No sooner do I return home than I am preparing for my next trip – this one to L.A. in a couple of weeks.  Tomorrow, Paul and I get on the phone with our agent to discuss the specifics: when we’re going, how long we’re staying, who we’ll be meeting while in town and, most importantly, what we’ll be pitching.

Our comic book series, Dark Matter, of course tops the list of what we want to go out with.  Then there’s Project A.F. that we’re working on in collaboration with Robert Cooper and Ivon Bartok (reason enough to schedule our trip to coincide with Rob’s upcoming visit).  And finally, there are about a half dozen series ideas we’ll get into tomorrow.  In the meantime, the horror script and one of our pilots should be going out as well.

So we’ve got things on the go and out there but it never hurts to have more material in the pipeline which is why I’m giving serious thought to writing another feature.  Like the horror script, it’s an idea I’ve been kicking around for years but have never had the opportunity to sit down and write.  Aside from fleshing out some ideas for the L.A. pitch trip, the trip itself, and the two series pilots we’re working on, my summer is shockingly free so August would be the time to get it done.  I won’t know if there’ll be anymore Dark Matter in comic book form until after the trade paperback release in October, but I am drawn to the idea of doing another comic book series.

Looking back over our recent trip, I have to admit I had a better time than expected at Comic Con.  Loved the energy of the place and the fantastic array of fans who took the time to create some truly remarkable costumes for the event.  My hosts at Dark Horse (Kari Yadro and co.) were wonderful and it was truly great to finally meet editor Lou Anders and artist John Picacio – and catch up with the lovely Marjorie M. Liu.  Lou is telling me Dragon Con is THE place to be in September.  If I’m not in Berlin for my friends’ wedding, I might consider it.

As for Vegas – hey, it’s always a good time, and made even better by Akemi who loves the strip.  She told me that, two and half years ago when she was living in Tokyo, she could never have imagined visiting Vegas or San Diego (where her parents spent their honeymoon, though probably not during Comic Con) – or even Canada for that matter.  Just goes to show – you never know what surprises life has in store!

A final batch of pics from Comic Con…


Pictured above, my Comic Con goodies including: a couple of dvd’s from the archives of Spike & Mike Festival of animation (compliments of Mike), a copy of the Futureshocks anthology edited by Lou Anders with cover art by John Picacio (compliments of Lou Anders), a copy of Hexed vol. 1 and the missing issues in my Avengers and Thunderbolts collection (compliments of my wallet).

Yesterday, I started Project Thunderbolts which will see me read the entire series from issue #1 to the present.  At five issues a night, I should be done in a little over a month.  Anyone familiar with the series?  Opinions?

18 thoughts on “July 19, 2012: The Comic Con/Vegas Post-Game Show!

  1. Hope you have the best of luck with Dark Matter and Project A.F Joe, and of course the rest of your ideas.

    At the very most, I kinda hope you’l get more Dark Matter comic books out there, your artist if I remember right from your blog Q&A seemed open to the idea of doing more.

    Though I suppose if anything you just want to get back into the TV writing stuff, can’t really blame you after you’ve worked on Stargate for so long, having a long break from the industry must be kinda hard.

    I personally want to see something on TV thats new from you and Paul lol.

  2. Glad you got back okay! And now you’re planning another trip, you jet-setter you. 🙂 In all seriousness, good luck with the pitches. Hope something happens with one of them.

    Now, on to the more important stuff. Are you talking about this year or next year for Dragon Con?? If you’re talking about this year, please let us know as soon as you can. As I am only two hours away, I would most definitely make the effort to come to Atlanta to meet you. Hubby and I are in discussions actually to do something for younger son’s 13th birthday next month, and it would more than likely involve an end of the month trip to Atlanta to see a Braves game. (They are BIG baseball fans.)

    Hope you have a great night!!!
    Lisa R

  3. DragonCon is AMAZING! Last year I found David Blue and Patrick Gilmore at the bar and my friend and I ended up hanging out and drinking with them at 1am. It was so awesome. I’ve been to DragonCon 3 times. I still don’t know if I can go this year due to my job situation but hopefully that will get all sorted out in the next few weeks. You’d love the costumes at the con. People put $1000s into them.

    1. @Laura: I’ve never been to Dragon Con and want to go really bad since we’re finally close enough now. Hubby wants to definitely send me for the whole thing next year, but I might get a day ticket if Joe comes or I might just splurge. 🙂

  4. oopsie, 2 july 17th entries, if it makes any diff..
    Good luck with the meetings, The red/yellow hair lady looks excited to be standing next you, the lady in black, had a pretty big,,uh,, gun?!? Did you notice the hats, all the same,, on the ladies in the last picture, just checking to see if thats why you took the photo,, ok, yeah. So much thought and money and imagination went into those costumes, I can not imagine being there to see it in person, Big guns,and knives, and all.. thanks.

  5. Lou is telling me Dragon Con is THE place to be in September. If I’m not in Berlin for my friends’ wedding, I might consider it.
    it’s aug. 31 to sept. 3. i’m sure the stargate track would love to have you show up for a few days.

    i’ve been twice, it’s crazy, but fun. a lot of great costumes, especially on saturday for the parade in the morning. if you’ve never been before (or it’s been a while) here are a few links with helpful info;

  6. Awww…that’s really sweet about Akemi and the trip. 🙂

    And I can’t help you out about Thunderbolts. Sorry.

    Also, not sure about the stories you’re pitching, but I sure do hope one features a long-locked…

    rugby player! 😀

    I have to shake things up a bit just to keep you on your toes and stuff. 🙂


  7. Joe, you forgot the most important thing on the list of things to decide for LA. Where am I going to have dinner and who will be my dinner companions? Of course absolute must have Carl and wife. Maybe David Blue or Jewel or Hewlett? That would be some good times there. just trying to help you get your priorities in order, Then we all get to enjoy the write up!

  8. well, as long as you have some free time, Dragon con sounds like a great idea. Dont plan to attend this year, but Dragon Con is easily doable for me, as it’s only an 8 hour drive. If you don’t do it this year, please seriously consider doing next year, as part of of a promotion for one of your projects, if nothing else. Besides, you should take the opportunity to check out some real southern cooking.
    Glad the trip home went well, and that the LA trip turns out to be profitabe. Looking forward to hear more about it

  9. Completely unrelated, but I know how you like your Japanese culture. Does this video speak to you?

  10. Tragic news today – at least 12 dead, 50 injured, in a shooting at a Batman movie in Colorado. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by this.



  11. It’s a good life, right Akemi?! I’m so glad you guys had a fun trip. You can try L. A. eateries next. I can’t wait for those pictures! I’ll remember that about Bobby Flay’s place.

    half dozen series ideas That sounds intriguing! You mind must be constantly thinking up new ideas. How do you sleep?

    Thanks for all the pictures and now you have me thinking about Dragon con. I may have to see if the boys would like that kind of trip. Does anyone know the dates? Next year would be more doable for us. This year has been crazy busy.

    I took my big kitty to the vet for his head tremors. All the test came back normal. Of course, I’ll have to watch him closely to see how his symptoms progress (or not). Unfortunately, his weight has ballooned up to 27+ pounds! All the techs/vets had to come see him and take his picture. He’s only eating about ½ a cup of prescription diet food a day! I’m have to work harder on getting his weight down before he becomes diabetic. He’s not happy with the new restrictions. Harry (the kitty) was so good at the vet’s office. He didn’t even move (frozen with fear) when they drew blood from his jugular.

  12. This is so tragic (for what small comfort it is, the injured total is now down to 38 – some relief, but not much).

    And today had started out with so much promise; we finally got much needed rain and a break in the heat wave. Still, it doesn’t even begin to make up for how bad I feel for those now suffering in Colorado.


  13. Always hope and good vibes for your WIPs!! Glad you had a great time at Comic Con.

    If you come to Dragon, you can meet ME! 😛 (I know it’s been one of your dreams since I came to the blog. 😉 )

    Have you been to Atlanta before? I think it’s a great place. But I am a bit biased — Georgia native and lived in ATL area for 16 years. Plus there are some great places to eat.

  14. @Laura That sounds like so much fun. Lucky girl. I may put Dragon Con on my radar for next year. I think I need to attend it and work myself up to SDCC. Houston Comicpalooza exhausted me and it is small by comparison.

    Yes the events in Aurora, Colorado are so sad. Nothing worse than an intelligent person with a crazy streak running through them. It makes it all the more puzzling.

  15. Shocking stuff about the Batman thing, thoughts go out to the families and victims of the lunatic.

    Some places are reporting that he claimed to be ‘The Joker’..

    The whole thing is just awful, those poor people. Can’t imagine what they were going through when that scumbag did what he did to them, they only wanted to watch the movie in peace and go home, not die/be attacked by a lunatic.

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