1Well, this is nice.  I received request to have my superhero-themed short story, “Downfall”, reprinted for an upcoming anthology by Rich Horton.  Rich is an SF enthusiast, avid reader, and reviewer for publications like Black Gate, Fantasy Magazine, and Locus.  He read “Downfall” when it first appeared in the Lou Anders-edited Masked and had very nice things to say about it at the time, referring to it as “nicely twisty […] involving throughout, with some worthwhile surprises.”

Looks like I’ll be in great company, sharing the pages of this collections alongside the likes of Peter S. Beagle and Kelly Link.

From the book jacket: “Superheroes: modern gods and goddesses, remote, revered, but like the pantheon of heroes and heroines of ancient myth, great power tempered with flaws. And now, find within these pages tales by gifted and award-winning authors who move superheroes from the four-color panels of comic books to fiction… reminding every adult of the child within, who ever wanted to wear a cape and cowl!”

You can order it here: Superheroes

On December 26th, I’ll be joining Barbara Barnett on Blog Talk Radio for the first of a two-part Stargate: Universe-themed discussion.  If you’d like to ask participate, tune in at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 26th, when we’ll be chatting about/fielding questions on SGU’s first season.  Then, tune in again January 2nd for a discussion on season 2.  And, if you’re feeling particularly bold and questiony, call in at (718) 305-6982 when we’re on the air.  Details here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/barbara-barnett/2012/12/27/lets-talk-tv-special-stargate-universe-season-1 … [update: the Q&A forum will be open to questions about all three Stargate shows – SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe].

So, provided the world doesn’t end (again) tomorrow, what are all your holidays plans?

19 thoughts on “December 22, 2012: Downfall! Blog Talk Radio! And holiday plans!

  1. Congrats on the short story! I’ll do my best to tune in for the radio show.

    For holiday plans, not too much exciting. Tomorrow, I’m actually planning on cooking a turkey and making a turkey for dinner to take up to my step-mom at her assisted-living home so we can have a pre-Christmas dinner. It should be fun, and I haven’t cooked a turkey a couple of years, so wish me luck. (The last one turned out really good, though.) I’ll probably visit with a couple of local friends over the holidays and next weekend head over to PEI to visit my friends over there. I have to work Monday, Thursday and Friday, so no real long break, unfortunately.

    Most of the Christmas preparations are done and I performed in our local version of Handel’s “Messiah” last night (which went well), so the time pressures are finally done.

  2. My plans? Some really last minute gift shopping, then to my brother’s home on Christmas Day for the family get together, gift-giving and delicious holiday dinner of baked, glazed ham with yummy fixings. Oh, and I’ll be viewing the new Hobbit film at a local theater. The Lincoln film was a close runner-up.

    Do you get a royalty for the re-publish of “Downfall”?
    Thanks for the blog radio info – I would like to listen in.


  3. Happy Holidays!
    There’s no chance that you’d take SGA or SG1 questions on that radio chat?

  4. Congratulations, Joe!

    “So, provided the world doesn’t end (again) tomorrow, what are all your holidays plans?”

    Tomorrow: Work on one of my many crochet UFO’s (un-finished objects) at a Stitch & Bitch Meetup. Perhaps a birthday treat as well.

    Monday: Frantic last-minute shopping, Christmas cards, prep ambrosia salad (see next).

    Christmas Day: Brunch with my sister and her friends here in San Antonio.


    Daily “core” exercises in preparation for Wednesday’s PT appointment. (I’m going through a physical-therapy tuneup due to back & scatica pain.)

    Stuff I shoulda done ages ago, if I can avoid my usual time-killers (like the iPad I’m writing on).

  5. Well congratulations on your Downfall reprint!! That is such a nice compliment and honor to be featured in another publication. Awesome! You should do Downfall as a book of the month club here. Even though it is technically a “short story”, we know… it’s kinda… long. 🙂

    I must have made my company at Thanksgiving happy because half of them are coming back a couple days after Christmas. So now I have two main dinners to plan, Christmas dinner, then one for the company a couple days later. No rest for the wicked. (I must be really, really wicked!) 👿

  6. I have to tell you my beagle farted in the car today and almost killed us both! I was leaving my parent’s house (where Maggie the beagle loves playing with her grandpa) and was on a short stretch of freeway, doing about 65 to keep up with the traffic. Maggie farted. It was BAD!! My nose was burning! My brain was hurting! So I cracked open the window on her side. The noise the air made scared her and she suddenly jumped in my lap. She weights 30 pounds. I had to slowly break and exit. I stopped along side the road and put her back in the passenger seat. And closed back up the window. I thought of you Joe and how smart you are for buckling in your kids. I’m thinking she is getting doggie seat beats for Christmas. And grandpa needs to quit giving her so many treats that cause gas!

  7. I sing (soprano) in my church choir will be singing at 4pm Mass Christmas Eve and Christmas Midnight Mass. Then, Christmas Day, my dad and I are invited to a friends house for dinner. 😀

    Merry Christmas to you Joe, Akemi, Jelly, Bubba, and Lulu!! 😀

  8. @Joe:

    I checked out “Superheroes”…looks interesting (the pre-order has a February release date, so hopefully more details will come out as things develop).

    As for our plans, we’re just staying around the homestead this Christmas. A day-by-day break down:

    Sunday: Working on the Corvette transmission rebuild with my daughter.

    Monday: Christmas-Eve dinner with the family (honey glazed ham) and opening 1 present each.

    Tuesday: Celebrating Christmas and then having Christmas dinner (goose and duck with minced meat pie).

    Wednesday to Saturday: Off work and puttering around on projects…Corvette trans rebuild, painting the master bath, CADing up and milling out new rear seat support brackets for my truck (don’t ask), changing out the CPU fan on my den PC; it’s making bearing noises and is about to go, so best to do it now (I’m wondering if this counts as my “appliance failures on or during a vacation” curse?), and then trying to get in some fiberglass work on my airplane project before I store it to make room for the Corvette project.

    Then the Sunday after New Year’s I fly to Vegas for the CES show where at least I’ll get to try some nice restaurants while having to do booth duty 11 hours a day.

    So it looks like I’ll keep myself occupied.

  9. Nice about the story! My daughter adores Beagle. She met him at Dragon Con a couple of times, he loves her name, and she is a big fan. Might have to get a copy for her.
    Well it is Dec. 23rd here. I mean, couldn’t we have had just a mild, non-human/wildlife endangering volcano or something? NO. Oh well.

  10. I’ve been in the 🏥 I am 🏡now…but recovering. I’ll have Christmas Eve 🍲🍓🍞 with my Mom, Aunt and two cousins if I feel well enough. 😊

  11. >Stargate: Universe

    Great series, deserved 5 seasons, didn’t get half that. /discussion over 🙂

  12. This is the first year without dad and auntie so hubby, mum and I will be going out for Christmas dinner. At home later we’ll probably slob in front of the telly in our jammies while having a nice drop of brandy.

    Congrats on the reprint, although I don’t have any questions for your radio blog – mainly because you’ve answered everything I’ve wanted to know about Atlantis over the years! Mind you, I’m still looking forward to your continuation about Atlantis 5th season when you have time.

    But, as we’re getting close to the big day a very merry Christmas to you, Akeim and all your loved ones, and of course to everyone who follows your blog.

  13. @baterista9~~Happy Birthday to you!, I won’t attempt a song to make it happier. and many more!
    ~ great news Joe on Downfall and the radio show, will bookmark it to find it fast, have fun!
    Holidays plans,hmm, have none really, Santa will visit us on the 25th and after we open presents he left,(I get up early,coz its exciting!!) ham will start cooking, and phone calls will be made to wish others merry ho ho, We are planning (like I need to plan) a nap after dinner(will need it). I can smell it all now, thanks for having me think about it..lots of pie, ice cream, pecan tarts, wow,and yum!

  14. Congrats on the reprint!! My copy of Masked is up on my bookshelf. And on the radio show. I will do my best to tune in. Loved, loved, loved, Stargate Universe!

    Holiday plans—this is the first Christmas in awhile that no one is sick, recovering from surgery, or that we’re moving. Looking forward to a relaxing time with just the four of us here in B’ham. Hubby has to work the 26th, 27th, and 28th so we couldn’t have gone anywhere anyway. We have had fun this past week though. He was able to take our son’s 16th birthday off, and we spent some quality time together as a family. Wouldn’t trade that for the world.

    Happy holidays to you and Akemi and to everyone on the blog!!!!!

    Have a great day!

  15. Congrats, Joe! We don’t really “do” Christmas, not even the traditional Jewish “Chinese food and a movie”, but my son and his girlfriend are planning to come up from Tampa. At this point, we’re just on pins and needles waiting for Lauren to go into labor, but so far, nothing’s happening. She was due last Wednesday, but it’s not unusual for first-time moms to be late, so I’m not worried, just a little anxious! She’s walking all over the neighborhood, vacuuming, doing housework and still nothing. 🙂 Anyway, we’ll be making “Kosher Pork” (yeah, I know…) and watching the dog open their presents.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, everybody! Please pass on our best wishes to your mom and Sis!

  16. I will be waiting for a FaceTime call from my daughter who lives in Toronto and baking pies! Happy holidays

  17. Congratulations, Joe! I loved Downfall and it deserves to be included in lots and lots of anthologies.

    Holiday plans: We are having my nieces and their families, my brother and my mom over for Christmas Eve dinner. Stuffed calamari, fried shrimp (instead of smelt), spaghetti with oil and garlic, potato, onion and cheese frittata, fried bread and lots of good red wine for the cook. Clementines and cookies for dessert.

    The squid await so I’ll get back to cooking now.

  18. Awesome news about Downfall.
    @cherluvya. I am so sorry to hear and that I am just now reading about your hospitalization. Gonna email you

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