Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to explain the difference between “goofy” and “kooky” to my Japanese girlfriend.  I have already tried – and failed.  YOU are now our only hope.  Please leave your superior explanations in the comments section.  Thanks.

Whew! That was a close one. (AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama)

To those of you wondering (which, I’m sure, is almost everyone), my Snow Monkeys eked out a close-shave three-point victory last weekend to creep up to a record of 3 wins and 4 losses in Fantasy Football League play.  Unimpressive admittedly but good enough for seventh place in our 14-team league and a playoff spot if the season ended today.  This week, the team faces a tough match-up against PasswordIsLawren but we’re off to a good start thanks to Doug Martin’s spectacular 33.40 point performance last night.  Now, all I need to do is choose the right RB2 compliment.  Trent Richardson is dinged up but is expected to start.  Andre Brown is the clear back-up in New York but Bradshaw is looking gimpy.  Ballard was my first choice, assuming running duties in Brown’s absence, but there is talk that Brown will suit up this weekend.  So, who do I go with?  Please leave your expert opinions in the comment section.  Thanks.

I mean, honestly – how am I expected to keep updated on late injury reports and set my line-up?  With the help of the internet – and a two a.m. Tokyo time wake-up, that’s how.

I’ll be out and about (“galavanting” as my father used to say) for the next little while but, upon my return, I’d like to check out one of the new Fall shows.  THE best one, of course.  And that would be…..? Please leave your pick in the comments section.  Thanks.

And since I’ll be off-continent, I’m going to miss out on the upcoming presidential election.  Who will emerge victorious?  Obama?  Romney? Virgil Goode?  I’m DVR’ing the election night coverage so no spoilers until I get back!

Planning to hit the amazon store tonight and download a couple of fantastic reads to my kindle.  Any suggestions?  Fantastic reads only, please.  Leave your recommendations in the comment section.  Thanks.

Why is my French Bulldog, Lulu, so hungry tonight?  I’ve given her two extra handfuls of kibble and she continues to park herself under the dog food cupboard.  What gives?  Please post your explanation in the comment section.  Thanks.

Hey, Michael Vick, check it out!  Dog fighting!

Well, dog-wrestling anyway.  Oh, forgot.  Michael Vick isn’t into dog-fighting anymore.  Or, it would seem, scoring touchdowns.

45 thoughts on “October 26, 2012: Your input would be greatly appreciated!

  1. The passage by justin cronin. This was an amazing book. its very long so it could take a while to finish.

  2. Goofy: Silly, maybe in an endearing way.
    Kooky: Silly, but also kind of weird. (Well, that’s what I mean by it anyway).

    Fall shows…I’m curious myself. I haven’t been all that impressed with the line up. Have fun on your trip 😀

  3. Goofy- strange, but cute. Kooky- strange, but don’t turn your back on them….and keep an updated photo of them on hand should the police need one.

  4. Lulu- she is in her holiday eating prep time. Gotta workout the stomach before all the holiday overeating commences. Or, like my Goldens, she senses you are about to leave on a trip, and is using her Jedi mind tricks to guilt you into extra chow. Either way, Lulu is getting her warming blubber layer on for the winter.

  5. I rather like “Elementary,” myself. But I’m a Sherlock Holmes geek, so…*shrugs*

    Lulu is stress eating. Perhaps she needs another visit with Ivon to settle her nerves?

    Goofy = weird but funny; Kooky = weird and…not so funny (???)

  6. Love the vid! BTW, Vick is a dog owner again. He got a dog so that his kids would learn to have a healthy relationship with animals.

    @ Akemi – Kooky means ‘strange, or eccentric’ – like a guy in Tokyo dressing up like a school girl. Goofy means ‘Silly, or ridiculous’ – like a guy in Tokyo dressing up like a school girl, and then dancing gangham style in the middle of the street.


  7. Goofy is being silly in a funny, pleasant way.
    Kooky is more just being different, not in a good way, more unpleasant and just strange.

  8. Goofy is someone who’s fun to have around. Kooky is best enjoyed from distance.

    I’ve made contact with my Yakuza chums and they promise to make you “otherwise unavailable” to change your lineup when Donald Brown struts onto the field to outshine Doug “The Muscle Hamster” Martin.

  9. Goofy = Trying to be funny in a strange way.

    Kooky = Just plain strange.

    I like to believe if a baby is hungry…I would feed him/her. Same logic for animals as far as I go. They have their reasons and I’m not certain I need to know what it is to provide a little more food.

  10. Goofy is dancing naked in your kitchen at breakfast with just your significant other in attendance. Kooky is dancing naked in your kitchen at a wake!

  11. Goofy is anything odd that makes you laugh. Kooky is a description of the Adams family.

  12. Hunh. I’ve always equated goofy with more of a masculine, gosh shucks sort of dopiness and kooky with a more feminine, adorable eccentricity. Interesting.

  13. Attempt at definitions:
    Goofy – acting like the Disney cartoon character Goofy.
    Kooky – kook – potentially something not right in the head.
    Between the two….Goofy people are fun not crazy.
    Kooky – can be fun but you want to be careful.

    Goofys – do not attack people – shoot them – like snipers.
    Kooks – might become snipers.

  14. Goofy. A man in a business suit walking down the street carrying a pink umbrella. Kooky. A man in a purple tutu walking down the street carrying a pink umbrella.
    Goofy. Someone who snorts when they are surprised or laughing. Kooky. someone who jumps up and down while giggling.
    Goofy. Someone who blushes when you say hi to them. Kooky. Someone who grabs your hand and keeps shaking it until you manage to wrestle it away from them.

    For my fellow east coasters. Lay in the supplies, break out the blankets, and get ready for some kooky weather. (if it was just storm surge and wind it would be goofy weather. the fact that parts of the country will be getting snow makes it kooky).
    And hope the last of the preparations for the trip go well. Thanks for sharing the doggie video!

  15. Hi Joseph, i know that you should be fed up of people asking about stargate all the time but i have only one thing to ask and i think that every stargate fan would appreciate this a lot. Why dont you or somebody who have the rights release Stargate Universe seasons 3, 4 and 5 in form of a book? is there any hope that some other company will buy the rights and continue to film stargate? I’m sorry if somebody else had already asked you this question, but i’m a huge fan of stargate and i need to know this.

  16. Oh. forgot. Just watched Mockingbird Lane. Despite my reservations, it’s an intriguing remake of the original Munsters tv show. The more I watched, the more I liked. A pain since it’s running against Kitchen Nightmares.

  17. Up from my pre-bedtime nap, so maybe I can be of some help.

    Goofy = loveable, silly, young at heart, playful, enjoys life and sees it from a fun perspective. Likes making people laugh. Someone you like being around…like Carl Binder.

    Kooky = weird, spooky, a little crazy, not dealing with a full deck, can be annoying. A little into themselves. Someone you might want to stay away from…like Lady Gaga.

    PasswordIsLawren?? Lawren!! Joe did you tell Lawren he should not tell everyone his password? He’s gonna get hacked.

    I think Lulu is just getting ready for Dad to be gone. It’s going to be staying up late, eating more, beating up Bubba and (maybe) Jelly, and bossing them around, as she takes advantage of the babysitter. Party, party, party! Cute video!

    Is animal welfare keeping a check on Michael Vick’s “family” dog?

    Well, guess I’ll go to bed now.

  18. Goofy is accidentally tripping on your own shoe lace over and over again. Kooky is doing it on purpose…

  19. Goofy is people normally with it having harmless, silly fun.
    Kooky is people maybe or maybe not with it, taking harmless fun to another level, maybe dangerous.

    New shows: well, I love Elementary and Vegas. I am enjoying Guys with kids, I also love Once….Robert Carlyle is really bringing it. Tony Armadela (Bratac) is also in it recurring. Lots of vancouver green spaces.

  20. But the difference between Goofy and Kooky should be pretty obvious regardless of society, Japan especially has things that fall into both catergorys. Honestly surprised you’re asking Joe.

    That said the 19+ responses above explain it perfectly lol

  21. Here is the latest Running Back news:

    Coach Pat Shurmur said that the Browns plan to wait until Sunday before deciding if Richardson (rib cartilage, questionable) will play against the Chargers, reports.
    Spin: On a more promising note, Shurmur said that Richardson went through three good days of practice and looked better this Friday than last. At this point, Richardson’s ability to absorb contact is the prime concern, but fortunately for those inclined to roll with him this week against the stout Chargers’ run D, the Browns kick off at 1:00 ET.

    Bradshaw (foot) was limited in practice Friday and is questionable for Sunday’s game against Dallas, New York Daily News writer Ralph Vacchiano reports.
    Spin: Normally a situation like this would be a major red flag, but Bradshaw has an extensive history of playing hurt with limited practice participation. We have to believe he’ll be in for his usual role against Dallas, making him an RB2 in most cases.

    As for the new shows, I love Revolution and Last Resort. My Mom loves Elementary.

  22. Akemi just watched the tale of The Gingerbread Man and is beside herself. And, come to think of it, she’s right. This poor Gingerbread Man escapes one attempt on his life after another only to end up eaten by a fox. Akemi points out that most fairy tales have moral lessons and asked me what was the moral lesson of The Gingerbread Man. I honestly can’t think of one short of “Surrender to your fate”.

  23. My understanding of goofy and kooky are they are basically the same thing just that you can look kooky but you act goofy 🙂

  24. I think Goofy and Kooky have been pretty well dealt with.

    I don’t know much about American Football (was into it in my late teens when it was on TV in Australia for a while but that’s it) and know even less about Fantasy Football (something to do with elves and wizards?) so I can’t help you there.

    I’m currently listening to the audio book of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I can’t decide how I feel about it yet. I’m enjoying the stories and the different writing styles but I’m finding the way the six stories are nested inside each other a bit contrived. I will be interested to see the movie when it comes out.

    I’m also reading The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. Too soon to tell if it’s any good but it’s quite different from anything Pratchett has written before.

    Have a good trip!

  25. Goofy is being funny in an innocent way, with a flippant attitude towards both themselves and the world in an innocent childlike manner. Think Reese Witherspoon in the first “Legally Blonde” movie.

    Kooky is being one half fry short of a happy meal and not really caring what people think of their slightly crazy ways. Think Andy Samberg in “Hot Rod”.

    Hope that helps, Akemi!!!

  26. I feel like a there’s already a lot of good answers for goofy vs kooky, and I agree with them! Goofy is just plain silly (for the sake of being silly or potentially funny), whereas kooky is just kind of a little off in the head. Like your goofy nephew who is always trying to get a laugh versus your kooky aunt who isn’t quite all there anymore and does funny things without meaning to.

    I recently read Jasper Fforde’s “The Big Over Easy” and “The Fourth Bear” and found them to be (although somewhat shallowly) entertaining and worth a read. Both are available on Kindle, I believe.

  27. Goofy = Leonard from big bang theory
    Kooky = zooey deschanel in every part she plays

    I dont think either are negative, and both are quite endeering.

    Am from the UK, so could they mean different things in different places?

  28. I actually agree with you, Joe – I’ve always thought of “goofy” as kind of dumb, but endearing, and kooky as offbeat but fun, along with the masculine/feminine split as you mention. Maybe it’s a Canada/US difference?

    Go Snow Monkeys!

    I think the gingerbread story has a twofold moral – the first being that hubris can be our undoing (“you can’t catch me, suckas!”), but so can listening and believing lies that you should know are not true. Or, like you say, it’s that no matter what you do, you’re screwed.

    Lulu seemed to be quite the antagonist in that little exchange. Apparently she’s keeping her strength up despite the starvation!

  29. @ Joey – The Fox is a symbol of deceit, cunning. The Gingerbread man is a symbol of over-confidence, perhaps due to naïveté and inexperience. He escapes so many times that when he meets the Fox, he cannot see the trap, cannot comprehend the deceit. He trusts the lie, and because of it he dies. (Similar to the example of Adam and Eve in the Bible – they trusted the serpent’s lie that they would not die for their disobedience, so they took the risk and eventually lost their lives because of it.)

    The tale can teach children not to be so confident in their abilities that they cannot decern the risks. It also helps the unsuspecting realize that there are tricksy predators out there, people who would use one’s inexperience to their own, selfish advantage. And – abstractly – while the Fox with his lies seems to be the only one to gain something in the tale and thereby making deceit seem like the most advantageous (and desirous) course, one needs to imagine what a cruel world it would be if everyone was like the cunning Todd erm…Fox.



  30. Great fall show – Not “Revolution”. However, “The Neighbors” is hilarious.
    Fantastic Reads – since everyone seems to hate “Cloud Atlas” as a movie, I’m going to have a go at the book. I’ve heard good things about it.


  31. Goofy is a choice. Kooky is not. The connotations of cute vs. creepy come from varying ability to choose an appropriate context in which to express the same traits. Whether kooky is creepy or not could be a lack of open-mindedness by the perceiver or legitimate gut reactions that should be headed.

    I’m personally jaded enough and have enough experience around people who are quirky not by choice that people who know how to get only positive reactions and choose to exercise that knowledge without relent creep me out the most.

    The Gingerbread Man is a disturbing story. It goes to show we went overboard with giving living traits to things long before Dora The Explorer had a talking backpack. And that The Gingerbread Man taunts his potential devourers, uh, just what living trait is that? Twisted sicko, that’s what.

  32. Everyone has pretty much covered the difference between goofy and kooky, so I’ll just leave a book rec. I just finished reading Sylvie Simmons “I’m Your Man, The Life of Leonard Cohen”. Well written book about a fascinating man. Don’t know if you like reading biographies, or if your a fan of Leonard, but it’s a great book. Have fun in Tokyo.

  33. Wait, maybe the moral lesson for TGM was comeuppance for the teasing. The imbalance of offense and consequence would speak to a society with severe regard for the oppressed classes not behaving according to their place. If your place was to be tasty, you’d better regard beings with taste buds with appropriate fear.

    Or, it could just be that the story won’t seem to come to a conclusion until he’s eaten since just about everyone he encounters for the rest of his life will be trying to eat him. So, every time you tell the story, your kid comes back and says, “What happens when he gets to the river?” “What happens when he gets to the town?” You’d learn your lesson and say a fox ate him, now go to sleep.

  34. Be careful all you east coasters! You know the drill. Unwelcome Sandy is coming. May God keep you safe.

  35. The Gingerbread Man was one of the first books I remember my dad reading to me. I Sooooo lusted after that Cookie 😉 .

    I like Deborah Rose’s definition of kooky. “Kooky grabs your heart”.

    I had a fun morning making “Cookie Pizza’s” for the band competition. A big cookie crust layered with cream cheese, chocolate pudding, whipped topping and chocolate chips. How could a teenager resist?

    I hope everyone has a good weekend!

  36. When I think of goofy, I think of strange different in a fun way. I am thinking of of the Disney character; a bit silly, out of ordinary, a bit fun. Kooky I think of as strange, different in a more malevolent manner. It may be a matter of opinion but I find Lady Gaga more creepy than kooky, but I guess it will fit for this purpose.

    Fairy tales can follow rather dark story line, especially when you consider the originate from a darker time in Europe of the middle ages and other times. While teaching English in Thailand I ran across an Aesop fable called the Cat and the Hen. The lady of the house took poor care of the cat while lavishing great charity to the hen which would lay eggs. The cat one day saw the hen away from the nest and egg unguarded choose to rest and secure the egg in the notion that the lady of the house would see what a good cat she had and provide more food and care for it. When the Lady saw the cat resting on the nest she went to shoo it away. In the startling commotion the cat broke the egg to which the Lady mercilessly beat the cat. Lesson…

    Since you are taking a break from discussing SGA, I am watching the series of Firefly. It might have been mentioned, but I did not know a couple of actors later show up in the SG franchise. I must say their talents and characters have much improved in the SG series.

  37. Okay – simple – goofy = silly in a fun way
    kooky = weird and creepy

    People from Georgia do not say that certain name aloud. That’s just the pups playing “king of the mountain”. My kitties do that all that time, only over the end of the stair bannister. Also, they’ve been eating more lately, too. Do think it’s the preparing for winter stage.

    New shows that I love – not sure that’s happening. But am loving a couple that are in/just finished their sophomore seasons: Hell on Wheels and Once. Some fantastic Stargate alums kicking it out of the park in both. Yes, they do happen to be a couple or so of my favorite people from the franchise. 😀
    BBC America’s Copper started out with me liking it very much, and the crafting in the show is amazingly done. But I didn’t like where some of the story turned and ended up.

    I think the moral of The Gingerbread Man is don’t trust everyone you meet, or maybe know who are your real friends who you can trust.

  38. Hello everyone, this is Mr. Tam. I have to say that Das is correct. We see further evidence of TGM’s overconfidence/vulnerability in Shrek 1, where he is being tortured by Lord Farquaad. Thankfully, in later installments, we see that TGM has learned to address his limitations through education and training, becoming an accomplished martial artist and strategic thinker. 🙂

  39. Carl Binder said:

    Goofy = The Munsters
    Kooky = The Addams Family

    Heh. By that definition, my husband is ‘Munsters’ and I am ‘Addams Family’. 🙂

    (Which reminds me – in the old tv show, my favorite character was Cousin Itt…guess my thing for strange, long-locked dudes goes back further than I thought. 😛 )


  40. Kooky and goofy thoroughly covered. So what am I watching this fall?

    Sunday: Once Upon A Time, Dexter, Homeland

    Monday: The Voice, Revolution (which I keep hoping will wow me and hasn’t), Hawaii Five-O, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report.

    Tuesday: The Voice, Ben and Kate, New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Daily Sow, The Colbert Report.

    Wed: The XFactor, Arrow (which is my favorite new show), The Daily Show, The Colbert Report.

    Thurs: The XFactor, Glee, Project Runway, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report

    Fri: Kitchen Nightmares, FRINGE

    Saturday: Nothing in particular.

    Have you seen the mini videos from Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome on You Tube? WHOA. And the miniseries comes out in Feb 2013. Sadly there will not be a show to follow that which I think was a grossly premature decision. They should at least wait for the ratings to come in right?

    So based on that I highly recommend Arrow!

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