The other day, I was having a hypothetical conversation with Akemi (Don’t read too much into this – although I’m sure you will).  I asked her: In the event she was getting married (See!  I knew it!), where would she like the ceremony to take place?  “Anywhere,”I prodded.  “Anywhere in the world.”

She considered, cocking her head and puffing out her cheeks, the telltale signs she is thinking.  “Not Hawaii…”she started.

“Why not?”I asked.

“Because, in the pictures, everybody always looks like this – ” Scrunching up her face, flinching as if in expectation of some phantom blow.

It took me a couple of seconds to get it.  “Oh.  Too sunny.”

“Too sunny,”she repeated.

“Where then?  Vegas?”  Beat.  “Montreal?”  This won won me a disapproving look.  “Where?’

A few more seconds of thoughtful consideration and then she had her answer: “Shittyhole.”.

“Shittyhole?”I asked, wondering if this was her roundabout way of saying “It doesn’t matter where.  I’d just be happy getting married.”

“Shittyhole,”she repeated.  Then, emphatically: “Shitty-hole!”

“Shitty-hole!”I said, just to be sure.

“Shitty howl!”

And then it finally dawned on me: “Oh!  CITY HALL!”

“Yes.”  She mimicked me with exaggerated enunciation: “Seetee Hooowl!”

City Hall?  I was expecting an Osaka tea ceremony or a castle to-do in Europe, maybe even a theme-wedding in Vegas.  But City Hall?  What a hopeless romantic!



msstargate writes: “My question for the Mailbag…with the economy finally picking up, any chance we see the long awaited SG1/Atlantis movie or movies?”

Answer: Economy aside, I’m sorry to say that the chances of seeing either of those movies is beyond remote.  The sets are long gone and the actors have moved on.  From the studio point of view, it wouldn’t make sense to spend the money to rebuilt all the sets for a one-off movie.  And given the demise of dvd (once a terrific source of revenue particularly with regard to Stargate), it makes even less financial sense to do the movies.  Instead of a “one and done” movie, a new t.v. series that would allow the production to amortize the costs of the expensive sets over several seasons would make more sense.  A new series would also leave the door open to appearances by former Stargate alums as well.  It’s simply a question of if and when MGM wants to breathe life back into its most successful television franchise.

Sue Jackson writes: “Question for mailbag: How are your doggies? How is Jelly, Lulu, and Bubba? Love seeing their pretty faces on your blog!”

Answer: Oh, they’re fine.  Jelly still having trouble getting around but she remains in high spirits.  Bubba is getting pudgy.  And Lulu is her usual mischievous self.

Jelly resting.  She does a lot of that.
Jelly resting. She does a lot of that.
The ladies lounging.
The ladies lounging.
Bubba asks: “Hunh?”

DP writes: “How are your projects coming along?”

Answer: They seem to be coming along swimmingly…but you never know.  The horror script is out there making the rounds.  Yesterday, Paul and I received notes on the first draft of that urban fantasy series we’re developing.  We also delivered the first draft of that SF pilot.

Bailey writes: “Mailbag Question: In your experience, was there differing levels of network involvement with the three Stargate shows? What exactly do they do?”

Answer: Network involvement was fairly consistent in the 11 years I was with the franchise.  SyFy weighed in on the various scripts and cuts.

kabra writes: “How is your sister doing?”

Answer: She and her new boy, Fernando, are doing great.

Jeff W writes: “Any preference between Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma? And what are your favourites?”

Answer: Love ’em both.

“And can you pass along anything more about the Dark Matter TV series?”

Answer: TV series?  Wouldn’t that be great?

T. Dixon writes: “How is Akemi feeling after her cold and did you catch it? Can you tell us any dates for completed projects you’re working on?”

Answer: She is feeling much better.  And, no, I managed to avoid coming down with it myself.  As for dates – we’re a ways away.  The miniseries should be airing sometime…uh, in the near future.

lrgoodwin2 writes: “Have you ever considered doing a SItcom? I have a pitch, the best part is that most of it really happened. You couldn’t write it if you wanted too. Funny how true life is always stranger to fiction. Let me know if your interested.”

Answer: Thanks for thinking of me, but my plate is full with the two pilots I’m developing (and another one on deck).

dasndanger writes: “Just finished the last Pendergast book, and yes, Joe – what did take you so long?!  I’m guessing it probably has something to do with you being so judgmental about tall, pallid characters all dressed in black.”

Answer: Actually, it had everything to do with me being judgmental about a book series that sounded like a Victorian-era steampunk detective series.  I mean, come on.  The protagonist is an albino named Aloysius Pendergast!

dasdanger also writes: “1. What type of car do I want to own someday?”

Answer: The Batmobile from the 1960’s Batman series – or a facsimile.

2. Why don’t I own one now?

Answer: It just sold for $4.2 million.  Damn, if someone had given me the heads up, I could’ve bid!

3. Name two tv shows that I watch, but could easily drop.

Answer: The Amazing Race and Master Chef.

4. Why could I drop said shows? Is it due to:

A. No long-locked albinos?
B. Tiresome relationship clutter?
C. Characters whose charm isn’t charming to me?
D. All of the above.

Answer: D = 1. Lost interest, 2. I find one of the judges really annoying.

5. Is #4 a trick question?

Answer: I’m going to say no because I answered it.

6. Who would I rather be stranded with on a deserted island – DS Hathaway or Todd the Wraith?

Answer: I’ll go with DS based on the fact that I don’t know who he is but he sounds like a gentleman.

7. Is #6 a trick question?

Answer: Depends.  Who’s DS Hathaway?

8. Which statement is correct: a show should be draining instead of entertaining, or a show should be entertaining instead of draining?

Answer: A show should always be entertaining whether it’s draining or not.

9. What is my favorite sport: Rugby, or Ribbing Mallozzi?

Answer: I’m calling this one a tie.

10. Is #9 a trick question?

Answer: Nope.

11. What is my theory regarding Mallozzi’s delay in reading the Pendergast series? Amirite?

Answer: See above.

12. Essay question: Explain in a 100 words or less why I have switched from comic books to a more pulpy fare. Double bonus points if you can explain in 10 words or less. Triple bonus points if you use the word ‘boobs’ in your answer.

Answer: Superhero ennui.  And those pulp titles offer a better quality of boobs.

Elminster writes: “Ya, I’ve been watching a new show. It’s called Transporter: The Series. You may have heard about it.”

Answer: Nope.  No.  Doesn’t ring a bell.  Are you sure you don’t mean Transformers?

Sabrina writes: “Thinking of Maximus today.”

Answer: Thanks, Sabrina.  We miss our handsome boy.

1Michelle writes: “Joe, I assume you’re following the hullaballoo about the BC film incentives? Never saw so many actors tweet such passion about something non-hockey-related, and I even know your provincial premiere is Christy Clark. While she argues competing with Ontario is a race to the bottom, others argue BC has a big net gain financially from the larger film subsidies. Given you didn’t love your time in Toronto, are you on the side of the industry?”

Answer: I am most definitely on the side of the industry.  The government’s argument against the tax incentives don’t make sense.  They claim that it’s a “race to the bottom”, that the province will lose money by matching the incentives in place in Ontario and Quebec – but this is based on the glaringly incorrect assumption that the same amount of productions set up shop in both provinces.  The reality is that given the choice (and it ALWAYS starts with a choice) productions will go wherever they’ll get a bigger bang for their buck, a place that will allow them to put more of their budget onscreen.

This link offers a great analysis of the situation (http://www.scribd.com/doc/121494475/Kurt-Bruun-BC-Film-Incentive-Analysis) and a great explanation of how it works.  Kurt Bruun sums it up this way:

BC was standing around one day thinking about how it loved apple pie (yes, I’m using a pie analogy for money).

“MMM….I love apple pie,” said BC.

“What’s that?” said BC’s next door neighbor “You like apple pie?” 

“Heck no,” replied BC “I said I looove apple pie!” 

“Well,” said the neighbor “You can have this apple pie I have right here for free.It’s a delicious apple pie!” 

“Free apple pie? What’s the catch?” asked BC 

“Well, you can have this here beautiful apple pie but once I give it to you, do you mind if I have a small slice of it back….say, 7.9%?” 

“Deal!!” exclaimed BC. And BC took the pie, sliced off 7.9% and gave it to the generous neighbor.

This arrangement went on for years with the neighbor always bringing BC the apple pies and BC slicing off the 7.9% to enjoy over 90% of it.One day the neighbor came up to BC and said “Hey buddy, times are tough and I’m wondering if there’s any chance you could slice me off another couple of percent off that pie. You can still have the pie but maybe just make my slice a little closer to 10% than the usual 7.9% we’ve been doing for years.” 

“You know I sure do love your apple pies, neighbor but…up yours!” said BC. “I want to only give you back 7.9% still.” 

And the neighbor walked away with the whole pie.”

It’s not, as many think, a case of productions taking money out of the taxpayer’s pockets.  Unlike BC residents who must pay taxes here, a production will pay taxes wherever it chooses to set up shop.  By coming here to shoot a film or television series, it is helping to fill the government coffers, both directly (in the taxes it pays as a business entity) and indirectly (by employing hundreds of BC residents who, in turn, pay taxes as well).  By driving productions away to far more attractive shooting locales, it’s the BC government that is taking money out of its own pocket.

gforce writes: “In “The Shrine”, was it Lynn Canyon where the outdoor shots were done (I think there was one near a waterfall)? The area sure looked familiar.”

Answer: Don’t recall.  More than likely – yes.

“Have you listened/watched any of the J-Pop group “World Order”? These guys are amazing!”

Answer: Yes, absolutely love them.  This is one of my favorite World Order videos –


“Are we to take it from your recent remarks that there is some positive movement on the “Dark Matter” front? You don’t have to say anything! Just wink with your left eye for no, and your right eye for yes.”

Answer: Things are looking cautiously optimistic on the Dark Matter front.

dasndanger writes: “I do have a serious question from a couple weeks back – what is it that didn’t work for you with the mysteries? Please be as specific as possible…in a hundred words or less.”

Answer: I was looking for an engaging mystery with interesting characters.  At best, I’d get one out of two.  Usually, it was 0 for 2.  Also, coincidence or contrived plot points are a deal-breaker.  I read one highly recommended book that concluded with the revelation that there were actually two murderers – who just happened to commit their crimes at the same house on the same night.  The Preston/Child books, on the other hand, offer both engaging mysteries (in Relic and Reliquary) as well as engaging characters (loved Pendergast, Margo, and D’Agosta), in addition to some genuinely surprising twists – but I wouldn’t classify them as mysteries.

50 thoughts on “January 26, 2013: Conversations with Akemi!

  1. @das: Well, *I* read all of that! 😉

    Was that first picture of Akemi taken from some strange perspective? It makes her look 3 feet tall!

    “This is one of my favorite World Order videos”

    Yes, I love that one! Another is the one called “Permanent Revolution” I like the message and I love the ending, which can be interpreted in several ways. I’m pretty sure, given Genki Sudo’s motto, that it’s positive though.

  2. And wait, what? Wedding venues? I’m presuming all us blog readers and getting hypothetical invitations to this hypothetical wedding at some hypothetical venue!

  3. Dang it, Gary, with your multiple posts because of forgetfulness/fatigue! Anyway, just a quick stepmom update – today was not TOO bad. It was minus the terrible hallucinations, but there was still clearly some cognition problems (forgetting where she was, etc.). I told the doctor that he needed to put a stop to the hydromorph and he said he would stop ALL “mind altering drugs”, to which my already suspicious stepmom was “huh??” He quickly rephrased! In other news, someone actually died in the room next to her this afternoon, so that was… not good. Hopefully, her lungs will clear up and she’ll be out soon.

  4. Okay…just a quickie…

    1. Technically, Pendergast doesn’t have albinism. And, technically, he’s pale enough that I don’t care either way!

    2. You TOTALLY failed the test! 😡 You know what that means? My next post will be LONGER! 😀 Hmmmmm…I wonder if there’s a character limit on WordPress…

    3. I will give you extra credit, however, for answering the mystery question, but I’m taking away your gold star because you went over 100 words!



  5. I don’t know what Vancouver City Hall is like but calling it a shitty hole is a bit much! Not to worry, I’ll be eagerly awaiting my invitation anyway.

    “Can you hear the drums Fernando?” AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Gonna have to look up these Pendergast books. Never heard of them but they sound interesting!

    Those World Order guys are pretty bloody cool!

  6. Yep I read into it. Why would you ask her if you weren’t thinking about it???? I think you need a Disney wedding, in FLA!!! 🙂 We have some friends who were married in city hall. My husband’s best friend met his wife in London. The day she left home to come to the states, she got off the plane, we met them at city hall and they got married and have been married since. (that was 1993). Akemi is cute and sweet, love that conversation.

    Glad to hear your sister and Fernando are doing well.

  7. This new Akemi story is hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing. I never wanted a wedding, hubby did. So we did a small ceremony. Money that could have been used for a trip…. Doesn’t really matter in the end. Any shitty hole will do 😆 .

  8. Totally read into it. And now that she said ShittyHole… I mean City Hall, I’m thinking you two will elope and we find out via blog that night 😛

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stargate back on tv again in another form or fashion. I keep hoping MGM will release the scripts for the movies to be written into book form. I’m not usually for novelizations, but I’d pick these up.

  9. Well let us know when its time for congratulations. I think a castle would be so cool, maybe a honeymoon there, hypothetical of course. hypothetical would save money. Sorry I missed the mailbag, I usually check out the blog more often, catch you next time. Hope your dreams are pleasant!

  10. Awww….c’mon Joe! 🙂 You expect us NOT to read into THAT especially when specifically tell us NOT to read into THAT. Of COURSE we’re gonna totally read into THAT! 😉 When you gonna pop the question already? Plus…a guy doesn’t bring up the subject of marriage unless he is seriously thinking about it. 😀 😉 So get that ring already! 😉

  11. when i saw your invite for questions, all i could think of is a stargate related one. but i didn’t post one… and here someone asked a question i asked mgm today!! :p

    at first your answer kind of made me feel 🙁 , but reading on, i started feeling 🙂

  12. “a hypothetical conversation” Sure. Right. 😉 Akemi is so cute. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to get married in Hawaii? Has she been to Hawaii? You need to take her to “Shittyhole” for a tour. Make sure that is still okay. I thought you would marry in Toyko…

  13. Once again Akemi demonstrates why she should be the basis of a tv sitcom. And also shows a deeper understanding of government than most. And yes, we are most definitely going to read something into the hypothetical question. I’d throw in a wedding at one of the plantations along the james river here in Virginia. Honeymoon would allow tours of Jamestown, Williamsburg, or a run up to the Washington/Baltimore area. And don’t worry; I wouldn’t crash the wedding. I just like showing off my state.
    Glad to see the dogs are doing well, even if Jelly is at less than 100%. Hope the old gal continues to remain upbeat, and do keep us informed of your “hypothetical” plans.

  14. I laughed so hard the dogs got up over Akemi’s wedding place choice.

    Read something into it? Sigh. I am honestly not that big of proponent of marriage making a difference. If it matters to the people, they should. It isn’t any more meaningful to me than people who live together (well unless stupid laws PREVENT them from marrying). But I do think if people are not committed, they should tell the other person and let them move on. <– inserts unasked for motherly advice.

    Tell Akemi we don't care who she marries, but City Hall is not the place. We want romantic pictures and lots of wonderful food! She is too dear and cherished to not have a nice wedding even if elaborate (and Hawaii) are not her thing!

  15. @Joe:

    If Akemi rethinks the castle thing, I can vouch for this castle (I’ve stayed there myself):


    If I remember correctly, Henry VIII stayed here. If you all go, try the lamb…it’s incredible in the west country.

    dasdanger also writes: “1. What type of car do I want to own someday?”

    Answer: The Batmobile from the 1960′s Batman series – or a facsimile.

    2. Why don’t I own one now?

    Answer: It just sold for $4.2 million. Damn, if someone had given me the heads up, I could’ve bid!

    You mean this Batmobile?!?


    This was only 20-minutes from my house (in Volo), and now you’re telling me it’s gone? Well there goes my plan of embarrassing my kids with the Batman theme while walking through the Batman exhibit this spring.

    @Das and Tam Dixon:

    Cylinder Head Update: we finished assembling the head about 8:40 tonight, and after a quick leak test, it all checks out. We’ll remount the head and see how far we can get in putting the rest of the engine back together tomorrow evening.

    @ thornyrose01:

    I grew up in Jessup, MD and my brother now lives in Midlothian, VA (outside of Richmond)…it sounds like you’re not too far from there. Definitely lots of history to explore there.

  16. Another gem of an Akemi story! The San Francisco City Hall is awesome, by the way. My best friends got married there. 🙂

    Thanks for your clarity on the filming tax breaks question. Seems a no-brainer to match what the other provinces offer. Vancouver is so much easier to travel to from Hollywood, and the weather so much milder, it seems US productions would choose it, all else being equal. Not to mention all the expert crew and great actors to draw upon! I hope the BC govt comes to its senses!

  17. http://www.marriageisland.webs.com/
    ‘Nuff said on that subject.

    I empathize with Akemi about the pitfalls of functioning in a new language. When I met Akemi last Fall, I kept her fluency level in mind as we chatted. I think she followed; Joe?

    I’ve made my share of mistakes and mis-translations over the years. The most memorable was when a Spanish-language lecturer referred to her father’s and brother’s “chanclas”. From the context, I inferred “underwear” or “jock straps”, but that felt off. Fortunately, there was someone I could ask (and have a good laugh with): “chanclas” are flipflops /thong sandals.

  18. Why do I get the funny feeling that JeffW‘s next post is gonna start out something like this: @ Das & Tam Dixon – Had the car towed to the Honda dealership…


    Oh, and Jeff – forget what Joe wants, I WANNA DUUUUUUUESY!!!



  19. Five things Joey can’t do:

    1. Count
    2. Get his dates straight (*see Jan. 24th’s entry. Oh, can’t find it? That’s because there isn’t any! This may also have something to do with counting…)
    3. Understand adorable accents
    4. Follow instructions
    5. Remember my obsessions!! THIS is Hathaway (the paler of the two 😉 ):


    Sheesh. You really don’t read any of my comments, do you? Also, now I’m picturing you and Hathaway stranded all alone on that island…hmmmm…who woulda thought we’d have the same taste in men? 😉



  20. Talking about marriage…but not talking about marriage. Is this your way of sticking your toe in the water to test the temperature? Hahaha…this will lead to trouble. One does not joke about such things. The seeds are planted. 💘💍💞

  21. My son proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancee) at Disneyland CA, right after the evening firework display, in front of the magic castle, about 300 enthusiastic tourists & a very proud mum and dad…however at 23 and 20 respectively I guess it was probably the right romantic thing to do and place to be for both of them….she had no idea, burst into tears, said yes & pretty much died of embarrassment at the very loud squeals of “OMG!! He’s Proposing!!!”…and I would LOVE them to make a return visit for a wedding there…sadly I fear with the rest of the family requirements it will be a fairly normal affair over here in England..sometime…

  22. Hey Joe, I completely agree with Akemi. It’s a better way. You can save all the money and use it on the honey moon. yeaaahh…think about it. Instead of all the bells and whistles of a really….really expensive ceremony these days, you could have an amazing time somewhere and still have plenty left. She is very smart. Good Choice Joe. lol
    I was wondering if you might have tips for someone on how to put together a story. Since i didn’t go to school for such a thing. I have plenty of ideas for my own said thing. It doesn’t matter on the context. Whether a grahic novel, a book, a play, or a script. I really would love “could use” any thoughts you might have on how to attempt such a thing. I’m not looking for awards or a book deal, just something for myself to enjoy writeing. lol

  23. Oh yeah, one more thing. Why does that name “DS Hathaway” sound familiar? lol

  24. Whoops! sorry dasndanger, I missed that whole post. sorry.
    Hey, Henry VII and Henry VIII are some of my ancestors. I wonder if they’ll give me a discount? lol eh, bad joke. My apoligies

  25. Maybe Akemi suggested City Hall because she doesn’t know about any other venue. Also there may be a cultural reason behind her suggestion; where do couples in Japan marry? City Hall? Someplace else? Maybe you can show her some alternatives around town? 😉

    Also, isn’t your Mom a United Church minister? How about getting married in a park, with your Mom officiating? That would be so much lovelier…. Hypothetically speaking, of course 😉

  26. I may have resolved to try not to read between the lines (out loud), but if you’re going to be so on the nose…

  27. City Hall in Vegas here… except we got the license at city hall, walked across the street to the first JoP with a sign out, nice older man. Then we went to a topless revue. With orangutans.

  28. So I think it’s the brownie recipe link that is bouncing my post off WordPress. Too bad because it was a great brownie recipe from a local Memphis coffee shop. If anyone is interested, look up the recipe link on my twitter (jertam or Tammy Dixon). I reposted it this morning.

    JeffW: Good luck!

    gforce: Prayers continuing!

    Das: I love reading your comments. Thanks for the laughs!

    Mr. M.: Thanks so much for answering my questions. I’m glad Akemi is better and you avoided disaster! Loved the pup pictures (as always) and I can’t wait to see what kind of projects pop up! Did you get any TV show ideas from the posters?

  29. RE:
    Elminster writes: “Ya, I’ve been watching a new show. It’s called Transporter: The Series. You may have heard about it.”

    Answer: Nope. No. Doesn’t ring a bell. Are you sure you don’t mean Transformers?

    That brings to mind a job I had and left….don’t want to know or remember the situation. Nasty, nasty nasty – I’m rid of the place and they are of me…. nightmare of the highest order…. must have been for you too – I totally understand and can commiserate (but no more than this – I don’t want to remember…) Good Riddance!

  30. Akemi has the right idea about a wedding – go small, and save your money for all the stuff you can enjoy later, be it travel or dining or…ya know…kids. 😉

    Hypothetically, I mean. 😉


  31. I hope that picture works, if not ,I’ll put in just the web address:


    Maximus and Churchill. Brothers by another mother.

    Me and my wife were married at city hall with enough family for witnesses. We went out to a bar I worked at the time, drank about five bottles of champagne and we both got stupid drunk. We spent the night at a hotel.

    I’ve never understood the need to spend horrific amounts of money on a wedding for 300 of your closest friends. But to each his/her own.

    BTW, have you read the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson? The girl with the dragon tattoo, the girl who played with fire, the girl who kicked the hornets nest.
    Much better then any of the movies. I liked listening to the audio book version.

  32. So Joe did you ever watch the new Code Geass Akito the Exiled OAV? Only one episode is out now, its 50 minutes in length, they’re out every few months and the animation is quite good. It’s set in Europe around the time Lelouch first became Zero.

    You won’t have many problems finding it on somewhere like Youtube.

  33. Das:

    Oh, and Jeff – forget what Joe wants, I WANNA DUUUUUUUESY!!!

    I’ve got this mental image of a woman in a flapper dress behind the wheel of a Duesy listening to the Charleston on the radio, like something out of The Great Gatsby.

    On Honda news; we got the head installed today…no tow-truck in sight yet! 😉

    @Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the good luck wishes…going smoothly so far 😀

  34. Hi Joe, >BIG FAN OF YOURS HERE< .. I'm not sure if you know this, but there has been a resurgence of requests for more SG the likes of which have never been seen !! .. In fact, they have now branched out from SyFy to engulf MGM's AND most recently NBC's FB pages. The fan mail continues to pour in and it seems to be growing every day! … So at this point, I'm not so sure about your "beyond remote" remark. In fact, I would not be surprised if you get a call from MGM this year asking YOU for help with more Stargate. Fingers X'sd !! 🙂
    There are just so many unanswered questions (Starting with ones that stem from SG-1, through Atlantis, & all the way to the big question which is the fate of Destiny and her crew), that there simply has to be more SG in our future! Like many, I believe that a world without a working Stargate is not an option.
    If I'm wrong, then not only is it a sad day for Science Fiction, but it is also a sad day for mankind. Since FUTURE scientists and space explorers will have one less beautiful form of incentive from which to draw their inspiration from!
    Personally, I'm hoping that YOU can find a way help jump start future Stargate productions any way you can, since you were at the very soul of its creation!
    Kudos to you for that, and what every happens, you will always have my undying respect, admiration and gratitude! 🙂
    Joseph Sardone aka themaingmaster founder of "Save Future Stargate Travel"

  35. Joe, as someone who is living in Japan and going out with a Japanese girl, as Dr Nikolas Van Helsin from Cannonball Run would say “Ahhh yes, Ive seen this before” as he inspects the patient, I believe shitty-hole means “I dont want much, Im easy, Im not superficial, I JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED!!”

  36. Re: Conversations with Akemi… I started to say. DONT DO IT. But I know nothing of your actual relationship. Been married twice. First wife died of leukemia, second should have died of something (came close to taking care of that myself, she was cruel to my son) My point is that as of tomorrow, my lovely girl and I will have been together 17 years and 17 days. Neither of us wants to be married again. We have a wonderful life without the states, Gods or families approval. However, with that said, if Akemi wants to actually be married, then by all means, give her what she wants. The real test is this, are you truly PASSIONATE about her? Would you bury your neighbor in the back yard for yelling at her? Would you get up at three in the morning, drive forty miles and get pickles or taco bell? Would you let her mother move in and stay for seven or twelve years? Would you let her get a CAT? Those are the questions you have to answer. As for where, she may have said city-hall, but I guarantee she has a very really idea of what that day should look like. I doubt city hall is in?that vision, but like I said, what do I know? Anyway, I am happy for you. Anything to keep you writing….also, Just knowing that you actually read the comments…..the reply (even though it wasn’t the one I wanted) was truly appreciated. Thank you….LRGII

  37. WEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDING????? Hypothetically, of course. YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You really do seem perfect for each other and I’m a hopeful romantic. Any woman who says City Hall is fine to get married in is a keeper.

    Never heard of the group in the video. Enjoyed that quite a bit.

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