Last night was just like old times: me, Chef Rob Belcham, Chef Ted Anderson, and whole bunch of foie gras.  The occasion was – well, there was no occasion really.  The guys decided they wanted to do a foie gras dinner, so they brainstormed  a menu and put the word out.  My friends, Steve and Jodi, asked me if I wanted to go with them.  I said “Sure!”, went online to get tickets – and discovered the dinner had sold out!

I was, of course, bummed.  But fortune smiled down on me – and frowned down on Jodi – when the babysitter canceled.  As result, Jodi had to stay home, freeing up a seat for yours truly.  I felt bad for her. But pretty good for me.  And even better once dinner got underway…

Chef Robert Belcham welcomes us to Campagnolo, then retreats to the shadows.

The meal was served family style at a long banquette table.  Once the plates were set down, it was every man and woman for themselves!  I think someone may have lost a finger.

Four types of bread including tasty toast points the woman seated across from me used to “build a dam” around the foie gras, soaking up the rendered fat.  Top with truffle gastrique and Bon Appetit!
Apple slices tossed with foie fat.  For the (sort of) health conscious participants.
Cherries given the same treatment: sweet, slightly sour, and delightfully savory.
And the star of the evening: mouth-meltingly sublime seared foie gras.  At the end of the day, it worked out to about a lobe per diner.
My first plate included a slice of the foie, bread, gastrique, various jams, and the apple (for show).

We were also served side salads that, I suspect, received some sort of foie treatment as well.  I have to admit, I’m not a huge salad guy but I loved this one.

And then, for dessert:

Caramelized Chocolate Tart with strawberry preserve and crisp Italian meringue.
Almond Cake with cream cheese mousse, preserved peaches, and brown butter.  Damn, that cream cheese mousse is crazy good.

What?  No foie gras dessert?  Well, maybe it was for the best.  The two desserts we did get were terrific nevertheless.

Chef Ted Anderson – kitchen maestro and Japanese at heart.

A delicious time was had by all.  The next feast has already been scheduled: Get Cracklin: whole roasted pig served family style.


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1020 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Open for lunch 11:30-2:30.
And 5pm until late,
seven days a week

17 thoughts on “March 21, 2013: A Feast of Foie!

  1. Wow Joe, I bet you were in foie heaven! You should have a standing reservation I would think. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, yum. Just yum.

    I may need to relocate if only for the food. But it would be hard to explain to my children if I up and moved to Vancouver. And it would be a heck of a commute to work. Maybe next year…

    On the subject of cars (yeah, I’m a little late): I retired my old minivan and got a new car. It’s a Highlander. And das, we named it Hamish.


  3. Yeah, Joe, You’ve probably paid for that building they are in by now. They should have a table with your name on it set especially for you. What are they thinking? 😉

    Actually, since I have been there more than once, I can understand why they are so popular. I loved the food we had when it was called Fuel. Also, considering the quality and the superb taste of everything served, they are very reasonably priced.

  4. @Joe on Get Crackling:

    That is right up my alley! Well, just about anything pork is “right up my alley”. I just looked at the date and saw that it was April 17th…dang it! I’ll be in Italy then. I won’t be in Vancouver again until May; is Campagnolos planning anything for May? Given the timing, it looks like a monthly sort of thing…


    Congratulations on the new car! I see someone else names their cars too. I never really did that myself; when I owned my Corvette in the late eighties, I simply called it “the Vette”. A friend of mine backed then called it “Michelle” (I don’t really know why…something to do with redheads and it being a dark red car), but I never really picked up using that name.

    That all changed when Barb and I married…she’s named every car we’ve had and because the kids follow suit, I end up having to do it too.

    It does make me curious if other people here name their cars too.

  5. I could make a meal out of the bread alone. Where’s the butter! Good seeing your personal (seems like it) Chefs Rob and Ted. Handsome guys!

    Yesterday, Mike from Canada wrote, “Almost all cars are money pits that you shovel money into. I expect mine to be reliable, and not much more. I’m already married, my life is over.”

    Mike, I’m worried about you. You got a place to stay at night? A comfortable dog house out back? A car you can sleep in? 😉 Your likely to get a shoe thrown upside your head if you keep saying things like that. 😛

  6. Joe, I’m just wondering… Do you like family style dinners? Do you tend to eat more or less? Do you eat less because you are mindful of those around you and either don’t want to take so much that it leaves less for others, or, don’t want to look like a pig in front of others? Personally, I want my own plate and don’t you dare touch it or comment about how good mine looks, cause you ain’t gettin’ any! I’m not sharing. It’s mine, mine, mine! All mine! ESPECIALLY dessert!

  7. @ Sparrowhawk – Congrats! And it sounds like you’re enjoying Macbeth. 🙂 I just started the third book – I’m slow. 😛

    @ Joey – Entry title shoulda been ‘fee fi foie gras’ 😉


  8. Those desserts look awesome. In fact one of these days I’m going to have dessert for starter, mains and…dessert!

  9. Well that made my morning. I need to talk to the lunch truck guy about carrying foie.

  10. The desserts looked good. I’d give you my share of the foie gras (another reason for you to take ME to dinner). I’d like to second Ponytail’s question Do you like family style dinners? I’m more introverted but I do admire how easily you make friends at these dinners. I’m glad you had a good time.

    How is work going? Just wondering since you’ve been covering more fun topics.

    Memphis Tigers are all over the news here.

  11. In the paleo diet, animal fat and offal are considered among the healthiest of foods. The apple only gets an “okay” because of the fruit’s sugar.

  12. This makes me so sad; I keep trying to get some delicious fatty pork loin but I always ended up picking one that’s too lean. Our meat dept is a free for all where people stake out their spots to hoard the best cuts or block a whole display case with their carts. Wish I could go to pig roast, it sounds amazing.

  13. When I was reading the description of the apple dish, for a brief moment in time (because I was distracted by Mike Dopud in Tazmanian Devils), thought it said foie fart (not fat). Then I looked back and thought, “what the hell?” Should have my glasses on.

    The desserts look incredible.

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