I had a feeling that trying to sell my car would prove a giant pain in the ass.  As it turns out, the experience has surpassed expectations. Initially, I thought I’d save myself the hassle by contacting my local Audi dealer and trading my Q7 in as part of a new vehicle purchase – but the salesman I spoke to actually convinced me that I’d be better off selling the car privately and then putting that money toward that new car.

And so, following his advice, I did my homework, snapped some photos, posted an ad on craigslist that included details like the low mileage and the fact that I would also throw in both summer and winter tires.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  At first, I assumed that craigslist had failed to publish my ad, so I went to the Cars & Trucks section and found it.  Yep, there it was – along with the other 500+ automobile ads from other private sellers but mostly dealers who positively swamp the section with their listings.

In hindsight, I should’ve found a way to work my Q7 into an episode of Stargate and then auction it off.  Hey, remember the all-terrain wraith-mobile from Tracker?  Or the five passenger space shuttle with the moon roof that the Asgard use in First Contact?  Or the SUV Sheppard and the gang drive off in at the end of Enemy at the Gate (a scene, now that I think of it that, that may have been cut for time)?  Yes? No?

The other day, someone asked me if I had blueprints of the SGC.  I looked through my old Art Department handouts and these are what I came up with.  From Stargate: Atlantis episode #412, Miller’s Crossing:

SGC Facility

Shallow Money Pit Hallway?  It was used for the crucial Icarus Base evacuation/corridor cave-in/explosion sequence in the Stargate: Universe opener.   Back in the day, we used to see a lot of that Long Tall Hallway – for instance, the scene in Window of Opportunity where Teal’c keeps getting hit by the door.

The Gate Room

There’s a note for the Art Department: “Gate address “Pegasus to Atlantis” (attached)”.  In fact, pretty much every episode the gate was used included a gate address breakdown as part of the Art Department package.  If you’re interested – and if you are, then I’m assuming you must be a pretty hardcore fan – I’d be happy to scan and upload a few.

There are also notes for a greenscreen VFX and rear-screen puddle projection.  Simply put, every time someone interacted with the puddle, it was a VFX shot.  In the early years of the show, you rarely saw the puddle unless someone was actually going through it simply because it was too expensive to show.  More often than not, you would play the “puddle effect”, that tell-tale shimmer of lights playing off someone’s face as they looked at the off-screen puddle.  Eventually, we started to make use of a puddle projection that allowed us to glimpse more of the puddle – less at the beginning because the visual wasn’t all that convincing, but more in the franchise’s later years as the visual improved.

Control Room

There’s a note for Construction to include the “iris plug” in the event director Andy Mikita wanted to feature the gate in any of his planned shots.  When not active, the SGC gate had an iris in place which was fairly convincing onscreen but much less so up close.

Lab and Hallway to Lab

Sort of like childproofing a room except, instead of a toddler, you’re preparing for a soul-sucking alien guest.  I always liked the observation room/lab set-up but it’s a room we rarely had occasion to use.

There is a reference to “2 hero workstations”.  The term “hero” refers to something that will be featured onscreen/used by one of our characters.  As a result, it should be the more convincing of the various versions in a given scene.  The hero zat gun, for instance, actually had some operating parts (short, sadly, of actual stunning/killing/disintegrating/lock-picking capability) as did one of the hero staff weapon.

Work Area/Boardroom

Don’t remember the scene but I assume this was a different boardroom than the one located above the control room.  It was there, at the long table, that Hammond would discuss off-world missions with SG-1. What struck me most about the boardroom back in the day was how chipped and weathered that table was – and what pains the director must have gone through to shoot it in a way that concealed all those blemishes you couldn’t help but notice every time you visited the set.

Mess Hall

Home of the infamous blue jello and WoW Fruit Loops.

Sheppard’s Quarters

Where’s the t.v.?

Holding Room

For the “other” guests.  If I remember correctly, this was Vala’s room.

I know, I know.  I’ve really got to get around to scanning and digitizing the rest of these files.  In the meantime, interested in checking out anything else?  Destiny?  Atlantis?  Those various gate addresses? Wraith facilities or Sheppard’s family home?  Let me know.

43 thoughts on “March 20, 2013: 2007 Silver Wraith-mobile for sale! Only used for picnicking and chasing down human prey! SGC Blueprints!

  1. Take it from an ex-fed: Those blemishes on the conference table just made the set believable. I’ve worked in many US govt. office where the furniture was way past its prime but was still sturdy and standing.

  2. Oooh! Gate Addresses! I want to know why the symbols aren’t available in any Unicode alphabets yet! Although some nice people have put SVG versions on Wikipedia. And I’m sure someone has compiled a list of all known addresses somewhere.

    I’d like to see detailed plans of the puddle jumpers. I have a puddle jumper sized space in my shed just crying out to be filled!

  3. Hi Joe

    Thanks for putting these up. I would be interested in seeing schematics of the Atlantis stairs, including the writing on them. I would also like to see a list of gate addresses and the planets the gates were in if you have such a list. Did someone actually fully or partially develop an alien alphabet?

    The work that was put into these shows is absolutely awesome. I know that some have found other work, but it’s a damn shame that such talent might be marking time, waiting (pounding the pavement) for other work to come along. Just so disappointing that no one has yet picked up from where it (they) left off. Anyway, I love (present tense because I watch reruns) the stairs – I think they are magnificent and so….. majestically ancient…

  4. Take it from an ex-fed: That conference table was realistic BECAUSE of the signs of wear. In my eight years of civil service, I only saw furniture replaced when an entire office was renovated, or if the item became unusable due to wear and tear. Office chairs with wheels and height adjusters tended to be the first to go.

  5. These are fun to see! Of course I’d like to see Sheppard’s family home, but that was someone’s real house, wasn’t it??
    Good luck with the car, they don’t have local newspapers anymore do they?

  6. Cool blue prints. 😎 Ditto the suggestion for the Atlantis gate room staircase and puddle jumper!

    In the US, car dealers are scrambling to buy up clean, good/high-value used cars. Are they doing the same in BC? Wouldn’t hurt to call around.

    If not, I know someone who sold a car through eBay motors. Better chance of finding a serious buyer who’s looking for your kind of car.

  7. Oh! If using the eBay motors option, don’t forget to list a reserve price!

  8. —I’d actually be interested in the pegasus gate address for a tattoo. My fruitless google searches of low quality renderings left me without conviction.

  9. Gate Addy’s sound great!!! Along with the Destiny. Just loaded first season of SGU back on to my iPad!!! Time to have fun!

  10. Thanks Joe! This is great. The stage for the set must’ve been HUGE.

    Gate addresses? Yes! Atlantis? Yes! Destiny? Oh yeah!

  11. I would figure just that the fact that your Q7 was owned by the inimitable Joseph Mallozzi, that it would command at least a healthy premium for any Stargate fan worth their salt! (And that could afford it, of course.) After seeing people paying up to $1000 or over for a signed poster at the convention I went to, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. I’ve had kind of a similar experience trying to sell my old sofa and chairs on Kijiji – they’re in really good shape with very little wear, but I can’t seem to get even the smallest nibble no matter how cheap I make them. I don’t really want to give them away, but it’s getting close to that!

    I’d LOVE to see some of the gate address breakdowns! I really enjoy seeing some of the background stuff for production.

  12. I have always loved the Atlantis set,the blue and aqua hues, the copper and patina look of under the sea, if any of that makes sense.But I have always wondered if the set was influenced in anyway by Frank Lloyd Wright. Atlantis has clean lines, simplistic look but the colors really played it up and made it come alive. It’s funny when I have a migraine Atlantis is the dvd of choice and I think part of it is the colors. They are soothing to my eye.

  13. 1. For a second there, I thought you had found a RR Silver Wraith model for sale, and I was all ready to buy it. (As it is, the only RR Silver Wraith model I’ve ever been able to find is a die cast model from England, but I want a model kit to build one myself – doubt if one exists.)

    2. Blueprints of anything Wraithy.

    3. I told you not to advertise on craigslist!

    4. It’s been a long day, Psych was hilarious, and I’m tired. No energy for snarkiness or anything.



  14. I’m positively drooling over all these blueprints!!! Atlantis and destiny would be amazing to see and ditto on the puddle jumper. I’ve actually got a Lego puddle jumper with operable drive pods (not that it flies but they can retract).

    Thanks Joe!!

  15. Joe all you need is one person to come out and look at your car and they will be sold. Obviously no serial killers on Craig’s List need a car right now. Sounds like a powder puff. (that is a well maintained, low mileage car). What did your ad say? I could work on the wording for you. Put an ad in the normal people’s newspaper. Got any colleges around there you can advertise at? Get creative man, you can do it!

    How is Akemi’s job hunting going? Any interviews?

    I would love to see Sheppard’s family home and McKay’s sister’s home while your at it! Yes to gate addresses!

  16. Everything SGU related, please! 🙂 Ah, who am I kidding. Anything Stargate related will do just fine.

  17. Thank you very much! Loving the set layouts – would like to see: Atlantis, pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top – Sheppard’s family home, sure – Gate addresses, puddle jumpers, Wraith sets – I want it ALL!! And, thanks again for feeding our never-say-gppdbye hearts.

  18. Having been married to an architectural designer for 36 years, I’ve come to really love blueprints. Thanks for sharing these. Of course die-hard fans are going to be interested in anything and everything – so scan away!

  19. Joe a question comes to my mind. Although MGM has auctioned all materials of the series. They keep a backup of the files from Art Departament & playback or all that has been lost in the wormhole?

    All yours scans are wellcome.


  20. Joe, we will be pleased with whatever you’ve got. Anything Stargate is readily consumed with the absence of any Stargate.

  21. If it really gets to be too frustrating, the trade-in is still an option, isn’t it?

    More Wraithy things would be nice.

    @das: I think Joe did the Silver Wraith thing in the title on purpose. He is reading Pendergast after all.

  22. Look at all those lovely pink-prints? Or are they still blueprints if they are on pink paper? LOL.

    We have never sold a car privately because we run ours right into the ground. We are begging for the dealer to take it off our hands for the small price they are willing to pay. Too much of a hassle we thought (lemon laws, what if we don’t know there is something wrong, transfer of titles, etc.) Last one was 17 years old before we got rid of it. Hope some other people have good suggestions for you.

  23. “I know, I know. I’ve really got to get around to scanning and digitizing the rest of these files. In the meantime, interested in checking out anything else? Destiny? Atlantis? Those various gate addresses? Wraith facilities or Sheppard’s family home? Let me know.”

    Atlantis and gate adresses !

    Thanks a lot Joe !

  24. Joe:
    Some people have more luck by selling them on Vancouver Island, if you know someone there you can hang with in Victoria. Or just advertise here at http://www.usedvictoria.com and Craigslist Victoria, Kijiji. There tends to be a lot fewer cars in Victoria for sale, especially the higher end. Just make sure it says “in Vancouver”. You might get some bites if someone is looking for a that make and model. It can’t hurt. (?) Someone might make the trip. A decent car well tended can be well worth a ferry trip. Maybe take lots of pictures that you can put on a webpage somewhere, or on Google plus? Set up an account just for selling the car. Get the car detailed? Nanaimo might be a place to advertise as well. Most who look on the Island look at Victoria and Nanaimo, if they live on Southern Vancouver Island. It adds another 250,000 potential buyers.

    I think I mentioned before that there is also http://www.usedvancouver.com, http://www.usedsurrey.com, and Kijiji. Perhaps put in “Not a dealer”. “Excellent price for Excellent vehicle in Excellent condition.” Or try “Awesome”. Toss in some “dudes”.

    I’m like PBMom, I drive my vehicles into the ground. I buy them used, usually third, fourth or fifth owner and keep them as long as economically feasible. Almost all cars are money pits that you shovel money into. I expect mine to be reliable, and not much more. I’m already married, my life is over. I’m well past the point of wanting to attract attractive young women with a flashy car. I don’t need a status car. Just a walker, or one of those powered wheelchairs, the Rascal.

    Good luck!

  25. Joe:
    How often did they have to make sets of this size? Except for the main
    SGC did they build them and then break them down right after shooting? Were they modular so they could be stored and re-used?

    Thank you


  26. @ Sparrowhawk – Between AXL’s Silver Wraith, his Japanese housekeeper (and garden), and the whole foodie thing, it’s almost as if the books were written for Joey himself! I know while reading them all I could think was, “Joe would love this!”, or “This is JUST like Joe”, or “Ha! A pale dude driving a Silver Wraith, you’d think Joey had written this!” or “Why the hell am I thinking so much
    about Joe?”

    The latter, of course, being the most disturbing thought of all. 😛


  27. Well, anything and everything you’d be happy to provide would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people, not just those that run wiki’s and other SG-related websites. I don’t visit those sites all that often, except for guest star info, really. But it’d still be great to see, and more importantly catalogued, for many in SG fandom.

    Personally, I’d like to know what the “Levels” designation refers to on that paperwork. Specifically on the Mess Hall set page, it says “Red – Level 3” under the standby construction instructions. I’ve also seen the “level – #” designation used for costuming(on the prop dept. tags that came with some of my screen-used costumes). Does it refer to the level of detail needed for close-up shots? Accuracy? Continuity? Inquiring minds…..

    Thanks again, Joe. I LOVE all these insights into how TV magic gets made!

    -Mike A.

  28. It amazes me about all the work put into a TV show. Thanks for posting the blueprints!

    Sorry but even my cat doesn’t have any car selling advice for you (loved that Maggiemayday). I’m like PBmom most of the time. I keep my cars well over 100,000 miles and when if it doesn’t suit my needs anymore I give it to an unfortunate sibling (I have three brothers but only two can LEGALLY drive). Shouldn’t you give it a little time before you lose hope?

    Mike from Canada: I’m already married, my life is over. That’s it! I’m tracking down your wife 😉 .

  29. Speaking of gate addresses… I have a serious question for you Joe:

    I remember in the beginning of SG-1 (the pilot) it was difficult to determine the return gate address–it had to be discovered. Then, suddenly it seemed that the teams just knew the return address when visiting new planets. Was that ever explained? Maybe I just missed it.

  30. Tam Dixon wrote – “I keep my cars well over 100,000 miles and when if it doesn’t suit my needs anymore I give it to an unfortunate sibling (I have three brothers but only two can LEGALLY drive).” 😆 I was taking a drink and almost choked! I know EXACTLY what you mean! 😉

  31. Tam Dixon — 😀

    Mike from Canada writes: I’m already married, my life is over.

    Lovely! 😆 If some men think their lives are over when they get married, and many women think their adventure is just starting when they marry, what’s a single girl got to look forward to??? Lord, help me! 🙂

    In all fairness though, it’s probably more about peoples’ level of energy. Or as Indiana Jones would have said, “It’s not the age. It’s the mileage.” 😎

  32. @Mr Mallozzi
    Thank you very much for uploading these files! Just what I was looking for, perfect! Thank you!

    Destiny, Gate adresses, Johns House, Atlantis, Wraith facilities… it all sounds amazing! The sets all looked incredible on TV, and the people designing and building it did a great job! Very sad all those sets were destroyed.
    Would have been awesome to have a Stargate-Museum (like in SG1 4×16 “2010”) or a Theme-park were you could walk through the different sets!

  33. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering how late in the episode development do the FX get added in? I’m asking because I was just watching the 9th Season finale of SG-1 and noticed a glitch in the FX near the end of the episode when the Ori have just come through the supergate and the Odyssey opens fire, For a split second you can see the Korelev in front of the Odyssey even though the FX would suggest it’s position would be far behind it.

    Granted, It’s not as big a glitch as the one in the SG-Atlantis intro I discovered a long time ago where a polygon of the Atlantis model was invisible… But still, It made me wonder.

    Kind regards,

  34. Do you have any additional blueprints of SGC with heights(like what is the height of the blast door C1-C2 in the embarkation room)? I really want to create an accurate 3D replica of the SGC base

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