So, what’ve you all been up to?  Besides reading this blog of course.  Watching anything good?  Reading anything great?  Do tell.

I’m watching some t.v.  I know, I know, I really should watch more but I’m a busy guy!  I’ve got scripts to write, books to read, and dogs to walk.  I have, of course, been watching Top Chef Seattle.  Also the final seasons of both The Office (which took a bizarrely downbeat turn in its last episode) and 30 Rock (funniest comedy on television).  I’ve recorded The Following (having heard good things about the pilot script).  Other than that, I’m checking out Louie, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s 7th season (Fat Mac!) and looking forward to Breaking Bad’s final episodes.  Is there something I’m missing?

Excitement on the book front as I’ve discovered two series I’m quite enjoying.  It’s rare enough to find one but two!  I’m about to start on the fourth book of George McDonald Fraser’s Flashman series, and my third Preston/Child Pendergast novel (I know, I know.  What took me so long?).  Am also loving Hickman’s run on both Avengers titles.  Thoughts?

Spoke to my former cohorts Carl Binder, Robert Cooper, and Martin Gero today (my writing partner Paul doesn’t count because we happen to be on the same conference call).  Lots of exciting things brewing with them.  Stay tuned!

Continuing our trip down SGA memory lane with…

1TRACKER (509)

Pitching for an established series can be a daunting task at the best of times, but imagine trying to pitch to a mythologically complex production that already has some 300 stories under its belt?  This was the uphill battle that faced every freelancer interested in writing for Stargate.  It seemed that whenever someone pitched to us, it would invariably be an idea that we had done, had considered doing and discounted, or were in process of doing.  Under those circumstances, it’s hard to imagine a scenario whereby any outsider could land a story. But while the odds were always stacked against them, a few prevailed – due in large part to Executive Producers Robert Cooper and Brad Wright ability to seize on even the most insubstantial of notions and spin them into a workable episode.

I don’t think I can remember a time that someone came in and landed a contract based on an idea they pitched.  More often than not, they would pitch an idea which would give Brad or Robert another idea that would be spun into something workable – BUT because that initial idea gave them the actual idea they used, the freelancer would be given credit for inspiring the whole process.  In the case of Tracker, it was one step even further removed in that that the episode was based on an idea that wasn’t even borne out of the original idea pitched.  What happened was that during the pitch, Robert Cooper seized on the word “tracker” to spin out a completely different story about a fellow runner. Only problem was no one had said the word “tracker”.  Rob had misheard “track her” and taken it from there.

Still, at the end of the day, if that freelancer hadn’t come in to pitch, it’s safe to say that Tracker (or, at the very least, the episode as we know it) would have never been made.  So kudos to all – especially Executive Producer Carl Binder who ended up writing one of the most entertaining scripts of the show’s final season.

Speaking of Carl: Little known fact about this episode: Exec. Producer Carl Binder was originally cast in the role of the virile and ruggedly handsome Kiryk but had to bow out after sustaining a groin injury while racing for the lunch truck.  As a result, we had to go with our second choice, the equally great Mike Dopud.  Here are some shots of Carl from that initial costume fitting…

Yikes!  Imagine running into this guy in a dark alley.
Yikes! Imagine running into this guy in a dark alley.
Beefcake!  Beeefcaaaake!!!
Beefcake! Beeefcaaaake!!!
Uh, okay, but where are we going to find a stone oven?
Uh, okay, but where are we going to find a stone oven?
Hey, lookit what was lying around the shop!
Hey, lookit what was lying around the shop!
(photo @MGM Television)
Jenni-Ryk out and about (photo @MGM Television)
Stabby stabby
Stabby stabby
Director Will Waring gives the troops their marching orders. (photo @MGM Television)
Director Will Waring gives the troops their marching orders. (photo @MGM Television)
Build your kids a backyard playground.  Here's how!
Build your kids a backyard playground. Here’s how!

58 thoughts on “January 25, 2013: Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Tracker!

  1. I’ve been watching Justified and I love it. I watched the first season a while back and wasn’t so keen on it, but I gave it another shot and I adored the 2nd season. So if you give it a shot, don’t give up on it too quickly. Amazing dialogue, great actors and plenty of hillbillies.
    It starts as a more episodic show, but slowly changes into more serialized which I personally enjoy much more. Heck these days I enjoy shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Mad Men much more than movies.

  2. Doctor Who is great.

    Once Upon a Time is interesting enough. I’m just bowled over that it’s as good as it is considering the premise.

    Downton Abbey is great. I can’t figure out why it has so much nerd appeal for me. They have me rooting for something I never cared about or understood and is now obsolete, but they do the work to fill me in on what I don’t understand and why it matters for the characters and don’t do it in an insulting way. Nothing ever explodes, no spaceships, I can’t put my finger on the appeal. It works.

    I’m not watching anything else.

    Is there anything you’re purposely missing?

  3. I’m reading The Ragnarok Conspiracy by Erec Stebbins right now. It’s quite good. Not really interested in anything current on TV–usually the boys are watching the baseball shows in preparation for the upcoming season. We’re a big baseball family here. If I get the inkling to watch anything though, I’ll watch some of my Stargate Universe or Bionic Woman dvds on the computer.

    Have a great night all!

  4. “Speaking of Carl: Little known fact about this episode: Exec. Producer Carl Binder was originally cast in the role of the virile and ruggedly handsome Kiryk but had to bow out after sustaining a groin injury while racing for the lunch truck.”

    Funny! And Carl looks pretty kick-A in that outfit! I thought this episode was great and Mike D. did a great job (as always.) (I will admit I haven’t had time to watch this one again on my DVDs yet.)

    @JeffW: Thanks for the thoughts and wishes.

    @Tam Dixon: Yes, that scenario sounds pretty familiar, except this morning (which was as bad as Wednesday, unfortunately) it was me who was in danger, based on a plot supposedly hatched by one of my siblings to have me attacked on the way to the hospital. It took me two hours this morning to get her calmed down from that one. She was resting pretty well by the time I left at 8pm tonight, though. Anyway, a friend of mine was telling me about their mother in a similar situation who was convinced the floor was covered with rats and that the doctors were intending to “sell off her brain and innards”. Turns out it was related to the pain medication she was on. Indeed, I did a search and narcotic meds greatly exacerbate this problem and – sure enough – they had given her a hydromorph dose for pain in the middle of the night. We’ll be talking to the doctor tomorrow about that, you can bet!

  5. Don’t even get me started on Tracker, a.k.a. Atlantis Meets the Keystone Wraith. 🙄 Come on, Joe, fess up – the real purpose of this ep was to let you guys on the creative team live vicariously and do what you always wanted to do back in high school: Beat up the greasers, emos and goths. I’m right, aren’t I? Next thing ya know, you’ll be doing the same thing to tramps and teamsters in some upcoming super secret project, I’m sure of it. 😉


  6. Calls to former cohorts, wow, super secret exciting stuff, fantastic, beefcake pictures, nice Carl! thanks. (& counting Mike and jennifer in the beefy cakes.)

  7. @Joe:

    So, what’ve you all been up to? Besides reading this blog of course. Watching anything good? Reading anything great? Do tell.

    Like you, I’ve been pretty busy, so my watching (and reading) has been limited. I did finish Frozen Sky by Jeff Carlson (thanks for that suggestion by the way); I liked it but felt the ending was a little abrupt. I also finished Shade by John B. Olson (a pseudo vampire novel), a couple of Stargate novels (Moebius Squared and Secrets), and The Spy by Clive Cussler.

    As for current reading, I’m working my way through Outies by Jennifer Pournelle (a sequel to the Mote in God’s Eye by Jerry Pournelle), and I plan to get another Clive Cussler novel before my upcoming flights (so I have a safe backup book).

    On the TV front, we’ve been watching Psych, Last Man Standing (my daughter’s favorite), and the original Get Smart series. And of course I’m hoping Dark Matter gets a spot on the small screen soon.


    As a longtime Honda owner I’ve had it beat into my head by the service dept that you ALWAYS change the timing belt at the recommended mileage, if not before because if you don’t and that sucker goes, your engine is toast.

    Yep. My son-in-law has learned this the hard way. Most of the engines I’ve worked on have been the American V-8’s (where piston/valve interference is usually not a problem). Looking at the bright side, I now get to teach my youngest daughter (as well as my son-in-law) how to lap valves 😉 …that should come in handy when she rebuilds the ‘Vette’s heads.

  8. “So, what’ve you all been up to?”

    Watching “Downton Abbey”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Haven”, “Castle”, “Project Runway” or “Fashion Police” while crocheting. Currently on the hook: A colorful shawl for myself.

    Following through on my resolution to join a gym and keep working to maintain the progress made during past three months of PT. Assessment and initial exercise plan…DONE!

    Mentally plotting a scifi romance as my personal “bedtime story”.

    Trying to straighten out my sleep schedule, or at least adjust it to be more compatible with Husband’s.

    Still reading fan fiction, but limiting it to writing of decent quality.

  9. Watching:
    Continuum, Castle, NCIS, NCIS:LA, CSI, Person of Interest, CSI NY, Once Upon A Time, The Mentalist, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    Wating for:
    Doctor Who: back March 30th, Warehouse 13: back in April.

  10. I am so disappointed to know that Carl could have been in the episode but had to bow out due to injury. Sure, he says that now. Awwwwwwww. that just really ruins my day. I mean gee whiz couldn’t he man up and push through the pain? Couldn’t he think of us viewers and our entertainment rather than his own physical pain? Geez, Carl should be more thoughful of our needs instead of his own. maybe he was afraid of looking too beefcake and then he would have to work more. Ok, Mike did a good job, sure, but Carl in that outfit would have been fantastic. Oh, well, what might have been, I can only dream of it now. (J K)

  11. Loved Mike Dopud and the idea of another Tracker, but geez, Keller (who is now a Ninja) running through the woods again? Haven’t really watched it again after that first time. I wish you would have been able to bring Kiryk back, perhaps it would have happened in Season 6?

    I’ve been watching Grimm, fun and spooky little show.

  12. G’day

    Tracker was a great episode and not just because of Mike Dopud. Carl would have been excellent though.

    As for tv, Once Upon A Time, Hart of Dixie and starting on Tuesday a new season of Packed to the Rafters.

  13. I must admit to watching all of Amish Mafia, which was amazing. Oh, and Downton Abbey, natch.

    Joe, I assume you’re following the hullaballoo about the BC film incentives? Never saw so many actors tweet such passion about something non-hockey-related, and I even know your provincial premiere is Christy Clark. While she argues competing with Ontario is a race to the bottom, others argue BC has a big net gain financially from the larger film subsidies. Given you didn’t love your time in Toronto, are you on the side of the industry? Cool article here.

  14. Well, I did just listen to the audiobook of Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff”. Very enjoyable. My first Discworld book. I’ll definitely have to read more now.

    I, too, am watching Once Upon a Time. Lots of fun. I enjoy playing ‘spot the character’, trying to guess which storybook characters are going to show up and in what guises. (Spoiler alert: Something from the first season was recently revealed to have been a Snow White/Dr. Frankenstein hookup. Now, in what other show could you see that?) And the whole “We’re your parents, but we look the same age as you” thing is fun.

  15. Truthfully, this episode wasn’t for me. I like Jewel Straite as an actress, just not in this role. Okay…as to what I’ve been up to. Apart from trying to stay warm, and trying not to eat too much, I’ve been doing a little writing and watching some TV.

    From outside the UK, I’m enjoying Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory.
    Two very different shows, but both well written and acted. Jim Parson’s Sheldon cracks me up every time. The guy is brilliant!

    Over here, I am waiting anxiously for the next – and 3rd – series of Sherlock. It is nothing short of perfection. I love the take of bringing Sherlock into modern day, but the whole production is wonderful. From the lighting right down to the kick ass performances of two leads, its the best thing I’ve seen in years. If you haven’t caught it yet Joe, you really should.

  16. Hey Joe

    Ya, I’ve been watching a new show. It’s called Transporter: The Series. You may have heard about it. 🙂


  17. Reading:
    Divergent by Veronica Roth (cheated, listened to this audio book)
    Started Oh Myyyyy by George Takei – gift book
    Gonna read the Hobbit again.

    Watching and/or waiting for return:
    Castle, NCIS, Hawaii 50, NCIS:LA, Once Upon A Time, Elementary,
    Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Sherlock BBC, Rissoli and Isles, Falling Skies,
    Occasionally, Betty White and “off their Rockers” – not totally glued to this, but there are hilarious moments

    Thank goodness for DVR, cause frequently can’t do this in real time – after the fact and fast forward the commercials.

    Stargate anything, Leverage

  18. Bah. Missed yesterdays post, so there goes my New year’s resolution. And I’m not even sure why I missed it. Maybe I walked through a time anomoly? Actually re reading Les Miserables, and remembering why I have not re-read it since my teen years. Great book, but ye gods, the writing style….I don’t mind reading large works, but I do prefer at least half the pages move the plot forward…your question has me looking at my tv viewing habits. Sadly, there isn’t anything on right now I am going out of my way to watch. Well, betty white’s off their rockers, but beyond that, not much. Still, Spartacus has started up for the final season, my dvds of Game of Thrones season 2 should arrive soon(I may break down and pay the extortion so I can see season 3 when they broadcast), and I’m keeping a leery eye on some sci fi movies due to come out this spring and summer.
    Tracker wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was a solid effort. Any time we get extra eye candy and some action is good. And McKay out of his comfort zone is usually good for a chuckle.
    Thanks for the pics and hope the weekend is a fun one.

  19. OooooOOOOoooo! Photos of Mikey! He is such a handsome devil. I was delighted when you guys made him a semi-regular in Stargate Universe, then very disappointed when the series died an early death. You guys were just hitting your stride. By the way, are you going to tell us all about that series next – Wraithless as it may be?

    What am I watching? Lets just make it easy and say anything Sci-Fi. Of course, as you know, I am also very busy writing news stories for some of those sci-fi shows, and doing interviews with very awesome people who help make those shows a reality, coughJoeMallozzicough. Anyone who wants to listen to that interview can find it here:
    Also, we just happened to do an interview with Mike Dopud. You can find it here:

    Speaking of interviews, Joe, did you get my email? Just wondering if it got lost in the great beyond somewhere.


  20. Good morning, Joe! I’ve added this intro line to warn you that the following is a rather long-winded reply to your questions, after which there WILL be a quiz to test whether you read through the whole thing, or not. So, no skimming, and get out your paper and number 2 pencil!

    Now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep (sorta – waking up at 5:15 to feed cats begging for their breakfast is not my idea of the perfect way to start off a Saturday morning 😛 ), I can tackle your questions…at least until Mr. Das rises and starts begging for his breakfast. 🙄

    Firstly, however, I wanna say that I sorta wish JeffW had been my dad. I would love to know how to fix my own cars! Well…car. I mean, it’s not like I have Leno’s Garage in my back yard, or anything. Rats. (See, I happen to love cars – the older the better – and if someday I have a lot of money to just throw around – HAHAHA! – I’m going right out and buy myself a Duesenberg. A really big one. 😀 I really need to find myself a sugar daddy 😛 …or, better yet, a sugar 25-year old! 😀 )

    Okay – what am I reading, and watching? The easy part first…watching. Not much at all. Sure, I half-heartedly watch Castle, but it’s just not as entertaining to me since the old man and the chick started up with the rumpy pumpy. I’m tellin’ ya, sexual tension works so much better than…”oh, great…here they go spending another precious 5 minutes dealing with ‘relationship issues’ of a – wot? 45 minute, at best, episode that’s supposed to be about solving a friggin’ mystery! AARRRRGGGHHH!! GET BACK TO THE STORY!”

    Now, in defense of romance in mystery episodes – it only works for me if I care about the characters. For instance, if the lovely and delightfully awkward DS Hathaway of Inspector Lewis fame is struggling with relationship issues, it’s sheer joy for me – but Castle? Eww…not so much. 😛 So, I watch Castle for the mystery, but now that’s all cluttered up with this relationship crap, which means I’ve lost a bit of interest and now can take it, or leave it. No biggie.

    I also watch White Collar and enjoy it well enough, but sometimes find Neal a bit…annoying. See, there’s awkward Hathaway charm, and supercilious Pendergast charm, and most certainly duplicitous Todd charm, but for some reason ‘I’m too beautiful to not be charming’ charm has never quite worked for me. Besides, my favorite in the show is Jones (Sharif Atkins), and he doesn’t get much screen time, so – again – though the show is entertaining, it’s not something I *need* to watch.

    Lord, I AM picky, aren’t I? 😛

    I suppose my two favorite shows are still NCIS and Psych, though the latter has yet to start up their new – and supposedly slightly more serious – season. I sure hope they don’t ruin the show by trying to make it too ‘mature’. What I love about Psych is that it IS silly, and a great escape from the stresses of real life. NCIS is my ‘serious’ show, and it continues to impress. In this one I don’t mind the serious topics of death and loss and romance and the like because, for some reason, it never, ever feels like the show is about those things. It feels…it feels like the show is about justice. Justice…and people. For a fairly standard procedural the show is really all about the characters without ever feeling like a soapy and/or depressingly gritty nighttime drama. Which – and no matter how dark it may get at times – always makes the show feel ENTERTAINING instead of draining. This is very important to me because, if after dealing with real life all day, the shows I watch make me feel worse than the news I watch, then something is wrong.

    As for the rest of my tv time, it’s spent watching the occasional old movie on TCM and a good 6 or 7 rugby matches a week (though I admit to often multitasking during most games since I don’t have 12-14 hours a week to just sit and stare at the screen). And I will watch any Brit detective show or series that I can find, especially when PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery! season fires up. Although, with Downton Abbey fever sweeping the country, I hope the Mystery! budget hasn’t been drained in favor of the drama. I have seen a couple eps myself and it is good, but I still prefer the mysteries.

    I’m going to try out this Ripper Street on BBC-America, though I suspect it’s going to be one of those ‘shock value’ shows…ya know, the ones that us gratuitous sex and/or violence to attract young male viewers who couldn’t sit through a period crime show for more than five minutes without it.

    Whew. I thought that would be easy, but obviously it wasn’t and I got all wordy and stuff. 😛

    Okay…so NOW the easy stuff!! Just finished the last Pendergast book, and yes, Joe – what did take you so long?! 😉 I’m guessing it probably has something to do with you being so judgmental about tall, pallid characters all dressed in black. 😉

    As for other reading, I also finished the first Hamish Macbeth book. I loved the character and so 3 more Macbeths waiting in the wings. Comic book and graphic novel-wise I’ve been reading Gambit and Wolverine and the X-Men in single issues (though will soon be switching totally to trade). The latter book – written by Jason Aaron – is fantastic! I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do. I haven’t had any interest in reading other superhero books, though. I’m sure there are some good stories out there, but – and I know this sounds stupid – I just can’t seem to get into all the muscles anymore. Heroes all seem the same, and villains all seem the same. I would love to see someone or something different in the genre, but I guess it will always be big, muscle-bound heroes and boobs.

    So, I’ve switched over most of my reading to Dynamite books, which offers a nice line of books featuring pulp characters…and ‘cowboys’. 😉 I’ve been reading both past and present storylines, most in trade or now switched to trades, and really enjoying the whole comic book thing again. Dynamite titles I’ve been enjoying are The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, The Spider, Lord of the Jungle, The Man With No Name, Sherlock Holmes, and The Last Phantom. I just started reading the latter in tpb and I’m really enjoying it. Though there may at times be a mysterious, perhaps supernatural, element in some of these books it’s not the predominant theme or plot device, which makes the stories seem a bit more grounded and easier for me to relate to. I wish I could read more, but I’m already reading almost more than I can handle, so I better get off the stinkin’ internet and pick up a goshdarn book!



    1. What type of car do I want to own someday?

    2. Why don’t I own one now?

    3. Name two tv shows that I watch, but could easily drop.

    4. Why could I drop said shows? Is it due to:

    A. No long-locked albinos?
    B. Tiresome relationship clutter?
    C. Characters whose charm isn’t charming to me?
    D. All of the above.

    5. Is #4 a trick question?

    6. Who would I rather be stranded with on a deserted island – DS Hathaway or Todd the Wraith?

    7. Is #6 a trick question?

    8. Which statement is correct: a show should be draining instead of entertaining, or a show should be entertaining instead of draining?

    9. What is my favorite sport: Rugby, or Ribbing Mallozzi?

    10. Is #9 a trick question?

    11. What is my theory regarding Mallozzi’s delay in reading the Pendergast series? Amirite?

    12. Essay question: Explain in a 100 words or less why I have switched from comic books to a more pulpy fare. Double bonus points if you can explain in 10 words or less. Triple bonus points if you use the word ‘boobs’ in your answer.

    Turn your paper in when you’re done, and make sure to leave a crisp, ruby red apple on teacher’s desk on your way out!


  21. And that, folks, is how I spent the first 2 and a half hours of my day. 😛

    d as in desperately needs to learn how to say things in 100 words, or less…or 10 if I want bonus points.

  22. And after ALL of that, there is a slight correction to #12 – it should be ‘superhero comic books’ – but I figure you didn’t make it that far to even notice. 😉


  23. Joe, glad you are trying the Pendergast books. I have been a huge Preston/Child fan for years. Just got the latest Pendergast novel and plan to start it this weekend. As for TV shows, The Following was definitely attention getting in its first episode, but you need a strong stomach to watch it. It is pretty graphic.

  24. If you like a Song of Fire and Ice, then you might consider Brent Weeks, “Night Angel Trilogy” excellent writing and one of those rare book(s) where you cannot guess where he is going with the plot. Of course you always know where the “hero” is going in the end, but he makes the “getting there” just so much fun to read. Also, I don’t think I have mentioned that Star Gate Universe was without a doubt the very BEST science fiction show to ever grace the airways. I was beyond angry when syfy cancelled the show. Goes to say that SyFy should change their name to CHEESY FANTASY CHANEL. Anyway, I have a question> Have you ever considered doing a SItcom? I have a pitch, the best part is that most of it really happened. You couldn’t write it if you wanted too. Funny how true life is always stranger to fiction. Let me know if your interested. Thanks for SGU have watched the entire series twice, one day I will watch it all again. Oh, how about a feature film? I bet you could revise the franchise without too much trouble. Although I am sure you have already considered it…..Thanks…..LRGII

  25. Like you Mr. M. and others on this blog, I’ve been busy, therefore feeling pretty “wiped”. Many writing & designing projects at work with deadly deadlines. I say ‘deadly’ as I may have a heart attack trying to make the ridiculous delivery timelines work.

    Picked up my Kindle last night to read “As You Like It” again and the battery was so low, just went to sleep instead. It turns out, that sleep didn’t last long. Some dim wit contractor turned on a snow blower at 1:35AM to blow the 1″ of snow off my neighbor’s driveway. Lovely.

    Contrary to das, I rather liked “Tracker”. Mike Dopud is a hunky hunk whom I did just see in a rerun of Continuum. He’s a busy actor. Rachel was very good in this ep too.


  26. I have not been watching much this year…still love Grey’s, and NCIS. Love the new Dallas reboot…can’t wait for it to return this week. Watched the last episode of Private Practice and will miss that.

    Really really hooked on Falling Skies. I wish TNT would order more than 13 episodes and not wait a year between seasons. The least they could do is release Season 2 on DVD. Lots of former Stargate actors in it, so it feels familiar. Colin Cunningham is excellent as Pope as is Ryan Robbins. Good stories.

  27. WordPress is screwing with my head today. Please delete any multiple copies it posts from me. Thanks and sorry for the bother! I’ll try breaking up the post. Maybe Das broke it with her book 😉 .. Loved your post Das, just kidding.

    gforce: Those stories are so sad. Praying she will be feeling better today. Stay strong.

    JeffW: Every Honda driver we know stressed changing the timing belt at 100,000 miles. Now I’m super glad we did after reading your story. I’m impressed y’all are doing that. It will be a great learning experience! Plus, you are saving your son in law a bunch of labor fees. Good luck!
    Oh and a book suggestion. Have you read: ? I enjoyed it and hubby has read it “several times”. It’s in the same genre as Cussler.

  28. I watched the second episode of Continuum, and it seemed interesting. Of course, our family favorite show is Dr Who and you can’t go wrong with that show! All the writers are excellent on Dr Who. Our favorite episode was Blink.
    I enjoy Downton Abbey but I think it’s more of a chick flick. Hubby’s eyes glaze over when I’m watching it. Arrow is grabbing our attention and I keep looking for glimpses of Bam-bam. The action scenes on Arrow are fantastic! I don’t get to watch many evening shows live because of karate class. My DVR is full and waiting.

    As for books, I’m reading the Peter James’s series. Peter James writes English murder mysteries. When I’m working with the homeless animals I listen to audio books and I’m currently listening to John Standford’s Storm Prey. Standford is a new discovery for me and I’ve listened to four of books so far. He had a quote in one of his stories that reminded me of your New Year’s resolution (to be more of an asshole): “When you acknowledge your assholeness, you can then achieve wisdom”. I got a laugh out of that line.

    Das: I found a Hamish audio book at the library. I hope to listen to it soon. Thanks for the recommendation!

  29. Mail bag? How is Akemi feeling after her cold and did you catch it? Can you tell us any dates for completed projects you’re working on?

    Last post Mr. M. and sorry for the bother. I think one the links must be triggering your spam filter or maybe it’s just that kind of day.

    G’day all.

  30. Didn’t care for Tracker so much. Though…I do like Mike Dopud! He’s just soooo cool! 😀

    What have I been watching.

    [b]NCIS[\b] – I am seriously addicted to this show. I’m always watching. Love reruns as well as the new stuff. When USA Network has NCIS marathons…nothing gets done in the house…or I must drop everything I’m doing and just watch. I believe this show has replaced my Stargate addiction. I just can’t get enough of this show. I love Gibbs, Ducky, DiNozzo, Abby, Ziva, Palmer, McGee….and even Vance! 😉

    [b]Dowton Abbey[/b] – I have just discovered this show! I have heard people talk about it, and it took me a while to get my head around it. But…I finally got curious…and finally watched some eps on Demand. Now…I am officially hook! 😀 I love everything! From the characters to the costumes, and the several plots that feed off of one mai plot of the show. I love how each character has their on story or plot on the show. Its very intriguing! 😀

    Hockey is back!! Yaaaaaaaay!! 😀 I will be watching my NY Rangers. 😉

    Looking forward to the Super Bowl! Love it every year. I’ll be rooting for the Ravens! 🙂

    Question for mailbag: How are your doggies? How is Jelly, Lulu, and Bubba? Love seeing their pretty faces on your blog! 😀

    BTW…Carl looks mighty badass in that costume! LOL! 😀

  31. My question for the Mailbag…with the economy finally picking up, any chance we see the long awaited SG1/Atlantis movie or movies?

  32. @ 2 cats – No offense to Mr. Dopud, but he’s a bit too buff for me. Carl, though not quite the beefcake Joe touts him to be, would have been the tastier biscuit, imho.

    @ Tam Dixon – Now you have to take the test, too, Miss Smarty Pants. 🙂


  33. Mailbag questions!

    1. In “The Shrine”, was it Lynn Canyon where the outdoor shots were done (I think there was one near a waterfall)? The area sure looked familiar.

    2. Have you listened/watched any of the J-Pop group “World Order”? These guys are amazing! It’s headed by ex-MMA fighter Genki Sudo. It’s worth watching all their videos just for the “choreography”

    3. Are we to take it from your recent remarks that there is some positive movement on the “Dark Matter” front? You don’t have to say anything! Just wink with your left eye for no, and your right eye for yes.

    Wait, that might not work…

  34. @Joe on the mailbag:

    Any preference between Campagnolo and Campagnolo Roma? And what are your favourites?

    And can you pass along anything more about the Dark Matter TV series?


    So it went from “having a dad like me” to a 25-year old, Leno-like, sugar daddy? 😯 ? Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

    We just finished lapping the last valve and will start reassembling the head soon.

    @Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the good luck wishes; they appear to be working…everything is going smoothly so far. And thanks for the book suggestion; I’ll look into it!

  35. Current book I am reading Creative Boot Camp – Stefan Mumaw, if the migraines would stay away long enough for me to actually do the exercises,I could move past lieutenant. Highly recommend this book to stir up your creativity.

    Watching Arrow, H5-0, which I don’t think will make a 4th season, Face Off, King of the Nerds, and Big Bang.Thank God for dvr’s.

    How is your sister doing?

  36. Mailbag Question: In your experience, was there differing levels of network involvement with the three Stargate shows? What exactly do they do?

  37. @ JeffW – What can I say, I’m fickle. 😛

    @ Joe – I do have a serious question from a couple weeks back – what is it that didn’t work for you with the mysteries? Please be as specific as possible…in a hundred words or less. 😉


  38. PS – you’ll get extra credit …and a gold star…for answering the above question. 😉


  39. i’m currently reading the borgias by jean plaidy. which is two of her novels put together; madonna of the seven hills & light on lucrezia. it’s an interesting read. they were a strange family, probably not as strange as the rumors say. i keep picturing jeremy irons as pope alexander VI (i don’t even watch the show) but he really looked more like james gandolfini.

    i rented the book from it’s like netflix for books. they have paperbacks, children’s books and CD & MP3-CD audiobooks. right now there’s a deal for 50% the first month.

  40. I have been watching Top Chef Seattle myself, wishing thy would bring it to Portland next! What thy old o with our food carts and ll he wineries round, but I guess I’ll have to wait. Anybody else glad Josie finally got th boot?

  41. Ok so when I type fast I miss letters!
    It should read..wishing they, would bring it to Portland, and what they could do with our food carts and the wineries around here…
    Just the rankings of an addled brain!

  42. Joe, I’m on to you!! What sounds like an innocent, curiosity, conversation starter (“Watching anything good?”) question, in reality you are polling us. Aren’t you? You, the ever producer, ever writer, want to know what the general public, somewhat sci-fi nutty viewer is watching these days. Then you can stay on target with your audience when you write your movies, books, TV shows. I got your number mister. (meaning I know where you are coming from…not, I’ve got your phone number. If I did, I would have called by now.) 😀

    Okay, so, what am I watching? Anything that is mindless dribble. The Batchelor, American Idol, Hoarders, Intervention, Ghost Hunters, Undercover Boss, Chopped, and other Food Channel shows, and the always depressing news.

    That doesn’t help you at all, does it?

  43. Post #2 (can’t let Das get too far ahead)

    I just watched Tracker again. I enjoyed it much more than the original viewing. The first view left a bad taste in my mouth. But I don’t really know why. It was good!

    Just for the record, I’m on to Carl too! Carl wrote the Kellerific Tracker, correct? Wasn’t Carl Jennifer’s father?? In some episode, wasn’t there a picture of Jennifer and “her dad”, CARL, on her nightstand? Well that explains everything!

    That explains why Keller is so . . . awesome in this episode. It was written by her dad! Her very proud dad. Dad made Dr. Keller athletic and brilliant, as always. She saved the little girl from a deadly infection, she saved Kiryk from the Wraith, and the tracking device. She saved Rodney from the Wraith. Don’t think she saved Ronon. She cold bloodedly killed two Wraith and karate chopped the others into submission. I was wondering why she didn’t karate Kiryk to get away from him?

    I really like Tracker. Ronon was cute and I can see why Das would be steaming about her “keystone wraith”. Even Rodney shot and killed two wraith, one while standing on one leg and hopping around, for goodness sakes!! i was wondering if Mike did his own stunts. I think I remember in a Q&A he did that he is also a stuntman and he did do them himself. I wish you would have linked that Q&A to this blog entry. I would have read it again. 🙂

  44. Post #3 (in keeping with Das)

    “Reading anything great?”

    Just this blog for dinner and Akemi’s blog for dessert. (Her’s is short and sweet!)

  45. Post #4

    I think I’m done for today. Moving on to “Conversations with Akemi”.

  46. I’m on the last disc of Sunny in Philadelphia’s season 6, can’t wait to see Fat Mac. Also Spartacus season 3 just started up yesterday, and Walking Dead is coming back in a few weeks! Screw christmas, this is my favorite season of all.

  47. Hi!
    I’m still here and reading this blog.
    I’m watching Nikita with Maggie Q and Shane West. Story, action and romance!
    Best episode until now: wrath S2E19 (for the acting)
    And I’m watching American horror story season2 with Jessica Lange. Very disturbing (specially the beginning). Not for the squeamish!

  48. Late to the party as usual due to the weekend post……

    The only thing I’m really MAKING time to sit down and watch right now is Continuum. I want to really get into this show and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. LOTS and LOTS of SG alum, too. Always neat to see, makes me happy for them, too.

    Surprisingly, to most, I’m also making time to watch the SyFy Saturday Original Movies. These things are so horribly bad, they’re awesome. They are their own genre. They’re wonderfully cheesy and(I hope) don’t take themselves too seriously. This last Saturday night was a nice one, Arctic Predator, especially nice since it was directed by David Hewlett! He even had a role in it, too. He was the billionaire philanthropist thrill-seeker. Best line in the movie was when he was asked, over the phone, if something the guy on the phone needed could get there by tomorrow and David’s character(Mr. Hill), said, “Sure, maybe by Stargate. Otherwise, it’s not gonna happen.”

    It gave me warm fuzzies….

    -Mike A.

  49. I have always wondered if Mike Dopud was the only person in all there versions of Stargate with 3 different character names. I’m so glad good things are coming his way. I have the first episode of Continuum watched but I still have 2 on my DVR not watched. Nice to see Stargate ppl on there.

    I just watched a preview copy of The Following episode 3 tonight and let’s just say the ending of that episode is perverted, evil and shocking. I am REALLY not a fan of horror movies. I really have to look away at the gore in the episode. But I keep thinking I’m ready for a scene to happen XYZ way and it doesn’t. And I LOVE being surprised. I love not knowing if I’m getting a bait and switch or if something horrible is about to happen. I think the only people not subject to being killed off are Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy because there would be no show without them. I really need to watch episode 4, but I’ve gotta catch up with “Touch” so I can watch the two preview episodes of season 2 and understand all the script changes.

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