Apologies to those tuning in for Cookie Monster’s review of the movie Steel, part of our ongoing Supermovie of the Week Club discussions.  Unfortunately, he called in sick this week. It may have been the movie, but given the fact that I snapped him partying in the streets of San Diego during the Comic Con –

This kid was all laughs until he realized Cookie Monster had lifted his allowance.

I suspect the culprit was more likely the beer and tequila shooters.

We’re in Vegas!  After a fabulous flight on Southwest Airlines (Honestly.  It was on time, smooth, and the cabin crew were courteous and professional.  The best part was the pre-boarding policy that required passengers to line up according to their assigned boarding number.  Genius.) we checked into our hotel.

The Starbucks in the San Diego airport finally succeeds where all other Starbucks have failed – in correctly guessing the spelling of Akemi’s name!

It’s my first time staying at The Cosmopolitan and, I have to say, I’m not loving it so far.  After some minor frustrations with the in-room safe, Akemi and I headed over to Joe’s Stone Crab for – what else? – stone crab.  And three kinds of pie: banana cream, key lime, and dulce de leche.  All winners.

Akemi in: “Decisions, Decision.”

On our way back to the hotel, we happened to pass by a sandwich place called “The Earl of Sandwich” which, of course, led me to tell Akemi about the Earl’s creation of the handy culinary treat – how he and his friends used to be served meat during their marathon card-playing sessions and he, tired of greasy fingers, suggested the meat be served between two slices of bread and, voila, the sandwich was born.

“He must be so rich,”Akemi marvelled.

“Well, no,”I said.  “He lived three hundred years ago.”

“So his family is rich.”

“No, they’re not rich either.”

“Oh,”she said.  “Is it a rights thing?”

I had to admit that, in away, it kind of was.

For dinner, we went to Scarpetta.  The Toronto location was only blocks away from the condo I was living in last year and it was one of my go-to restaurants whenever someone visited from out of town (ie. Alaina Huffman, Mike Dopud, Michael Shank, Erika Kennair).  There are two items on the menu that never fail to impress: the spaghetti with tomato and basil, and the coconut panna cotta. And, after tonight’s meal, their streak continues.

Squid ink taglioni with Alaskan King Crab.
Buffalo mozzarella and truffle agnolotti.
The spaghetti! Note: this is a half portion. I had to split with Akemi. 🙁

Some notable Vegas sights:

The lobby of the Bellagio
Nope, not a size 7.
Akemi hangs out with her favorite celebrity chef.
Akemi and her good buddy Pikachu. They’re both Japanese!

I’ve noticed that, so far, Vegas has few drunken zombies than San Diego, but a lot more drunken women in bikinis staggering about.

25 thoughts on “July 16, 2012: From Comic Con to Vegas!

  1. After a fabulous flight on Southwest Airlines (Honestly. It was on time, smooth, and the cabin crew were courteous and professional. The best part was the pre-boarding policy that required passengers to line up according to their assigned boarding number. Genius.)
    they should all do that.
    from what i’ve heard about southwest, with the no-assigned seating thing (do they still do that?), i thought it would be a mad dash to get a seat.

  2. Isn’t it like 45 degrees in Vegas? You are a brave man to go in July. Glad you had a good time at comic con.

  3. what about the Stargate-rumors cruising along the web? Some fans are interpreting Christopher Judge’s interview on LFCC in the way we would see sth. new in the stargate franchise?

  4. If it were a new Stargate series, I would (at the very least) have heard about it.

  5. I was already jealous enough over comic con, but Chihuly! I’ve only ever seen one piece in person (missed out on the chance for more at the ’02 Olympics with an accident just before), tried to convince my husband we needed to go to Seattle a little early for our anniversary this year, but the little ones need medicine and therapy and such, only slightly more important.

    I’ll continue to live vicariously through your blog.

    Akemi has my sympathies with the name thing, so frustrating. Mine isn’t even hard, and they can never get it right, they expect it to be a trick and so complicate it and screw up. Every. Time.

    I didn’t used to have a problem with Southwest, it was the only line I’d used, then a few bad experiences in a row combined with an awesome experience with Delta and I didn’t go back. I haven’t flown in years, though. I never travel far enough to justify it, especially with the little ones not being little enough to be free anymore. Four tickets to travel 350 miles isn’t worth it, and with security only saves about an hour, so why bother?

    Enjoy the vacation, I went to Vegas once when I was in high school, had fun seeing some of the stuff around. Mostly I learned to never order a tuna sandwich inside a smoky room – yuck. There was a Subway, thought it’d be safe to eat there, lesson learned.

  6. I was skeptical of cookie monster’s actual participation in the movie review, but seeing him at comic con, and his ‘sick’ excuse, I’m convinced!

    Southwest is by far my favorite airline to fly. Sure, they don’t offer in-flight movies, but they’re incredibly nice, don’t charge you ridiculous baggage fees, and have you board by letter and number. That and I can’t remember a time I’ve flown them and had any issues with delayed flights or sitting on runways forever.

    My friend considers Earl of Sandwich to be one of his favorite restaurants, sometimes having driven hours out of his way just to stop at one. I’ve never been to one though. If you go, please review!

    Regarding the Stargate rumors, the last I heard was that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin were considering a sequel to the first film, depending on how things go with the Independence Day sequel. Do you think a film sequel would revitalize the franchise and open the door for another TV series?

  7. @BaronDestructo

    I suppose that’s the problem with people taking something out of context, someone could say how much they enjoyed their time on Stargate, think there may be more in the future, say how great of a francise and experience it was, and someone will take those words and twist them to suit their own ends.

    In the case of Judge, he was quoted as saying Stargate fans and Scifi fans in general will be excited about the new show.

    Doesn’t neccessarly mean that Stargate will rise from the grave, he obviously could be implying it takes aspects that remind him of Stargate, and adds something a little new to the mix, obviously speaking about what people will find in the show to like.

  8. Looks like Vegas is going to be just as much fun as San Diego. We visited a friend of mine there last year, but the food was a bit more basic than what you had. 🙂 Have a great time!!!

  9. While working for Continental ( now united) Airlines, I worked at theLasVegas airport…a socio-economic experience.
    One day, while working in the office, another employee came running in saying “Get out here now”. Thinking the place was on fire, I ran out to see an elderly man (at least 80) dressed as Elvis, shoe black hair and sideburns included, with a lady ( same age range) in Daisy Duke shorts and white Go-Go boots. That image is now thoroughly burned into my mind……..

  10. check out the flan dessert at Jaleo at the cosmo. I loved it. I want more of it actually…hm…time to go back to Vegas

  11. Akemi is very funny. Did you see who is managing Gordon’s restaurant? It should be the winner of the Hell’s Kitchen that’s airing now. That would be a major scoop, although I can’t see how any of these contestants could run a kitchen, frankly.

    I love Southwest Airlines. All the planes are basic, but the flights are short and usually on time.

    Even with all the new hotels, I still love Bellagio for decor and ambiance. And the chocolate fountain, of course.

  12. Oh Vegas..how I love thee….always stay at The Venetian..it’s not the poshest hotel around, but I just love the ambience there…the lobby gets me every time..and the Canal Shoppes are to die for…

    Heading to Vancouver in 4 weeks’ time – any good new restaurants easy to reach from Sutton Place Hotel around for recc? got a couple of old favs lined up for dinner but always open to suggestions…Jewel Staite recommended Il Giardino (outside table if poss, weather permitting) when I met her at LFCC and said that the best martinis around were at the bar of The Pacific Rim (but I already knew that as I’ve sampled a few there before! 😉 ).. I also plan this year to drag hubby around some of those wonderful street food vans…:)

    Apart from that, can you make sure there’s some sun in August…I think it got scared of the UK because of all the Olympic brouhaha and I’d actually like to see some of the yellow stuff again…saw plenty in Toronto but then that’s normally where it hides out anyway isn’t it?..

    Why did I never meet Pikachu in Vegas…my life would have been complete then…:P

  13. @Joe and Akemi in Vegas:

    Will you be visiting Aureole Restaurant?

    The “Wine Angels” seem like they would be a fitting bookend to the characters at ComicCon…

  14. Lots of pictures of Akemi in the last few blogs, mom will be happy. Have a great time in Vegas.

  15. Love, love, love Southwest Airlines. They always go out of their way to try to make the flight enjoyable and low key. My last Southwest flight back from Ft. Lauderdale, the staff were singing in the aisles and telling jokes. Even the Captain got in on it.

    I was perusing IMDB’s Comic Con pics, and saw David Blue was there. Did you guys get a chance to meet up?

  16. Hey Joe!

    I have two resturant recommendations while your here, Fugo De Chao ( Brazilian Steakhouse) and DB Bistro.

  17. Thanks for sharing as always, Akemi looks like she is enjoying this end of the trip. Love the Akemi in the shoe! I usually fly Southwest and have enjoyed the experience. Its better than it used to be, the lining up cattle part. I like to visit Bellagio when I am in Vegas, and usually like staying in that area, and can go most directions from there., Glad you are enjoying your vacation. If you spy Cookie, make him buy you dinner,, but watch him on the desserts. Enjoy your day!!

  18. The Drunken Vegas Zombies were all with us at the Utah burn (we have a serious Vegas Artists burner contingent, complete with a lighted Sin City sign). Or Fremont Street. Lots of booze zombies on Fremont.

  19. When I’m in Vegas, I usually stay in one of the Best Westerns, because I’m.. well, cheap I guess. I usually just go there as a stopover on the way to Grand Canyon, though, so it fits my needs.

    Sad to hear the Cookie is feeling “under the weather”. I have one of those days every once in a while. No matter though, I have my comments about “Steel” (Or should I call it “Steal” as in “this movie just stole two hours from my life.)

    Try not to overindulge TOO much in Vegas!

  20. Interpreting something out of context is a mistake anyone can make, especially if it generates some excitement. It’s good to get the confirmation as close to the source as possible.

    I once got hold of a rumor that sounded like someone was going to run for office in my state. I totally flipped my lid and was excited about it, but I ran the rumor by him before doing anything else. Nope. He was running in his own state, but coming to my state to speak. When I looked back at my source, it seemed to say closer to the truth than what I’d interpreted. It was embarrassing enough that I’d repeated the rumor to him, but at least not more widely. He was glad to hear there was chatter about his speaking engagement.

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