Today, after hitting the Sunday farmer’s market (not to be confused with the Saturday farmer’s market which we also make a point of attending), we headed on over to the Waldorf Hotel for Food Cart Fest. The weekly event started on July 29th and is continuing, every Sunday, until September 2nd.  It’s a chance to check out a bunch of Vancouver’s best food trucks – along with a few other surprises.

We got there for kickoff, 12:00 noon, and line-ups had already started to form.

Off the Wagon and Mom’s Grilled Cheese attract some early customers.
Seating area for amateurs. Professionals like myself eat while waiting in line at the next truck.
I placed an order for a bacon-wrap at Pig on the Street. You just grab one of the pig-themed markers and they’ll call your name once the order is ready. I went with Jerry Swinefeld.
And the Piggy Blues: Bacon, greens, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and mayo on flatbread.

Did a few tacos as well.  Meh.  So far as I’m concerned, nothing beats the tongue tacos at the Tacqueria.  Yes, you read correctly.

And, for dessert, a double scoop from Earnest Ice Cream – salted caramel on the bottom and Pig on the Street (bourbon bacon brownie) on top.

Akemi and I actually discovered Earnest Ice Cream at last week’s (Sunday) farmer’s market.

I was intrigued and tried one of their ice cream sandwiches –

Dense, decadent, and delicious!

I was mightily impressed by the quality of the ice cream and ended up picking up two pints for home –

Whiskey-Hazelnut and Cinnamon Donut.

Akemi polished off the Whiskey-Hazelnut in about a day.  The Cinnamon Donut didn’t last much longer.  Today, we ended up going one better, picking up three pints: Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs, Roasted Banana, and, of course, Whiskey-Hazelnut.  Let’s hope they make it to Wednesday.

Earnest Ice Cream

Continuing our trip down SGA memory lane…


Great.  The Ancients were about as successful at holding on to Atlantis as they were the first time they had it.  So now, it’s up to Sheppard and co. to retake the city from Asuran control and, oh yeah, help out a trapped O’Neill and Woolsey who are off causing all sorts of trouble of their own.  An episode with a nice mix of action, humor, character moments, mythology, twists and turns – an nice, satisfying pay-off to part one’s set-up.  And while things end happily enough as things return to normal for our gang on Atlantis, one big question lingers: Where the hell is that Ancient ship, the Tria?  Well, given the fact that we don’t hear mention of it again after this episode, take your pick: a) It was destroyed by the Asurans when they took Atlantis, b) It was hidden by the Ancients – hidden so well, in fact, that no one has been able to find it, c) It was sent off on some unknown mission (by either the Ancients or the Asurans who claimed the ship after conquering the Ancients) and was subsequently lost, d) Add it to the pile of cool technology gathering dust at Area 52 like the goa’uld healing device and the time traveling puddle jumper.

Let’s hear your theories!

19 thoughts on “August 12, 2012: Food Truck Fest! Earnest Ice Cream! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! The Return II!

  1. c) but not lost, a few Ancients are just hiding out at mostly light speed because it worked out well for them before. They can pop out now and then to see if inconvenient folks are dead yet.

    e) Still putting the brakes on.

  2. The Return II was just a lot of fun! The comedy team of Woolsey and O’Neill was hilarious. Seeing Woolsey with a gun in both hands is scarey. I remember the first time I watched it, Rodney had me fooled too when he was talking about the plans to Woolsey and O’Neill. Nice that the team saved the day, the city, and O’Neill and Woolsey’s behind. Two very enjoyable episodes.

  3. im pretty sure the ship is still floating out by the midway station because it said the crew was beamed to the daedalus so my theory is its just waiting to be discovered, well as soon as mgm and syfy re start stargate.

  4. Assuming Daedalus was u able to help fix her hyperdrives, my bet is that the ancients put the Tria on autopilot( timed and with course variations so the puny humans couldn’t find it),they would need every crewman to operate Atlantis, and who would be willing to stay behind? If things worked out they would retrieve their ship later. But a functional Atlantis was too big a prize to pass up.
    Another great episode, with a very.nice twist. I never get tired of the ending.

  5. Look for me next weekend at the Food Cart Fest!
    Thank heavens Vancouver is aneasy daytrip from here. Now all I have to do is gind my passport and Merlin’s shot records…….

  6. E) The show ended before a story idea for the ship was spun.

    Fully expecting, that somewhere out there in an alternate universe, theres a Stargate Atlantis episode in a season that never was(Season 6 onwards), involving this ship.

    But answering within the confines of the show, I would say destroyed or lost, somewhere in the Galaxy.

  7. G’day Joe
    ooooooooooo…I dunno about you and ice-cream sandwiches. Take it easy, just one now.
    Return 1 and 2 were good episodes, some of the best for Atlantis. Love seeing O’Neill in anything. Seeing O’Neill and Carter together is even better… 😉

    Now the best way to eat a mango…
    1. Strip down to boxers.
    2. Grab mango and go outside.
    3. Push thumb into mango and peel.
    4. Rip off the flesh with teeth and enjoy sensation of juice dripping down
    your chin and onto chest and tummy.
    5. Suck bare stone till no more flesh or juice left.
    This is the Aussie way, well North Queensland way.
    I do it this way every year and it is awesome.

  8. I say it turned into a replicator snack tray. Heck which reminds me I missed out on this farmers market. Had I known I would have been there this Sunday. It may be difficult going forward now especially since the MN state fare is next week and all those lovely fried treats on a stick plus the Sweet Martha’s fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies and deep fried cheese curds.

  9. I always figured the ship was destroyed in the siege by the Asurans. I would assume the Ancients would use the ship to defend Atlantis first, rather than let it sit idly by. But then again…to go along with yesterday’s question, I am not a fan of the Ancients themselves (though I always like the episodes involving them) because they are ridiculously entitled jerks. They’re McKay at his worst times 100 in arrogance. Although I admit to liking Morgan Le Fey and the crew of the Aurora was pretty tame considering, once they realized they were being fooled. But even when we were supposed to empathize on some level with Janis since he allowed Weir to return, I just found him arrogant and dangerous.

  10. @Joe on the ancient warship:

    I always assumed that the ancients sent their warship back on its way to Atlantis (near the speed of light in auto pilot mode), while they hitched a ride on Daedalus. I was thinking we might see it again in a later episode.

    Watching this episode again made me think how convenient it was that ALL the ancients died fighting the replicators, which leads me on to a possible mailbag question:

    Was there ever any thought given to keeping one of the ancients alive and incorporating them in an arc of the show (ala Ladon), or even as a regular (ala Teyla or Ronon)?

    @Tam Dixon yesterday on Hubby’s website altruism:

    Sorry for not catching this yesterday; I’ve been busy with customer designs and milling up Stargate pieces in my basement in my spare time for a Stargate centerpiece I’m building.

    Good luck with the email. On the website I set up, I got so tired of dealing with email accounts (and dense users) that I put an auto-forward from their website accounts to their home emails and for the group emails I put in a website redirect to the group’s Facebook account.

    There was always someone unhappy about the way it was setup though, and there was no way to keep everyone happy, so in the end I went the lowest maintenance route. Eventually, the complainers drove me off and I gave it up (and I’m so happy NOT to be dealing with it anymore!)

    I’m hoping your experience doesn’t mirror mine and again, good luck and best wishes on it.

  11. Cinnamon donut ice cream?? Once more you make me hungry. 🙂 I liked those ice cream sandwiches too.

    The Return–Part 2. That was a great ep!!! I loved O’Neill and Woolsey together. And my theory, I think the ship was destroyed.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  12. JeffW: I’m just venting. It could be much worse! They are asking now for him to add a texting feature but I think he put that on the bottom of his “to do list”.

    Those dumplings yesterday have me craving them. Thanks so much (NOT)! The description said it had truffles. I though Akemi said truffles tasted like old socks (paraphrasing). Are truffles better mixed in the pork?

    Ice cream sandwiches are easy to make. Plus, homemade ones are much better.

    As for the Tria: I go with option C. JeffW’s idea of incorporating one of the Ancients in the show would have been a good twist.

    Akemi looks so cute with her bandage. She might start a new fashion trend.

  13. Joe, have you finished cleaning your garage yet, maybe the missing ship is in there?!?

  14. By the way Joe, thought this may interest you, the official Japanese Code Geass website was recently updated with a ton of screenshots from the new Code Geass: Akito the Exiled OAV series due out this fall, It’l be 4 episodes long and is a proper series, a side story of sorts.

    They’re basing it in Europe around the time Lelouch became Zero, so it should be pretty interesting.

    See here(All in Japanese, you could get Akemi to explain for you)

    A well known anime website called animenewsnetwork has the first 10 minutes of episode 1 uploaded here

    They’re linking directly to Youtube from that page, if you have 10 minutes spare you may enjoy it Joe, its all in Japanese without subtitles, I would link directly to each video but the link above is actually better as both vids are together.

  15. @ JeffW – That’s a great idea!! Why didn’t you think of that Joe? An Ancient living in Atlantis and working with the team. Sounds mighty interesting!

  16. If you wanna count missing crafts then there are 2 death gliders from the Devlin/Emerich movie that where left on abydos as the abydonians revolt and take down the jaffa pilots who are on foot. But you could argue that they destroyed them, which would explain why they didn’t have anything to compare to the Apophis gliders with the recall device when earth made the X-301. Though it would of made Tangent a short episode.

    O’neill. Flight this is Digger One we have no control over this vessel due some sort of recall device that that slimy snake head Apophis had installed.
    Filight. Digger one this flight understood. . . Locate pannel F3 and reset.
    O’niell. That sorted it out thanks flight.

  17. I think what’s most likely is that the Asurans destroyed the Tria in their initial run at the city to take it from the Ancients. Judging by the pounding O’Neill and Woolsey were getting during their video sent back to Earth, I’d say the Tria was the first to be ambushed by the Asuran onslaught and after that the city and the Ancients were thoroughly screwed. Let’s not forget the Asurans had the same firepower just more of it AND they have more pent up rage and aggression aimed at the Ancients than the Wraith do. Not exactly a combination that says I’m going to leave your stuff alone when I come to kill you.

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