Whew.  What a day!  It started with a doctor’s appointment and ended with a conference call about an exciting potential new project.  In between, I fielded texts, emails, and phone calls about Dark Matter, read what Paul has written so far on that “other” project, talked to a lawyer, met with my bank rep, and generally kept abreast of all developments on the football front as my Snow Monkeys face their toughest challenge to date, taking on the Mighty Molsons this weekend in fantasy football league action.

I went to see the doctor on Akemi’s (persistent) insistence today after experiencing a one-time pain in my left shoulder sometime during my Tokyo trip (while I was eating my second serving of foie gras and black pudding.  Hey, not my fault!  Akemi wouldn’t eat hers.).  My heart checked out fine and, given the details of my distress, he suspects it was merely an esophagal reaction.  Just to be on the safe side, however, I’m off to get a blood test and EKG on Monday.  The results should reaffirm the good doc’s prognosis.  If not, in the words of my buddy Ivon: “Well, you’ve had a good run.”

Dark Matter aint dead yet!  Those of you familiar with my SF comic book series about the amnesiac crew of a derelict spaceship and the mystery surrounding their interstellar mission (You can purchase the first four-issue arc here: Dark Matter #1 – #4 Bundle) know that I have my heart set on translating it to the small screen someday.  Well, after much back and forth, missed opportunities, lost causes, and blown deadlines, it appears as though – maybe, just maybe – there could be a deal in the works.  Or it could just be a precursor to a deal or some eternal optimist misinterpreting something somebody said.  Whichever the case, let’s call it positive news and leave it at that.  More information as it becomes available.  And if you hear anything before I do, let me know!

This year, Paul and I have focused on writing over producing.  While it pays significantly less, it has allowed me to work from home on my own projects while taking a much-needed year off after a most memorable (for all the wrong reasons) 2011.  Among the projects we’re working on is the development of a series pilot for a fantasy series that has garnered a fair amount of interest.  Paul sent me the first two acts this morning and it’s great!  We deliver at the end of the month and then, I expect, it’ll be smoooooooooth sailing!

Also, a good friend (and fantasy football league buddy whose team, sadly, has fallen on hard times) and ex-Stargate colleague has approached Paul and I about a fantastic personal project of his own that looks to have all sorts of potential.  Coming soon to a t.v. near you?  Things look very positive.  Next week, Paul and I will get together with him to discuss creative and what lies ahead.  Very nice of him to think of us.

Went to talk to a lawyer today about an outstanding issue that has plagued me for far too long.  I felt much better after talking to him and look forward to being a little more proactive starting next week as I take steps to finally resolve the issue. You can only be nice for so long…

Finally, an apology to a couple of individuals who are owed scripts.  I didn’t get a chance to send them before leaving for Japan and this has been a busy week, but I promise to give Richard Woolsey the go-ahead and he’ll dispatch the scripts, via jumper, first thing Monday morning.

What’s on your mind?  Let’s hit the mailbag and find out:

gforce writes: “It’s been a busy day or two – my step-mom wound up in the hospital again, this time with a subdural haematoma. They did an operation today to relieve the pressure today and the prognosis looks pretty good. Pretty stressful time, though.”

Answer: Hey, Gary, wishing your mom a speedy recovery.  And you a hopefully less stressful week ahead.

JeffW writes: “I’m over-nighting in London and found that ITV 4 is playing “My Super Ex-girlfriend”…I don’t really remember this one, but maybe Cookie would want to add it to his list?”

Answer: Yep, it’s on the list.

Randomness writes: “Hope you didn’t mind me posting a ton of JPop vids on your update post Joe.”

Answer: Not at all.  I’m always open to checking out new things – and new tunes, especially if it helps me get rid of an old tune stuck in my head.  Chewing chewing chewing chewing chewing cutie cutie chew-chew-chewing loooooooove!

noellam writes: “Here’s a question for Akemi: Why is the lead singer gal in Candy Candy running with a piece of toast in her mouth?”

Answer: Akemi isn’t sure.  I think it’s because she forgot her bento box.

PBMom writes: “It was $50 a plate and open bar (the facility fee, etc. would not have changed though). I think like 10 people did not show up. No one called to say, “Hey sorry I’m sick, I won’t make it.” Just no shows with no explanations.”

Answer: Hate that.  I recall inviting someone to one of my chocolate parties.  Since he had family visiting, I even extended the invitation to his out-of-town guests.  He not only didn’t show up  (meaning five dinners went uneaten and, most importantly, five seats that could have gone to other friends went unfilled) but the next day, at work, was totally oblivious to the inconvenience he’d caused.

Mike A. writes: “Um, Joe, is it weird that I totally enjoyed all of these videos?”

Answer: Who am I to criticize?  I’m a Kyamy Pamyu Pamyu convert.  Here ya go.  Her new video:

So kawaii!

Mike A. also writes: “Are the dogs joining your schedule or have they been able to stay on their normal sleep routine?”

Answer: Nope.  The dogs are pretty oblivious to my issues but make me well aware of theirs.  Issue #1 (first thing in the morning): Where’s breakfast?

Tam Dixon writes: “Did you see any of the groups live?”

Answer: I’m not much of a concert-goer.  In my case, they invariably end up disappointing.  A friend, a life-long Bob Dylan fan, went to his concert the other night – and ended up leaving partway through, this after criticizing a friend who had done the same thing the previous night.

osirisoflight writes: “In my wandering around youtube i came across a group called Baby Metal. They are a half Metal half j-pop teen group. the music is oddly catchy.”

Answer: Bizarrely entertaining!  I found this clip as well:

sylvia writes: “Then…there is the Gangnam Style by Psy that went viral. It’s from Korea.
Once you hear it…can’t get the tune out of your head.”

Answer: Yep.  Even the hard-to-impress Ivon Bartok isn’t immune to the catchy Gangnam Style.  And, while we’re on the subject of K-pop, may I introduce Super Junior…

17 thoughts on “November 16, 2012: Dark Matter! Mystery Projects! More J-pop and K-pop videos! And the mailbag!

  1. OH….secrets….cant’ wait to hear the details…or least some decent teases.

    @Akemi – you go girl….you make Joe go to the doctor to be sure he is ok.

    @Joe – Listen to Akemi – we need you healthy to do the daily blog and work on projects that will entertain us…you know that!

    @JeffW – Regard the Gangnam…while I like it, enjoy it, etc., even tried to learn how to do the steps….the tune is the only tune in my head. And, I can’t blame kids for adding it to snything. Love your virus protection approach.
    Well, with the holidays upon us, there will be some holiday tunes that will replace Gangnam I am sure, and then I will be nuts!

  2. Wow…super blog entry while I was sitting outside in the cold (wif a kitty curled up on my chest!) watching the Leonid meteor shower – saw 5, one with ‘sparklers’ trailing it. Also spied a hawk (wasn’t sure what it was – just a light object floating through the air – then I heard its call and realized it was a hawk), and heard (quite close!) a raccoon fight. Shortly thereafter I heard a critter (probably said raccoon) munching down on the dry cat food (cat fud!) we have out for the kitties – quite a different sound from the munching noises the cats make. It was like the wild kingdom in my front yard!

    Then I realized my legs were numb and my toes froze. And it wasn’t even freezing! I am such a weenie. 😛

    Joe – hope the old ticker is okay. I’m thinking it is probably just a digestive issue from all that rich food. Take care of yourself, old man!

    And good news about Dark Matter! I have the trade now, and really wish it was an on-going series. I am just so bored with superhero stuff.

    The only books I’m reading right now (super-wise) are Uncanny X-Force (which will soon be ending), and Wolverine and the X-Men with Jason Aaron (which, I must say, has been EXCELLENT!). I picked up the first few issues of a new Gambit book, but have yet to get into it.

    Non-super-wise I’m reading The Spider and The Shadow, and recently got into The Lone Ranger and now Lord of the Jungle (just got the first trade, still need to read it). Basically, I’ve pretty much switched over to Dynamite books. I’m enjoying the classic characters, most of which are more grounded in ‘reality’ than the hokey heroes battling vampires, zombies, and demons. Sure, there may be the occasional supernatural element here or there, but nothing like what is going on in most of the other books out there. That, plus both Tonto and Tarzan are REALLY hawt. 😀

    I am so pathetic.



  3. Well, the good news is I think I got the “Candy” song out of my head. The bad news is now I have Doki Doki Morning, PONPONPON and Fashion Monster IN my head! So, I just gave in and downloaded them from iTunes.

    Great to hear that you’re so busy – I’m starting to lose track of all the irons that you have in the fire. It sounds like exciting news about Dark Matter, but like you say anything can change one way or the other in a moment’s notice in the business.

    Good for Akemi for watching over your health. It’s the most important thing any of us have.

    I just phoned the ICU and the nurse said that my step-mom was still doing well this morning, so I’m pretty optimistic on that front. Thanks for the wishes!

  4. Well, I hope your results come back “normal”. With friends like Ivon……. 😉 . What does Lulu see in him? 😆

    I’m not much for crowds, so concerts aren’t really my thing but I did attend two concerts. One of my cousin’s has a local band and gets the crowd going with old 70’s music. He’s nearly 60 now and still rocking. The other concert I went to was James Taylor and he sounded just like his CDs! His personal life may have been turbulent but his voice is from the angels!

    I saw Bob Dylan on the Grammys a few years ago (on TV of course). He kept forgetting what he was saying. B. D. would just stop speaking midway and look confused. He was either sick or seriously stoned it seemed to me. Reminded me of my brothers. (sadly true)

    I showed your HATSUNE MIKU video to my 17 yr old son and he loved it! He likes animet. He didn’t care much for the other bands but he did like Deni’s video. My kid isn’t much into boy bands, so I’m gonna skip on showing him the Super Junior version.

    gforce: Good luck with your step mom. I to hope your stress decreases next week. I’ve been through the sick parent gig, not fun.

  5. 😳 anime, not animet. My son has been looking at your blog for anime ideas. I think he found a couple but I don’t keep up with those shows.

  6. The Gangnam song is really cute but it is the Macarena craze reincarnated. I can’t listen to Gangnam without adding “hey macarena!”.

    Yes Joe, your mission is to get Dark Matter on TV! I think it would be a great show. Good luck! And stay healthy!

  7. By the way Joe, as we’re on the subject of Jpop, and anime in general, one thing that I think you may know about Japan is simply that the idol thing is huge, people idolise voice actors/actresses, artists, singers etc. Almost to a weird degree. Though anime is pretty much an important part of the countries culture, people still consider it to be like a huge part of their lives.

    Voice over people pretty much live for their roles and their fans, Jpop people pretty much love their job and their fans, it’s obvious by the passion they have for what they do, in a lot of cases they’re quite happy, this is one thing thats almost exclusive to the country, they’re quite humble and don’t view themselves as bigger than their fan base, and appreciate who got them where they are.

    Anyways, these songs are quite happy lol. You’l notice that virtually everyone involved is having fun.

    Seikan Hikou (May’N, and Megumi Nakajima)

    Ninjin loves you yeah(Megumi Nakajima)
    (Very random song.. lol)

    Diamond Crevasse(May’N, and Megumi Nakajima)

    Was being a little lazy with my picks but didn’t feel like searching Youtube at the moment for anything well indepth. And didn’t think it was worth writing a list of ones I liked without videos.

  8. Anime ones I like(Angel Beats is one of my fav anime shows)

    Angel Beats (My Soul Your Beats)

    1000 enemies (From Girls Dead Monster in Angel Beats)
    (Its like a band inside an anime.. doesn’t exist in real life but they still perform in concerts)

    Angel Beats(Alchemy)

    Persona 4 (Reach out to the Truth)

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Connect)

    Here’s some good suggestions from me Joe 🙂

  9. I thought for 1.43 seconds I’d show the Kyamy Pyamu Pyamu vid to my daughters. Then the moon carnivore teeth.

    Here’s my favorite K-pop vid. Or second fave now.


    The last 30 sec. is a little disturbing.

    You may recognize HyunA from Gangnam Style. I consider her tops as a supporting performer because she nails the right chemistry. I don’t care for her singing or for her work where she’s the main performer, but some things wouldn’t be the same without her.

    HyunSeung has the voice of an angel and the rhythm of Michael Jackson. His weakness is singing in other languages. He seems to have to concentrate too much. I think he could be an international superstar much more than he already is if not for that.

    I have an irrational reaction when anyone else but HyunSeung sings, like they’re interrupting him. Hearing a proper solo from him is on my bucket list.

  10. G’day

    DO NOT mention Super Junior around me. My ten year old daughter is crazy them and I have had enough.
    Funny but sad was when she had her two arms in plaster she could not dance to Gangnam Style and Vicky was not happy about that.

    Good luck with Dark Matter.

  11. Went to talk to a lawyer today about an outstanding issue that has plagued me for far too long. I felt much better after talking to him and look forward to being a little more proactive starting next week as I take steps to finally resolve the issue. You can only be nice for so long…

    that have anything to do with the jet you charted (or tried to) when you moved to….um, wherever it was for work?

  12. @Joe:

    Great news on the Dark Matter front…sending good vibes!


    I may have to give up on the anti-virus approach…the kids are streaming Gangnam Style on You-Tube now. I don’t think I can get the anti-virus software to block You-Tube.

    On the home front; I made it home to Chicagoland, but not without having to wait an hour and a half in the customs hall at O’hare (due to inadequate staffing). My shuttle ride had to be cancelled and rescheduled as a result, but I did make it home.

    Now I just have to fight jetlag.

  13. Watching all this J-pop reminds me of the scene in “Serenity” when Winter sees the Japanese animi commercial and goes into super Bruce Lee mode from the subliminal trigger. I am also reminded of the ensemble in from Thailand called “Seven” It is a collection of seven Thai devas that were brought to make a couple of CD’s and video. Plus, they are smoking.

  14. Good luck with your lab/EKG tomorrow. Hope everything turns out okay. Always better to be safe than sorry. That is great news about Dark Matter and I can’t wait until you can share about the Ivon project.

    @gforce. Good to hear about your stepmom is a path of recovery. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers.

    As far as concerts go, I’ve only been to two my entire life. One was Dan Fogelberg–sad he died; he wrote nice music. The second was just 2 years ago–took Patrick to Adam Lambert. Maybe sometime I’ll get to another. I like most music–but don’t ask me to sit and listen to country. I just don’t understand most of it.

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