Don’t you just hate it?  You write up a comment and hit “post” only to be informed your comment is awaiting moderation.  Now, provided you weren’t rude or disrespectful (or redirected to the spam bin) your comment will eventually appear.  But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, you’ll comment, hit “post”, be informed your content is awaiting moderation – and your comment will remain in moderation. You may initially assume it is because the moderator hasn’t had the opportunity to get around to it, but when your comment remains in moderation for over forty-eight hours while other comments are being approved, then have to wonder “What’s up?”.

I’m asking myself that today after posting a comment on a recent article on  The story was sent my way via blog regular baterista9.  Intrigued by the title:, “Gastocrats Beware: Luxury Foods Aren’t Worth It”, I clicked on the link expecting an expose, perhaps a surprising truth concerning a luxury food item I’ve long taken for granted like olive oil (Italian extra virgin olive oil is valuable. That’s why is so often faked) or Kobe beef (Fake Food: That’s Not Kobe Beef You’re Eating : NPR).  Instead, the article offered little in the way of insight outside of the author’s personal opinion.  Why aren’t luxury foods worth it?  Because Josh Ozersky feels that way.

Disappointed, I left a comment.  That has been sitting in moderation since last week.  Rather than allow it to perish in obscurity, I thought I’d just post it here instead.

Here is the link to the article: (Thanks, Gilder).

And my response:

I’m sorry.  What was the point of this article?  It’s titled “Luxury Foods Aren’t Worth It” so I was expecting the writer to make this point somewhere over the course of this meandering piece.

“Is it worth it?”he asks in the opening paragraph, and immediately answer: “almost never, for almost all of us.”  Great.  So this take is based on what?  Well, according Mr. Ozersky: “The marketing angle is simple enough to grasp: scarcity is what makes certain things valuable, even if they aren’t that good.  One need only look as far as shark’s fin soup, blowfish or off-year truffles for evidence of that.”

That’s your evidence?  Your opinion that shark’s fin soup and blowfish aren’t that good?  Many of my Chinese and Japanese friends would offer a very different opinion on the relative worth of shark’s fin soup and blowfish, both of which are enjoyed, not due to their scarcity (as Mr. Ozersky would have us believe) but, in large part, due to their texture and place in local food culture.

After touching on a singular case of gastronomic excessive, what he terms the $666 douche burger, he moves on to sushi, making the case that not one of a hundred diners would feel let down by a good piece of sushi purportedly made by a sushi master.  Not only would they not know, but more likely they would close their eyes ” and sigh and kvell and call it some version of orgasmic”.  Really?  And this is because…? They’re idiots, easily duped?  That seems to be the gist of his argument.

After veering off into a discussion on the merits of sushi knives, our author returns to the subject at hand: luxury foods.  He cites the case of a wine purveyor who relabeled a wine in the belief that most of his customers wouldn’t notice.  Sadly for him, and for our author, 100 out of 100 customers DIDN’T notice.

Which I think is the point Mr. Ozersky glosses over.  Just because a lot of people don’t appreciate shark’s fin soup or fugu or can’t tell the difference between a 1983 Haut-Brion and a 1982 Haut-Brion, doesn’t mean others don’t genuinely appreciate them, or can tell the difference between the 1982 and 1983 , or a good piece of sushi and a great piece of sushi.

By the way, Chefs in California aren’t giving away foie gras because it’s expected of luxury restaurants.  They’re giving it away because they’re prohibited from selling it and the demand still exists.

Finally, the author concludes with the (sarcastic) call for a required tasting exam in instances where a luxury item is ordered.   Why?  So that “fat cats ordering rare and wonderful things with no more pleasure, and no more appreciation, than a toddler slurping on Yoo-Hoo.”

Tell you what, Mr. Ozersky.  I’ll promise to genuinely appreciate and enjoy my foie gras and bluefin toro sashimi with a minimum of slurping if you show similar restraint eating your perfectly acceptable dinner.

Which brings us back to whole point of this article: Are luxury foods worth it?  Well, as far as Mr. Ozersky is concerned, no.  And that’s about all I learned from reading this article.”

Shamed dogs…

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Awesome –

Damn.  I’ve got to start practicing if I’m going to be ready for this weekend’s Cos and Effect (Cos & Effect):

I’ll save you the trouble.  Don’t bother.  There’s no video.  Two Ontario seniors involved in world’s creakiest fistfight

Continuing our trip down SGA memory lane with the controversial…

SUNDAY (317)

Martin Gero had wanted to tell an atypical story for quite a while. Essentially, it would be an episode that spotlighted our character during their off-hours.  No off-world missions.  No threat to Atlantis. Just a series of slice-of-life vignettes.  But Executive Producer pointed out that, as interesting as such a story might be to hardcore viewers, the general audience would be bored to tears.  Martin needed to find a way to tell his story within the parameters of the established SGA template.  And, after significant consideration, the writers came up with a solution.

Like most any episode some things worked for me (the non-linear narrative, David Helwett’s performance, the shocking turn) while others did not (the mysterious Mike Branton who disappears after this episode never to be mentioned again, explosive tumors).  Still, as sad as I was to see Beckett (and the terrific Paul McGillion go), I thought this was a great episode that effectively delivered on the initial premise Marty G. had envisioned – a peek at our all-too human heroes and the uncertainty of life.

The plan was to give the character of Dr. Cole a more prominent role on Atlantis moving forward but, when this proved unfeasible, the search was on for a new CMO.

Unlike some fans, I never read the final McKay/Beckett scene as an indication that Carson had ascended and I’m quite certain that wasn’t the intent.  Nevertheless, the discussion and Carson’s fade away ranks right up there with ascended Daniel’s goodbye and walk through the gate as one of the most emotionally devastating moments in Stargate history.

Hmmmm.  I think I’ve got an idea for our next poll.

65 thoughts on “August 21, 2012: The Curious Case of the Unapproved Comment! News of Note! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Sunday!

  1. It sounds like, after reading that article, that he’s ignorant and probably jealous. I’m by no means a foodie (a gastocrat?) – I can’t tell a difference between a decent wine and a superb wine (I can tell a difference between a crappy one and one I enjoy). I don’t buy sushi from the local Chinese restaurant, but would enjoy one at a more upscale restaurant, but I’ll be honest and say that if you put in front of me a very fancy piece, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I simply don’t have the budget to eat enough to get the experience of the flavors.

    I suppose it’s a shame that some people do shell out just to show off their money, but I think we all do to some extent. Who hasn’t made a silly purchase or an ignorant purchase at some point? It just matters the amount of money one has to spend in the long run.

    And yet…the article. Yes, what was the point other than to whine that there are ignorant people in this world and…well…end up sounding like that himself?

  2. Hmm. Another day disappeared, and I missed another review. Maybe subconscious act, though too late to save me from rewatching the movie.
    Lots of stuff in the post today. Loved your response to the whole luxury food thing. Over time I. Have enjoyed sampling so called luxury foods. Some left me gagging, more left me wondering what the fuss was about, and some have left me wanting to commit suicide by o erodes on those foods. But I do t get upset if someone professes to love one of these foods. It is rather like art or literature. There are things out there that some idiots rave about, even if it is trash. There are others able to extract real pleasure and meaning from them. Their money and time, so why make a fuss over it?
    I saw the olympics link a short time back. Hilarious. Have to check out the others later.
    As for Sunday, wow. Still a hard one to rewatching; it is that emotionally intense. Not overly fond of the exploding tumor thing, but that doesn’t really matter. Our heroes always pull off the last minute saves, and this time was no exception . But at the moment of triumph, seconds away from disposing of the danger, and wham. McKay adrift and guilt ridden. The sound of bagpipes, guRNteed to pierce me to the heart. And the final scene, which I was unsure of was supposed to represent Carson ascending. I personally interpreted it as a hallucination of McKay co ing to terms with his loss.either way, as I said, too powerful to view wry often. And while I won’t say I hated the writers for killing him, I must admit I was not feeling a lot of love for the staff either..
    Anyways, thanks for the daily post. With luck, things will be looking up for me in the next week or two. Right after the dentist drills a few more holes in my teeth and puts some sort of filling.

  3. Cried my eyes out the first time I watched “Sunday”. When my little sister saw it, she called me crying “What have they got against doctors”?!?” referring, of course, to Janet Fraser.

    Today was the most frustrating day! Yesterday, I reported to the nursing home facility that while I was in the hospital, someone helped themselves to the cash I had on hand in my room. $132 gone. A hundred of that was earmarked as a payment to my sister on my new computer; the rest was my personal funds for ordering in, buying Cokes, etc.

    I had hesitated to report the theft which I discovered Friday morning and my little sister confirmed that afternoon. (I’d hoped she grabbed the money on her way out when she grabbed the computer and the iPod when headed to the hospital.) I knew how it would be and I was right. The bureaucracy kicked in and they came at me like I was a criminal: Why did I have so much money in my room? Where did I get it? What do I think happened to it? Why did you wait so long to report it? etc. I told them at the beginning that I don’t expect the facility to replace the funds and they still act like I did something wrong. I did something stupid not wrong.

    In their defense, they do have to file a report with state and, as I’m a Medicaid patient, my income is their business. (I only get to keep $52 a month from my Social Security disablity check.)

    It got so much that I had to take an Ativan and a nap. Sometimes, I really really hate this place.

    Anne Teldy

  4. The “most emotionally devastating moment in Stargate history?” …SGU’s cancellation

  5. okay, it’s been like 3 seconds and my comment is still awaiting “moderation”

  6. Sunday was a truly sad episode. Carson was a beloved character and I’m not sure why shows feel it necessary to kill off people like this.For what? Realism? It’s a sci-fi show! Shock value? Why lose viewers who tune in for the characters? Some wierd quest to be dramatic? It just makes people angry. Sucky move and bringing him back later was welcome but at the same time lessened the impact someone evidently wanted to have with his death. Re the last scene I never thought he ascended but it was touching nonetheless. I, among many others though, wondered where in the heck did that bit about Carson and Rodney being best friends come from? Never got that from previous episodes. And another thing I’ve heard mentioned is that if Carson had just gone fishing with the geeky woman (the wonderful DR. Biro) he’d never have been exploded. And a very shallow standout moment from this episode – how hot John and Rodney looked in their dress uniform and suit.

  7. I’ve never seen a Time comment that long so maybe they don’t approve that length. I have seen posters complaining about a word used in the article keeping another comment (presumably) from being approved, so your word “orgasmic” isn’t necessarily safe even if you are quoting the author. I’ve also seen stuff remain in moderation for no discernible reason.

    I don’t like Time/CNN food articles because I think they are purposely presenting articles people will vehemently disagree with just to wind people up. Perhaps they’re trying out this “post baffling/insulting/glaringly incomplete opinion, see if it generates more hits” idea on a safe topic such as food. I’m not saying they don’t do that on other topics, they are just unabashed about it on food topics.

    I have posted this accusation to CNN/Time food articles, but I feel weird about even that because that might be what they’re manipulating me to do. They were approved if I’m remembering correctly.

    I like that Psy video. I like me some geeky humor and some k-pop. Nice to see them combine in such a fun way.

  8. @Lewis – Good one! 🙂

    For me, the hardest part to swallow was the exploding tumors. Oh, come now… there must have been another way, even if just as far-fetched, that wouldn’t sound quite so much like a bad joke? Maybe a careless lab tech who mistakenly swallowed something s/he thought was food, that after a day in stomach acid became explosive?

  9. I’m with you on the things that didn’t work. Sadly, I ended up being spoiled for the episode before I saw it – but both before and after seeing it, I just can’t get over exploding tumors. Another tick in the box for why I dislike the Ancients, I guess. That said, I did love this episode for the emotional impact. And, I have to admit, I don’t dislike it as much as some since Carson wasn’t my beloved character. Now, if Rodney had ever truly died…I might have sworn off the series. 😉

  10. Also wanted to mention that I love these day in the life type episodes, they show so much about the characters. I don’t think people would have been bored although I admit my opinions mean zilch when it comes to what a broader audience would like. Anyway this also had some good moments for John, we learned of his previous marriage and that he wouldn’t be adverse if Ronon was into men or women!

  11. The most emotionally devastating moment in Stargate history for me was the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis. Second was Ronon’s wig in season 5. When we get there, I suspect you’ll be placing my long-winded rant in moderation for a while too. Or maybe just go ahead and hit that delete button. But don’t worry, my target will be MGM and SyFy. The little babies!

    I can’t even watch Sunday. Too sad. Why, why, why? You killed the lovable, dependable, harmless Dr. Beckett. Why?

  12. The only time I ever posted a comment to a public article was one on which was an opinion about public restroom etiquette. The article was spot on, but the comments and additional helpful hints were absolutely hilarious! I just had to join in on the fun. Always remember, there is something noble about a mercy flush…

  13. I agree with Ponytail that the most devastating moment was SGA’s cancellation. I still haven’t gotten over it.

  14. Another vote for the cancellation of Atlantis as the most emotionally devastating moment in Stargate history.

    Anne Teldy

  15. I actually blogged about Carson’s death a while back (along with a few other shows death of awesome characters) it was very for me since I loved his character!

  16. To be honest, I have believed for some time that the reason some networks are fine with the deaths of important and beloved characters is so that certain actors do not start thinking they are so valuable they can dictate to the execs that they deserve a huge salary. Day time T.V. has been doing this for years. They don’t get rid of the character, they just replace the actor/actress with a new model from time to time. And, poof, no demanding talent.
    When Atlantis was not renewed, I had a thought that the same thing might have happened – that certain well known actors were negotiating their contracts a lot higher than the franchise could afford. After all, it is not unheard of for actors who attend conventions, and who are told over and over by fans about how awesome they are, to get swelled heads.

    Opinion Mr. Mallozzi?


  17. I can’t speak to a lot of your epicurean concerns mentioned above since my only real experience is the sushi comparison and I can say that there is a world of difference between good sushi and crappy sushi. Those type of headlines are really meant to generate click-throughs for the ad counters and there’s usually little of substance other than an opinion piece, and a poorly done one at that. It would have been interesting to read in the case of shark-fin soup, a discussion of the environmental impact of the practice of gathering the fins. ( ) But being the Internet/modern media, of course it’s more likely to be fluff.

    What can one say about “Sunday”? I remember being shocked and horrified at the end, and thinking that this just can’t be happening. Kind of like a real world reaction would be. Very well done. Surprisingly, the exploding tumours thing didn’t really bother me, and that type of technical thing usually drives me crazy.

    Anyway, I’m off (again) to NH for some hiking and relaxin’!

  18. Your blog has a wormhole. You can’t see it. So stop being silly…but most will know of what I speak. I will write a beautiful comment…all the fields already filled in with my name and email…just to lull me into some sense that wormholes don’t exist.

    Then it happens…I press “Done” then “Post Comment” and my nicely prepared comment is gone. Nope…not waiting moderation…just gone.

    I’ve been writing you for a long while…and I have discovered if I hit “like” FIRST my chances of missing the wormhole are better.

    So…maybe you will see this…or maybe you will not. I can’t help but wonder whose blog my long gone posts have ended up on in the Pegasus Galaxy. I’m sure they are stuck more than likely stuck in moderation.

  19. As reluctant as I am to get back into the whole Sunday debacle I have to say it still ranks as the most disappointing moment of stargate ever produced more than anything else. That a great character was lost to the series was one thing, but that a great character was lost to the series as a cheap stunt another entirely. I think it was beneath the show and beneath the writers abilities and it left a nasty taste in the mouth, one that sadly never quite went away.

  20. Well, as my friends and I like to say, (in this case, regarding Ozersky) “F that side of the bar!”

    Sunday was one of the best and worst Stargate episodes ever.

  21. If someone can afford “luxury” foods, and can afford them, then go for it. I truly believe there is a wide variance of how we experience tastes and textures, so what is amazing to one person may be bleh to the next. If cheap eats please the consumer, that’s okay too. Are some people getting ripped off? No doubt. Do I care? Not much.

    My pet peeve is young women getting sucked into luxury weddings they and their families cannot afford. Groom cakes and ice vodka waterfalls and signature cocktails and venues booked a year in advance and ten kinds of favors and matchy-matchy everything. Professional hair and make up and manicures for the entire wedding party. Out of season flowers. Too commercial, all over TV and magazines and stupid pinterest….. for what a “dreamy” wedding costs they can get a decent mattress set, a living room suite, and the security deposit for a kick-ass apartment. Plus a lot of new car payments, if not an entire new car. Sorry, been talking over weddings with very young brides who want to marry their sailors and are upset the Navy won’t “work around” a wedding date. Yes, I married in Vegas, in jeans. Argh! Argh!

  22. @Bailey. I bought the Carson/Beckett friendship based on Fising. Carson has been dealing with Rodney’s…. Quirks for some time before Sheppard and the team showed up. Dittos Weir. Sated a also shows a bit of their relationship. Rodney may have expanded his friendships after arriving in Pegasus, but Carson was one of the oldest.
    And yea, cancellation of SGA ranks as number one. After the optimism you had been expressing, it was a shock when the word came. SGU was disappointing but. Ot u expected.
    @teldy. You have a PayPal account ? I do ‘t have. Hu dred to spare, but I could sent enough to help you out with canteen expenses. And it would just be paying forward a favor, helping me clear up some karma.

  23. I have to agree with the person who said Time/CNN articles are purposely done to wind people up, but I would widen the topic category to all topics especially of a political nature and I would also add Yahoo to the list of site who try to wind people up. Ugh. Journalism has changed and not for the better.

    Looking forward to your poll on emotionally devastating moments in Stargate history. I would agree that Carson’s death and Daniel’s ascension would rank up there—as well as the final Stargate Universe episode especially with that haunting music.

    Have a great day!!!!

  24. So it was an OP piece… the guy sounds like a douche. A little evidence mixed in might of helped his piece. ‘Sharks Fin Soup’ though, should be banned. It’s tasteless, and offers nothing but a dish eaten for “cultural” reasons. People used to “head hunt” for cultural reasons, but they saw the light. Yes… I just compared shark fin soup to head hunting. Also… lots of injuries in the pre season. Going to make for an interesting draft!

  25. I wasn’t too thrilled with killing Carson either, or the way it was done. AS mentioned before; what’d you guys have against the Doctors! 😉 If you really wanted to kill someone, Weir could have gone. She’d about run her course as a character already anyway.
    Other than that, Sunday was a really good episode.

  26. Re: Sunday

    Out of genuine respect for both Joe and everyone who reads the blog I decided I won’t go into detail. After all, it has all been said before …

    I will say I firmly believe the decision to kill Carson Beckett in this episode was wrong in EVERY conceivable way. I still shake my head in amazed disbelief. It simply felt like the writers were bored with his character!

    Killing a main character isn’t necessarily the best way to demonstrate jeopardy in a show. Emotions ranging from loss, fear, love and hate can all be achieved in many different ways …

    Ways which allow writers to expand their characters whilst allowing the audience at home to watch and explore evolving storylines.

    Although I tuned in, watched and continued to enjoy selected episodes from Season 4 and Season 5 – it never felt quite the same!

    There are a few exceptions, including and not limited to: S4’s Kindred two-parter and S5’s Outsiders. Emotionally charged team episodes!

    However, I felt the episodes featuring Beckett during Season 5 severely limited his role and ultimately led to disappointment. Again, it felt like a waste of a talented actor and hugely popular character. Whispers had its moments – I never minded the Sheppard/Beckett nudge!

    I own all the SGA DVD’s – wouldn’t have it any other way, but in truth, I will only ever truly love Season 1 to 3.

  27. Maggiemayday: I agree with you about wedding costs. I suppose that has been going on a long time but it seems lately I hear more about spoiled couples. They register for gifts or ask for money. It seems all that should be given out of love to the couple, instead of expected. Granted, registering for gifts can be practical because it saves duplication but …..Have you ever watched those reality wedding shows? It’s like watching a train wreck. You see the bride pulling hissy fits because her mother won’t pay for the big cake or something. Spoiled rotten.

    I watched “Sunday” recently. A couple of questions for you please? Did Paul M. decide to end his role or was it a plot twist decided by the writers? I noticed that Teyla was talking about approaching a “love interest”. Was Rachel Luttrell pregnant or considering a pregnancy at that time? I can’t remember when her baby was born but I thought the writers might have been working on a relationship for her character to explain the pregnancy story line later.

    I liked the episode. Except for Carson dying, of course. It showed Carson’s fine character. He was brave, kind, strong, and selfless. Also, I liked that Tori’s character finally got to wear something other than red/black. It was a nice change of pace deviling into their private hobbies. The flag sparring was fun to watch. My hubby watched that scene, laughed and said “Somebody pissed off the writers”.

    About news articles, it’s hard to find an unbiased news or review article. If it’s Sci-fi, the reviewer will usually dislike it. I don’t bother much with movie reviewers. I usually ask around from people I know and see how they like a flick.

    With PR spins going around, it’s hard to know what to believe in the press anymore. You can watch presidential news and see how the press influences the public opinion on candidates. They can make a person or break them. Do you remember when Dan Quale spelled potato with an e? Isn’t that a word you can spell correctly both ways? Anyway, the press made Quale seem like he was an idiot. I personally have never met Quale but I wouldn’t come to that conclusion because of spelling.

    Das: Loved your Boo story!

    anneteldy: That sucks! Did they find who stole from your room?

    Sorry to go on and on. Have a good day!

  28. One of the great things about Sunday, at least for me, was that it really hit home that no one was truly safe on the show. When bad things happened on Atlantis, even to the main characters, I would always wonder “is this it?” While really annoying at times, it was a great way to watch the show as you never really knew who was next to get bumped off. And the great thing about sci-fi is no one is ever really gone, they can always come back.

  29. Questions:

    I apologize if you have already answered this and I missed it. You had once mentioned that you had always thought of one of the Atlantis members as being gay. I believe you said it was one of the supporting characters Who was it?

    Other then Stargate if you could resurrect a TV show for one more final season which show would it be?

  30. Joe, while I agree with most of your ‘unapproved reply’, I have to disagree with you 110% (if not more) on shark fin soup. Please – and I say ‘please’ from the depths of my heart – please, educate yourself about what this ‘delicacy’ is doing to shark populations, as well as the horrible death these creatures experience as a result. As someone who was so outraged at Michael Vick’s treatment of a couple fighting dogs, I would hope you might have some appreciation for what is happening to other creatures on this planet, as well, including shark populations.

    Some experts estimate that over 30 MILLION sharks are killed ANNUALLY for their fins alone (some estimations are as high as 100 million). Their fins are hacked off, and they are thrown back into the sea to suffer and die a horrible death. We all know that shark meat is delicious, yet the meat of the shark isn’t even used, though it could go a long way in feeding hungering Asian populations. Meanwhile, shark populations are being decimated, and there is a fear that in just a few years many, if not most, species will be on the verge of extinction.

    Joe, you know I’m not a vegan or a ‘Peta’ freak, and that I enjoy a good shark steak now and then. However, finning is something much, much different. Many other species have been wiped off this planet because of human greed and ignorance, while others – like tigers, rhinos, and elephants – flirt with longterm endangerment and eventual extinction. Man is the worst predator to ever plague this planet. So please, Joe, all I ask is that you find a little time to educate yourself about finning, and help people in the Asian community appreciate what they are doing to shark populations, populations that are so valuable in helping to maintain the balance in the sea. Afterall, they may not be enjoying their soup for much longer if something is not soon done to curb the wanton decimation of these creatures.,9171,2021071,00.html

    There are hundreds of other sites from all sorts of sources, and it’s fairly easy to weed out the emotional rhetoric from the facts. Bottom line? At the very least, tens of millions of sharks are being tortured and killed annually for their fins alone in a industry being driven by ignorance and sheer human greed. Is a bowl of soup really worth it, Joe?


  31. My question for the mailbag will be the last line of my previous comment.

    And good morning, Joe. I still love ya despite your flaws. 😉



    Aw crap… stupid tab & enter button. Let’s try this again.

    Any word on more Stargate Soundtracks especially now that Joel is composing amongst the angels. I have some versions that I’ve created ripping apart DVDs but its not the same.

    And have you read any of the Fanfiction out there especially the stuff on, some of these stories have been going on for over year and some are really good. It’s a good outlet to imagine what might have happened next to our beloved shows.

    Oh and I had heard that David Hewlett had bought a good chunck of the SGU sets. Is there some truth to this? If so I’m SO jealous.


    Here’s a CNN article that I searched for because I remembered it as a prime example of an article that serves no purpose but a wind up. The author has no non-conjured, heartfelt sentiment to convey — I doubt any chef has ever been cussing mad that customers moved chairs. This one doesn’t even appeal to a douchebag niche like the luxury foods article – it’s only meant to be argued with.

    It just seems like he’s full-filling an assignment – get people to argue with a numbered list. My use of the words “really” and “if” on page 6 of the comments indicates I was starting to think the author didn’t believe his own words, but wasn’t quite there with a full-out accusation yet. I still took the bait.

    So, I’m doing exactly what the intent of these articles is. Posting a link to say “look how wrong this guy is”. I don’t feel too bad if it helps warn people about CNN/Time author trolls.

  34. Joe an addendum… looking for a soundtrack of SGU specifcially… and more of SGA & SG-1. Would someplace like Lala Land Records have a chance. They’ve done BSG & now the 15 disc set of Star Trek TOS

  35. @cherluvya – are you a Mac or PC user?

    I do PC and what is odd is I don’t see a “done check box or button.” My view of the comments area is:
    ….this comment box
    ….the little icons where supposedlyly if you click on either the wordpress, twitter, or facebook icons…it will login so you dont have to add your addy,screen name, or website.
    or….you can insert your emal addy, screen name, and website url if you have one.
    …check box for notification of follow-up comments via email
    …and the button to “Post Comment”

    IF you have a “Done” box/button, maybe that is what is making your comment go poooooof.

    @Mac users…does your “Leave a Reply” have a “done button?”

    Meanwhile…totally on another fav subject – macarons/fooooood!
    In conversation on macarons vs macaroons with friends I mentioned Moon Pie.
    Friend’s husband immediately perked up and had a hankering for Moon Pie.
    Moon Pies are not super common in the Chicagoland area (at least now where I shop. LOL…have to check in with our area Foodie JeffW.)

    Part 2. while looking for macarons at The Fresh Market, one of their bakery people said – oh, macarons are like moon pies and we have those and she showed me their selection. These are NOT macarons.

    Part 3. So I bought some moon pies (really whoopie pies) and from our Trader Joe’s – the reasonable facsimile of macarons that they sell. Friend’s hubby loved the whoopie pies (red velvet). Friend and I had the chocolate.

    hmmmm, they have not yet commented on the macarons. Well, these are a reasonable substitute…they are not like the kind Joe gets.

    @Joe – have you had, do you like – moon pies or whoopie pies?

    @Deni – so very sorry to hear of your recent loss.

    @AnneTeldy – good grief, like you don’t have enough to worry about.
    If you had a check – do you have a way to cash it?
    Please send me your email addy.
    and Ditto what Deborah Rose said.

    Guess we need to send you one of those lanyard things with a coin purse.

  36. I could only watch the first half of the Sexy Condom song. I think I need to absorb it in small doses, trying again…and now he’s on the can, yikes. It’s frustrating that so many news outlets publish rubbishy op ed pieces instead of actual news, and rush to print rumors that they then have to retract.
    The shamed dogs are hard to look at, those sad big eyes! Poor things!

  37. And wow I can’t spell today…

    And do the moderators not like me. My comments are still being moderated.

  38. Hey Joe! Did you see this? Some of them are amazing, but I think Akemi’s are cuter.

    How are things looking on the L.A. front? Are you moving to the U.S. soon? And what about the Dark Matter project? Speaking of which, when do you anticipate another DM comic coming out (please say soon!)? Also…wait…no, that’s all the questions I can think of. 🙂

    As always, fangirling you from afar!


  39. First, regarding Sunday, I have a one word comment that I know you will understand, Joe: Redshirts.

    Second, I concur on the subject of writers who present their personal opinion of a huge category (in this case luxury foods, but it could also be something like fantasy novels or day care), as conclusive fact, with nothing to support it but a bit of, generally very limited, anecdotal evidence.

    Ooh. Mailbag. But I’m at work and need to get off my computer.

  40. Good response to that article Joe. Aside from the expense, my theory behind people not liking ‘luxury foods’ is that they can’t taste very well. Not necessarily that they have an unsophisticated pallate, but their tastebuds have issues actually getting flavor.
    I have a very good friend who loads it up his food with a lot of salt and pepper “for flavor”.

    As far a Sunday goes, the whole exploding tumors thing was a horrible idea. Anything but exploding tumors would have been an improvement. It completely took me out of the story. I wonder if teenagers would get exploding acne.

  41. But Joe, Carson Becketts death was really really stupid, you know I respect your opinion and what not like everyone else but this episode, the plot twist is just cringe worthy.

    The character deserved better, dying a heroic type death in the face of unimaginable danger, such as helping a fallen comrade, like Sheppard, or Ronan, or Teyla, or Rodney, and him getting hit by a weapons blast, or stabbed doing his duty as a doctor offworld, or even on Atlantis would of been so much better, and so much more tragic if done right.

    But the exploding tumor, just has me going WTF? everytime.

  42. >the final McKay/Beckett scene

    This scene to me was more McKays mind trying to overcome the grief of losing a good friend, like deep down he wanted to say goodbye to Carson, but couldn’t because of THAT plot twist lol.

    The sequence was more dream like, at least in my opinion.

  43. OK, question: How long do you usually hold a grudge? Because you seem very, very good at it! 😛

  44. @David Clark: “I wonder if teenagers would get exploding acne.” – I think I’ve actually seen that! Gross.

    Mailbag. Hmmm.. I think I exhausted all my questions in the big Q&A last week! Here’s one – if you had to give up one of your favourite foods, and I mean NEVER have it again, what would it be?

  45. Hmm. Well, I think I agree with the main point of the Time article, although I think he made it very poorly. Let’s face it, most of us *can’t* tell the difference between high quality and just ok – and I’ll maintain that whether it’s food we’re talking about, or writing or music or the color on a new tv. A lot of us overpay for a difference we can’t detect. Should we? That’s a different question. Sometimes we can grow to appreciate the good, sometimes I think we’re doomed to be like nouveau riche barbarians shrieking “I paid 10,000 pound for it, an it’s quality, innit!”

    Sunday – hmm, again. On each rewatch it feels more manipulative. I liked the slice-of-daily-life idea, and I enjoyed some of what we saw. I didn’t like yet another strong female almost succumbing to the questionable charms of an overbearing guy (Pete flashbacks) and then copping out with the silly “I can’t have a relationship in my position” (because no good leader has ever had a romantic relationship /sarcasm/). Mostly, Carson’s death just felt cheap and pointless. And yes, I get that sometimes death is just that – we don’t all go out saving the day. But two people died (Carson and the standing-much-closer-to-the-bomb soldier) where one had been in danger (tumor guy), and only one of them got this great big over the top send off (they lose people every week, but I guess they only pull out the stops for those whose names are in the credits – yeah, yeah, redshirts) that glossed over his role in his own death and that negated his actual show history. Nobody ever complained about him – really? Never? Nobody thought the retrovirus was a bad idea? He was head of a department and never pissed anyone off? Oy.

    And I still have no idea what the point of that last scene with McKay was. I’m not even sure the writer had a point in mind. And this time, I don’t think the problem is that I lack an appreciation for high quality writing.

    ***I might be alone in not having a problem with the exploding tumors at all. Sure, kinda silly, but given the million other bits of silliness scifi throws at you, I thought it was justified perfectly well.

    Wish I could be more complimentary on this one.

  46. @ Tam Dixon – But “deviling into their private hobbies” sounds much naughtier. 😉


  47. Just an add on: I agree with @Das re sharks. People have no right driving animal species to extinction just to follow cultural tradition, otherwise, foie gras would still be available in the U.S.
    This may turn out to be, “Blame Japan” day, but the Japanese are also killing whales and dolphins for food in the name of “scientific research”. That is how they get around the laws against fishing for whales, at least. They also trap dolphins for places like Marineland for sea shows and butcher the rest to feed school children. Watch “The Cove” for a very telling documentary about the dolphin slaughter off the west coast of Japan. Ironically, the dolphins they slaughter are laced with mercury from the effluent from Japanese industry. Mercury poisoning is very unpleasant. Symptoms include: sensory disturbances on the limbs, difficulty walking a straight line, difficulty seeing, visual disturbances, hearing impairment, headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, fatigue and numbness in the limbs.
    It seems that when man interferes with nature to either take advantage of it, or “improve it”, we do more damage than good.


  48. Re: Sunday
    I have to agree that I while I loved the day-in-the-life scenes here and a glimpse into people’s lives and pasts, I couldn’t agree with the decision to kill off Carson Beckett, especially with the exploding tumor. I watch TV, and sci-fi, as an escape, as I’m sure many do. While I love a good, dramatic episode, I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and really hate having to say goodbye to a beloved character.

    As for a mailbag question, mine has to do with Irresistible. I know you’ve heard all opinions on this episode a million times, and I don’t want to get into the details of what I found so offensive about this episode. I guess my question is, was there ever any question raised in the writer’s room about how Lucius treated people, specifically, his ‘wives’? I’m assuming that everyone in the writer’s room for that episode were men, but did anyone consider that what he did was rape, and that some people might not see him as an affable, but mistaken individual? As a woman, one who has had several friends have to deal with rape, I can’t watch this episode.

  49. I’ve been putting this off all day. 🙁

    “Sunday” was so disappointing. Yes, it was a 3-tissue story, with danger, drama & victory, and a parting scene that was sublime. It was beautifully acted, and the group’s chemistry was absolutely genuine, because at the end of the day, they felt even more bereft than we viewers felt. Our beloved Carson Beckett, — gone.

    And it need never have been.

    Despite the very high standards in the Stargate franchise, certain episodes have used sensational plot devices that were ridiculous. An exploding tumor? That was rubber-chicken ridiculous. And to serve what end? “Oh, well, see we have this day-in-the-life of Atlantis story, and, something really shocking has to happen. Yeah, that’s it! We’ll take out Beckett!”

    Joe, you’ve said it’s not like the whole writers’ room was on board with every detail. I get that. But to kill off a major character to “save” a story that already had danger & drama? Sigh…

    @ Tam Dixon — It definitely was not Paul McGillion’s decision to leave. He’s said in print and video interviews that they called him in for a meeting, made him sign non-disclosure papers, and then dropped the news that his character was being killed off. It was hard for everybody, he said, but they gave him a bottle of scotch and a pat on the back. He drove home fighting to keep his composure. When the ep aired, he teared up while watching it with his bro. A class act all the way. He deserved so much better.

    MAILBAG question:

    Stargate Atlantis was very strong going into Season 3, and gained momentum as the crew’s chemisty and the episode writing grew stronger. Why de-rail the momentum of the series by eliminating both Dr. Beckett, “the heart of Atlantis,” and Elizabeth Weir, the civilian commander? How did that ever seem like a good idea?

  50. Joe I have a friend from Taiwan who just lost her mother, do you know what would be the proper way to express condolences, I know the customs are different and I would not want to offend.
    ~ and have you had any flea troubles with the pups? My friend if fighting them, think the hotter weather has made them worse this year, and looking for good help.

  51. @Joe:

    I’ve never had to shame my dog, she does it all by herself. If she has gotten into something while we’re gone from the house, she’ll still greet us at the door, but her ears will be down and she’ll avoid making eye contact. It’s like she’s saying “I know your going to find out, so let me just say ‘Sorry’ and get it out of the way.”

    On Sunday, I didn’t really have a problem with the episode, and I thought it was well handled. I’ve lost friends and family before and much of the character responses rang true (even Rodney’s parting discussion with Beckett). Exploding tumors might be a bit silly, but I didn’t really focus in on that part.

    As for a mailbag question, I did comment awhile ago about whether there was any discussion about keeping one of the Ancients around as an arc or recurring character (instead of having them all killed by the replicators).

  52. @Tam Dixon on BBQ Omelettes:

    From the description I wasn’t really envisioning mesquite smoked pork (with tomato sauce) style BBQ…that wouldn’t be all that appealing to me. But a bunch of applewood smoked pork-belly bits would be a different matter! Guess I’ll have to get a more complete description when I get there next month…I’ll take pictures! 😉

    @sylvia on moon pies:

    I haven’t really looked for moon pies due to my chocolate allergy (our daughter Jackie has it now too; skin rashes whenever she eats milk chocolate). The whoopie pie sounds interesting though. Did you find any whoopie pie that were made without chocolate?

  53. G’day Joe

    Sunday was a great episode just very, very, very sad. Should have been McKay.

  54. Well Joe,
    I have to say I am never one to indulge in the finest of culinary delights. I still do not like caviar, and I could not tell you much about wine. I am a beer man, perhaps a beer snob. I started making my own because I get no enjoyment from Coor’s Light or beers made with rice (sorry Ashi gives me a headache). For those who wish to indulge it is their choice. I think your conclusion of the author is correct. It is a question of diminishing returns. Will the cost of something be proportional to the pleasure received? Will poor sushi be proportional to the amount of Wasabi used? When in Thailand why make a lager instead of an ale? If ever in Bangkok check out Tawandang German Brewery: good beer, decent entertainment and nice food at a reasonable price. By the way reading about your food mobile tours makes my mouth water, hardly white linen. I was thinking of copying the pictures of your last sushi event and show them to my local guy perhaps for some further inspiration.
    With regards to Sunday, where was Joe getting his balls? With such a limited supply why was he hitting then into the sea? Certainly, he did not expect Sam to dive and recover them? I like the change of pace for the story. It broke up the traditional linear flow. I guess I was not so troubled by Beckett’s demise. As a character I found myself irritated by his self righteousness and mothering habits. I point to his total disregard to the Hothens and their history. Didn’t I share the character’s view of the hybrids. Turtles? Not even a hamster, something warm blooded? It was a good MG line. I can’t say I enjoyed Dr. Wier’s story but it was good to see her outside her office space. It showed were she was anchored and her use of personal sacrifice. Why could not have the generator been used for its purpose; they had the beaming tech and stealth tech? Like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

  55. There will definitely be some Gangnam Style at Cos & Effect!

    And by the way, your pass for C&E is free. Just show your photo ID at the Cos & Effect ticket sales. 🙂

  56. Liked the 5 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About the Olympics article, especially #5. Think I still have a shot at making the Canadian Men’s curling team in time for Sochi 2014?

  57. Sunday- Wow, what an episode. It is definitely the most emotionally stirring episode of SGA for me. I was devastated by the death of Carson Beckett, both because I think that Paul McGillion is brilliant and because Carson Beckett was always my favorite. I loved the little tidbits you learn about the characters in this episode. Yes, the exploding tumors were silly, but other than that I think this episode was gold. I think that Carson and Rodney’s friendship was evident in earlier episodes. Maybe it was never overtly expressed, but I think it was always there. I thought the final scene was beautiful. It allowed not only Rodney to deal with what had happened, but the audience as well.
    I completely disagree with an earlier statement that Carson was somehow less after this episode. If anything I would say that I liked Carson better after he came back. The dynamics of the character change a bit after his return, but he’s still the lovable Doctor that we new before. Maybe he was a little different, but you have to remember that when he came back he had been Michael’s prisoner for 2 YEARS.

    @Joe- What’s the story behind bringing Beckett back?

    Have you ever baked homemade dog treats? Do you have a good recipe? I tried once and my dogs wouldn’t eat them.

  58. Oh, something I forgot to ask was, how did Evian get the Water concession on Atlantis? And how could I have gotten some of that action? I would have thought they would have used the already available sea water after purification. I would think a system could have been shipped in.

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