Awwww, c’mon!!!!

Every damn weekend it’s the same damn thing!  My Snow Monkey put up enough points to beat at least 10 of the 13 other teams in my league.  Only problem is, we happen to be playing one of the 3 OTHER teams.  Well, they haven’t lost yet but it doesn’t look good.  Our opponents, the Autodrafts, have one player left – Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould who has been averaging about 11 points a game.  What will the Autodrafts need to beat me?  11 points!  It all comes down to the Monday Night game.  And here I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

As usual, the guys came over today for football, ice cream, and quality time with the dogs…

I made a rib-eye roast for lunch.  After leaving it out for 30 minutes to bring it to room temperature, I dusted it with a mixture of black pepper, fresh thyme, hot paprika, bacon salt, and flour, then made some pierced the meat and slipped garlic slivers into the incisions.  I seared it off and, once I’d achieved that night, crispy exterior, I brushed it with honey-mustard and then roasted it for an hour and twenty minutes at 325.

After tenting it with aluminum foil and letting it rest for ten minutes, I sliced it up and served with a side salad and the ciabatta buns Ivon brought.

Dessert was a triple treat.  Rob made granola:

Akemi baked chocolate chip cookies:

While Genevieve dropped off the latest installment in my ongoing Sunday Morning Ice Cream subscription.  Today = Milk Chocolate Chai (perfect with granola and chocolate chip cookies!):

According to Genevieve, October has been a big success so she is going to start the subscription process for November.  I will, of course, be signing up once again: sundaymorningicecream – Tumblr


Lulu laments Ivon’s departure.

Finish up your viewings of Batman Begins and join tomorrow’s discussion as our Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes with resident film critic Cookie Monster!

12 thoughts on “October 21, 2012: Football, Roast Rib-Eye, Ice Cream, and Anguish!

  1. Joe:

    Dessert was a triple treat. Rob made granola:

    Granola?!? Dessert? I did not ever expect to hear granola in the dessert category. Joe, are you channeling my vegan friend Doug?

    Sorry for your Snow Monkeys loss…all my teams lost today too. Too busy to be remorseful, so I think I’ll just see what happens next week.

  2. Aww, poor Lulu. That’s such a sad picture. The food looks great, as usual!

    Batman Begins already watched!

  3. I think Cookie Monster should do the review in the Batman “growl” voice that Bale uses in the movie.

  4. “As usual, the guys came over today for football, ice cream, and quality time with the dogs…

    and then you showed a picture of some horrible charred piece of meat!… i thought one of the dogs had become lunch! 😮 😛

  5. The roast looks wonderful ! !
    How many pounds was the roast ? I’d like to know so that I can make it for my family, but might have to adjust cooking time due to size.
    Wish I lived in Vancouver, would LOVE a different homemade icecream every week…

  6. I am so going to try that roast recipe. My mouth was watering just looking at it. Thanks for sharing. And here is hoping the Snow Monkeys can pull off a miracle. Had my own gang over, no cool snacks, though my dog was in heaven. One of the guys brought his kids, so she got a good workout.
    Long day tomorrow, and doggie has already crashed beside me, so guess I’ll head out. A good night to all.

  7. Ha! I’ve been having the same problem in my fantasy league. Every week, I have one of the top three or four scores in the league, yet I’m almost always playing the rare team with a better score. I’m 2-4 on the verge of 2-5. Interestingly enough, if I have any chance to comeback and win… it’s up to Robbie Gould.

  8. Never, ever, EVER post a picture again of a roast right after the words, “quality time with the dogs…”!!! That ellipsis had me totally expecting a pooch picture. You have NO idea what sort of disturbing image popped into my head. 😛

    Spent the past couple hours watching the Orionid meteor shower. Saw several faint ones, and a few bright ones, but no fireballs. Last night was a bit overcast so didn’t watch, but toight was beautiful and clear. I sat out in a chair, and China – our exiled poopy kitty who now lives outside – curled up on my chest and purred and washed the whole time. Practically broke my heart because I would love to bring her back inside, but I just can’t trust her not to poo around the house. I can sympathize with 2cats – it’s very frustrating when a kitty stops using the litter pan.

    @ 2cats – Speaking of poopy kitty, I know some things that can cause the problem. In our case China stopped using the pan when Cowcat died, making me think her behavior had something to do with the changed pecking order in the house. However, even when we isolated her she continued to do it, so it may have had something to do with boredom, or lack of attention. She came from a ‘disfuctional’ background, shipped around to different homes and with different people, and I suspect that maybe our house was just TOO quiet for her, too ‘dull’, especially after Cowcat was gone.

    Some of the things that can cause the problem – Lack of attention/boredom, too much attention/stress, illness, change of litter or location of pan, change of housemates (people and animals), change of food/eating location, and territorial/domination issues. If it’s a sudden thing you may want to make sure your kitty doesn’t have a hidden illness or disease. Also, think of any changes that occurred just before the cat started pooping around.

    If you can, try to limit access to areas where you don’t want the cat to poo, while providing her with an alternative spot. Perhaps she just doesn’t want to share a pan. You might have to set her up in her own room (such as a spare room, or utility room). If it could be boredom, try stimulating her with new toys and more interaction. If it’s stress, try to provide her with a quiet, safe area. Use feline odor neutralizers to discourage her from going in the same spots. If it’s a domination issue it may be harder to correct. Sometimes getting the cats to interact more through play can help. Also, use the internet to look for advice – it’s not an uncommon problem and I’m sure there is some useful information out there.

    I hope you can find a solution. If we had a bigger house and a room where I could have isolated China so as to keep her inside, I would have done so. But as it is we don’t have any ‘spare’ rooms, not even the utility room since it’s open into the kitchen, and both the route out the back door and also to the garage. Eventually we put her in the garage with her own pan and plenty of space to roam, but she became very reclusive and still wouldn’t use the litter. So we were really stuck.

    Geez – look at the time! I better get some shut-eye.


  9. I hear people on the other side of the world often talk of granola. I finally look it up and it sounds a lot like muesli, but without so much of the oats. I thought it would be something a bit more exciting, but I guess it already sounding ‘grainy’, I should’ve guessed.

    I’m feeling a bit reluctant about watching Batman Begins again. I might end it before the beginning is over

  10. Here in Michigan I’ll be pulling for the Bears’ kicker to get zero points tonight, so you’ll win! ( And so will the Lions!)

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