Today, I revised and sent off the mythology document for the urban fantasy series we’re developing, then continued the rewrite of the pilot script.  Feedback on the first draft was heartening (“Lots of twists and turns and high stakes jeopardy”, “loads of fun” and “Great little horror movie”!) and we received some terrific notes that, once addressed, will no doubt make the script that much better.  Came up with a new scene to kick things off, one that establishes our heroine from the get-go. Tightened up the teaser and the first act and just about to write the second flashback scene that will cement “the ritual”.  Ideally, I’d love to shave another page (maybe two) before moving on to the second act. If all goes as planned, my writing partner will have a first pass at the second draft awaiting him upon his return to Vancouver.

Gotta say that, as this pilot and series continue to take shape, I grow increasingly excited.

On two fronts, as the initial feedback on the scifi pilot we’re developing has been equally fantastic.  A few more entities have to read the script and weigh in (with either notes or a commitment) and then we’ll be on our way.  Smooooooth sailing!  I’ve already established the major story and character arcs for the proposed first season (that’ll end, like every episode planned, with a shocker), setting things up, seeding clues, and paying things off in a big way – or opening the door to more surprises to come.  I also have a fairly detailed sense of what those first seven episodes are going to be – as well as the last four.  I’ve yet to decide on #8 and #9.  Anyone have any ideas?

In addition, I was informed today by our producing partner that there is a lot of interest in that third project (an SF series based on an existing property) which we should start discussing whenever we come up for air.

Continuing our stroll down SGA memory lane with…


Oops.  Mis-titled the last Days of SGA Past entry.  First Contact was the first part of the mid-season two-parter while, of course, The Lost Tribe was second.

I remember walking through the Traveler’s ship set with my writing partner, Paul, and thinking: “Damn!  We’ve got to find a way to fold this set and store it away for the Dark Matter series. “.  Dark.  Dirty. More Nostromo than Enterprise.  It was, in a word, “perfect”.  How were we to know it would be another five years before we’d get a shot.

(photo courtesy MGM Television)
Marty G. at the controls (photo courtesy MGM Television)
Photo courtesy MGM Television
High maintenance Asgard actor holds up the shoot (photo courtesy MGM Television)
(photo courtesy of MGM Television
Getting into those suits was as much as a chore as trying to walk around in one (photo courtesy of MGM Television
(photo courtesy of MGM Television)
A view from the cockpit (photo courtesy of MGM Television)
Robert Picardo.  Loved writing for his character.
The talented and terrific-to-work-with Sharon Taylor and David Nykl

30 thoughts on “January 30, 2013: Projects brewing! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! The Lost Tribe!

  1. You make my head spin with all your projects going on, busy busy, and I love it when you say ‘Smooooooth sailing! ‘ Only good things can follow.. The Stargate shows had such talented actors playing their parts, Was a joy to turn on the tv week after week, so I am looking forward to your new projects and then I can enjoy again turning on the tv for some quality stuff. thanks.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I must say, your hints are getting more intriguing and my anticipation level for these projects is ramping up! Question: could these be projects that will be initially shown in the States or might we have to wait for them to work their way south, a la Continuum and Primeval New World?

    Obviously hoping for the former!

    Best of luck with everything!


  3. I’m winded just reading about it all. For episodes episode 8 you kill off the doctor. Just to be consistent, and then in episode 9 bring her/him back to life somehow so you get it out of the way and don’t make us agonize too long over it. If you like horror stuff and Dexter,Joe, you must take a peek at The Following with Kevin Bscon and James Purefoy. Any show that can terrify me without excessive gore is great. Have enjoyed James Purefoy since he was Marc Antony in Rome on HBO, and Prince Edward in A Knight’s Tale.

  4. For the scifi series, have you done time travel yet? You know how I love those twisty paradoxes. 🙂

  5. I love alternate reality, or flashback episodes where the characters have faced a choice, they make a choice, then the episode goes back to show what might have been had they made another choice. It is interesting to me how choices we make today and in the past affects our future life.

    I’m curious: do you fear or is it possible that you pitch an idea to a production company and/or studio and they take the idea and send it out to someone else to develop? In other words, take your idea away from you and run with it with someone else? How do you prevent that from happening?

  6. I enjoyed The Lost Tribe. I liked the scenes with Ronon and Keller sabotaging the ship and that photo above with Woolsey and Keller looking all kick-ass and Ronon in the background no doubt rolling his eyes and thinking “Amateurs!”

    Looking forward to seeing how all the projects turn out. We definitely need some decent sci fi on the small screen. I think the urban fantasy market is a little crowded at the moment but I’m still keen to see your take on the genre.

  7. Do you have an office at home? Is your desk always clean or crazy like your schedule? I’m not suppose to keep track of all that…right? 😊 Busy you! Hope you aren’t so busy 🏈Sunday🏈 😎

  8. Hi Joe,
    can you comment on information that David Hewlett said – 2013 will be a good year for sci-fi? 🙂 and something about his reunion with SG Destiny?

    Thank you

  9. Woolsey, along with Todd, were two of the best things that happened to SGA. Just sayin’. And (although you have me confused now) I think it’s this episode when those two finally get some ‘alone time’. Hilarious!! 😆 Not sure if it was meant to be that delightful, or if I was actually supposed to be afeared for Woolsey’s life, but who cares! It was perfect! I especially enjoyed Todd ever so slightly stroking Woolsey’s cheek with his thumb (not that it was supposed to be that, but it’s what it looked like), and then a petrified Woolsey watching Todd’s hand creeping up his chest like it was a giant green spider about to bite! One of the best scenes in the entire series! Those Wraith really do love to play with their food!

    And I really, REALLY miss them, a LOT. 🙁


  10. Hello,
    vous nous mettez l’eau à la bouche avec vos projets! Un réseau investira-t-il à nouveau dans une série de sci-fi?

  11. Episode 8, pairings that don’t like each other trapped in elevators.
    Episode 9, flashback episode.
    In space.

  12. I don’t know, Joe – You saying “Smooooooth sailing!” generally means, “Uh-oh”.

  13. A very enjoyable two part story. It was interesting to see the two story lines merge together. I was a bit perplexed as two how Todd knew about the device or why Keller and Ronan were not affected by the energy weapon. It is most unfortunate the series ended without more appearances by Daniela the Traveler commander. One aspect of the story that I liked was that the story line didn’t depend on McKay saving the day. Radik stepped it up, and we could see the petty insecurities of McKay. I was wondering was the character of the engineer on the traveler ship a homage to Jewel’s character in “Firefly”? It may me, but the space suits reminded me of episode “I shrink therefor I am.” Coincidence I guess.

  14. BTW, I have ticked off the box beside, “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” and have not been receiving emails of notification. But I noticed that for some reason my email address lost its “m” in “.com”. Never trust a computer… and this is so a first world problem…

  15. Debra – I hope that you are able to get the doggy/Boston situation sorted out. So sad when pets are left mourning.

  16. Well, I was hoping you wouldn’t say “smooooooth sailing” about any of your new stuff because the last few times you’ve said it, things have been delayed or changed, putting that project in a holding pattern. Things seemed to be going so well with these last couple of projects that I thought you were avoiding saying it to not “jinx it”, as it were.

    I like the idea of you guys working on a new idea for an existing IP, but I’d also like to see your new SF series take shape(although I’m sure it’s just a Dark Matter-esque series, which is fine by me!).

    This mid-season two-parter is great for many reasons. The big reveal, the odd couple-esque pairing, the impending doom and last minute heroics……wait, I’m just regurgitating outline, aren’t I? Oh well, you guys always did such a great job of realizing those episode outlines with great story arcs, character interactions, and humor, that it made it always incredibly enjoyable to watch. This particular pair of episodes remains at the top of my list for favorite SGA episodes. I haven’t quite decided if they’re in my top 5, but that’s only because I don’t exactly have a hammered-out top five…..

    I know you have a lot of female blog readers/regulars, so please excuse the typical male behavior that follows:

    Thank you to whomever cast Sharon Taylor and then brought her back to Atlantis from the evil clutches of Oberoth. She’s so flippin’ pretty and so friggin’ hot! She did a great job, too, she wasn’t just eye candy(well, most of the time). I especially liked when she started, um, “defending herself”? That just made her even sexier! Although, to be fair, I’d watch her read the phone book. Hmmm……makes me think…..

    Has there ever been a poll of “most dateable” or “most desirable” female star in the SG franchise? Each one is so different and has so many awesome qualities it’d really be hard to pick one. Having seen a lot of BTS footage, my initial frontrunner is Amanda simply because she’s goofy as all get out and that giggle of her’s is downright adorable(Honestly, between her and Chris Judge laughing all the time, I don’t know how you all got anything done in a timely manner). I’m sure there has been one of these polls, I was just never too into the internet communities while the show was on air. Come here, Google! Let’s do some diggin’!

    -Mike A.

  17. @ Mike A. – I must’ve missed your post. Ah, yes…sometimes I get the feeling Mr. Mallozzi actually enjoys shooting himself in the foot. 😉


  18. Torp: David Hewlett bought Destiny’s sets for one of his projects. Yes, I was hoping a new SG project was coming up but at least we might get to see a Hewlett production. I believe he called it “Starcrossed”.

    Debra: Did you find a Boston rescue? If so, those rescue organizations are good about posting available dogs on their sites, and basically scouting for homes. I am always amazed how many people adopt pets from the internet (sight unseen). Young/healthy Boston Terriers are pretty easy to place for humane societies. That might be another option, a rescue center. Anything would beat craigslist.

    JeffW: Fingers crossed for success!

    Das: I love the way your mind works (the Facebook comment yesterday). 😆

    Mr. M.: Eppie 8 or 9? Well, it would be too soon for a eppie flashbacks right? How about exploring one of the supporting characters? Wow, I can’t wait to find out more info on this project!

    It’s cold again here but the weather is stable. Back to freezing…..

  19. WHOOOHOOO on the projects. Needed some good news. 🙁 Tried to help a gal with those Bostons, sadly she is giving all four to one person. I have warned her about people taking “free” for selling to labs or using the 2 unfixed for puppymill, but hopefully she’ll check her vet references etc. Sigh.

    Hope the projects get under way soon! Oh, and my daughter read and liked Dark Matter, btw. 🙂

  20. I love reading about your creative process, especially as you prepare a pilot. How have you seen your preparation change over the years? What did you learn as a showrunner on Stargate that has helped you create this new show?

  21. I think most of us just want to hear news that either of your projects has been given the go ahead. The wait is painful lol

  22. I also have a fairly detailed sense of what those first seven episodes are going to be – as well as the last four. I’ve yet to decide on #8 and #9. Anyone have any ideas?
    more flashbacks. how did the characters end up where they are now? or why did things turn out in the present as they did? or use them to show someone from the past that the characters may not know about (or one did & lost touch/broke off contact) that shows up in later episodes to throw a monkey-wrench into things?

  23. I’m really looking forward to whatever comes out off all these irons in the fire, although I as well am a bit concerned about the “smoooooth sailing”. But I think that probably means you’re just preparing yourself for the inevitable bumps in the road in getting any of these things onto the screen.

    Managed some time to watch FC/LT and they were indeed great. It’s such pleasure watching David H. and Michael S. on screen together.

    “Has there ever been a poll of “most dateable” or “most desirable” female star in the SG franchise?” – Well, there’s Amanda Tapping, then down here, a bunch of other ones! 🙂

    Stepmom update: I was back in to see her yesterday after a couple of days of me having the flu, and she seems to be doing quite a bit better. The delirium was completely gone yesterday and her mobility was a lot better than it was on the weekend. Now today, she seems a bit loopier but not nearly as bad as before, but her mobility is still (for her) pretty good. They are saying that she may indeed be out tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

  24. A FEW entities have to get to a committal “yes”? I hope I’m missing something. It’s hard enough to get a “yes” out of one person. Not-no’s are much easier. Noncommittal responses are abundant, but I guess that’s why they’re cheap.

  25. I watched Lost Tribe last night and was going to comment, but then I fell asleep with the mouse in my hand. If I’m going to get up at 5 in the morning, what time should I go to bed? But I don’t want to go to bed! Oh well…

    The Lost Tribe was a great 2nd part to First Contact. Couldn’t watch Todd with his arm drapped around Wooley’s shoulders without thinking of Das. 🙂 Hey Das, why do the Wraith look like KISS superfans? What does the Wraith’s tatoos on their face mean? A rite of passage? Crazy birthmark? Sign of senority? Rock star wanna bees? It was pretty cool when the Asgard stepped out of that suit! I’ll admit to snickering when Rodney and Daniel were in that exo suit. That must have been pretty hot in there! I liked the Travelers from the very first episode they appeared in. I think they should have been semi regulars. Since Ronon taught Jennifer karate, I would have thought she would been tougher when it came to working with him to get the ship back. Originally I was so mad when she dumped Ronon. (Golden Boy, you did it!!) But I’m over it now. I like that other girl for Ronon better anyway!

  26. I know this is a late reply to this entry, but if anyone reads it, David Hewlett is filming some kind of zombie(?) horror sci-fi movie using some of the Destiny set. It’s called Debug (working title?) and is filming in Toronto in Feb.

  27. Well you said ‘heroine’ and ‘scifi series’, so I’m in. I just really hope there’s a spaceship involved at some/all point(s).
    So as I’ve been lurking at your blog for years (since SGU. sniff sniff), I decided to finally drop a few commentos.

    A few months back I think you mentioned one of your pups had symptoms of Cushings? Well, symptoms of something, and you were worried. As my dog was having weird symptoms also, I took her in for Cushings tests and she has it, early stage. Reading your concern made me realize all these little things wrong with my baby might be indicative of some bigger problem. Thank you. She’s on raw food now and doing much better.

    Akemi is the cutest! From my limited, long distance, electronic observation, you two are a great match. In other words, lock that down! ,)

    Speaking of Akemi, have you read David Mack’s “Kabuki”? It is a beautifully written and drawn/painted comic book (get the graphic novels) about a fascinating Japanese assassin. There is a really cool character named Akemi in the story and her little ‘signature’ has become a graffiti of choice for fans around the world. But if you haven’t read it yet, you really must. You and your Akemi would really enjoy it, I think. You’ll thank yourself for it afterwards.

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