One of the great things about obsessively photographing everything you do – besides annoying the occasional co-worker – is that it gives you a visual catalogue of your life.  Sure, you can rely on your memory but, if you’re like me and have trouble remembering what you had for dinner last night, nothing triggers some good old fashioned reminiscing like a bunch of photos you can’t recall taking.  Like the following I came across last night while going through some old hard drives…

First up on the block, this remote data-gathering device.
Sure, it’s fashionable – but I’m not quite sure how this Jaffa managed any sort of stealth operation wearing these things.
Although, to be fair, they are quite stylish.
They also the command respect of your peers.  You automatically look authoritative in one.
Okay, I take it back.  They ARE quite comfy for exercising or just hanging around doing chores.
I was the envy of my co-workers.  Look at Director of Photography Jim Menard, positively green with envy.
All too often during those final two years of Atlantis, there were times when people would mistake me for the homeless man who used to sneak onto set and sleep in the puddle jumper.  And so, I decided to remind people I was the Show Runner by dressing the part.
Here I am, on the go, in my Atlantis Show Runner uniform.
The uniform was not only stylish but also gave me a rich sense of empowerment.  Here I belittle former Script Coordinator Alex Levine for HIS fashion choice.  It’s either short sleeves or long sleeves.  You can’t have both!
Later, I mete out my own brand of justice for his failure to collate by goldenrod pages.

Yep.  Good times!

[Photos compliments of Lawren Bancroft-Wilson]

29 thoughts on “January 19, 2012: Ah, this takes me back!

  1. Hilarious! That first picture looks totally evil. And the Jaffa ones are a riot. Question though, when did you ever command Ashley’s respect? (How is she doing anyway?! We need to hear more from her!)

    “Here I am, on the go, in my Atlantis show runner uniform.” Huh, I never figured being the show runner meant actually, you know, *running*.

    Poor Alex!

  2. @ Tam Dixon – Was that one tablespoon enough to taste? Next time, would you use more, or less?


  3. Those good time for you were good times for us too. Really really miss SGA. Playing catch up again, Sis’s new dog is too cute, he looks so sweet, they are lucky to have each other.

    And oh, The Shrine, love that ep. love the beer on the pier scene. And I remember watching on the DVD how the flood scene was done, too cool.

    I keep saying Family Guy was yanked and brought back and it could happen with SGA, I may be dreamin’ but let me dream. So what would you get if you cross the StarGate franchise with Seth McFarland??

  4. Thanks for the photos! I’m sure those were happy days (on the whole) at the Bridge. Hard work, sure, but you showed us a certain camaraderie was alive with Stargate. Perhaps that glimpse you provided for us fans here on your blog, added that “extra” magic. I never knew anything about the inner workings of a TV show before reading about it here. Quite enlightening.

    Stargate remains vibrant to me. And I so enjoy sharing that interest here, in part because we all desire to treasure it. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your memories (they’re ours too). Keep the photos coming!


  5. it is a rare and wonderful thing to be able to wear so many hats, and outfits, so well. Thanks for sharing the pics, and letting us look back on some good days.

  6. Joe, I have a hard time believing that you can’t remember what you had to eat. Maybe you forget your last Japanese lesson or which teams are still in the NFL playoffs, but never food!

    It is good to see that you had things under control as Showrunner. One thing, though. Where did you carry your zat? No thigh holster?

  7. I love you and I hate to cause you any disillusionment, but Ashley did not look at all impressed or remotely respectful. Great pictures!

  8. Yes Joe quite stylish, and we can only guess what the lovely Ashleigh is thinking in that photo.. and yeah, probably not a green Jim Menard,,but you look wonderful, no really…thanks for sharing your memories..

  9. G’day all

    Aye, we all miss Stargate. Especially SG-1. Sad now.
    How on Earth did you lot get any work done with all the shenanigans going on at the studios.

  10. Ashleigh looks like she is saying, “Joe if you would quit playing around, I wouldn’t have to get my own coffee!” After all, who was really the boss? Great pictures! Thanks for digging them out and sharing!

  11. Hey Joe. I thought of another question (or two or three or four) for Mark Nicholson.

    Was there any projects that Mark was particularly proud of?
    Was there any that he particularly detested, that were a mess, or screwed up terribly?
    If there was any show he would really like to work on, what would it be?
    Does he work on any software based graphic tools or such for his work? Maya, Vue, cad program, photoshop, etc.
    How did Mark wind up doing this kind of work?
    Did you work on the sets/stages as well as props?
    What is your current favourite TV show?
    Have you read anything lately you would recommend? Fiction or nonfiction.
    Can we see pictures of your workroom?
    Sorry if I repeated any of the questions, or if I’m too late, or if I’m getting carried away. Curious monkeys want to know!


  12. Wait a minute! Were you the show runner or the show’s runner? There’s a subtle but important difference there!

  13. If I were the Showrunner, I might have slept in the puddle jumper a time or two… just because I could.

  14. I loved the pictures Mr. M.. How heavy was that Jaffa helmet?

    Das: Next time I make the cake, I will probably use more Chambord. I love raspberries. Are you going to use the pepper next time when you make it?

  15. This literally had me “LMAO”! If I had a camera, I’d have the proof to share. Great to wake up to this! Sure do miss all that is Stargate…:-(

  16. Great pictures! I miss Ashleigh, too.

    Hey, das! I missed the flourless chocolate cake recipe. Can you send it to me?

    @Tam Dixon: Mmmm, chocolate cake and raspberries.

    And my knee is doing very well, thanks. My physical therapist is very proud of me and says that I should be done with therapy ahead of schedule!

  17. Awesome! Never realized how elaborate those Jaffa helmets are. Lots of details, how long did it take to make one? 🙂

  18. Questions for Mark Nicholson…It’s hard not to hit duplicate questions this late in the game.

    What tools, materials, techniques, and resources are available now that you wish were available earlier in your work on Stargate?

    Is there anything that was available then that’s not available now?

    How thoroughly were the needed props described?

    Who did you go to for clarifications when you weren’t sure what was being requested?

    What’s an inexpensive thing to build with the help of a seven year old? If he can get plenty of big muscle movement during the build, during the use of it, or while destroying it, all the better.

    What examples of serendipity happened in your prop-building?

    Did you think Lord of the Rings included too many visual details?

  19. I recently came across diary postings I made back as a child, maybe starting in the 5-7th grade. It is interesting to see with time how my memories of an event were different than the perspective of that first-hand from a child-like perspective at least in the feelings surrounding the events or people I wrote about. Example: “I saw Frank in the cafeteria. He looked at me and smiled. I nearly fainted. Does that mean he is interested in me? Can’t wait to see him tomorrow.” LOL. It was an absolute riot to read them. Or letters I wrote to my father that he kept and the letters I kept of his (I never knew he was keeping them) and putting together several years of my life as a young adult. That was pretty cool. He did not own a phone then so letters was our way of communicating. I suppose nowadays it is photographs and videos.

    I agree with the above that if I was a show runner I would sleep in a puddle jumper just because I could.

    That blue uniform reminds me of a story, too. I’m not a big fan of hospital gowns so if I ever get admitted, I require my husband bring up my pajamas. First of all is the practicality of it–they are inherently warmer and second, they don’t expose your backside. Thirdly they don’t bunch up when you are trying to sleep. Oftentimes people would come in and look around and see people in regular clothing so they would leave thinking “the patient” was out of the room. And “OH, YOU’RE the patient?” would come out of their mouths because they are looking for a hospital gown. In those pictures, you look a cast member. Were you ever mistaken as one of the extras from those who did not know who you were or what you looked like?

    And I double-dare you to wear the Jaffa headdress out in public. If you still have it. We will require photo-proof.

  20. Sorry Joe but I’ve sussed you out…You wanted in front of the camera didn’t you!

    Yup, I can see you now. Slugging it out with Michael, or watching McKay’s six. as you walked through the ‘gate. BTW…did you get any lessons from Bam Bam? That pose looked quite menacing!

  21. @Joe:

    Is it too late to ask Mark Nicholson the following:

    “Did you also make the electronics (lights) for the props, and if so, was it mostly LEDs, incandescent, or electro-luminescent? (Sorry in advance if that was too technical).

    Speaking of props, Joe, I liked the “remote data gathering device”, but to me it looks like the Goa’uld hand stunning grenades. Was there actually two different props for this?

    Now sitting down to watch the Ravens-Patriots game…go Ravens!

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