Somebody’s got an itchy back.

I’ll take a couple of days to decompress, do a little work on the miniseries, the horror script, then resume our trip down SGA memory lane with Atlantis’s second season.

Some news of note:

Family struggles to rescue their dog from being euthanized by bureaucrats in Belfast City Council: The Lennox Campaign Official Lennox Campaign Website

The 6 Creepiest Lies the Food Industry is Feeding You  The kobe beef is self-evident and I’d heard about the salmon, but olive oil?  Honey? Soy sauce?  Really?

What does it mean when a movie gets massively delayed?.  Usually it means it’s so fantastic the studio fears it will overwhelm you with its awesomeness so has adopted a go-slow approach.

Helen Mirren was in Caligula?  Top 10 Embarrassing Movies Made By Legendary Actors

Confused watching Game of Thrones?  Here’s help: article Name of Thrones: Who Every Game of Thrones Character Is

This blog’s resident film critic, Cookie Monster, asked me to direct you over to the sidebar for a rundown of the upcoming selections in our Supermovie of the Week Club in which we force Cookie to watch superhero-themed movies and review them for this site.  We started back in 1951 with Superman and the Mole-Men and now, we’re working our way through the late 90’s.  In the upcoming weeks we can look forward to such memorable cinematic gems as Batman and Robin, Spawn, Steel, and Mystery Men.  But, first things first.  Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s Supermovie of the Week Club entry, The Phantom:

Catch up on all of Cookie Monster’s film reviews here: Film reviews by resident film criti…

This is your last day to cast your vote (and have a shot at winning a couple of signed scripts) in our Greatest Mid-Season Two-Parter in Stargate History poll:

Winners will be announced as part of tomorrow’s entry.

Provided I remember.

19 thoughts on “June 19, 2012: Back scratch! News of note! Reminders, reminders, reminders!

  1. Help out that sweet little girl and scratch her back for her. And her bellie too while you’re at it. Now remind me again exactly what your horror script is all about, the plot, story, etc. 😉

  2. ROFLMAO, you are a bad man! I saw this:

    >>Confused watching Game of Thrones? Here’s help: article Name of Thrones: Who Every Game of Thrones Character Is<<

    and thought, DAMN, why didn't they have that when the series started. Then I read it and laughed so hard I woke the dogs, who will now bug me for 30 mins until it is TIME to take them out, not just cause they want to cause you posted that!

  3. Awww!! Give Lulu a good back scratchin’, she needs it! (When I have an itchy back I just shimmy against the nearest tree like a fatass bear. 😀 )

    Just a quickie about the food – I knew about most of those, except the meat glue, and the pepper. I avoid colored cheese, I rarely eat salmon, I only buy local honey from people I know, I usually can’t afford even the fake Kobe beef, I seek out ‘true’ cinnamon, I only use whole peppercorns, and I’m pretty good at telling the diff between real and fake saffron. I knew about the chicken pumping, but thought that was just for those pre-cooked birds. This is something that irritates me, as does the olive oil. I’ve noticed a lack of flavor in the ‘extra virgin’, and now I know why.

    Is there a way of telling if you have pure olive oil, or not? I really need to know this because I use it a lot in cooking, and in salads. I used to buy Pompeian olive oil – it had a strong olive flavor (extra virgin) and I loved it. For some reason I stopped buying it, and have noticed that olive oil doesn’t taste like olives anymore. I wonder if Pompeian is on the up and up? I must do some research, because now I’m suspicious of all the oils.

    Thanks, Joe…I’ll probably lose sleep over this. 😛


  4. I voted for Stargate Universe, Resurgence/Deliverance. The threat from outside rather than the Young vs Rush conflict was what swung the vote for me.

    Still, it was a tough choice between the two SGU episodes. (That’s not to discount the SG1 and SGA options, but I really like the darker nature of SGU compared to SG1/SGA.)

  5. You know, I know the horrors of McDonald’s and of course orange cheese is dyed, but fake olive oil? Meat glue? Screw that, I’m never eating again.

  6. Aw c’mon Joe, I’m already on a diet and now there are at least a dozen more things I can’t eat? I don’t know if I can survive on what’s growing in my back yard.

    As for the contest, I’m not expecting to win. I never win. I was once in a radio station contest that had 5 different prizes and two entrants. Me and another guy. That’s all, just the two of us. Seems no one else was interested in entering or the station had no listeners. The prizes were drawn over five nights. Anyway, the other guy won the prize every single time. In fact, the D.J apologized to me on air saying that he was sorry, but the draws were done fairly. He couldn’t understand why my name never came up in the draw.
    Why do I enter contests then? Because, eventually, I’ll find one where I’m the only entrant. So there.

    Have a great day, Joe.


  7. I havent read the links yet, and now I’m worried, after seeing some of the responses. Ah well. do what you have to to bring home the projects, especially the miniseries. It’s nice having something to look forward down the road. And the itching thing seems to be contagious. My own mutt has been on a scratching frenzy. Though she’s not shy about demanding I scratch the hard to reach spots. Enjoy the rest of the week, and looking forward to resuming the Atlantis discussions

  8. I saw this on the web and thought of Jelly:

    I’d heard that about some of the foods like chicken but soy sauce? Yesterday, I saw that soy sauce has gluten! I didn’t know that either.
    I’ve only had saffron once and it was delicious! It was a little Mom & Pop Pakistan place in Nashville with jars of saffron on the table. The owner came out and talked to us. He was so nice. Of course, the restaurant closed. 🙁 Ironically, it was voted “Most Popular Foreign Restaurant in Nashville” for several years. Sad.

  9. I’ve stopped reading the food industry articles. I figure, as long as I don’t get sick, I should be fine. Well, maybe. 🙂 Oh, and count this as your reminder to announce the winners of the contest today. I’ve already won one contest this year. This one is my opportunity to win two. 😉

    Have a great day!!!!!
    Lisa R

  10. Our last two sides of beef came directly from a family friend, raised on their property. Tastes a little like mesquite and sage, but that’s range fed beef. We suspect the butcher skimmed our tenderloins though. The ground meat was so lean, I had to put olive oil in the pan to fry it up.

    Oh wait, crap, nevermind…

  11. Caligula is not a bad movie, just weird as hell and not for the faint of heart, or people with things like values and morals. Helen Mirren has amazing … talents. Yeah, She does.

  12. Your Provided I remember reminds me of a Shrek 2 quote:

    Thank you, gentlemen! Someday, I will repay you. Unless, of course, I can’t find you or if I forget. It was always one of my favorite movie quotes.

  13. It hasnt been the same on the sci-fi since stargate atlantis was shut down bring back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you and have a nice day

  14. Good back scratching technique. Kasper (the mini schnauzer pup) likes to use an old Frisbee for extra scratch. The Lennox story is just disgusting–how to even comment. Regarding the food article, here in Canada we don’t run into these issues nearly as much as in the States (btw, the “dye” they feed the salmon is lycopene which is actually good for you and is the natural red colour of tomatoes). For those interested in food safety and other issues, check out It is a science-based site with one of the top food safety experts in Canada/US at the helm. Thanks so much for the Name of Thrones link. My husband and I actually use similar names because we cannot keep track of actual character names (although Jason’s character we just call Ronan). Too funny!

    Joe, my hubby and I will be in Vancouver this Sunday–can we stop by for dinner and a visit with the pups?

    1. Alas, I’ll be in Coquitlam visiting friends/eating Filipino cuisine. How long are you in town for?

  15. Whoopee, finally a wireless connection that I can read this blog, ha,. How do we know if you know if we voted? I like winning, such fun. Lulu is such a cutie, send her down, I will scratch her back. laptop withdrawal is not fun. and the tv had limited channels,,blech!! The chicken plumping,,ick, never did like pepper, and I think thats enough, I used to like olive oil,,,haha. Have a great evening!!!

  16. Filipino cuisine? Yummy! I have Filipino relatives (great cooks) back east and really miss the food since I moved west. We are on a driving tour and will be looping back to Vancouver the following Friday (June 29) to see my cousin (also a huge SG-1/SGA fan & foodie).

  17. Top 10 Embarrassing Movies Made By Legendary Actors
    the bonfire of the vanities was worse than turner & hooch? or dragnet? or the ‘burbs? or the money pit?
    i’ve never seen the bonfire of the vanities, but it must be pretty bad to rate worse than those.

  18. Netflix tags The Phantom as a “Feel-Good” movie. I saw a pyramid of skulls in the trailer. I’m glad I’m not so jaded that stuff like that doesn’t confuse me.

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