18 thoughts on “October 20, 2012: Great Print Ads From Around the World!

  1. The Audi ad might be better in a TV commercial instead of a print ad. Seeing an Audi actually drive by as they’re waiting for it might be better visually. Bad Dog Breath is my favorite. 🙂

  2. The bad dog breath one is hilarious! I’d seen the Snowboard Head one before, except it was for the Norwegian Air Force. 🙂

  3. Okaaaay, I sure hope I don’t dream about snowboarding or row-boating or baking bread tonight. :/

  4. So funny! Some of those are going to stay with me for awhile.

    I’m hitting the road tomorrow for northern California, and then on Monday motor into Vancouver. I hope it won’t be a short trip. There’s a storm in the southern Cascades tomorrow with snow levels down to 3,000 feet. I haven’t driven in snow since 1977 when I lived in Colorado! And the road down the north side of the mountains is steep, and creepy when there’s ice. Should be beautiful though. Yay – Road trip!!

  5. Commentary:

    If only air bags were made of bubble gum…..well…..that wouldn’t work out to well…..
    “So tell me again, how come you can only see with one eye?”
    I don’t know about dog farts but cat farts sure can smell bad! (most often dogs don’t smell that great to me anyways…..)
    Monkey doesn’t want your keys…..well he does…..but he wants the bannanas even more…..the keys are just so he can drive away while you drink your pepsi until you realise you just got fired. Try explaining THAT to the boss…..
    Thanks Free Willy, your movies LIED to me!
    Suddenly I remember all the bad experiences I’ve had with people spraying axe…..that stuf STINKS!
    Dog bread……defidently not the best tasting. Probably not even healthy but we’ve all probably had days where we feel like THAT!
    Thats a safety hazard…..no really…..someone could get hurt.
    “Hey Rick, I have a question….” “What steve?” “Where’s the getaway car?” “Ummmm…..”
    Christmas vacation just ended early…..
    The Dental Clinic one I can only say….”Retreat in the fashion known as……..RUN!”
    “Pull cord at 2500 feet.” That’s what the red marking is for…..pull right before that…

    I just wasted fifteen minutes of my life…..but its fifteen minutes well wasted!

  6. Cute ads! I like the Axe Anarchy and Utopolis ads.

    @das: Actually, I have seen The Gorgon (sometime in my distant past). But I didn’t know who the actress was until I looked it up.

  7. That Post-it note is just going to fly off and get stuck on something else, like the Toilet Waste Drop chute.

  8. The Audi one wasn’t exactly an endorsement for Audi because it made me think of the movie Transporter. Except Frank drove a BMW so it’s like an alternate reality spin-off where Frank drives something else and breaks down on the way.

  9. @das and Tam Dixon Thanks for your comments.
    Update on kitty issue: Vet gave me pills that seem to work, partially. The frequency is down to once a day and it is still outside the box. Moving the box sounds like good idea, but kitty picks random locations each time. She has not hit the same spot twice with the exception of the middle of my bed.
    Today I was greeted with a pile on the staircase step, centered precisely where I would step had I not been awake and warily looking for it. My other cat is agitated with it all and seeks me out for additional comfort cuddles. I have not scolded her because I really think the underlying cause is medical. Yet both blood work & stool sample were normal. It’s a mystery. She wasn’t doing this 2 weeks ago.
    If this continues, I will seek another vet opinion. Letting her outside is not an option because of the close proximity of the parkway, safety first. Sigh…


  10. Re: Bad potato chips. Sorry, I didn’t consider baked chips at all. If it’s not fried, it’s not a chip. But yes, those baked ones are dreadful. I was thinking more of the end of the bag that’s been sitting in the cupboard half-open for a couple days getting stale. I just can’t help myself.

  11. Drat. Just back from Mitsuwa Market. No matsutake ‘shrooms today. But it did get some adorable and tasty Bunashimeji (Beech mushrooms) for dinner with my leftover risotto.

  12. At the very, very beginning of the first film that begins with the bank job, it was a BMW. The BMW got very, very, extremely blowed up in the first half hour of the film and he spends the rest of the film getting revenge. Okay, maybe he had higher motives, but he’s not real talky about them so I’m free to interpret. Other cars came in later, or rather, almost immediately. It is car porn, after all.

  13. @gforce:

    The dogbread one is rather disturbing.

    I had the same thought. If their intention was to get people to buy Lifebuoy Soap, I think it backfired. For me, it just put me off of eating bread for a while…

    On football, I’m disappointed in the outcomes of today’s games so far. Oh well, I have to do laundry and pack for this week’s travel anyway, so I guess I’m not missing much. At least the Georgia Bulldogs won yesterday.

    Sorry Cookie…I’ll be missing another review; I think it’s Batman Begins this time? Maybe I can scrounge up a copy and watch it in the hotel room tomorrow night.

  14. I’ve never seen any of those ads. Some of them are cute except the bread, that is just disturbing.

    2cats: So sorry the kitty is still having problems. Other than what Das suggested (caging it with pan for a while), I’m at a loss. Good luck with the new Veterinarian. Do they have feline only practices where you are? Those vets are the best with cat behavior. I learned a lot about cat restraint from a vet that worked at one.

  15. several of those were….odd.
    however, i find that most of the TV commercials from outside of the US are better, or at least less crappy, than what we have here. like RDA’s car ads in south africa.

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