So, I’m finally going to do it.  I’m finally going to sell my car.  I really should have done it a while ago but, to be honest, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle.  I figured it would have been so much easier to simply trade in my old Q7 as part of a new vehicle purchase, but the dealer convinced me I’d be better off selling the car privately, say on craigslist (and, in so doing, unintentionally talked me out of buying a new car from him). He was right!  I SHOULD sell my car privately!


Months passed.  I was distracted by other matters: work, personal issues, my new sous vide machine.

Finally, last week, I decided to finally do it.  I got my Q7 inspected.  I made some minor repairs.  I assembled the proper paperwork and did my research.  The apparent rules of selling a car: “Don’t accept personal checks!  Only accept cashier’s checks or money orders!”.  Well, that seemed pretty obvious.  Armed with this information, I went over to craigslist.  There, the first warning to greet me when I went to post my listing: “Most cashier’s check or money orders offered to craigslist sellers are COUNTERFEIT — cashing them can lead to financial ruin.” So, unless I’m misreading this, craigslist is warning me that I am almost certain to be cheated if I attempt to do business on craigslist.


Oh, hey, just wanted everyone to know that I’m in total agreement with those criticizing our resident film critic, Cookie Monster, on his recent review of The Dark Knight.  How dare he give it a measly 8 out of 10 chocolate chippee cookies and have the gall to critique the movie’s lapses in logic.  This is a superhero movie and, as we all know, superhero movies shouldn’t be held to the same high standards of other movies.  We have to suspend our disbelief and accept the fact that people can fly, get bitten by radioactive spiders, and say and do things that make absolutely no sense.  I mean, you can’t expect a scriptwriter to come up with cool chase scenes AND have the villain’s plan make sense too!  Am I right?  Granted, Hollywood does occasionally release the odd well-written comic book movie that adheres to an internal logic despite being set in a super-themed world (ie. Iron Man, the first two X-Men movies, the first Spiderman movie), but those are flukes, accidents of the production process caused by individuals with too much time and talent on their hands.

All this to say, REALLY looking forward to next week’s review of The Spirit which, if you don’t mind my saying, looks positively brilliant:

How could Cookie Monster gives this movie any less than 9 chocolate chippee cookies?!


Randomness writes: “@Carl Binder who finally arrives in town to start prep on his new show! – Hope it goes well for him, but at the same time, kinda weird how you and Paul, who were arguably better writers/producers than him still haven’t had as much luck with your projects.”

Answer: No one I know (present company included) is a better writer/producer than Carl Binder.

30 thoughts on “March 6, 2013: I’m finally gonna do it!

  1. That’s so sweet (about Mr. Binder). It’s nice when you can work with someone you respect, like and admire. Good luck to both of you for the projects!

    I’ve known a few people that sold cars on Craigslist. They didn’t have any problems with fake checks. However, I did read that you should get a temporary phone number to list a car online. We keep our cars for so long, I usually just sign it over to a needy family member. Sadly, there is always someone out of work and a car might help them for 2-3 yrs., I hope. It saves us the hassle of selling it and we wouldn’t get anything real in trade-in value. Good luck on the car too.

    What did you decide about the house or condo?

  2. So basically, Craigslist is saying “Do business with us! We’ll ruin your life!” Good business strategy.

    Are you getting a vehicle to replace the Q7?

  3. Dude…craigslist is for prostitutes and serial killers. Unless you want to be a john or a victim I suggest going through a more trustworthy source. Perhaps your auto mechanic could find a buyer, or ask around among your family and friends if they know anyone in the market for a used car. I’d just be careful selling to complete strangers. They see the ad, figure you’ll be an easy mark, and once they get you alone they hit you over the head (or worse), steal your wallet and your car, and then go rob your house.

    Or maybe not. Still, be careful.


  4. @No one I know (present company included) is a better writer/producer than Carl Binder.

    Very humble of you to say Joe 🙂 Wasn’t saying he was a bad writer/producer, nope, was just saying I thought you and Paul were better. Certainly your Stargate episodes were much better(In my opinion).

    You both deserve a bit of luck.

  5. 1:37 from the The Spirit Trailer. Did he say her name is Sans Serif? That’s a font family.

  6. well, sounds like a problem, unless you can find a buyer willing to wait a few days for the cashiers check to clear the bank. Or who is willing to cash it themselves and bring you the money. What a shame a small number of thieves and low lives can ruin things for the rest of us.
    Think I have the Spirit on dvd, but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. time to double check and mark out some time to do so. Good luck on the whole car thing, and looking forward to the updates.

  7. On Craigslist:

    I’ve bought a couple of things on Craigslist and the general rules seem to be:

    1. Use a Cellphone number (not a landline), that way it can’t be traced to an address. If you’re paranoid, use a prepaid cellphone.

    2. For test drives/kicking the tires, agree to meet at a public place like a supermarket or bank.

    3. For signing over the title, agree to meet at your bank during banking hours, that way you can take the cashier’s check into the bank and make sure it’s good before you hand over the title and keys.

    Now to go see about that 21ft above ground pool I found on Craigslist that the kids want for spring…hope they’re not some type of swimming pool serial killer.

  8. Oh, and on #3, an alternative it to meet at their bank (which the cashier’s check should be drawn on) and cash it (or verify it) there.

  9. @ Joey – Couldn’t help but think someone on the Psych staff reads this blog…or, at the very least, they were channeling you, or something. Tonight Shawn and Juliette were talking about getting a bunch of pugs, and how great their little faces are, and then at the end of the episode Gus’ girlfriend introduces her son, Maximus. 🙂

    It just seemed like too much of a coincidence, though I’m pretty sure it was just that – a coincidence. I believe Andy Berman wrote the episode, not sure if you know him, or not. I suppose it’s nothing, but still…a discussion about pugs and a kid named Maximus in the same ep? Almost too good to be true.


  10. My Dad has privately sold a gazillion cars in his life. He would just put an ad in the local newspaper. He mostly accepts cash only, but as the cars got more expensive he had to change that. He accepted a bank cashiers check from people he knows or trusts. (You will probably get a feeling on if they are trustworthy) Last time, I went with him to the buyer’s Credit Union where the buyer had gotten a loan and the CU wrote my Dad a check. Word of mouth might find a buyer. I would be too affraid of Craig’s List. Too many wierdos out there. Also, if they test drive it, don’t go with them. It’s just a car. Your life is more valuable…

    No need to say a word about Carl Binder. After watching and reading about him on your blog for so many years, I’m in love. Plus he wrote Midway, one of the most awesomest, badass-est, coolest episodes of SGA! So glad he is coming back! I hope we see more of him. And I just hope he will be able to work on 2 shows at once – your’s and the gig he’s got.

  11. They didn’t make a movie of the week called “Craiglist Killer” for nothing. What’s so bad about doing the trade in to a dealership? Or give it to a charity and take the charitable deduction?

    People get robbed during those deals all the time. And then there are the disatisfied pyscho customers who’ll insist your car is a lemon even though they put diesel in it instead of unleaded. Lloyd Dobbler was right, never buy or sell anything that can be processed or sold.

  12. Joe, I bet you will have a buyer for your car real quick. There is a huge market for nice, used SUV’s. They are a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new one. I bet yours is well taken care of. That is big too. You should have no trouble. You will probably sell to whoever can make it out to your house (or wherever you meet) the fastest. There will be bidding wars if two people show up at once… 🙂

  13. I agreed with Cookie Monster’s rating of Batman! Your examples prove superhero movies can be well made. And guess what, they make a crap-load of money, too!

    I’ve not heard of The Spirit, but that trailer is very cool.

    All those alumni in one place — sounds like you’re getting the band back together, as Mitchell would say! Yay for Carl being back in town, too!

  14. Speaking of serial killers, isn’t it in Vancouver that severed feet (usually wearing sneakers) keep washing up on the shore? Just sayin’…


  15. The Spirit? I can’t recall this show. It seems a little familiar, yet not. Perhaps it’s just the commercials and promos I’m remembering.

    Or it was a very forgettable movie.

  16. It must be time for a “Weird Al” Yankovic reference:

    I’ve never bothered selling cars privately. The time wasted dealing with advertising, potential buyers and other hassles always seemed more valuable to me than any extra money I’d likely to get for the car. Not that I go through a lot of cars. One per country.

    I haven’t heard of The Spirit which doesn’t bode well. It seems to be in a similar style to Sin City which I enjoyed so it might be OK. My hopes aren’t high, though.

  17. So…
    1. You survive the Test Drive with the potential Serial Killer. And/or any Car-Jacking attempts.
    2. The Cheque doesn’t bounce! The Cash IS Real!!
    3. You sign over the “Pink Slip”….
    ..wait.. hang on… ah..*WHY* am I getting a Ticket in the Mail for Parking someplace I wouldn’t be caught dead in my car at??!!

    Another downside of Private Selling to Strangers… The GOVERNMENT-PAPERWORK-*NOT*-GETTING-PROCESSED-“IN”-TIME-OR-AT-ALL!! — Suggest that You KEEP your Plates! AND, keep tabs on the Registration TRANSFER!! — Cuz, UNTIL it does go THROUGH, YOU could be *still* LIABLE for the Vehicle!!

  18. OFF TOPIC — BUT ___ Are You going to write on the “Transporter” series or was this a fling, and if so, WHEN do you think those in CONTROL of entertainment will advise us if “they” are cancelling yet another of your great scripts for the lack luster trash entertainment for the eneducated………
    semper fi,

  19. I love Frank Miller, but I’m wondering why everyone in the movie keeps calling the hero “Thuh Spuh-rut”? Is it set in the south?

  20. I admit it. Cookie Monster wipes more TV/Movie knowledge from his ass everyday than I will ever know in my lifetime. It was foolish of me to engage. He wins.

  21. @ brent – Don’t give up so easy. Be strong! Cookie Monster survives on cookies. That’s just sugar, butter, and flour. Not the most nutritional thing one can eat. Therefore, we should question his reasoning abilities. That, plus he always has some guy’s arm up his butt, controlling his every move, and probably his every thought, too. The only other place you usually see something like that is with politicians, and you sure as hell can’t trust their judgment, either.

    No…sometimes Cookie’s bias shows and he gets it dead wrong. And he gets really testy when you tell him, too. Sometimes he even gets mean, in that ‘methinks he doth protests too much’ kinda way. But take heart, he’s made bigger mistakes than the Batman movie, like his insultive remarks last week about Prince Nuada. Ha! What does a ratty old muppet know about a sexy hawt sword-wielding elf?! NOTHING! That, plus I’m pretty sure he was terribly jealous. Afterall, Nuada has thousands of chicks falling at his very feet, all willing to give themselves freely to him, while Cookie Monster has, ya know, that guy’s arm up his butt.

    That can sour anyone, doncha think? 😉


  22. I’ve sold several cars on Craigslist and didn’t have a problem. I only accept cash in person where I hand over the title. To test drive, I meet them in a public place where we discuss the particulars of the car. When they decide to buy, I meet them in the same place for the exchange. I’ve not had any problem with this. If people are willing to go to the bank for a cashier’s check, why not just get the cash? same to them….but not the same to me. I keep my plates. When I advertise I give my cell phone number so they can call anywhere I am. By giving all the information, and my requirements of cash only, it weeds out the serious buyers. just my experience. It worked out fine.

  23. Hello Joe and blog peeps… sorry I’ve been a bit busy lately…. I’ve been working on Ivon’s birthday present for tomorrow March 8. He doesn’t read this does he? Ivon if you are reading this please stop……

    ok now I made this Ivon website. If you would like to leave a birthday message please click on birthday messages and leave a message by commenting in the box at the bottom.

    I’ll be showing him tomorrow.

    Alternatively if you are on Twitter you could tweet him directly.

    Thanks heaps!!!
    Cheers, Chev

  24. Joe, craigslist is scary….be careful…. also make sure the transfer goes through. There was a story here about a lady who sold her car online. She did her part of the transfer but the other lady didn’t complete her side. The other lady amassed thousands of dollars in fines, tolls etc and all the bills went to the first lady.

    Cheers, Chev

  25. Hey Joe
    Another vote for Kijiji, it’s Canada’s answer to Craigslist, without the serial killers.


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