A little something from the “How’d they do that?” section of the Stargate vault.  Here are some pages from the Trio Art Department package that break down a couple of the episode’s more ambitious stunt sequences…

The crate collapse
The crate collapse
The triangle plank
The triangle plank (that, incidentally, took Marty G forever to come up with).
Keller falls through the red door
Keller falls through the red door

The episode made use of the gimboled set that was built for Stargate: Continuum:

Gimboled set
Gimboled set (formerly the Continuum ship)
The opening through which our heroes eventually make their escape.
Underground mine set elevations
Underground mine set elevations


21 thoughts on “May 1, 2013: Excerpts from the Trio Art Department package!

  1. A ‘clip’ episode blog? Someone must have a hot date tonight. 🙂

    In the past 30 hours I’ve only had two hours sleep! And I’m still going strong! I BETTER sleep well tonight. 😛


  2. I love the amount of detail that goes into the descriptions on these panels. I am wondering what “wild” means as in the second graphic where it says “attached pipes must also wild away.”

    Also wondering, are we going to do the recipe thing this week? Don’t forget!

  3. While not one of my favorite episodes (not enough Sheppard…) it’s fascinating to see these plans for the set and the directions. Thanks for posting them. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the behind the scenes, Trio was a good episode. I watched the commentary on it, Marty did a great job. ~~sigh~~ miss the show..
    Glad also that Bubba is still hopping along.

  5. (I’m with Das. Hot date tonight?) You must think we are easily amused. We are. Cool pics! That Gimboled set is something else!

  6. It was a very convincing episode too, I don’t think anyone imagined they were on a set like that when watching.

    Another example of the fine work done by the production staff.

  7. Trio has good suspense moments and we get to see the 3 interact at close range. but I have to join Bailey here: not near enough Sheppard for me either!! lol. Being claustrophobic and all…nop… defo not my fav, episode 🙂
    thank you for the decor screens though! much appreciated

  8. Thanks Joe! Still love the behind the scenes stuff. It amazes me how much prep and detail goes into a production. Like Randomness said: A very believable episode!

    And I still remember when you posted pics from the set of this episode. Damn, has it been 6 years already?

  9. Wow! I remember this episode very well and also how the pipes did “away wildly” when their chamber finally collapsed… My next thought was – “so that’s where the money goes”.. that set is huge. Those guys would be able to do a house-refit show and not snivel at the short time given to complete the job. Again, the talent behind the scenes is amazing.

    Should have had a hot date last night (42nd anniversary) but had to leave work early due to illness. So we’ll celebrate tomorrow night instead when we can sleep in on Saturday… I do intend to do one of your recipes this weekend.

  10. Thanks for the schematics & behind-the-scene photos, Joe. Amazing. When you’re writing a story, “anything is possible.” Heh, then there’s all the planning, sweating, and work to make it happen. I always have tons of respect for the crew after seeing these blogs.

    Hey, just saw this online. Might have to check it out. This Saturday, May 4th, is Free Comic Book Day in North America. The first link is the home page; the second is to locate a participating comic book store near you. Go early to get your favorite!



  11. An evening out? That sounds lovely. I hope it’s true.

    Thanks for the schematics! I’ll have fun examining them.

    Deni: I hope you shake your cold!

  12. Also, condolences to Kathode on not being able to eat raw tomatoes or mushrooms. Those are two of my favorite foods. I know what you mean though, I can’t stand cilantro! Cilantro has a soapy taste to me. Even trimming cilantro in my mom’s garden, I can taste/smell it afterwards. Every Mexican restaurant around here uses cilantro in their salsa. Yuck! If the sauce is hot enough, I can choke it down. With a margarita of course. 🙂

  13. Trio is probably my most favourite episode in all of SGA. The breakdown was interesting. Thanks.

  14. Hey Joe,
    Saw this today – you guys should have put this somewhere in the Arthurian/Ori arc. Look familiar? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PESCHERIA.jpg It’s part of an Arthurian-era cathedral. (Modena Cathedral). Pre-Alteran mini-stargate? The architectural feature is even called “Porta della Pescheria”!

    Well, since we all know Stargate is coming back immediately (right?!?) and the Ori could easily still be kicking around, maybe you’ll have a chance to write it in! If Indiana Jones can have a fourth movie, why not?

  15. I really enjoyed this episode. I loved that they were able to work in a this person versus that person game where they all agree Neil deGrasse Tyson was hot and so was Stephen Colbert. Right? I remember sending him an email at Comedy Central letting him know about it so that he would maybe mention it on air.

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