brazilian Atlantis  No, no.  That’s just where we parked it after the events of Enemy at the Gate.

Another dog in need.  Some sad, shady goings-on in Salem, MO: Save Phineas

17 thoughts on “May 11, 2013: Dinner disaster averted! News of note!

  1. Crisis averted! Your meal plan sounds great. Re: Ashleigh, they do say that bacon is a gateway meat. How is that poor girl doing, anyway?

  2. Let’s ask the kind of people who don’t mind that attitude from the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO to voluntarily label themselves for easy identification.

    To be fair about the mom hours, I do some of those things at the same time so the hours overlap. Multi-tasking.

  3. Yes, bacon will make you it’s bitch…

    I hope that guy with PTSD sues that idiot of a theatre manager. No common sense whatsoever.

    Dinner sounds great!! (minus the scotch)


  4. Your dinner sounds heavenly, but where’s the bacon? 🙂 Looking forward to the pictures.

  5. Dinner sounds great (minus dessert and alcohol). I’d like to wish Mama Mallozzi a Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Poor Phineas. People can be so… wrong about animals.
    Contrast that with the couple I just met at the animal emergency hospital, who saw a dog get hit by a car (driver took off), brought the dog here, and are now spending thousands of dollars for x-rays and treatment, for a dog they just met. And spending their Saturday night at the vet.
    It’s midnight now and I’m here with my cat Sydney, who went suddenly blind 6 weeks ago and has had 2 “neurological episodes” leading to a diagnosis of probable brain tumor. And this evening, she’s suddenly incontinent and highly agitated, so I grabbed her carrier and here we are facing another veterinary all-nighter.
    Across the hall is another couple who came home and found their cat immobile on the floor. (they think he ate a toxic flower )
    Animal emergency hospitals are not happy places. (I guess human ERs aren’t so happy
    either. )
    – KB

  7. Four kinds of Scotch: neat, on ice, with water, dirty? Is that like having both kinds of music?

  8. There seems to be some finger pointing in the vegetarian/vegan community. Some vegetarians won’t eat anything with a face. While others eat shellfish/fish with no qualms. I’ve heard a few vegans say that vegetarians aren’t “really” vegetarians until they give up cheese and eggs. Now you’re saying I’m really a “pescetarian”? (which I can’t EVEN pronounce!) This lifestyle is getting too complicated!

    I’m glad your dinner worked out. You can do tons of things with fish! Plus, it’s fast, plentiful in Vancouver and full of protein.

    I cheated yesterday and had a few bites of chicken. (hangs head) I made the boys a Tequila Lime Chicken and it was very good.

    I was “signed up” for appetizers at my son’s school function Monday. I usually do desserts. I made a huge amount empanadas and stuck them in the freezer, ready to bake. An Argentina friend of mine had a great family empanada recipe with nuts/fruit/meats but that sounded a little exotic for Mississippi. So I went with Chicken Cheese empanadas. I love empanadas and might be tempted to sample one or two.

    Anyone have a unique empanada recipe? It seems like every culture has a version of empanadas.

  9. Ok, third time I’m posting and apparently, there’s a “disappear” button on this f*7%ing computer. Ack!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on here, especially to your mom, Joe! We’re off to brunch with little Michael because Mr. Deni’s working, my son is studying for finals in Tampa and we’re sick of being sick and at home. I had to get an antibiotic, but I’ve felt so much better since I started it. Now Mr. Deni has it. Oy.

    I leave you with this, have a wonderful day!

  10. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Barb asked for smoked BBQ ribs and I was only too happy to oblige (regular and country-style ribs are in the smoker now). This is my first smoking session of the season (I usually break in the smoker around Easter, but this spring has been so cold that I’ve held off until now).

  11. Sylvia, Japan celebrates mothers day like most other countries do.

    And LOL at that Atlantis nonsense, no kidding that perhaps there may be a lost continent or at the very most city that has been submerged under the oceans sometime during the few billions years Earth has been around, but come on, where’s the proof it actually IS Atlantis?

    Earth has changed hugely in its history, but come on, I doubt anyone truly believes Atlantis exists.

    What next, someone finds a Stargate in Egypt? 😛 Okay I would love that one.

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