Following the horrible injury he suffered the other day (gruesome details here: April 27, 2013: Bubba’s Bad Day!), my pug Bubba has been keeping off his left front paw.  Doctor’s orders –

But that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying outdoors.  After a day of getting used to the special bandage, he was back to his old, upbeat self.  Akemi outfitted him with a makeshift (poopy bag) cover to keep his bandage clean –


And off he went!

Monday morning, we brought him back to the vet’s for a follow-up.  As it turns out, the wound is healing nicely and a (worst-case-scenario) partial amputation won’t be necessary after all.  Bubba had his wound cleaned, his painkiller prescription refilled, and even got himself a stylish new bandage:


He’s in much better spirits and, of course, asked me to thank everyone for the well-wishes.

Jelly and Lulu empathize

Yesterday, I hosted my cousin Evelina who is in town for the week visiting friends.  It’s been fifteen years since she moved away from Vancouver so I did my best to reacquaint her with her old neighborhood.  Specifically, the eats…


First stop was Fable Restaurant (http://fablekitchen.ca/) which serves up some fantastic lunch sandwiches, among them –

Eggplant Parmesan sandwich with walnut pesto, pea shoots, pickled onions, and raita sauce. 

As usual, I had it with a side of the quinoa salad.  Unusually, I also did it with a side of the sandwich special of day – pulled pork with onion jam – that I shared with my table mates.

From there, it was over to Chocolate Arts (http://www.chocolatearts.com/) for a post-lunch dessert.  One of my favorite menu items there are the chocolate shots, a thicker, richer version of the regular hot chocolate (also available).  As an added bonus, you can sample from a variety of about a dozen different chocolates, ranging from milk to a 76% dark Equateur on the day we visited, before selecting which chocolate you’d like in your shot.  I, of course, had a double –

The chocolate shot
The chocolate shot

With a chocolate chip cookie chaster –

With just a touch of salt to balance the sweetness.  Perfection.
With just a touch of salt to balance the sweetness. Perfection.

We visited Granville Island and then it was back to the house where Evelina met – and fell in love with – the dogs.  We toured the neighborhood, relaxed, and gathered our strength for…

Dinner at Lupo Restaurant (http://www.luporestaurant.ca/).  We split three appetizers, a pizzetta, five pasta dishes, a couple of sides, and some desserts.  All excellent.  Among the highights –

The prosciutto with caramelized onions, taleggio cheese, and rucola pizzetta.
The octopus carpaccio
Chitarine Amatriciana – hot pepper tomato, pecorino, topped with crispy guanciale.
Pumpkin Tortelloni with amaretti and sage butter.
Lemon panna cotta.  A surprise favorite (once I’d removed the fruit on top). 

The verdict on Lupo?  Akemi said it best: “I lovelovelove!”.

So that’s it.  Yep, that should give you a sense of what you all can look forward to the next time you all come to town.

31 thoughts on “April 30, 2013: Bubba on the mend! Entertaining cousin Evelina!

  1. It’s good to hear Bubba’s on the mend.

    How is the chicken recipe going? I’m working on the third part. I didn’t procure the ingredients for the rest.

    I did forage pine trees, but it’s the wrong time of year for pine nuts. I do know the edible parts now, though, so if I’m ever lost in the woods, I know not to forage pine or spruce trees in the spring because it expends more energy than it yields edibles.

  2. So glad to hear the good news for Bubba! He’s the cutest pug I’ve ever seen. We had a pug about 8 years ago. We buried him in the back yard at our old house. I wished there was another “family member” name to call them besides “pets” . I look at our 2 beagles,1 blonde pomeranian and a 25 lb black male cat…Did I mention all the dogs were female and scared to death of the cat? And think there must be a name for them, like brother,sister,son or daughter.

  3. So good to hear that Bubba’s doing better, and so nice to catch up with your cousin! Did she see many changes in 15 years? All that food looked great. And hmmm… I WILL be in town in June! 🙂

    DP, I did manage to find pine nuts in the local supermarket, but they oddly had them tucked kind of in a corner near the bulk nuts and candies section. Anyway, the recipe turned out pretty good! I guess we’re discussing that tomorrow? (I thought it was tonight, actually.)

  4. Cousin Evelina, and the eats, look wonderful! 🙂

    Yeah, and just as I thought…Bubba is milkin’ this for all it’s worth. It’s a guy thing…probably learned from his The Master. 😉

    Finally went to the doctor today. They’re not sure what my problem is – a bad allergy, or a cold on the wane. They gave me a single dose steroid…and now I’m GONNA PAINT THE PORCH!!*

    *Watch the first minute or two of this, and you’ll understand:



    I called the doctor and reported my pounding heartbeat and hyperness and he suggested I drink some calming tea (which I have done) and just keep an eye on my heart rate. I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping tonight. 😛

    Note to self – next time they ask you if you have any adverse reactions to steroids – remember THIS!

    On the up side, my voice is returning to normal and I’m not coughing up as much gunk, and I’m pretty sure that, right now, I could easily win the Tour de France. On a unicycle. 😛


  5. Great to hear the little fellow is on the mend. My Carolina Dog would go nuts with that kind of injury (he is always in high gear), but the neighborhood squirrels would breathe a sigh of relief.

  6. Okay…trying the doc’s second suggestion – wine (can you believe it?!). I think it’s working. Actually, that was his third suggestion. His first suggestion was Benadryl, but I hate those types of meds because they usually make me…ya know…hyper. 😛 Gonna make another cup of chamomile tea (his actual second suggestion), and maybe have a couple gluten free shortbread cookies. Hopefully the carbs will make me lethargic. 🙂 Also doing breathing exercises, which are sorta helping, though this episode of NCIS I’m watching is NOT helping. 😛


  7. Sorry to hear about Bubba. I am in the middle of a move and missed that blog. 😕 So happy to hear he is adjusting…booboo’s are traumatic at best for family. Pug Hugs for everyone. 😊

  8. Way to go, Bubba! Kisses and squishes from all of us 🙂 Food looks delish, especially the lemon panna cotta (my favorite), and yeah, without the fruit!

  9. Bubba looks like he is saying, “I could get use to all this attention”. Look at the big smile on his face. Jelly and Lulu look jealous. Jelly is like…”I have a bad hip, remember?” Lulu is thinking “I’ve got to get me one of those ouchies”. If Bubba doesn’t stop limping, you’ll know he’s playing you like a harp! Glad he is feeling better. Wet kisses all around.

    Good to see your cousin again and that food looks wonderful!

  10. Yippee for Bubba on the mend. Keep it up. They give him the cutest bandages at your vet.

    A big welcome back to the Pacific Northwest for cousin Evelina. 😀

  11. Doggie poo bags are truly versatile.
    So cool to see Bubba moving around, he does seem ok with his injury and as Ponytail pointed out, he does have the,” I can get used to this look.”

    Hope your cousin enjoys the visit and all the quality puppie time.
    Plus, the wonderful hospitality of Akemi and you and alllllll the food.
    Now we have more restaurant names to add to the “Vancouver visit” must dine places.

  12. Ugh. Didn’t get to sleep until 6:15…then woke up at 8:45. Didn’t sleep ‘sound’, but slept. Feel great, but I know I need some decent rest. My pulse is down below a hundred beats a minute, so that’s good. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I suspect that maybe as soon as I do the carbs will help to knock me out for an early afternoon nap. I don’t dare napping past 2pm, otherwise I will have trouble tonight.

    Alas, didn’t get to paint the porch, but did read the first story in the second tp volume of Sandman Mystery Theater – a 1930s pulpy type thing along the lines of The Shadow, but with gas and a gas mask. Good stuff!


  13. Yay for Bubba! I’m glad it wasn’t too serious for him.

    Evelina is such a pretty name. I’m glad you showed your cousin a great time. The food looks awesome!

    Das: Steroids are great but not for sleeping. Sometimes they can make people a little cranky. Has your hubby noticed that symptom? Never mind, it wouldn’t be safe for him to answer if you are 😉 . Hope your feeling back to normal soon!

    Ponytail: Loved your post!

  14. Sorry, off topic comment, but did you see this tweet?

    So yes we are developing a gelato mochi & should be ready & available in May! Stay tuned for more details. pic.twitter.com/vQA6Wl7ULT


  15. @ Tam Dixon – When Mr. Das is on steroids (he has asthma, so sometimes needs to go on them for a short time, especially in the fall when the weather turns colder), he gets really cranky. Todd-cranky. Not me! I was high and happy!! Chatty – as in ‘help I’m talking and I can’t shut up!’ chatty…even still. I think it’s finally wearing off because I’m not quite as ‘up’, but now I’m trying to do paperwork so that might explain why some crankitude may be setting in. 😛


  16. Glad to hear and see that Bubba is on the mend 🙂 No offense, but none of that food sounds or looks the least bit appealing to me. I guess I’m just a “homestyle cooking” kinda girl LOL.

  17. Alas, I don’t see myself going to Fable Kitchen anytime soon. 5 out of 8 dinner entrees contain mushrooms. I don’t eat mushrooms. For me, the taste of them — and they taste like dirt to me — overwhelms whatever dish they are in. It’s a frustrating food aversion to have, because everyone just seems to assume that every other person likes mushrooms. (But I’ve rarely seen a menu like Fable’s, where over 50% of the items include ‘shrooms.)

    Tomatoes are another food like that. I absolutely cannot eat raw tomatoes. Like, at all. Not that I prefer not to; I literally can’t. I’ve tried them over and over through the years, ever since I was a kid, and each time it’s the same: they trigger the gag reflex, and I can’t even manage to swallow. Cooked tomatoes, on the other hand, A-okay. Bring on the salsa, the marinara sauce, the chilli — as long as the maters are cooked, no problem. No one in my immediate family has this affliction; in fact, sliced home-grown tomatoes was often a summertime side dish growing up. I kept expecting that one day I might be able to eat them like everybody else, but that day never came. Then I learned my cousin has the same problem. Raw tomatoes: no. Cooked tomatoes: yes. His mom (my Aunt Carolyn) had researched it when she was curious why her son was so fundamentally abnormal, and she had discovered that there’s a certain protein in raw tomatoes that some people have a bad reaction to. When the tomatoes are cooked, the protein is rendered inert. At last! A scientific explanation! I was so relieved to know I wasn’t just being crazy. Yay for Aunt Carolyn!

    It still doesn’t help eating out, though. Tomatoes, even more so than mushrooms, are one of those foods that restaurants just assume everybody loves. A pasta dish on a menu might list every single, effing ingredient, none of which are tomatoes, and when it comes to my plate, there are chopped raw tomatoes sprinkled on top along with the grated parmesan. I feel like such a schmuck sending something back, so usually I spend the first 10 minutes carefully removing all the vile tomato bits (including the seeds and pulp, which are a bitch to take out) before I can eat. The last time this happened, though, my husband convinced me to send it back: “You shouldn’t have to sit here picking out tomatoes when they weren’t even listed on the menu!” I wish I could just eat them. It would make eating out (or even just getting a sandwich from a convenience store refrigerated case) sooooo much easier!

  18. Das: Every time I go on steroids, I have a different reaction. Sometimes I’m like you are, happy/energetic and sometimes it seems to have no effect at all (other than treating the medical symptoms). If it was just one shot, you might be able to sleep tonight.

    One of my vet friend’s/co-worker went on steroids once (the five day dose) and I remember the receptionist announcing over the intercom: “Two more days of prednisone, hang in there friends”. It was five days of hell for all of us.

  19. @ dasndanger: I was excited to see A Martinez in that All in the Family clip! He was one of my favorite actors at one point. He was on the one soap opera I’ve ever liked, Santa Barbara. He had a reputation for being an extremely hard-working and dedicated actor, and he was my idol / role model back when I was in theatre school. He must’ve saved his Santa Barbara money well, though, because I haven’t seen him in anything in the last 15 years except a guest spot on Castle.

  20. Bubba’s new bandage looks much smaller than the last, I hope it’s easier for him to get round in, poor fella. Glad he’s healing well. I can’t believe he kept that baggie on his paw; Bubba is so chill, man.

  21. Poor Bubba! I’m so glad he’s on the mend and I love the dressings – very cute!

    The food looks gorgeous too. Lucky Evelina! Can I become a member of your family? I’ll bring chocolate!

  22. @kathode I have a citrus allergy (just like McKay) so any food made with lemon, or line in it can’t be put on my plate. I also have a strange allergic reaction to anything more than the smallest amounts of garlic. I feel the same way about the taste of alcohol that you do about mushrooms. If food is cooked with it, that’s all I can taste and it’s just bleck!

  23. I am so glad Bubba is on the mend and I hope by the time I’m writing this, he has gotten his bandage off. It is a very stylish bandage though. The other dogs are thinking, “Man, I hurt just thinking about that happening to me.” The eggplant sandwich sounds really good, except I’d eat it without the bun. The chocolate sounds fabulous. The lemon panna cotta I’d like to try, too. I hope your cousin had a lovely trip.

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